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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) the past week slugging it out Canberra's leading ladies have spent for a break as Tony Abbott jetted off to run the Coalition's show. leaving his deputy, Julie Bishop, sell faced the regular hurdles, And as Julia Gillard's carbon tax of her own - Julie Bishop had headaches thanks to one of her own. BY HOODOO GURUS PLAYS) ('WHAT'S MY SCENE' had a shot at the Red Queen Remember last week the Slugger her shoe leather tour? for abandoning At the first sign of a blister, hiding from the public. she's back her office And then he said this... and say things like that. Look, I probably shouldn't be cheeky he shouldn't be cheeky And now we know why who disappeared, because this week it was him for a family holiday in Europe abandoning his action man tour in charge. leaving his deputy, Julie Bishop, of week it was, And what a different kind a week of Julie... (LAUGHS) ..and Julia... based on two true stories. A political thriller is on the road to... Yes, the Libs reckon Julia Rouen... and life at the Lodge. But she's quite enjoying the top job and Julia loves it here. We're settled in finally She wants to stay forever. But with the Slugger away.... Where are you? I miss you. to trot out his attack lines. was up to Julie before the last election Now, Julia Gillard promised a carbon tax. that she would not introduce ..Which got Julia a little antsy. Ha ha ha ha spluttttt! There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead. continues to cause her big problems, That promise, though, is hardly a piece of cake. selling the carbon tax no offense intended, Julia, And all I can say about that, is the bitch lied. under the Government I lead. There'll be no carbon tax out of this stew. Though Julia trying to get herself Never apologise. No excuses. no excuses, no explanations. Even if it isn't, never apologize, about other things - So as Julia started talking like health reform. while I was here? Did you want me to do anything Better not. release her deal with the states And later assembled the media to suggested was - which one cameraman's ringtone out of this world. (SPACY MOBILE PHONE TONE) Julie hit the streets her anti-cabon tax petition. where people happily signed Thanks a million to you. Honestly, sweetie pie. what it was... Even if they didn't know once more. So just explain that to me ..what it would do... What is a plebiscite? You can actually have a vote A plebiscite is a vote. To say whether you want a carbon stocks or ..or even who she was. I'm Julie Bishop. to the Parliament. I'm the one presenting it Yeah, I'm Julie Bishop. Are you a member?

for a private dinner... While Julia tried to slip away of guess who's coming to dinner. We're now going to play a round it was Rupert Murdoch's editors. wasn't hard to work out And what did they talk about?? Do you know how to bone a duck? a knife but I don't know how. Well, I guess you do it with The point of the knife into the head between the eyes. so simple. Oh, Julia, you make it sound simply when he was boned. Well, it seemed to work pretty a much bigger problem - But now she's got how to duck these people. after her back-flip. And how to win others back When you flip anything of your convictions. you just got to have the courage of mass. Especially if it's a loose sort Oh, that didn't go very well. it's a loose sort of mass Yes, I guess you could say and it isn't going that well. a little brighter for Julia Although things look turns up in the climate kitchen. every time Malcolm Turnbull at the Press Club. As he did this week Malcolm weighed back into the carbon debate at the National Press Club. a war on science to some extent. I do think that there has been A scientific workability. That's my motto. opinion seriously and respectfully. It's important to treat scientific But... It's also important to watch your back after that. You can literally hear the knives being sharpened. Brilliant as always. That made me feel quite hungry. They used so much butter in movie. Your cholesterol rises. They used so much butter in that It reminded of us how Tony Abbott was. It was a much cooler, calmer, quieter week. It wasn't as heightened and as aggressive as previous weeks. The Government would be happy that Tony Abbott was off the scene. It was a return to the normality of the political debate we

have known before the last year or so. It does show how dominant Tony Abbott S if you think about it, there is only Joe Hockey on the economy and Scott Morrison in immigration, really, who are making their own strides individually. Apart from that, it's all Abbott, all the time. All Abbott, all the time, that's his klog and. How will this play out politically? financial mess on our hands. We've got another serious

This is a big one. It is really a mess, but a mess made in America and also in Europe, with the downgrading of the US credit rating and also the debt crisis in Europe. Now it's attacking our stock market and there is only limited things Governments can do to regulator protect equities markets. Most of it has been done after the GFSC. There isn't a lot structurally the Government can do. This is a moment for jaw boning to instil confidence in the markets from the big superannuation companies down to mum and dad investors. If this gets on a head of team, as some are saying it will, there is a question whether our Government will be able to provide a second round of stimulus spending. If it does, it will put its strategy of returning to surplus in 2013 at risk. Politically for the Government it is a big problem because structurally there is little they can do and it's all about confidence and do the people have that confidence in them to believe they can see it through. For the confidence in them to believe that opposition, the markers are very clear. If China gets infected by this contagion, we will be in real trouble because it's holding us at the moment. You will hear the trouble because it's holding us up vulnerability of our economy, you will hear debt attacks, but also you will hear this is no time for a carbon tax when the economy is under external threat, Sam. We will let you prepare for your butt ri-filled lunch.