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(generated from captions) one of them. Ian Leslie was certainly George Negus. Was it Ray Martin or Jana Wendt? the Channel Ten news. In 1979, Jana Wendt was reading So Jana Wendt WASN'T. It was Ray Martin. o y up o ╛tpwro o. p It was Jana Wendt. So you got it wrong.

AUDIENCE: Oh! till the early '80s. She didn't join the team No, originally, it was Ray Martin, 'Four Corners' on the ABC, who was recruited from Ian Leslie and George Negus. You get $1,000, though. Felicity, you don't get $10,000. Thanks. Well played. Felicity Taylor won 1,000 bucks. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! I'll see you next time on the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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London's most famous attraction on

its way to Sydney. Good evening. He

was once one of the State's most

powerful crime fighters. But

tonight Mark Standen is facing life

in jail, found guilty over a $120

million drug conspiracy. Standen

was second in command at the highly

secretive NSW Crime Commission, an

organisation that's meant to

investigate the Mr Bigs in

corruption and crime. Mark Standen,

on the wrong side of the questions.

From the beginning, he denied it.

Mark Standen faces hours of

questions from his mates at the

Australian Federal Police. He tells

them he knows nothing about a

conspiracy to import 300 kilograms

used to make speed and ice -- of a

drug used to make speed and ice.

Just minutes before, AFP officers

had caught Standen by surprise.

They insist he be handcuffed as he

was escorted from his workplace at

the NSW Crime Commission.

While he is questioned, another

colleague searches his car and his

office. His phone calls, faxes,

emails and computer had been under

surveillance for more than a year.

From the beginning of the trial in

March, Standen was a marked man,

with a bullet-proof vest and heavy

guard. The Crown alleged he

conspired with his former drug

dealer and a friend to bring the

precursor drug hidden in a shipment

of rice from Pakistan. It was the

Crown's case the shipment left

Pakistan and arrived at Port botany

in April 2008. The consignment cut

on secret cameras to be taken to

his warehouse. None of the drug was

ever found but Standen and his co-

accused were charged. Two of his

brothers in court for the guilty

verdict. Can you tell us how your

brother is? The Crown told the

youry Mark Standen, a 30-year

veteran in law enforcement, had

inside knowledge of how police and

Customs investigates drug

ipportation. It was alleged that

intelligence put him in a unique

position to advise his alleged

accomplice on how to avoid drawing

attention to suspicious goods here

on Sydney's docks. He was highly

decorated and earnt more than

$250,000 a your. But was struggling

to make ends meet. Money, the Crown

alleged, was his motive for becoming involved.

He seems to have misread the

gravity of the situation, telling

investigators they should let him

too long. go because the interview is going

Standen has already been in

protective custody for three years.

Now, a judge will decide how much

longer he will spend behind bars.

This guilty verdict was followed by

a swift response from the Police

Minister. What was it? Make no

mistake, Mark Standen is certainly

a very big fish and his conviction

is probably just the beginning, as

he was carted off to jail, the

Police Minister was here in

Parliament announcing a long-

awaited review in to the Crime

Commission. Critics say it's gone

unchecked for 20 years. The

Opposition has been jumping up and

down, saying, "Here you have the

number two in a very, very powerful

organisation, doing drug deals and

helping criminals. What else was he

up to?" They say every case Mark

Standen was involved in should be

thank you. scrutinised immediately. Alright,

To breaking news now. Nine has

uncovered a plot to destabilise the

board of the Reserve Bank and its

Governor. Ross Greenwood has the

story. They're the nine people who

hold your fortune in their hands.

Each month, home owners wait

anxiously for their latest

verdabout on interest rates. Will

they go up, down or stay the same?

Last Tuesday before the dramatic

slump in the stock market, the

Reserve Bank was widely tipped to

raise rates. But this time, opinion

was more divided than ever before.

My view is that interest rates are

too high in this country. Our

longer-term prediction is the next

move in interest rates will be

higher. The Reserve Bank decided to

keep interest rates on hold.

They've decided to leave the kaegs

rate unchanged. But afterwards,

Nine received credible information

that Glenn Stevens wanted them

raised to 5 pe. But our sources

said that advice was strongly

rejebted by the board. It's true it

would have been a serious problem

for Glenn Stevens. Subsequently,

Nine News learned Stevens made no

such recommendation to the board.

The last time Stevens recommended a

rate rise was last November when

rates were increased. But, there's

disquiet in the Reserve Bank about

a deliberate attempt to undermine

the board and the Governor. Whether

which release of false information

is politically inspired or market

driven is not known, but what is

known is the Reserve Bank board has

been through significant change in

the past few months. What is

certain is this is an incredibly

sensitive time for borrowers, the

bank and the Government.

The Reserve Bank will be closely

watching the jobs dita which today

showed unemployment jump to 5 pout

1% in July. It hasn't -- 5.1% in

July. It hasn't been that high

since November last year. Sky high

rents continue to squeeze

struggling retailers out of

business. A liquidator has told

Nine News stores are closing at a

rate of one a week across Sydney

and even retailers on Pitt Street

Mall are feeling the pinch. The

shiny new home of some of the

globe's biggest brands, Sydney's

Pitt Street Mall is hot property.

If you want to be here, you need to

pay for it. Tens of thousands of

dollars to open your door for such

a week. Retail rents here are so

over the top, Pitt Street is more

expensive than Obsferred Street in

London and Rodeo Drive. Lease

agreements reveal Just Jeans pays

around $33,000 a week in rent.

That's a lot of jeans to sell just

to cover the rent. There's no

question that Sydney's Pitt Street

Mall is Australia's premier

shopping district. While that helps

atrabt world famous brands, sky

high -- attract world famous brands,

sky high rents are putting

retailers out of business.

Employees have lost their job. Open

barely a year, this denim store is

already closing down, crippled by

lower consumer spending and rental

overheads of $800 a day. It's just

one of a handful of smaller stores

in the mall battling to survive.

This liquidator says iron-clad

lease agreements which lock in

retailers for years are effectively

killing small business. The

shopping centres need to be more flexible with their tenants and

that is share the good times with

them and the bad times. Another

boat load of asylum seekers has

been intercepted and taken to

Christmas Island. 102 people were

on board, doubling the number of

refugees waiting to go to Malaysia

under the Government's swap deal.

The arrivals come as Papua New

Guinea confirmed it would open a

detention centre on Manus Island.

Vandals are being blamed for a fire

that forced nearly 100 people to

flee their apartment building in

Fairfield. The blaze began in the

car park and distraught residents

say it's been targeted more than a

dozen times in the past year.

Using blankets to help them breathe,

young families safe from their

burning building. Residents were

woken by smoke pouring in to their

units, and police officers banging

on their door. Bang, bang. Just

said, "Get down quickly." While

some grabbed their pets, others

refused to evacuate as fire crews

battled inside the underground car

park to extinguish the fire. We

started screaming from the top.

With three asthmatic children, this

family hid in their car. My eldest

daughter was crying. After three

hours on the street, the residents

were taken to the local RSL until

it was safe to return home.

Investigators believed the fire was

deliberately lit. Residents who

live here say this car park has

become a target for vandals. They

say in the past year, they've

counted 18 vehicles that have

either been damaged or stolen.

Supposed to be fully secured and

then you find your car burn down to

the ground, it's devastating. An

angry grieving father has become

the focus of Britain's disastrous

riots. He is pleading for peace

after his son and two mates were

killed trying to defend their

suburb. They are sobbing and

shocked in a place where they live.

Blacks, Asians, whites, we all live

in the same communities. Why do we

have to kill one another? Last

night, he found his son dying in

the street, run down by a looter's

car. Also dead, his friends, all of

them part of a community team which

rallied to protect the local shops.

The father is desperate that no-one

else should die. Step forward if

you want to lose your sons.

Otherwise, calm down and go home.

Police are doing skid testing at

the scene. They have arrested a 32-

year-old man and seized a car. Also

today, we learned the name of the

young man in this notorious video.

The 20-year-old had been bashed by

one gang, then robbed biother thugs

who pretended to help him. The

Malaysian exchange student will

need surgery to repair a broken jaw.

He's in good spirits. He joked and

laughed with us. PM David Cameron

was appalled by the incident. This

is a disgusting sight of an injured

young man with people pretending to

help him while they are robbing him.

It's clear there are things that

are badly wrong in our society. The

so-called yaubs are going through

the courts now, -- yobs are going

through the courts now. The

youngest suspect is a boy, just 11

years old. The broom brigade

continue their labour. Many hands

have made for a rapid

transformation. At night, some

communities are controlled by local

vigilantes. We're here to smash you

up. Want to riot our place, we'll

riot with you, mate. The riot

squads are marching through a

countries no longer such a green

and pleasant land. Live to Peter

now. Is the police fightback

getting results?

It certainly seems to be the case,

Pete. There were no new reports of

violence last night. So this zero-

tolerance approach by police seems

to have scared off the rioters.

Another emergency session of

British parliament will be held and

PM David Cameron has another

problem looming because according

to his budget cuts, he wants as

many as 16,000 police off the

street by 2015 but given what's

happened here over the past few

days, very difficult to see that

getting over the line. Thank you

for that. In the news ahead, elite

school students out of control on

our buses. The Aussie stars getting

in to

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Students from an elite school have

been captured on security video

abusing passengers and spitting at

their driefbger. The State

Government is so -- driver. The

State Government is so fed up, it's

cracking down on the offenders. For

these two 16-year-olds, this was to

be their most expensive bus trip

ever. Both from the Eastern Suburbs,

they thought it was smart to step

on and kick fellow passengers on a

Thursday afternoon in June. At the

next stop, one decided to swear at

the bus driver and try and spit on

him. The message is clear, if you

act like a goose on a bus, you will

get caught. One was fined $300 for

the spitting. $300 more for walking

on seats. And $100 for having no

tick. The other fine, $300 for

pushing and grack other passengers.

And $100 for no ticket. We want to

ensure the safety of other

passengers, of drivers in the

community. The police and State

Transit officers visited the school

last month. I know this driver

personally and he is a gentle

natured man. It happens easily

weekly and a lot more often. It's

not just school students who are

being targeted, they say the images

caught on board our buses are so

clear that anyone, if they're

stupid enough to act up, they'll be

caught and prosecuted. Just this

morning, another bus driver was

allegedly punched and needed

treatment for a cut above his eye.

On board cameras will be vital in

that prosecution as well. It's

famous the world over for allowing

fans to get up close to some of the

most unattainable celebrities. Now

the wabs wonder that is Madame

Tussauds is -- wax wonder that is

Madame Tussauds is coming to Sydney.

They don't walk the walk and they

certainly don't talk the talk. They

are, in fact, real dummies. So life

like that for 200 years, ever since

Madame Tussauds opened her first

wabs museum in London, we've come

to -- wax museum in London, we've

come to stand and stare. Julia

Gillard. Lady Gaga. Definitely not

Nicole Kidman. Ray and Hugh will be

among the first Aussies to be

measured up for immortality.

Australia's will be the 13th Madame

Tussauds around the world, opening

at Darling Harbour next year. It

could be an opportunity to get up,

close and personal to their

favourite celebrities. It takes

hundreds of measurements and months

of work to make a star truly life-

like. Lady Gaga and royalty only

too happy to be waxed. Here is a

challenge for you. Which one is the

real deal? Warnie wax or Warnie do

it yourself? As for this bloke,

he's vaguely familiar, although

clearly in need of some attention

from Madame Tussauds.

Cadel Evans has arrived back in

Australia after his stunning win in

the Tour de France. The 34-year-old

thanked his Australian supporters,

saying there's one in particular

he's looking forward to seeing.

It's always nice to come home and

get a hug from your mum. And you

can watch live coverage of his

welcome home parade from 11am

tomorrow right here on Nine. It's

time for Ken with sport now. Good

evening. I'm on the 'Footy Show'

set where they'll celebrate 500

episodes tonight. And Wayne Bennett

reveals his greatest year heading

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Dragons coach Wayne Bennett has

revealed his greatest fear -

coaching against Darren Lockyer in

this year's grand final. Bennett

has told Nine News he thinks the

Broncos are the dark horses to win.

When Wayne Bennett talks, we listen.

With the Broncos fare welling their

favourite son caebgz farewelling

their favourite son, he thinks

they'll put something extra in. He

right drive it like he has never

driven anything else. The second

thing I know is they won't let him

down. If there's one thing Bennett

doesn't want to do, is coach

against Lockyer in the season

decider. Personally, on a deep

personal notd, no, I wouldn't. If

it -- note, no, I wouldn't. If it

happens that way, I'll do

everything I can to ensure the

Dragons get themselves a chance of

being there. That would not be any

fun. Lockyer plays his 350th game

tomorrow night, breaking Terry

Lamb's record. Lamb wants Jim

Dymock to coach the club next

season. He relaxes players, the way

he talks to them. He's not scared

to speak his mind. After a week of

high drama for the Roosters, the

Dragons say they don't know what to

expect. They might come out and

play the game of their lives. A lot

of teams do when they're under a

bit of adversity. I couldn't see

them not trying too hard. The

Socceroos have beaten Wales 2-1 in

Cardiff. Tim Cahill scored the

first goal after a great cross from

Wilkshire. In the 61st minute,

Scott McDonald allowed Robbie Kruse

to net. The Socceroos's first World

Cup qualifier is against ptyalin.

Shane Watson and Mitchell Johnson

were the stand youtds in

Australia's 7-wicket win --

standouts in Australia's 7-wicket

win. Clarke took a super catch off

Bollinger. Ponting and Clarke made

53. The captain remained not out.

Now the captain of the 'Footy Show'.

500 episodes tonight. Did you think

you'd get this far? I didn't think

we'd make the second show, no.

Anyway, it's all good. It's been a

great show to work on over 18 years

and we're celebrating 500 tonight.

Do you expect your past to come

back and haunt you? We might see a

short skirts and dresses, some

bombs, bad things and bad hairstyle.

Bad acting, bad mistakes. There it

is. Maybe some vomiting. There will

be good stuff. Congratulations, 500

episodes. We wish Fatty well. The

weather is next and another chilly

one for Sydney. Our coldest morning this mun.

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After another cold night, it was a

mostly cloudy day with a few sunny

breaks and light to moderate south-

westerly winds.

The low-pressure system is slowly

moving east but it will bring

showers to the NSW coast tomorrow.

Apart from Western Australia, NSW

will see the majority of rain but

unfortunately we won't see any inland.

We can expect a few showers

throughout the day tomorrow.

Heavier along the coast.

A bit of wet weather around but it

will start to warm up again next week.

the Late Edition. Tonight ... The

Chief Minister gives the disability

insurance scheme unconditional

support. Back to the drawing board, still no resolution on territory

electorates. And: the league

stalemate. Referees hand in their

requests, preparing to boycott over

abuse. Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post, The A-C-T has thrown its

support behind the proposal for a National Disability Insurance

Scheme.Under the current regime Scheme.Under the current regime les

than half of those who need than half of those who need suppor

actually receive it, the Chief

Minister says the plan is a

no-brainer. You do want that,

well open your mouth, that' s the

boy. For SALLY RICHARDS every day