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Tonight - a natural

overnight downpour bursts the disaster declared as an

Queanbeyan River. Homes

evacuated, businesses ruined as

water seeps through the CB dx. It's flooded right

throughout. We can't hold it

back with the sand bags. The buck

buck stops there - Kevin Rudd

points the finger on WikiLeaks. The Americans are

responsible for that. And a

champion falls to a real life rocky. I'm the best but youse all are aware of me


with ABC News. Queanbeyan and Good evening. Craig Allen

surrounding Palerang Shire are

natural disaster showns tonight after the Queanbeyan River burst its banks this morning, flooding partings of city. Porrenshall - torential flooding partings of the

rain falling on an already

sodden area. It wasn't just the overnight rain, was it? Googong

water for past week. Googong Dam has been full and spilling

Dam has been full for the first

time in 12 years. For about a

week no it's been full. Now

it's - with it being so full,

7,000 cubic meters a second of

water is flowing over the

is the equivalent of twice the

amount of water that flows over

the Niagara falls. That has

been the source of Queanbeyan's

problem. That coupled with that

overnight rain. And Jewel Julie

Doyle has beenle story. The rising flood waters Doyle has beenle following the

took emergency crews and Queanbeyan residents by

surprise. It's coming through

the front and door doors: It's flooded right throughout. We can't hold it back with the

sand bags. The river rise ing

that quickly, peaking at 8.4, it's certainly at the moment

about a one in 20-year event.

The city was hit bay deluge of

100mm of rain overnight. Water

spilled over the top of Googong

Dam, and flows rushed down the

Queanbeyan River, lifting water

levels by 3m in just hours. We've had the town cut levels by 3m in just 2.5

in half. We've had around about

100 houses and businesses which

have been asked to evacuate. Some residents had to

be rescued by the State

Emergency Service. We did

remove some people by morning. 10 people as I

understand from some of the low

lying areas. Water flooded the car parks

car parks of the riverside shopping centre and the Queanbeyan Leagues club. A

crane was brought in to move

cabins at the caravan park to

higher ground. Some resident

made the most of the rare opportunity. But businesses

prepared for the worst. Ice big

worry to all the businesses worry to all the businesses on

the main street that we're all

going to get a lot of damage

from this. The river peaked at

around 11 o'clock this morning

and waters have started to

recede. The area's been

declared a natural disaster

zone. It means we have got a

big clean up ahead of us as

this weather start s to clear un. After years of drought at

least one resident is not least one resident is not too worried: We need all the

water. Perhaps not all at once.

Alison, we heard there that

100 homes and businesses were evacuated, a tough night ahead

for those people. But generally

how are Queanbeyan people handling the situation? They're

a pretty stoic bunch. Having

spent the day in town as we heard Julie mentioned there's

been 10 rescues by the SES and

about 100 mainly precautionary

evacuation. Those people will be spending the night in

evacuation centres in

Queanbeyan tonight. But really

most people have been coping

remarkably well. Yes, there are businesses cleenced obviously

there will be a big clean-up

operation and big clean-up bill

ahead Baw lot of people in Queanbeyan have been taking advantage of a rare day off

school and work and have just

been enjoy ing the spectacle.

Ben Lission has been around the

town today finding out about that. The The

hurry and the sudden onslaught

caught many juf guard. For most resident of Queanbeyan it was a

shock. For other, it was a

disaster. Would have got in to

all the electrical and once it

does that most of the cars

these days are all on computers, so it would have absolutely biggered everything. With power cut and roads closed, residents lined the

the water's edge to witness the

river, break a path through the

city. Some made the most of it

but sports grounds, play diss

grounds and parks were inundated.

inundated. In low lying areas

fleer the centre of town, whole streets were under water. Practically while we were watching the bottom ends

of the street start to go under

water, by the time I came and

checked there was barricade so

we couldn't drive out. There

were no cars drive ng on these

roads. Instead debris rushed through submerged streets.

Emergency cruise were using any

means necessary to help those

in danger zones. A pregnant woman who Hospital. One of many people lifted to the Canberra

evacuated. We were ready to go

and moved all the stuff. We were ready to go. Today

Queanbeyan residents heard the

flood siren for the first time

shocked community. They were in years. Sounding out over a

told to prepare for a once in

20-year flood. But many say they've never seen anything

like this. People would mock me

and say you're being a worry

wart, the flood is never going

to come that high. And I just

rang one now and said I told

will pay. Despite receding you so! I hope the insurance

water lines the problems for

many here have only just begun. So what is happening there

tonight? And what is the outlook for Queanbeyan

tomorrow? Some of the more optimistic people, Craig, have

already begun the big clean-up

and hopefully that won't prove

to be too premature. Most

people will be clearing up

The outlook from the bureau is

pretty optimistic with not much more rain forecast over the

next few days. We are hearing,

though, that some people are being allowed back home, being

taken from evacuation centres and allowed back home tonight.

Others are being kept there

because although water lev l levels are rapidly, as the water is levels are receding quite

receding there's a massive

amount of debris - timber which

has been washed downstream.

That is causing a lot of access

problems to the roads that were

pref quouts lr isolated. It is

not just - previously isolated.

Today the focus has been on

Queanbeyan and the water still

that has go swa j. The

Scrivener da dam has all five

flood date s open for the first

time since 1976. All the debris

here will end up in Lake Burley

Griffin, so a massive clean-up in Canberra as well. Alison

Ramage thank you for your time. And of course

Queanbeyan's not the only part

from all the heavy rain. More

than 90mm fell in Tuggeranong,

prompting 180 call Fos the ACT prompting 180 call Fos the ACT

SES. Over 80mm has fallen in

parts of Goulburn today causing

some localised flooding. There

the picture is a little brighter in Wagga Wagga, after

being deluged for days the city

is finally coming up for air

and in many cases it's not a

pretty sight. More from Liv

Casben. The storm front moved

in around midnight but it

wasn't until day break that

emergency teams could see what

damage had been done. In Wagga

last night the SES had around

60 requests for

assistance. These homes were

cut off after storm water

flooded the street. It was actually fairly fast flowing.

It was coming from the park

down the road and running

towards us. Rather unsettling

and the whole street was everyone was shouting

out. Further east home s in tar

cut a were evacuated as record

falls were recorded. The river moez 4m in four hours in the tiny township . Roads across the region were cut, including

the Hume Highway

and albry. - Albury. More sand

brags have been brought in. The

Murrumbidgee is expected to

peak again tomorrow morning,

but it's unlikely to reach

heights seen earlier this

week. But while the flood waters are causing headaches for some, it was an early

Christmas present for these

children. I said to my mum I

won't need a swimming pool this

Christmas >>uvenlt like this

time last year resident here are hoping Santa doesn't bring

any more rain. And the latest

forecast is looking promise

ing. The Bureau of Meteorology

is now predicting mostly dry

weather for this area over the next week. And

situation in this region has

eased considerably. And the

flood crisis has now spread

across three other States. In Queensland, there are flood

warnings for the Fitzroy

catchment. And the State's cane growers stand to lose growers stand to lose hundreds

of millions of dollars worth of

crops because it's just too wet

to harvest. In SA, mopping up

is under way after record

December rainfall caused

widespread flooding there. And

the main focus in Victoria is in the State's north-east,

where flood warnings are in

place for several rivers.

To other news now and Australia's Foreign Affairs

Minister is pulling no punches

on who is to blame for the

ongoing WikiLeak s scandal.

Kevin Rudd says it's the fault

of the Americans and not the WikiLeaks founder Julian

Assange. The latest leaks

lifted the lid on the flow of

secret information between

Parliament House and the US Embassy in Canberra. He's been

charged by Sweden, chased in

London. And he's wanted in

Washington, but in Australia

Julian Assange has found a

Foreign Minister who is taking

a more moderate line. Mr Assange is not himself

responsible for the

unauthorised release of a

quarter of a million

documents. Anyone stead,

despite a relationship the US

has been has been trying to

patch up. We are having a

little bro-mance. Kevin Rudd

has dished out some tough love

over who is to blame for cable controversy The Americans are responsibility

responsibility for that. It not

only puts him at odds with the

official view in the US - We have and continue to condemn

what Julian Assange and

WikiLeak s has done. It also

contradicts the Prime Minister,

who went in hard against the publisher, not just the leaker. I

information on the WikiLeaks

website, it's a grossly

irresponsible thing to do. And

an illegal thing to do. The

drip feed of embassy cables

goes on. The latest leak

targets a Labor power

broker. Senator Mark Arbib is

accused of acting as something

of a spy, a frequent informant

to American embassy officials

and the leaked documents

suggests he was passing on some

useful behind the scenes

information. Like the news as

early as October last year that

Kevin Rudd was nervous about

his leadership. And seeking to

develop a viableal fernives to

Julia Gillard - viable alternative s to Julia Gillard

to fore stall a challenge. His

colleagues are unfazed by the revelations I don't think

these are event s are damaging

to the Labor Party in any way

shape or form. And some

question its accuracy. I think

people ought to take a cold

shower here. Lilt be Wayne

Swan's problem to deal Minister is on a pre Christmas


And hackers have attacked the websites of some of the world's biggest companies who have

taken action against WikiLeaks and

and its jailed founder Julian

Assange. Supporters of WikiLeaks jammed the websites of visa and master of visa and master card after

the credit card giants cut off

funding to the whistleblower

website. The websites were

temporarily taken down by an

online cyber group that claimed

it had recruited 4,000 hackers

to launch coordinated attacks

on the sites: In Chile, at

least 80 people have died after

a fire broke out in an over

crowded prison. The flames

quickly engulfed a fourth floor

dormitory where people people

were unable to escape . The

police say the blaze was

deliberate ly lit during a

fight between gangs. 14 injured survivors were rushed

to hospital. The pace of the rescue angered distraught relatives. They say the firefighters were firefighters were initially

locked out. The Chilean

President says the country's

prison system is in humane and

he has vowed to make improvements. US efforts to

bring peace to the Middle East

are foundering again. The

sticking point is Israel's

refusal to stop building

settlements in the West Bank.

The US says it's given up

trying to con Israel to change

its mind. The White House is

now trying to find a way to

rejuvenate the talk s that have been bogged down since

September. Ben Knight reports.

An admission of defeat or a tactical retreat? Whichever

the case, the American decision

to back off the pressure on

Israel has been welcome news to

Jewish slefr settlers. Ice

little crazy when you think about it that countries outside

the region should have anything to say about where sovereignty

lies. But of course the West

Bank is not part of Israel. It

it's land that's been occupied

since Israel captured it in

1967. It's where Palestinians

want to create their own

nation, and they say every new

Jewish home that's built here

makes that harder to achieve. The reaction is achieve. The reaction is really disappointment. Disappointment

of an action that shows

inability to really implement

what the road map is saying. It

is our firm belief that the Palestinian desire for sovereignty is possible to

reconcile with Israel's needs

for security. In August this

year, Barack Obama set an

ambitious goal of a peace agreement within 12 months. I

may have seemed vaguely

possible back then but

certainly not now. There are

some in Israel who question the wisdom of humiliating the

country's most powerful

But not many. Clearly a lot of

Israelis would like to see a

peace deal. But if reality is

that for in the status quo is

work and it's simply not that

high a priority. On the other

side of that security barrier inside Israel the economy is

strong and restaurant s an buses simply are not blowing up

anymore. And what happen s here in the occupied West Bank can

often seem like it's often the other side of the worlds. Protest over election

results in Haiti have turned violent with at least four

people killed. Thousands

rampaged through the streets of the capital, Port-au-Prince,

wrecking cars ABC barricading

streets. The protesters claim

the presidential election was

rigged by the ruling Government Coalition. The airport has been closed. And Opposition

supporters set fire to the headquarters of the Government's ruling

party. Violent protest s have

also broken out in eother

cities where emergency services

are still struggling to cope

with a deadly cholera with a deadly cholera epidemic.

The ACT Government has move

Todd reinstate the offence of

beat iality. The crime was

repealed in 19 85 before the Territory had self-government. The Attorney-General says

Attorney-General says the Government agreed to the move

before the recent incident involved Raiders player Joel Monaghan. I think it's

important that we do rectify this anomaly. It was identified

by the Government well before

the Monaghan incident a rose

and we are now introducing that legislation into the

Assembly. Under the proposed

law, the maximum penalty will be 10 years in jail. Ten Network's outgoing chief Network's outgoing chief has rejctsed claims the company's

new board is heavily

conflicted. Nick Falloon says

he has no concerns about the board's independence, despite

the business interest s of incoming directors James Packer, Lachlan Murdoch and

Gina Rinehart. The station that brought had shareholders at the AGM wondering what its new billionaire investor directors might be lookkooging up. James

Packer and Gina Rinehart didn't attend today's meeting. But Lachlan Murdoch did. Television

has a great future in this country. And we will get a full briefing on the company in the

next few weeks once we become directors. So conveniently for

the billionaires shareholders

were none the wiser. I would imagine that all experienced

people and they certain ly put

a lot of money on the

line. Bruce Gordon certainly

did. The regional TV magnate is Ten's biggest single

shareholder and he sees no

place for mining billionaires

like Gina Rinehart on the

board. We're in a competitive

business. We have a director on

the board that is a

non-television person. So we're looking after our financial

interests. Out going chairman

Nick Falloon defended her

appointment, saying as a successful business appropriate. He also rejected

claims the board was heavily

conflicted by some members previous work for the media

families. Including incoming

chairman Brian Long, who had

worked for Pakkers. There was

also concern that Ten's

coverage of gambling and mining tax issues might tax issues might be compromised

by casino owner James Packer

and miner Gina Rinehart's board presence. I presence. I have every

confidence in this board. To continue in the way forward. The way forward

includes Ten's beefed up news

coverage, and the development

of its digital channels, as

Nick Falloon saw it. But he

won't be around. Do you feel

like you're being pushed out by

the Packers? A little bit. Stand by for the real

shareholders meeting next week.

To finance now and strong

jobs growth in November has driven unemployment back down

to 5.2%. And as Alan

better day as well. Another big

month of employment growth -

more than twice what was expected by the exponents of if

dismal science, ib and taking

the unemployment rate down to

5.2% from the 5.4% it kicked up

to last month. And the other

good news is that all the new

jobs in the latest month were full

full time, which is the ve

reverse of the situation last month. Tonight's graph gives

you the full picture of the

employment situation of the

past 12 months at a glance.

Well eggs vr, perhaps not a

glance, more a long stare I

guess. The line shows total

employment - averaging 40,000

new jobs a month, except for

that one bad month in February.

And for most of the year there

has been a shift from full time

to part-time jobs as employers

ask existing staff to work more shifts,

shifts, as well as hire more

people. It really is pretty

good. This year looked at

overall everyone who has come

on to the to job market has got

a job. The Australian dollar

has tick up again today to

than 98.5 US cents and 74.5 on

the Trade-Weighted Index. And

that is back to where it was in #ery November. The share market

went up three-quarter - 0.75%

today a) modest rise in New

York overnight. The banks were

mostly pretty strong led, led

by Westpac and ANZ, both up

more than 2%. But Bank of Queensland shares were hammered because the company reduced its

profit guidance for the coming

year. The only other fall of note was Woolworths, down

1%. As I said, the US market

had a small gain while the

Japanese and Korean markets

followed up the rises today but

Chinese fair share s fell the

Shanghai index has been bumping

along at about this level after

falling 10% in a couple of days

last month. That is

finance. Police say a slow

transition to chip technology

for credit cards in Australia

is making it easier for

criminals to steal financial information. A joint Federal

and NSW police sting has has netted 3,000 koufrntds fit

cards and goods bought with

stolen funds. Three men were

arrested in NSW and two in SA.

Police say the old magnetic strip

strip sec technology is too

easy for criminal s to hack. Certainly Australia is

one of the last countries in

world to have full chip and PIN technology implemented. And

we've been told that Australia

is a target. We are rolling out

the chip and PIN security here

in Australia. Customer also

notice when they go to use their credit card they will be

asked if it's a signature or asked if it's a signature or a

PIN. So the technology is being

rolled out and will be in place in the

in the next couple of

years. The credit card fraud is

decreasing as more cards are

issued with chips issued with chips an PINs. Nicotine patches have been added to the

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

to help low income earners quit smoke. From February,

concession card holders will be able to patches. The Federal Health Minister hopes it will help

70,000 a year give up the habit. We know that smoking is

not only a lethal habit Baw

costly one. Sometimes for

people being able to fund the

nicotine patches become ing s a

barrier. The drug Celaris has

also been added to the

PBS. What happens when you take

the king of spin's car for a

spin? In Pietersen pee's case,

you get a $240 fine for speeding. Shane Warne arranged

for Pietersen to borrow his

bright yellow Lamborghini while

he's in town for the Ashes. The

England batsman was allegedly

travelling at 121km/h in a 110km zone. It will go down

as one of the biggest surprises

in the nation's boxing history.

Anthony Mundine's fighting

career was dealt an unlikely

set Bank of England when he

suffered a shock loss to

compatriot Garth Wood. Mundine was knocked out in the fifth

round of the non-title bout.

Garth Wood qualified to accept

into the ring with Anthony Mundine by winning a reality TV

series. Like his opponent, the

32-year-old boast add rugby

league background, having

played for South Sydney and the Balmain Tigers. But this was

the event likely to become the

big moment of Wood's sporting career. He matched Mundine in

the early rounds, then closed

in for victory. I don't know,

know, what do I say? I'm the

best kept secret but youse are

all aware of me now. I want to

congratulate Garth and his

team. The defeat as the the

first in five years for the

35-year-old three-time world

champion. A-League club Newcastle's mid-season resurgience has continuesed

with a 2-0 win against

Melbourne Heart. The Jet I remember getting beaten I think

it was our last win as well, so

we are settle sto to go and

turn that around and get a

result and get us knocking on

the door of the six again. Muscat is tree Free to play

play in the Victorian derby

after being slapped with a

suspended fine for bringing the

game into a dis post match incident in

Brisbane. It was an emotional return for Hawaiian - surfer

Bruce Irons, his first

competitive heat since the

death of his brother Andy. Pitted him against the

Tom Whittaker who's raes

re-placed the late champion in

the Pipe line masters field.

Ironses bowed out but it

mattered little, hours earlier

he'd witness ed the birth of

his nephew, his late brother's son Andy Axel. Queenslander

Andrew Buckle and American

Bobby Gates are the unlikely leaders after the opening round of the Australian PGA championship on the Sunshine

Coast. Buckle and Gates shot

8-under par 64s to take a 2-stroke advantage over a group of three players. Andrew Buckle hasn't won in Australia since

the 2002 Queensland Open. But a round of 64 including 10 birdies was the ideal platform to launch a bid for another victory in his victory in his home stai. Another spectacular iron shot for Andrew Buckle. That's

good for the old confidence. It

was good. China's number one golfer Liang Wenchong was

unlikely not to land a birdie

often the 18th hole. What a good looking shot this is.

Word spread about the 14th

and one local wasn't keen to

give up a prime viewing

position. The delay did nothing for the concentration of American Bobby Gates. He

wasn't hopping mad for long.

Two late birdies gave Gates a

share of the lead. Australian

Open winner Geoff Ogilvy had a

70, as did the defending champion Robert Allenby, who finished strongly. In the hole. Never understated in the

fashion stake, John Daly had an opening round 71 while Adam

Scott carded a 73. And now

with a look at today's very

rainy weather, here is Mark Carmody. Good evening wee. Already seen the result of last

night's storms over Googong and

Kara bar: Tonight the showers

kept on coming through

thankfully not to the same extent of

extent of last night. Only a

bit over 5mm fell at the airport. It was a different

story around ghoul Bourne and

Orange: The showers'sed late

morning with only a morning with only a few coming over this afternoon. The sun

will make its entrance tomorrow

and to hang around for a while.

And to celebrate I found this

yellow ger bra. Currently, there's Currently, there's cloud about also on add show irand

it's still warm. 24

degrees. Goulburn got a bath

today, falls of up to 87mm were

received between 9 and 3.

You can see the rain moving towards the coast and it will into into the Tasman tomorrow. Nationally today, Brisbane was

sunny and reached 29. Sydney

and Melbourne were overcast but

remain dry. Adelaide topped at

24 after a sunny day and Perth

was fine as well. The cloud

band is moving towards coast and beyond and there's also

patches of cloud over the

centre. A cold front has moved

through Tasmania and a high to the south-west of WA is

extending a ridge over the south-east which will intensify. Nationally tomorrow, cool with late showers in

Hobart, 18. Possible showers

and 20 for Adelaide. Sunny in

Perth, 30. Storms in Sydney, showers in Brisbane.

Craig, it it will be nice

to know Ngo the rain is

stopping and the sun will shine

for the next few days at

least. Thank, Mark. Is that the

sound of lawn mowers I hear

crank up? Before we go, a brief

recap of our top stories

tonight - a major clean-up has

started in Queanbeyan after the

River broke its banks this morning, flooding the centre of

town. 100 homes and businesses

were evacuated and a natural

disaster has been declared. And

the Foreign Minister, Kevin

breaches are to blame for the

WikiLeaks scandal. Not Julian

Assange. And that is ABC News.

Stay with us for the '7:30

Report'. And you can keep up

with the latest news at ABC

Online, ABC News 24, and of course you can follow us course you can follow us on

Twitter. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI A This Program Is Captioned

Live. This is a game changing. Tonight on the '7.30 Report', Australian scientists biological warfare to tackle a

tropical killer. Our best case

scenario, it could have a major impact

impact on dengue globally. That is the stone you are

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many royals have sat in the chair. And the odd couple.

Geoffrey Rush on his latest

role as the colonial nobody who

taught king George VI to overcome his speech

impediment. This wreck. He had no confidence.

He'd been a stammerer since a

child. The film is about the relationship between him and

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