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(generated from captions) and that is why they have 1776 on the Statue of Liberty. in Roman numerals American Independence Day. The original So its MDCCLXXVI, July 4, 1776. That's it. It's a long one. I knew it was a very long number. But, unfortunately, 1776. you've won $1,000. Oana, the good news is a bit of HECS off with that, OK? So you can knock for being a great player today. Good on you. Thanks Oana Manole just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live.,

Too night - wild and woolly, and

some unseasonal snow. While in

London, Aussies have been stranded.

We will have the latest live. Also

tonight, Michael McGurk murder

suspect Ron Medich free on bail.

Closure for Brodie, the woman who

lost her unborn baby in a Christmas

Day car crash. Is she or isn't she?

The Prime Minister explains the

ring on her engagement finger. And

hey, big spender. Pricey gifts

list. topping the Christmas best seller

ANNOUNCER: This is nine news, with

Georgie Gardner. Good evening,

Sydney is in the grip of a very

unseasonal Christmas cold snap.

Temperatures plummets well below

average, as plenty of us shivered..

It is a rare sight - the sun is

shining, the school holidays is on

and Bondi is all but deserted.

Freezing. It took a few brave

hearts to break the ice. It was

warmer in than out. Summer and snow

- bizzare blizzard in Thredbo.

Welcome to another outbreak of

weird weather. In Perth, high teplg

pra tours and bushfires and record

breaking floods around Carnarvon.

Water logged Brisbane, and

snowfalls in the alps. Up to 10

centimeters and more to come It has

been a country of contrasts. In

Sydney winds gusting up to 80kms/hr

kept temperatures down and also

shattered a high rise window

leading to an emergency in the city.

A tourist spot, holiday snaps

became a challenge. It was very

hard to hold that steady. In the

Blue Mountains, they were again

breaking out the winter Woolies as

the temperatures plunged It is 7

o'clock, it was freezing cold, I

think it must have been about 3

degrees and this time it is

normally 40 degrees. The weather

bureau failed to deliver us any

Christmas cheer because these gusty

conditions will make way for rain

at the end of this all-important

week. There are showers forecast

for Christmas eve, Christmas Day,

and Boxing Day, but at least it

will be warm - 24 on Friday, and 26

over the year end. If you believe

the long-term forecaster, it is

unlikely to get much better with a

wet start to 2011.

Australians are also feeling the

weather in Europe, with at least

1,000 Australian travellers still

stranded at London's Heathrow

Airport. Peter Stefanovic is at

heth eth Heathrow and joins us now.

What is the latest? Well, Gorgi,

several hundred Aussies got out

overnight, QF32, one of few planes

that did manage to get airborne,

but for the rest of the Australians

and thousands of other traveller

that is are still stuck, inside the

main terminals. They don't dream of

the a white Christmas if they can

get any sleep at all. It is a

struggle to stay warm, they have to

queue for toilets and there is also

a line up for power points to

recharge mobile phones and there

are hand outs of food and water.

Heathrow officials do hope to

expand operations to day but there

is a bag log and it is very cold -

minus 9 degrees here overnight

which makes the job of deicing

planes and clearing runways very,

very different this. Is just one

aspect of the weather trouble as

the big freeze cuts major highways

and blocking railway lines here in

the UK and all over Europe. Back to

you. Alright. Go and get warm.

Thank you, Peter. Sydney property

tycoon Ron Medich has been released

on bail. Accused of murdering

Michael McGurk last year, he owes

his freedom to his brother, Roy. He

paid $1 million bond to have him

out in time for Christmas but there

are bail condition his must adhere

to and reporter Tracy Vo joins us

now. Ron Medich had a bit of a wait

today? He certainly did. There was

the wait for the $1 million surety

which was posted by his brother

mid-morning, and then there was a

lot of paperwork to get through for

this release to even happen. Just

after 3:30 this afternoon Ron

Medich was a free man. He was

driven from Silverwater Prison in a

silver Jaguar but he had another

wait at the traffic lyings, he was

asked a few questions but he kept

his window up and refused to answer

the questions. He looked a little

nervous, he was fiddling with his

hands from time to time. He was

then driven to a city address where

period. he will be living during his bail

What happens to him now? Well,

there was another reason for the

delay today. He had to be fitted

with an electronic tracking device

and that is part of his bail

conditions and they also include

the fact that he is not allowed to

leave his city home between the

hours of 9pm and 6am. Every day he

has to come here to report to the

Central City police station and he

is also not allowed to leave the

city or the eastern suburbs area.

He is one of five men charged over

last year's murder of Michael

McGurk. He must abide to these

conditions until he faces a

committal hearing in the new year.

Tracy Vo thank you very much.

Almost one year on a woman has

finally pleaded guilty to running

down expectant mother, Brodie

Donegan and killing her unborn baby

while high on a cocktail of drugs.

Today, Ms Donegan told Nine news he

is at least move on with her life.

Baby Zoe didn't survive the car

crash but mum Brodie still wears

her foot and hand prints this. Is

the woman she a blames - Justine

Hampson. La you apologise? She

won't be held responsible for the

loss of Zoe's life but today she

plead guilty to dangerous driving

and driving affected by drugs. I am

looking forward to reading my

victim's impact statement out so

she is probably be fully aware of

how much this has impacted our life

It is not going to be the best time

of your right about now but it is

good to get some sort of closure

before hand. They will need all

they can get t couple is expenging

again. This is a reminder of how

painful Chris 345 day was for

Brodie Donegan. She was walking

down this street and talking to the

baby in her belly and right here

she was struck down by a driver out

of control. She was taken to a

homent where her baby was delivered

but at 32 weeks she never took a

death. For that reason she was

treated as one of body's injuries.

She is still fights to have the

laws changed. Justine Hampson will

be sentenced next year. The maximum

hum for dangerous driving is 7 years jail.

There was wild rumour and spec

layong in the halls of Canberra

today, but it had nothing to the

with leadership, elections or

political policy. Nothing of the

sort. It was all over a big sparkly

ring on Prime Minister Julia

Gillard's left hand. It is the

silly season, and today Julia

Gillard found herself smack in the

middle of it. Wearing a large

sparkling ring on her left hand,

she sparked a frenzy of speculation

that First Bloke Tim Mathieson had

spark asked the question. Twitter

went into overdrive with the so-

called news but Julia Gillard was

quick to explain it away, saying

she has owned the ring for some

time. I miscellaneously wear it on

my left hand or my right hand,

depending on how much hand writing

I am doing. And no doubt there has

been plenty of handwriting, with Ms

Gillard signing off on the business

case for the National Broadband

Network. The National Broadband

Network can be delivered for a

lesser cost than originally

forecast. This remains just as bad

an investment for our country today

as it was yesterday. Wholesalers

will pay at least $24 a month for

broad band, consumers could pay up

to $58 for basic internet.

Taxpayers will get their investment

back in NBN with interest.

And always conscious of the fact

that the truth never gets in the

way of a good story, Ms Gillard

made sure to end any engagement

speculation for now any way. If it

will make you feel better I will

slip it back on to the right hands.

If you worry about paying your

electricity bill, spare a thought

for Cassandra and her son. The

toddler needs special equipment to

keep himal live but the family is

struggling to be able to pay it.

Born 3 months premature, he battles

a deadly lung machine and relies on

this to keep him alive. He needs

oxygen, otherwise he will not

survive. He cannot breathe on his

own. For the mum, there is enough

hurdles. Constant hospital visits

and she is a mother to four. It is

hard to believe then that this is

what is causing her the most stress

- soaring power bills. At up to

$2,000 a quarter, she is in a

terrible bind. Around the clock use

of Luca's oxygen machine is sending

her broke but without it he will

die. I could spend the next 50

years struggling with an

electricity debt that I can't meet.

Over the last six months country

energy has threat ebbed to

disconnect her electricity four

times. I am not going to take food

out I my kinds mouth to do it. She

also agreed to an audit of the home

to prove that it was the oxygen

machine, and not other appliances.

Even though, she was adviceed to

get rid of the second fridge N

order to save a measly $3 o 00 a

year. Country energy said it will

set up a payment plan and will save

$1500 from her $6,000 bill. That is

a small Messrscy that will do

little to ease their debt.

Police are warning drivers not to

take any chances on the roads over

the festive season. From Christmas

eve to January 7 operation safe

arrival comes into effect. Motor

lists caught without seat belts,

speeding or driving dangerously

face double demerit points

Only five sleeps until Santa Clause

and we is have a good idea about

what he might be bringing. Mark

Burrows has been investigating just

what the hottest gifts are this Christmas.

You have to feel for poor old Santa.

Imagine lugging one of this year's

hottest gifts - a coffee machine.

If you buy a $1500 coffee machine

you can get a bonus LCD.

Disappearing faster than a Pom my

batsman. Lap 207s under $57.

Shopperss will have their sights on

digital cameras. The 3D ability,

yeah. When you are an apple store,

every day is Christmas, but this

year is demand has been

overwhelming. What is interesting,

in 2010 is that no one seems to be

balking at big ticket items. The

Apple iPad starting at $499. The

iPod touch, -- 350, Xbox gaming

consol around 400 and the cough fy

machine $800. We are finding that

the customers want good quality

presents and they are happy to do

it. For those who are younger, the

top toys are S uzu pests and nerf

blasters are selling to boys of all

ages. And the must have computer

game is grand tour ris moe five. If

things are tight, there is anal

attorneytive. You can also buy

video games that came out last

Christmas that are $10 now.

If you have left everything to the

very last minute like me, there are

still plenty more shopping

opportunities. Myer and DJs in the

city here will be open until

midnight tonight, tomorrow, and

Wednesday, but from Thursday at 8

o'clock Westfield Parramatta will

open for 32 hours straight. So, no

excuses, get cracking.

And good luck to you. Thank you very much.

In the news ahead t slick Tims of

crime betrayed by 1's penny

pinching bureaucrats. Plus the

special honour for Prince Harry.

And what David Beckham said to

bring a tier

Crime victims have accused the

Keneally government of a sneaky act

after it restricts their access to

compensation. Late at night, a

decision was taken to limit victims

to making only one claim if the

crimes they suffered are related.

This woman is rebuilding her life

after being raped as a child and

adult. Now in the eyes of the law

her suffering could be considered

just a single crime. It disgusting

me and it silences me and it - all

the work I'm putting into my

compensation claim becoming a joke.

It is like policy over people and

now it feels like I am being spat

on. The change was one of the final

laws passed by the Keneally

government. This was a mean act in

the dying days of a dying

administration, attacking the most

vulnerable victims in New South

Wales. To me it feels like

shrinking around in dark shadows

late at night t government passing

this finally at 10:10 at night,

that is when paedophiles are most

active and they are sneaky, they

hide what they are doing. She is

also a rape survivor. It is

definitely, definitely not making

people rich. Yeah, I got given some

money because of it, but the thing

is I have been through so much hell

in the last few years. Like, I lost

so much of my life. My kids have

suffered because of it. In the 8

years that I have been doing this

work, and I have worked for over

8,000 sexual assault and domestic

violence victim, that will is no

magical honey pot. There is no

claimants who would be entitled to

claims worth $1 million. The

government won't respond to that

claim instead releasing this one

line statement. Only 15 words

confirming that victims of crime no

longer have the right to multiple claims.

Another Australian has begun a

legal fight for life in Bali.

Sydney man Michael Sacatides has

gone on trial over 1.7 kilograms of

methamphetamine. The drugs were

found in his lug gauge but the 43-

year-old Sacatides says the bag

belonged to a friend

Thieves who tapped an oil poip line

in Mexico have set off a huge

explosion which killed at least 27

people. 115 homes were destroyed as

rivers of burning oil flowed from the ruptured pipe.

Prince Harry has been honoured for

his work to help children in Africa,

receiving Germany's Have a Heart

for Children award. I love kids, I

love them for their fun, for their

hope, innocence and honesty.

Earlier, Harry laid a wreath at the

site of the old Berlin Wall a

tribute to those who were shot dead

as they tried to escape the old

communist regime of East Germany.

Britain has been celebrating the

career of David Beckham with the

football star receiving the life

time achievement award. He made his

wife cry when he said that

Victoria's support made it all possible.

Sport is next with Cameron, and a

few days off for our cricketers

Well deserved too, but Michael

Clarke has a plan to break his

batting drought. We grab the vice-

captain as he arrived back in town.

This crew is tackling the Sydney to

Hobart. Now you have really seen it

all. Play stopped

Tabitha Thompson here with the exciting news

that ACTTAB has introduced new betting types to our stable of phone and online services. Try flexi betting, and get in the game for less. (WHINNIES) Or First Four, for your chance to win more. We're also proud to bring you live sports betting. With these new contenders now available from ACTTAB, there are even more ways to be a winner. Bet ACTTAB. Back Canberra.

all. Play stopped for - snow balls.

He is looking forward to a day at

the beach, but Michael Clarke

admits he needs to work on his

batting as the Aussie cricketers

take a quick break ahead of the

next Test. Anddy flower is still on

the front foot, saying it will take

more than one win to fix

Australia's problems. Home early

for a couple of days rest, it is a

reward after a big day iner pth.

Looking forward to a couple of days

off. What will you do on the day

off? I have no idea. Beach? If the

sun stays out, why not.

For Ryan Harris this victim has

been one o save sour. He knows that

every moment in the baggy agreeing

greens could be the last. Basically

the cartilage in my right knee is

going, there is not much left.

A 9 wicket hero at the WACA, the

31-year-old said that surgery is no

longer an option, it will end his

career and he is still trying to

make up for lost time. Sitting back

every Christmas and watching a

Boxing Day Test you get shivers

down your spine. Selectors are now

trying to work ute whether they

will break up theest awesome

foursome pace-attack of Johnson,

Hilfenhaus, Harris and Siddle pace

for Michael Beer. The pacemen have

had the most success, they have

taken 80% of the wickets. We have

crushed them pretty well here.

Everything is not rosey in their

camp. One test match does not

create that. England stayed here in

Perth, they have been spending time

with their families figuring out

what went wrong. Tomorrow they will

head to Melbourne and begin

training, trying to get the Ashes

campaign back on track.

Here is a storely about a man who

loves a challenge and there are not

many bigger challenge than the

Sydney to Hobart. David Pescud is

preparing for his 17th crossing,

and once again he will have a crew

he wouldn't swap for anyone.

It is a long way from bass separate,

but David Pescud is as comfortable

on a tractor in the southern high

lands as he is in a Sydney to

Hobart yacht. Building his own home

in Tarmoor, Dave idea's love of the

land is mafpd by his passion for

the sea. The Boxing Day classic is

a big part of that and helping

people with disabilities compete in

the race is unique. When we first

put our first entries in they

didn't know what to do with us, a

boat full of people with bits

missing. But now, we have put our

race entry in and we are just

another boat, just doing our thing.

David himself is dislexic, for 16

year that is have been doing their

thing and each time this man who

can't read or write has had a crew

of sailors with a wide range of

hurdles they soon forget about.

Kathy is vision impaired but she

would follow him to the four

corners. He is a remarkable man and

he has mung in there for all these

years. I would sail anywhere in the

world with him.

There have been many achievements

and maybe a miracle or two along

the way. Simply surviving and

winning in their division in the

1988 race which claimed 6 lives was

an incredible feet. It puts their

disability back in its box. It say

- it basically says I own my

disability now. I am - that is why

you go bang to your disability.

David does need support a sponsor

to help keep his story afloat. We

wish them luck, and playing in the

snow is hard enough but try having

snow balled pelted at you. The home

fan worse certainly not too

friendly in Belgian. You talk about

an icey recuppion, this is

ridiculous. Thank you for that. Now

to the finance -

Speak of weather, we are more now

with Jaynie Seal and winds are

easing. How is tomorrow looking?

Sunny and calmer, but we

s Coming up on WIN News... We join

police on Operation Unite. The police on Operation Unite. The ICRC

s recommendations for the future s recommendations for the future o

racing. And: teachers, how are racing. And: teachers, how are the

coping with the national

curriculum. Join me for all the details next.

Severe weather around the globe as

we have been hearing, Sydney

included with those winds gusting

to over 80kms/hr. It was certainly

a wintery blast and a flash back at

10 degrees at Hawsley Park. Yeefr

night it will go further out to sea.

Tasmania is in the firing line for

a front tomorrow, including high land snow.

We all know the weather can change,

so we will certainably watching our Christmas forecast very closely

this week. We will be watching you,

Jaynie. Thank you very much That is

nine nuance for this Monday.

midnight. Tonight ... Shocking

scenes as police crackdown on

drunken violence. The racing

industry could face huge cut backs

in Government funding. And school'

out - but not for teachers as they

study the new national curriculum.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post.

Police spared no resources at the

weekend - as they hit the streets weekend - as they hit the streets t

tackle violence and the growing

binge drinking epidemic. Squads,

including special ops officers

blanketed Canberra - and what they

were confronted with was shocking.

For most people who walk through