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(generated from captions) Captioned Live. to prepare ourselvess in Good evening and welcome area in five months. 10km south-east of the were felt across the South It measured 6.3. Tre mores

Island. Since then flooded the streets. Soon the realisation many people

were trapped and frantic efforts were under way. down with the rubble. I the sailed to building stairwell down evacuated and people the sanctuary up to

but not this time. To actually see the top of the Cathedral come down was - I

it in have never seen anything like

the city was the road jammed. Don't clear. Melbourne doctor Marni giving Essential infrastructure the CBD. This Sumner. This giant cracks through a number ourselves roads. We need to prepare wasn't as powerful as the one

that hit in September last year been utterly be found alive. from the edge. Trapped

Clements begged her friend the insurance centre. We For many concrete edge of the building. workers were sdruk. We have had there is That's your you

the people of Christchurch,

this just isn't him that anything we've that they need we will get to them. They have already requested a search and team and that is literally about 70 strong, it will says more than prepare for that Australia do humanly Australia do all that it Now to the day's escalating crisis in it is impossible

is impossible for

Bahrain. After 42 years of Gaddafi is fighting to stay in are rioting Tripoli. chaos. What is clear is the on. Human Rights Watch says forces fired on rather than obey orders to fire targeting information that want to show I stray dogs. He may still friends. The justice Minister has resigned. army soldiers has urged friends have never been with

We are with the

We look back at his era came to power in 1969 toppling the King. fist and has taken his fight around the world. to live under international terrorism. His under sanctuaries left him diplomatcally isolated

embassy in London. killing a US serviceman and Lockerbie plane years later there was the

people died. Gaddafi was looking for a Lockerbie and abandoned efforts US. The way was open deals beyond opposition. lossty is laid out in his book.

democracy, to give not a voice, not a vote, but to to crush a revolution. Right extremely quiet. So Today, there is major protest here, one that the hundreds the Bahrainie Royal family. taped story. supply ship lifted the lid on a or disciplined. Defence's brass has or disciplined. Defence's top

up the ship. It is the report has sexual and drunken The behaviour has found: A biggest piss up I have was described by one as 'The

done'. existence commission of inquiry ... The

Commission found the fiercely mutual protection backed up investigation, one case. Police believe the

10-year-old cancer survivor who hearings aids was killed wore a prosthetic leg and

allege she hid her stepdaughter that anyone other murder of Zahra note. Adam Baker daughter's charges unrelated to his sentence. his appeal against a 20-year Palfreeman was 24-year-old maintains he coming to the Roma who were being coming to the aid of two young

make a final appeal to the expected Jock Palfreeman will

Supreme Court. Heads continue institutions. The museum and gallery draconian and institutions. A Senate estimates committee has heard programs. The cutbacks freeze on it and the awning institutions have lost their the existing 1.25% dividend permanently to 2%. It duplicitous permanently to 2%. It is own Party's policies would the past two ready to pass on the debt to To finance now and both spiked in the past few years, apart years, apart from the setback prices in Europe down 1.4%, profit that was 31% higher aim

The trio of quicks, The batsman game need to have our own games and a slow start, 28 from with Ray Price's spin. The conditions at race. report on Australia's Championship results in our medals. They won 20 here is A heavy day of news but now

Carmody. enhance the flowering is to prune back curly bits now, Cloes off the in the Bite that will give us coolish nights followed by sunny days. place in more seriously injured after in the middle of the day. still trapped in the rubble. This Program is Captioned

Live. Welcome to the program. I'm

Heather Ewart. A frantic search

for survivors is under way in

New Zealand tonight after a devastating earthquake struck

the South Island city Christchurch. At least 65 the South Island city of

people are dead, but that is

expected to rise in the coming

hour s as aftershocks rock the

region. The city centre is in

chaos, makeshift medal centres

have been set up in street s

while other areas have been evacuated or cordoned off. Allistair experienced the force of the quake and he joins

me now live on the phone. I

understand that you live just

out of Christchurch but you

were visiting the city today. Tell us what you went through and what