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(generated from captions) arrive at the scene fairly

early this morning. The

Government's Malaysian

asylum-seeker swap deal is

likely to face heavy scrutiny

at a Senate inquiry. The

Opposition is supporting the

move, saying there are many

questions to be answered. For

more, the Opposition

Morrison joins us now from immigration spokesman Scott

Canberra. Scott Morrison,

welcome to the program. Nice

to be with you. Why are you

supporting the Greens' inquiry

into the Malaysia Solution?

Because we believe there are many questions as you said in

your opening comments, that

need to be answered. This

Government has been bungling

through the arrangement for

more than three months. A third

of it is spent before it's even

operational. It is convoluted

in its construction and its

design present this absolute diabolical situation where if

they fail to send everyone to

Malaysia they encourage kids on

to boats but if they do send

children to Malaysia they face

a more vulnerable situation so

it is a policy catch-22 and

simply we want to understand

how did they mess this up so

badly? Would an inquiry into

the Malaysia solution have

implications for Nauru? In

terms of comparison I think there is the opportunity to

draw that comparison and many

have, Marion Lee, Julian

Burnside, the list goes on,

that's all said the Nauru

solution is far more humane

than what the Government is

proposing in Malaysia and Nauru

from our perspective has the added advantage of being

proven. The Coalition has had

the same views for a decade. We

don't flip and flop like the

Government does. Yet a poll in

'The Age' this morning says

more than half of Australians

want asylum seekers processed

on shore not over seas, not in

Malaysia or Nauru? The Lowy

Institute also recently had a

poll and what they found is

more than 90% of Australians

don't want to see people

getting on boats because they

risk their lives and nay don't

want to see Australia's refugee

and humanitarian program

compromised because of that

mode of entry. The Coalition

has stood firm on our policy

for a decade and we believe

that the best way to achieve

that outcome. We stand by our

Coalition is we don't change smugglers know about the policies. One thing the people

with the wind. We remain firm

and consistent and we follow

through. That's why the

Australian people trust the

Coalition to deal with this

issue and not the

Government. The poll questioned

1400 people which isn't an

insignificant sample, only a

quarter of them said that

people arriving by boat should

be sent to another country so who's leading who on this

issue? Is All I know is our

policy and we've been

consistent for a decade. The

policies haven't been

particularly popular at the

moment with the voting public?

It's not about being popular,

it's about doing what we

believe is the right thing to

do. Maybe journalists will have

to stop accusing the Coalition

of being populist on this

matter. What we've always done

is had a consistent view on the

way we believe we stop the

boats and we restore the

integrity of our refugee and

humanitarian program and that

what we're doing now. We stand

by our policies. We continue to

because we thing it's the best

way to achieve the outcome of

people not risking their lives

on boats and compromising the

integrity of the refugee and

human tear program which I

think is something Australians

should feel confident

about. Scott Morrison, can you

see a softening in public

opinion about asylum seekers

possibly because of thurceived

harsh nature of the Malaysia

swap deal? I'll leave that

commentary to other. What I'm

responsible for is having policies that address the

problem. When we're in

Government we address the

problem. There were just four

people in detention when we

left Government who arrived by

boat and it was a conversation

that wasn't being had in the

Australian public because there

was nothing to talk about.

There slot otoo talk about at

the moment because this

Government abolished or

policies, brought the mess on

our shores and they're being

held to account for it. Every

time they try and fix it now

they make it worse and the

Malaysian solution is being

scrutinised by the High Court

and now will be scrutinised by

the Senate in the parliament

which we think is very appropriate. The Opposition is

proposing that people be sent

to Nauru instead of Malaysia.

What's wrong with processing

people in Australia, here on

shore? Once again, our proven

policies were off shore

processing in a third country

combined with temporary

protection visas, a different

appeals mechanism to the one

the Government has in place and

we've announced other measures

where circumstances permit, including turning boats back

dealing with people who discard

their documentation willfully.

Our policies are designed to

address the objective I think

people don't risk their lives all Australians have, to ensure

on boats and don't take the

places of other who are waiting

patiently and in desperate

situations around the

world. The Opposition's always

talking about money being waetsed in Australia. Wouldn't

it be cheaper to do it here and

save lot of money? What I know

is when we left office it was

costing us less than $100

million a year to run our

programs and it's now costing

more than a billion dollars a

year. When the boats don't

come, when policy's effective

things get a lot cheaper. Under this Government they've got lot this Government

more expensive because their

policies have failed and keep

failing. The Government has

finally recognised their

policies over the last three

years are the reason we have

the problem we have today but

every time they try to get it

right they keep getting it

wrong. Labor MP Anna Bourke

from Victoria has come out and

criticised the Malaysia swap

deal. Are you surpriseded she's

the only one? I am surprised.

Melissa Park in the past has

been very vocal on this issue,

Senator Doug Cameron said the

Labor Left wouldn't support

this arrangement if the UN HCR

did want - his words - didn't

sign off. They didn't. Labor

are left still supporting the arrangement. They criticised

the Howard Government for a decade, demonised John Howard

and Philip Ruddock. They should

apologise to John Howard and

Philip Ruddock to that because

they didn't mean what they said

or hold their own Government to

account. I expect them to do

that today in their party room.

If they don't real were know they never meant what they

said, it was feigned politics.