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Tonight - Keneally and O'Farrell

head to head, and already the

battle's getting personal.

Why you could be banned from using your hands-free.

The mystery of the Sydney woman who

died on a dream holiday.

Babies' lives at risk - scientists

warn about a hidden danger.

And after the cricket, the players'

partners get to shine.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton.

Good evening.

Plenty of commentators have already

written off Kristina Keneally, and

Labor, for the State election,

which is still almost seven weeks

away. But as the Premier and Opposition Leader clashed head-on

today in Penrith, it was clear that

the campaign will be fought tooth

and nail on every street corner and

in every shopping mall.

This is where the State election

battle will be won and lost -

smiles and a quick handshake for

the cameras, but it didn't take

long for the bick together start.

As I said in the speech, Quentin -

you weren't paying attention.

Usually you don't disrespect the

host. It's a joke, Christina, an

Australian tradition. The Premier

had the last laugh, forcing Mr

O'Farrell to consook seed she won a

radio quiz on Australian knowledge.

Christina won. Thank you. The

Premier and Opposition Leader spent

two hours in Penrith debating their

alternative plans for Western

Sydney. Kristina Keneally thinks

she has the trump card. The

Liberals are planning to cancel the

Parramatta-to-Epping rail line, and

the Wen Express. He will can it,

slash, it hand that $2 billion back

to the Commonwealth. Mr O'Farrell

has history on his side. No-one

believes it. Because for 16 years,

the same promises have been

repeated. The same pledge that, if

you give us one more go, we'll get

it right next time. Earlier, in

Claremont Meadows, the alternative

premier promised to make available

10,000 new-home sites over if you

years. We're determined to put

people's dreams of purchasing a

home into reality. The Premier took

a stroll through Parramatta, but it

was her local Labor candidate she

was focused on - safer than risking

a chat with voters. I made clear

when I took on this job I was about

a new direction for NSW.

Kevin is in Penrith tonight. Kevin,

Barry O'Farrell made a point of

telling the Premier about

Australian traditions. How's that

being viewed? Well, Pete, Labor

supporters in the audience thought

it was racist. I don't think it was

that, but it was very silly. The

Opposition Leader would like us to

concentrate on how Labor has made a

complete mess of the power

privatisation - even signing the

contract in secret. Now, we'll be

here in Penrith a lot during the

campaign. The Liberals will hold

their campaign launch right here in

two weeks, Pete. Thank you.

Talking on a mobile phone while

driving may soon be banned

altogether. Even if you have a

hands-free device. The fraing and

State Governments are considering

tougher laws on -- the Federal Government and State Governments

are considering tougher laws on the

back of alarming new research.

It's 8:00am, Sydney peak' hour

traffic, and motorists ignore the

law, talking on their mobile phones

who. Knows what this guy was doing

- definitely not watching the road.

The current laws could become even

tougher. A report has suggested a

complete ban on mobile-phone use,

including hands-free devices. It

would make it very difficult for me

to do my job Y driving around to

visit clients all day, all around

the Sydney suburbs. I need my phone

to contact them. It's part of a

report on road safety aimed at reducing deaths and serious

injuries in Australia by 30%. We've

really hit, I guess, a bit of a

brick wall in terms of actually

trying to save more lives on our

roads. In the past 12 months,

nearly 50,000 drivers in NSW have

been booked for using their phones.

There is research that suggests

it's almost an impairment similar

to a driver under the influence of

alcohol. Singapore and Japan

already have a total ban on using a

mobile phone while driving. It's

impractical, it will be hard to

police, and we just think it's one

step too far. There's so many

distractions while you're driving,

the advice from authorities is to

deal with them before you've even

started the car - just like using

your GPS. The last thing you want

to be doing is trying to find a

location while you're trying watch

the road. For now, Anne Gregory

will continue to use her hands-free

- as long as it's legal.

The bushfire emergency in Perth is

far from over tonight, with at

least 87 homes destroyed or damaged.

But fortunately, there's been no

loss of life. The worst blazes are

in the city's south-east around

Roleystone, and at Red Hill in the


The night sky was tinged orange as

fires bore down on homes. Flames

climbed trees, and crews rushed to

protect properties. This man's

house in Roleystone in the city's

south-east surrounded by flames.

One up, there one up there, and one

behind... Residents were evacuated.

They weren't taking any chances.

This would have to be the worst

that I've ever seen. The fire at Roleystone has been burning since

yesterday morning. This is what

it's left in its wake - an idyllic

charred mess. pocket of the Perth Hills, now a

Tangled and twisted metal, once

family homes. It was a question of

"Do we go?" I have my wife with me.

I said "No, darling. We're off.

We're going." Bob Walton lost his

house. He and wife Sue made it out

just in time. There azlot of

memories in it. But my pride and

joy were my father's weddings. He

got killed in the second world war.

At least -- least 59 homes have

been devastated. There's been no

serious injuries or fatalities. The

enormous bushfires swept up this

valley, fanned by huge winds. Once

it hit suburban streets, it

unleashed its fury, destroying some

homes, but leaving others unscathed.

Heard screams. Not knowing whether

they were screams for safety or

screams for the house going up in

flames. But even in their darkest

hour, there's still room for a laugh. The ashes!

To Simon Bouda live now. Are any

more homes under threat tonight? I

can tell you there are still

pockets of this valley that are out

of control. In fact, you can

probably hear the aerial water

bombing is still going on - it's

been going on all day. Yes, there

are still homes - they're in

isolated pockets, but there are

still homes in danger tonight.

They're expecting a sea breeze to

hit this region some time overnight.

It will bring moisture with it.

That will bring a lot of relief.

That moisture will obviously help

the situation here, which is still

quite dire. They say the situation

is dangerous, but it's certainly

eased since yesterday, Peter. Good

on you, Simon. Thank you.

It's one of the most beautiful

places on earth, but a Fijian

island paradise has claimed the

life of a young Sydney woman and

left her loved ones desperately

seeking answers. Amy O'Maley from

Terrey Hills drowned during a dive

trip in December, but her family

says attempts to find out exactly

what happened have hit a brick wall.

You get moments when you forget...

And it's all right... And then you

remember and it's horrible...

It's the tropical holiday thousands

of Australians take every year. And

for Amy O'Maley, it was the beauty

under water that beckoned. She was

really excited. You know? This is

what she wanted to come for. In

Fiji with her new boyfriend Dale,

the 28-year-old went diving off the

coral coast. She paired up with one

of the dive masters. There was a

strong current at the time. 45

minutes later, Amy's guide

resurfaced to apparently change his

air tank. She was left on her own.

That's when panic stations happened

for me. And I was just searching

for Amy, searching for her

bubbles... Amy was found on the

bottom, 18m down. She was brought

to the surface unconscious. Dale

looked to the dive crew for help.

I'm looking back at them thinking

"What the hell?" There was just no

response. They... They literally

didn't know what to do. It was left

to other tourists to attempt CPR,

as they headed back to shore. I was

calling her name. "Amy, come on,

baby, wake up." We arrived there

and to see no ambulance was just

heartbreaking. Every chance that

she had was blown. Desperate for

answers, Amy's younger sister

travelled to Fiji and confronted

the last person to see Amy alive.

And this is Mike Newman, the man

who runs Benga Adventure Diving.

The confrontation continued when

our camera was gone.

Speaking to locals, you can't

always believe what you hear. There

have been several deaths in the

area, but details differ from

person to person. In Amy's case,

the newspaper reported she was a

19-year-old woman on holidays with

her mother. And even police got her

age wrong on her death certificate.

No family should have to experience

what we're all going through right

now. Just everything in the world

was right - we were both so happy.

It's such a beautiful place for her

to spend her last moments, you

know? It's like paradise.

Tracy Vo is here now. Who is

investigating Amy's death? Well,

Pete, Amy's family is back in

Sydney, and still waiting for the

Fijian post-mortem result. Fijian

Police have concluded Amy die

offend asphyxiation, but didn't

answer why. While Australian

authorities can do little - they

have no power to investigate a

death overseas. PADI, the body that

certifies dive companies, is

conducting its own investigation,

but PADI has told us its

conclusions will be kept

confidential - not even the family

will know the outcome. Pete, right

now it looks like Amy's family has

little realistic hope of getting

answers. What they really want,

though, is for all travellers to

take the risks seriously,

especially if they're diving in a

foreign country. OK. Thank you.

Julia Gillard has announced new

safeguards to make sure taxpayer

dollars are not wasted during the

flood and cyclone reconstruction.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the

pink bats and school-building

scandals, the Prime Minister has

appointed a former Liberal finance

minister as her spending watchdog.

Polls showed that voters support

Julia Gillard's proposed flood levy

on high-income earners, but they

don't trust the Federal Government

to spend flood and cyclone

reconstruction funds without

mismanagement and rip-offs.

Scandals that surrounded the

bungled home-insulation scheme and

the school-hall building program

will take some living down. So

today, the Prime Minister announced

unprecedented measures to guarantee

their there won't be waste and

rorting this time around. I want to

make sure that every dollar we

spend on rebuilding from the floods

and the cyclone is a dollar that

gets value for money. To help

rebuild the Labor Government's

reputation for managing money, Ms

Guild guild has called in John

Fahey, a rebg -- Ms Gillard has

called in John Fahey, a Liberal. He

will head a new reconstruction

inspectorate. The inspectorate will

be able to scrutinise rebuilding

contracts. It will be able to

directly inspect projects to ensure

they are meeting progress

milestones. They will be able to

investigate any complaints or

issues which may be raised by the

public. Tony Abbott invited the

media into a shadow ministry

meeting to give the Opposition's

response. They have effectively

accepted that they can't be trusted

with money. By putting in place

this new body, this new

bureaucracy... $5.6 billion in

Federal funds has already been set

aside, including $1.8 billion from

the levy. Legislation imposing the

levy will go to parliament later this week.

The Western Bulldogs AFL club says

it's extremely disappointed by the

drunken antics of its players

during a trip to Hong Kong. One was

caught on camera due do go the so-

called 'Worm' move. Others jumped

and danced on a taxi. The incident

happened during an end-of-season

trip during October. Video has only

just surfaced. The club hasn't

revealed whether the players have

been disciplined.

In the news ahead - exposing the

hidden dangers of household mothballs to young children.

Plus - closer than ever before to

the surface of the sun.

And I'm live on the red carpet with

all the fashions from the Allan

Border Medal in

We are looking for lots of space.

Lots of space for lots of kids. A big kitchen. What we've got is this little plan and I want to run it past you - just a few of the things that we need to talk about. Private school, obviously. But private school is SO expensive. No, forget private school. I've got it all mapped out, yeah? Tennis academy, racquet contract, pro tour. 24 hours a day. Really. He's always available on that telephone. VOICEOVER: Your local Westpac bank manager and team can talk expert solutions, whatever your conversation. A long time looking at the... Westpac.

This program is captioned live.

Protecting your clothes from hungry

insects could be putting the health

of your children at risk.

Scientists have discovered that the

chemical in mothballs poses a

serious danger to thousands of

children across Australia.

They're used to stop -- used to

stop moths from wreaking havoc in

the wardrobe, but many contain a

chemical that's been banned in

Europe and is harmful in some

newborn babies. They can cause

massive red-cell breakdown, leading

to severe jonds and brain damage.

Simply breathing in the vaper can

be extremely toxic to babies who

have ethnic routes near the equator.

That includes children of Asian,

African, Middle Eastern and

Mediterranean descent. 1 in 20 of

them have a genetic condition

called G6PD, which makes their red

blood cells particularly fragile.

Over the past three years in NSW,

three babies with this condition

have suffered brain damage. One of

them didn't survive. Doctors say

parents don't know whether their

children are at risk. I am now

aware of it, and would never buy

that product. The NSW Poisons

Information Service recalls one

call a week about children

swallowing or inhaling the product.

Brands with natural substances are

considered much safer. Expertsperts

are calling for nap pulean to be

banned. I I don't think there's

enough research and testing that

goes on. The nation's pesticides

regulator is looking into whether a

review is necessary.

For our favourite star, it's time

for a close-up. A 24-hour cycle of

the sun has been recorded by

special cameras. The image is a

composite from two NASA satellites,

recording the sun from opposite

sides. It's part of the research

into solar flares and how they

impact on satellite links, and power grids.

The stars of cricket have begun

arriving on the red carpet in

Melbourne for the Allan Border

Medal. Our Lizzie Pearl is there.

The WAGs haven't disappointed in

the glamour stakes? Absolutely not,

Pete. They're looking absolutely

fantastic tonight. I haven't seen a

shocking dress yet! Mitchell

Johnson has just arrived with his

beautiful girlfriend Jessica brad.

They're both looking absolutely

beautiful. As is Shane Watson and

Lee Furlong. Shane Watson is the

favourite to take out the Allan

Border Medal tonight. If he does so,

he'll be only the second person

who's managed to take out that

medal two years in a row. The other

one, of course, is Ricky Ponting.

Lee Furlong was looking absolutely

fantastic in a white-shouldered

number. Let's have a listen to what

Shane Watson thought of his

neurwife' dress? Absolutely

stunning. When I first saw it on,

it definitely was something I

imagined her being in as well. It

looks amazing. She can pull

anything off anyway. This looks

absolutely stunning. The red-carpet

arrivals are still happening behind

me. Michael Clarke has just shown

up - by himself tonight, no lovely

lady on his arm. Tonight, the

awards will just get under way in a

couple of minutes. As I said, Shane

Watson is the favourite. But Mike

Hussey is also in with a chance as well. Pete.

Lizzie, you look beautiful too.

Enjoy that red carpet.

Ken's next with sport. The Bulldogs

explain themselves over the Ryan

Tandy scandal? Yes, they're keen to

put it to bed with their trial

starting this week.

Also, the all-stars' biggest star,

Benji Marshall, delivers a dream to

these youngsters. The best thing

ever. Also - the spectacular half-

time show outshines the Super Bowl.

And at last - Sydney gets relief

from those hot days. I'll have all the details soon.

Lotto's massive $20 million Saturday Superdraw could make your dreams come true. $20 million.

And with new Division 6, there'll be even more winners. So get your entry in by Saturday, February 12 and you could:

This program is captioned live.

To rugby league first - the

Bulldogs have returned to training

desperate to put the controversy

involving Ryan Tandy behind them.

Club officials spoke for the first

time today since Tandy's contract was terminated.

The Bulldogs have spent big on

recruiting players for this season,

but none of them have been getting

the club any attention. Instead,

it's all been about the betting

scandal, and whether the Bulldogs'

-- Bulldogs knew of allegations

that Ryan Tandy had a gambling

problem before they signed him. We

did significant checks on Ryan

through his manager and were given

glowing endorsement of him as a

player and person. While Tandy's

case is still to go to court, the

NRL has backed the Bulldogs, saying

any player involved in max-fitching

shouldn't get a second chance. If

you're involved in corrupting rugby

league, I would have thought life

bans are well and truly on the

cards. Gallop was at a community

council, where a group of kids will

receive a thrill they'll never

forget. Ahead of the all-stars'

game, the all-stars team ran

through some drills. You just had a

game of footy with Benji Marshall.

What was it like? Good! The best

thing ever. Put a good kick up on

me. The players were helping win

over support in Sydney's west,

where the challenge from the AFL is a growing threat.

English cricket team has left for

home after three months in

Australia. They lost the final one-

day international at the WACA by 57

runs. There won't be much rest for

them - the World Cup begins in

India in just 11 days' time. The

Australians fly out on Wednesday.

The Super Bowl had it all today -

the game delivered, and so did its

famed entertainment program. The

Green Bay Packers left from the

start, defeating the Pittsburgh

Steelers 31-25.

Everything's bigger in Texas,

including the support acts - Keith

Urban was a hit...

# It feels good

# To actually be at Super Bowl today!

Christina Aguilera gave the 'Star- Spangled Banner' full throttle...

Then, there was the game... The

Packers opened up an 18-point lead,

but the Steelers fought back to

trail 21-10 at half-time. The Black

Eyed Peas, with Fergie, gave the

100,000-seat stadium a human light

show like no other.

Slash and Fergie delivered a Guns

N' Roses classic... # Whoa-whoa

# Sweet child of mine...

Usher entered, and with 'love' as

the theme came the show-stopper -

you could have sworn you were on

another planet...

Resumption of play - the Steelers

got within three points, but the

Packers held on, with four touchdowns to three.

That is on my must-do list, that

one. I'm coming with you! Good on

you. Carry the bags, Pete. Thank

you, Ken.

Natalie is next with the weather,

and those fresh southerly winds

brought a welcome relief across

Sydney today? They did indeed. We

had our coolest day in over a month,

Pete. I'll have all the weather for you after the

Coming up on WIN News... Classes resume - how do the Territory' s

newest schools stack up?And: mobile

phones in cars: Will the ACT

government agree to a national ban?

Join me for all the details next.

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This program is captioned live.

Last week's heatwave is well and

truly over, with a cool, cloudy

start to the week, but a strong

southerly change swept through

yesterday afternoon, dropping temps significantly.

A trough moving north brought that

cooler change to the coast, while

triggering storms in northern NSW and southern Queensland.

Pete, you'll be happy to know the

mercury will drop to 19 degrees in

the city tonight. So a comfortable

night on the way. We'll all sleep

well. Exactly. Thanks, Nat. That is

Nine News for this Monday. I'm

Peter Overton. Hope you have a good

evening. From us all, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media

Australia - weekend. More news in the Tonight

... The ACT Government supports

calls to ban all mobile phone use calls to ban all mobile phone use i cars.The controversial super cars.The controversial super schoo

met with excitement - as students

move in. And taking the plunge - move in. And taking the plunge - ho young people are making starts in

ACT' s business world. Good ACT' s business world. Good evening

I' m Danielle Post, Mobile phones

are one of the leading causes of

distractions for drivers. Now there

are moves to ban them in cars -

entirely. Transport Ministers

entirely. Transport Ministers aroun

the country are considering the the country are considering the ba

after a landmark report revealed

even hands-free devices even hands-free devices dramaticall

increase the risk of crashing. And

the A-C-T' s Chief Minister is