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(generated from captions) Staff at

Staff at the hospital in Orange are

distressed. 3.55 yesterday

afternoon police swarm the ground.

Of the mental health hospital. The

staff members were treating patient

at the facility and they were

treating that patient, another

patient was attacked and both the

female and male staff members They

were nurses allegedly stab Woods a

knife by 33-year-old patient

Matthew Lockery. He had been living

at the unit set aside for patients

classed low-risk. It was unprovoked.

Emily received cuts to her hand.

Bob was stabbed in the chest and

the arm. He was flown to Westmead

was a very senior Hospital and died this morning. He

was a very senior member ever staff

with a lot of experience and a

great support to the junior staff.

His loved ones have asked for

privacy while his employers today

expressed condolences. This is a

terrible tragedy for family and

colleagues Everyone involved has

been offered care and support and

every effort will be made to ensure

the family and patients and staff

NSW are assisted as needed. The western

NSW local health network will

undertake a full review of the

incident. We are live from Westmead

Hospital. There have been plenty of

tributes today? Very much so. They

just say he was such a wonderful

man and was the first to help out

neighbour in need and as a nurse he

was so committed to mental health.

We know he worked at the Bloomfield

hospital for a number of years. We

know in the pass there have been

concerns about the level of nurses

working in and around Orange but

today all anyone was going to say

was this is such a rare, tragic,

awful event. The charge is murder

and attempted murder and the case

will be back in court next week.

Thousands of commuters in Sydney's

west could be stranded tomorrow

the job. with bus drivers set to walk off

the job. Why are they striking?

More pay. The drivers reckon their

current rate of over $20 is not

enough to support a family. They

say that they are forced to work

10-hour shifts up to seven day as

week just to make ends meet. They

want a 4% pay increase. The

Government has offered 3.5% but

that is not enough so after months that is not enough so after months

of campaigning bus divers will walk

off the job at midnight tonight

stopping service between Liverpool

and Parramatta and they will not

resume until Saturday. This action

will put 8500 people out. State

transit took the union to the

Industrial Relations Commission

late today. It is not yet known how

the talks went. As forgetting to

work tomorrow a private bus service

will be in place will be in place that will help

ferry around 50% of the passengers

to of where they need to be. For

everyone else, the best bet is to

jump on the Cumberland train line.

Just a fortnight after declaring

the power sell off inquiry legal

the Premier has now volunteered to

take part. Kristina Keneally today

admitted she had underestimated the

public's interest in the $5.3

billion deal and concedes the billion deal and concedes the buck

stops with her. She is trying to

put floods not power in the

headlines and Premier Keneally is

going out on a limb. Doors open.

Indoors. Admitting she got it all

wrong. I understand estimatesed the

level of public interest in these

transactions and I acknowledge that

and that is why I say I am willing

and able to stand up in front of and able to stand up in front of

this committee. Flying into a

remote northern NSW township of

where Queensland flood water ares

are expected to flow not enough of

a distraction from her 18 on the

power inquiry. It is only two days

ago she was calling the inquiry she

business to appear at

unconstitutional. This is somebody

who simply cannot be believed. The state's electricity assets are

worth $5.3 billion but Kristina

care Keneally did not think we would

care so much if they were sold. Now

the Premier is volunteering to

front the very committee she shut

down Parliament to avoid. I'm the

Premier of NSW and the buck stops

with me. The river here is not

expected to peak until some time

next week. The town over this

bridge will be cut off. It is not

expected to go under but still the

Premier has made a big effort to Premier has made a big effort to be

here today chartering two small

planes and pulling in the resources

of the SES. Look, this is just the

latest stunt t latest game from

Kristina Keneally. Kristina

Keneally will go before the Upper

House committee there will be no

efforts to reopen Parliament. That

will not happen until after the

mare much election and there is

every likelihood of a new

Government. NASA has given

Australia better idea of the Australia better idea of the size

of the Queensland floods. Here is

what Central Queensland looked like

early last month and here is what

it looks like now. The rivers near

Emerald and Rockhampton swollen and

spreading over a much wider area.

If you want to help the victims of

the Queensland floods make sure you

watch Australia Unites Channel 9's

special flood relief appeal on

Sunday fit at 7.30. Despite the

global economic doom and gloom it seems Australians still have money

to burn on new cars. We bought more

than a million new cars in 2010

with petrol guzzling four heel

drives along the most popular. As

the etail and housing sectors

stalled in 2010 new cars were

rolling tout doors. We have sign

think very strong competition on

prices and we have benefited from

the high value of the Australian

dollar. Last year was the second-

biggest ever for new car sales with

more than one million 35,000 sold.

The Aussie favourite Holden

Commodore topped the list with the

46,30 00 behind. Close behind the

Toyota with more than 41,000. The

Hilux came in third with almost 40

kplt are,000. Will it ever pip the

Commodore? A few thousand in. We

have to remain the overall No.1

auto brand in Australia They did by

a long way. Toyota sold 215,000

cars in 2010 well ahead of Holden

with 133,000. Ford was third with

over 95,000. Overall sales were up

more than 10% on last year with

larger vehicles leading the way. We

have sold 25% more SUVs, larger

four heel drives and luxury cars,

they are more popular than ever.

What these figures do not show is

how much profit the car companies

are making. It has been a

competitive year here on the

dealership yards an while the

industry body celebrates a million-

plus sales the biggest winner are

the customers. A train passenger

seriously injured when a rock was

hurled through a window in the

city's southwest says he feared he

was going to die. The 37-year-old

father has been forced to take time

off work and claims he now cannot

support his family. Rekfrg at home

today with his pregnant wife he

never thought he would be injured

on the train he takes to and from

work every day. I can hear the big

bang across

bang across hitting me on the chest.

I didn't know if it was a rock. He

was lying on the ground. Of the

train carriage struggling to

breathe when another passenger

called an ambulance. I thought that

was my last day, you know. That is

the end of my life. Now he is

baffled as to how a rock could

break through the strong glass.? It

is not good. He has been prescribed painkillers

painkillers three times a day, is

short of breath and find it

difficult to breathe but

fortunately his injuries are not

more serious. I cannot go to work

and support my family. This is none

an isolated incident. In the 12

months to last July 189 rocks and

other objects were then at trains.

That fell from 12 l the year before.

A 37-year-old forklift operator

wants those who did this to be

caught. I reckon they will do it

again. Lucky I'm still alive. Fire

has destroyed Miranda Kerr's

grapblgdz parents home after it was

struck by lightning. The timber

farmhouse in the state's north-west

was damaged beyond repair. It was

place of where the supermodel spent

some of her childhood. Remember

when I used to take off in the old

car around the paddock? Yes. And I

said Nan can I learn to dive? An

antique furniture collection and

grand piano were among the

valuables lost. The Ashes, I'm

joined by Cameron, another day of

torture for the Aussies at the SCG.

The players or the fans? Everyone.

Parts ever it was amateur and there

is no hope Australia will hang on

for the draw at the SCG tomorrow.

England's batsmen made easy work of

the Australian bowling attack

posting a massive 644 in the first

innings then the bowlers went to

work backed up by superb fielding.

At stumps Australia 7/213 they need

another 151 to force England to another 151 to force England to

about the again. Paul Collingwood

said this would be his last test.

Getting rid of the rest of the Poms

is proving more difficult. Prior

spent the morning demoralising an

Aussie attack. He reached triple

figure from 109 balls. It was the

Kiss of Death from England's third

century-maker of the innings.

Australia has just two all summer

and the torture did not end there.

Swann's fan club getsing their

money worth as England total past

600. At times it was just

embarrassing for the Australian

bowlers. The tail was not cleaned

up until after lunch. COMMENTATOR:

Got him. Yes he has. Trailing by

364 Watson's approach was clear

from the first ball he faced. This

is a great counter punch. He looked

untroubled on his way to 38 but

that is when his luck ran out.

COMMENTATOR: A mix-up. Shane

Watson! The debate over who was at

fault was soon able to continue in

the dressing room as Hughes fell

fair 13. COMMENTATOR: Beautifully

taken. A very good delivery. Time

for a captain's knock and the

acting skipper tried acting skipper tried to deliver.

COMMENTATOR: Nice timing. Great

balance. Usman Khawaja is a star of

the future but Australia needed him

now. Come come beautifully bowled

Jimmy Anderson. Out for 21 Clarke

followinged with 41. By then all

hope looked lost and Chris Tremlett

moved in for kill. Coming come he

has bowled him over The Aussies

survived until stumps but England

will celebrate tomorrow.

will celebrate tomorrow. The rests

of sport coming up including some

very good news for Stephanie

Gilmour. There is an unexpected

common touch to p's royal wedding

in London. Kate Middleton will be

driven by car to Westminster Abby

before her marriage to Prince

William. She probably wanted to

avoid the comparison was the late

Princess Royal who arrived Princess Royal who arrived in that

beautiful golden glass carriage But

a royal carriage will roll the

newlyweds back to Buckingham Palace

and they will greet the crowd from

the palace balcony. The Queen will

host a formal reception then Prince

Charles will be in charge of the

smaller private party also at the

palace before the honeymoon at a

secret location. In the news ahead

the Aussie breakthrough helping couples struggling couples struggling to have children.

Miracle worker or scammer? The man

who claims to heal just by looking

at you. The homeless man with

golden tonsils. We will

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to have children. The discovery

will improve success rates for IVF

by reducing the risk of ever

miscarriage. 36-year-old Kate

Bentley was left TV, two healthy

children through IVF but it

included years and one miscarriage

before her son Jack came along two before her son Jack came along two

weeks ago It is wonderful

Researchers have found a way to

reduce the trauma and cost for

struggling couples. This is

exciting because it is new

technology. The use of IVF in

Australia has grown 10% each year.

The egg is removed and mixed or

inject would sperm placed in a

culture dish. A new solution is

used containing a goat molecule

which mimics the fertile

environment of the womb enAbe l s

the cell to multiply into a more

robust embryo We can increase the

likelihood of pregnancy by 40%. The

breakthrough will help about a

quarter of couples that tried IVF

but have not been able to maintain

a pregnancy. Animal studies show

technology will boost the size of

IVF babies which are often smaller

than those conceived naturally. IVF

experts are optimistic We have no

long-term data. The technology is

expected to be available in

Australia next year. An explosion

at a Clem call factory in the

Netherlands has sparked a public

emergency. Locals were warned to

stay indoors because of the toxic

smoke. It will take some days to

assess the impact of the poisonous

fall out. This chilled-out

character is Bratzo and he is the

newest thing on the healing mystic

scene. It is all in the eyes. He

has a so-called healing gaze for

physical and emotional pain. The

first gazing I saw lights coming

out of his eyes. The second I said in the back

in the back and I saw his aura.

Gazing sessions cost $8 and Bratzo

recommends nine for the total

treatment. Pretty good money for

looking pleasant and slightly

distracted. We meet atomic Betty

the heaviest residents at the

Australian reptile park. The 6.5

metre python had her annual weigh- in

in and tipped the scale at 135

kilograms, four kilos more than

last year. A few days ago Ted

Williams was sleeping rough and

etching out a meagre existence in

America. Now he is an international

sensation flooded with job offers

from TV and radio networks and it

is all down to a wonderful voice.

This is an in creedible story. Its

is amazing. Not since Susan Boyle

has somebody reached such dizzy

heights in such a short space of

time and it is all thanks to the

internet since a video of him was

put online it has had more than

five million hits and that has

given him the second chance at life

that he so desperately needed. Meet

Ted Williams. Down and out and

homeless, begging by the homeless, begging by the side of

the road and all the time he was

golden. Well, he was - his tonsils

certainly were. Just listen to this.

When you are listening to nothing

but the best of oldies. A cameraman

heard whispers about a 53-year-old

former radio man now a recovering

alcohol and drug addict with the a

voice the business would kill for.

Something like a great radio voice.

He did. We will be back with more

after these words. Since then the

words have not stopped. He has

become an overnight media superstar.

Like the ultimate radio voice, it

is deep, soothing, it is even a

little sexy. Ted's discovery was

another Susan Boyle moments.

# I dreamed a dream in times gone

by... He is up there by... He is up there with our own

golden tonsils. Hello world u I'm

John Laws Ted has been sober for a

few years but like a lot he lostt

it for a while. He is back now,

here the stay, job offers pouring

in. Don't forget tomorrow morning

is your chance to see a this man

live in concert. Making his Mum

happy is what matters most. One of

my biggest prayers that I

my biggest prayers that I sent out

was that she would lifelong enough

for - to see me rebound or whatever.

Welcome back, Ted. You are the

voice! Great story. There is no

other way to look at it, England is

just at better team. No disgrace to

be beaten by a better team but we

did not give a yelp today. This

team has lostt its fighting spirits.

We will hear Michael Slater's

thoughts on a dark day. A flooding

medical emergency flaws boxer Danny

Green and why Stephanie Gilmour is rocketing

A magnificent session after tea

reaped five wickets for England as

Australia's Ashes resistance dipped

to new lows. The Aussies were

dreadful! Absolutely. Consider in

they began their second innings

after lunch and they were 7/213 it

is dread future. One man who has

been watch bringing the best seat

in the house but it is no prettier

is Michael Slater. Australia

outplayed in every aspect of the

game. It is starting to be a trends.

Very hard to watch. The supporters

in shock. Bad awareness from Watson

an Hughes and the rot set in. I

want to take you back to England

because they are out-playing us in every department and the teacher

and the pupils at the moment.

England certainly turned the tide

and Australia are playing like

England used to. The dominance here

from England is quite something.

What do you make of the Australians

body language? Have they given up?

They look so down? No, they are

trying too hard. They have before

working over time to turn things

around as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately the guys out of form

at the start of the series are

still out of form which has been

the big problem but England, far

too good. Australia need 151 to

make England bat again but there is

good news, fee entry tomorrow!

Worth the prize! Thank you very

much. The big-names in tennis have

started the arrive for the Sydney

International. One of the headline

act its its Kim Clijsters a two-

time winner in Sydney she says it

is great to be back with her family

in tow. They have never been here

except for my coach so it is fun to

see the wow factor through their

eyes again. Aussie qualifyer

Matthew Ebden is through to the

quarterfinals will ever of where he

will face Robin Soderling. It take

as lot to K-O Danny Green. He had

emergency surgery the remove his

appendix which was in danger of

bursting. The procedure did go to

plan and Green is expected to

recover fully. Last year finished

terribly for Stephanie Gilmour but

2011 is going just fine. The four-

time surfing world champion today

signed a five-year $10 million deal

with Quicksilver, that has to help

ease the pain for Stephanie who is

still recovering after she was

bashed outside her home last week.

Things are starting to look up.

Great news. Finance - the All Ords

closed 10 points higher. The

Australian dollar is buying 99.79US

cents. The weather next tfpltd

showers stayed away from Sydney

They D beach weather for some lucky

people but a few showers. Details next. Coming up on WIN News.. A nurse Coming up on WIN News.. A nurse dies after allegedly being stabbed dies after allegedly being stabbed

by a patient. A teen seriously injurpatient. A teen seriously by a patient. A teen seriously

injured after falling from a cliff. And emergency services clean up And emergency services clean up

after a severe hail The Jones family suffer under these terrible outdoor living conditions. Well, WE love it here. But tonight, on Garden Makeovers, we're gonna transform it.

Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - it'll spray timed bursts of a fine mist to form barriers against flying and crawling bugs. What do you reckon? The difference is amazing. I liked it better before. RAID! Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - for better backyards. Raid!

A warm top of 27 day in the city

and Richmond with a few showers.

Not a great deal in them. 100

millimetres fell over parts of the

Queensland-knew border. The highest

January rain for five years. The

bulk of the rain will contract

north of Brisbane tomorrow. South

of that a few scattered showers.

Melbourne in for a hot 34 degrees.

Cloudy but fine for Adelaide. The

rain will continue Monday and

Tuesday, another 20 millimetres is

likely. Easing up for the second

half of the week. So all in all

very light showers tomorrow about 1

to 3 millimetres. Saturday mostly

dry then the rain kicking in on

Sunday. For more Sydney news go to

our web site. But that is Nine News

for this Thursday. Thank you for

being with us. Goodnight.