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(generated from captions) (LAUGHTER) Well, he's dead, yeah. That'd be the question. Thank you, Jan. Phillip, Mum reckons you're right. She'd back me 100% every time. Phillip...'ve won $50,000! Well done, Phillip. Well done, Jan. just won $50,000 in cash. Phillip Hunt on Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

You mark your spot. When it comes

to prime positions it does not get

much better than the Opera House.

Nine's Alicia is there. Everyone is

gearing up for a very big night?

Yes, they are. I have to tell you I

feel fortunate. I have this

waterfront location in the

forecourt of the Opera House to

myself but that will not last long.

People will arrive to the Lord

Mayor's function in 30 minutes and

it is sure to fill up fast for the

spectacular view of of where the

fireworks will take place. It is

hard to believe 1.5 million people

will cram around the harbour tonight to see the fireworks

display. I saw a number of people

on the way in this afternoon who

have been here from the very early

hours of this morning trying to get

a good spot. I hope they can make

it to midnight to see in 2011. Look,

you, um, cannot have any champagne

tonight obviously. All work. That

is a shame! Well, my new year's

resolution to be honest I will say

that maybe I will leave my first

glass of champagne until the new

year. Why don't we leave it at

that? Not too many! More than two

and a half thousand police will be

on patrol across Sydney cracking

down on drunken behaviour. At the

Rocks officers will not be taking

any chances? No, it is the busiest

night of the year for Sydney and

NSW police. It is early and already

there are a lot of police officers

on the street here. Joining us is

Ken Finch. I know you are busy.

What sort of resource are you

throwing at tonight? Over the

Metropolitan area we have 2500

police and that is made up of

general duty police, specialist

police. Public order riot squad,

mounted police, licensing, our

marine area command. I guess you

want everybody to have a great time

but what is your message the

partygoers tonight? We want

everybody to have a good time but

what we would urge people to do is

to not bring alcohol into the

festival area and certainly not

bring any type of glass into the

area. We say strongly enjoy

yourself in moderation. If you come

in here and play up we will lock

you up. So that is the message to

people. Enjoy themselves, look out

for themselves and for their

friends. A busy tonight ahead. That

is true indeed. Flood waters are

hitting their peak in Queensland

with 1200 people evacuated from

Emerald while resident in

Rockhampton have been ordered from

their homes. The Prime Minister

toured the area today promising

funds for disaster relief. Another

dawn over a spreading inland sea.

The signs are probably not much

help any more and a little damp an

discome forward is not bothering

this couple. Living the dream! They

are not going anywhere. We just

keep sitting here, having a beer,

having a feed, watch the telly,

watch everyone walk past. Vast

areas of Queensland. If the coast

to the usually dry interior hit by

the worst floods in half a century.

Possibly even longer. Rockhampton

with more trouble to come.

Floodwaters coming down the river

and what may well to be biggest

into they have experienced. The

Prime Minister saw some of it for

herself today promising more

Federal aid. I cannot give you what

the total figure is because I

cannot tell you what the damage is

going to be. There was some good

news in Bundaberg, water there is

slowly dropping but people still

cannot go home until early next

week. Queenslanders are doing it

very tough. We have three major

river systems in flood. Dalby and

Condamine still face increased

danger. More than 1000 people have

gone the centres courtesy of Blackhawk helicopters. Many did not

want the leave their homes. Many

thousands more were unable to reach

their homes camping out or staying

with family and friend. Most people

go reluctantly but voluntarily.

Others refuse to leave their homes

so now it is becoming compulsory.

We need to get them all out and we

will be have them all out tomorrow.

A petrol tanker overturned and

burst into flames this afternoon on

the Pacific Highway near Ballina.

Police were forced to set up an

exclusion zone around the inferno

which caused long traffic delays

for holiday makers. An inferno

threatening to erupt again. As I

pulled up the truck slid across the

road, exploded into flames and

plume of smoke 100 feet in the air.

The blaze so intense it took more

than 100 firefighters to bring it

under control. A 1-kilometre

exclusion zone was set up as the

threat of 40,30 00 litres of

burning fuel loomed. The amount of

fuel we were concerned about

secondary explosions. Now all that

is left are the charred remains of

the tank smeared across the highway.

The truck lost control and rolled

around midday 10kil some terse

north of Ballina then it exploded.

The driver is still missing.

Emergency crews struggled to

control the inferno and contain the

run-off of fuel as it flowed into a

nearby creek. Hours later the blaze

was doused. Bizarrely the fire also

set a power pole alight bringing

down powerlines on the nearby cars

trapping a couple inside. They were

not hurt but had an Ange yus wait

before the power was cut and they

could be freed. That part of the

Pacific Highway is still closed off

and is expected to be for quite

some time. While the clean-up

continues and police begin their

investigation into exactly what

caused this horrific crash. Two

Australian soldiers have been

wounded in Afghanistan. They were

shot while driving to secure an

explosive device and have been

airlifted to a military hospital in

Kandahar in a satisfactory

condition. To rock climbers who

were winched to safety from a cliff

in the Blue Mountains have been

reunited with their rescuers. Sean

Wright suffered multiple fractures

when a rock face gave way on

Tuesday. His mate activated a

emergency beacon and called triple

0. I could not ask for better help.

It was there promly, quickly and

everything was safe. As soon as the

guys got there we felt like okay it

will be alright. The men say they

will stick to more easy climbs in

the future. Tonight, it is your

last chance to become a millionaire

in 201 and you will be doing it in

style. $31 million is up for grabs

in lotto and plenty of punters

headed to Sydney's luckiest suburb

from the winning ticket. In Castle

Hill they love lotto. More than 20

million has been won in the suburb

this year. Locals say this

newsagency is the fast lane to

riches. People still come in

talking about it. They hope they

will be the next one. Some unaware

of their lucky location. Wow!

Awesome. Joshua! Come on. Word is,

you need to meet the owner. I had

to shake your hand because you are

a good luck charm. New South Wales Lotteries expects several winners

around the country. I thought I

would spend my last $20 of 2010

here at Ashfield newsagency. They

have not had that many winners but

$30 million has to be a good sign.

Unfortunately everyone had the same

idea. It is my turn to win I think!

Myer has dropped Jennifer Hawkins

from an A-list fashion show in Los

Angeles. The department store

bosses cited an increasingly

difficult relationship with the

model's management as the main

reason for their decision. Myer

insists it has nothing to do with

Jen and wants to continue working

with her. In the news ahead -

security cameras capture a violent

hold up in Sydney's inner Wests.

Plus, why one of Australia's most

wanted has been freed. And that

girl in the red dress about to get married.

Every mum has two sides. She prefers products with natural ingredients. (BUZZING) But when it comes to insects, she becomes super-protective. Just like the Raid Automatic Indoor which releases carefully timed bursts with natural insecticide to kill flying and crawling insects. And yet in 24 hours, as a 5-second spray. Flowers...for me?! Raid! Raid! Raid! Raid! Raid Automatic. Protective by nature. Raid!

Police are hunting two men

following an armed hold up at a

brothel in Strathfield overnight.

The 351-year-old manager was struck

with a metal bar while a number of

female workers were robbed. One .4

1am one of the offenders knocks on

the doors an covers his face. The

brothel manager answers. The man

barges in armed with a metal bar.

His off-sideer follows close behind.

He pushed me inside and struck me

on the head. Asked me for money,

the safe. Not convinced everything

was handed over they again turn on

the manager. They kick me, throw me

against the cupboard. The thieves

then searched each room one by one

sending staff running. Screaming,

running everywhere. Hiding. In no

rush, the men stayed in control.

The intruders then stayed for the

next 5 minutes ransacking this

business and terrorising the female

staff for their cash. In the end

they escaped with $2000. Police

rushed to the brothel on Cosgrave

Road. The spent the next few hours

examining the crime scene. It is

brazen. They went inside when they

knew there would be people inside.

Paramedics treated the manager. He

was taken to Canterbury hospital

with fess and arm injuries.

Investigators say security footage

like this helps them close in on

those responsible. The police will

be looking for them and they will

be arrested and charged. Today

distress $workers slept as the

manager tied to work out the attack

We work hard to make a living. One

of Australia's most wanted men

alleged drugs boss Hakan Ayik has

been released in prison in Turkish

Cyprus by an extraordinary decision

by a judge there. He is fee on

$60,000 bail 10 days since his

arrested. He disappeared from

Australia in August after millions

of heroin was seized. The Queen has

extra reason to celebrate. Grand

son Peter Phillips and his wife

autumn have a new baby girl t first

great grandchild for the Queen. The

baby is 12th in line to the British

throne. We all know her as the

stunning girl in that red dress

from the Brownlow Medal in 2004.

But now Rebecca twigly has a new

title, Mrs Judd. The model is

marrying Carlton captain Chris Judd

in Melbourne as we speak. The

couple has been together for seven

years. Tim Gilbert joins with us

sport. Tim, I imagine our

cricketers hope it will be a happy

new year? Yeah, 2010 has not

finished well for them. We will

hear how both camps prepare for the

Sydney Test in a moment. Why

Lleyton Hewitt reckons he will be a

hit on the courts this summer.

The Jones family suffer under these terrible outdoor living conditions. Well, WE love it here. But tonight, on Garden Makeovers, we're gonna transform it. Right, we place this little beauty Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - it'll spray timed bursts of a fine mist to form barriers against flying and crawling bugs. What do you reckon? The difference is amazing. I liked it better before. RAID! Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - for better backyards. Raid!

Despite the fact England is assured

of retaining the Ashes the SCG will

be full with the first three days

of the Sydney Test sold out. The

Aussies determined to put on a much

better show after their humiliation

in Melbourne. When times are tough

family can always put things into

perspective. The remainder of the

Australian players arrived in

Sydney today ready to farewell 2010.

Bitterly disappointed. It still

hurts. You have to move on quick in

sport. The bottom line is we have

to win the Test match. Vice-captain

Brad Haddin has played alongside

Michael Clarke his entire first-

class career. We are 100% behind

him. Being a good mate of mine I

support him in any way I can. The

suggestion Clarke has become

distracted by his celebrity

lifestyle irritates team-mates. He

think as lot about the game away

from cricket. After hearing of his

call-up Usman Khawaja went straight

back to playing video games and he

will need that laid-back attitude

batting in Ricky Ponting's number

three position at the SCG. He is a

relaxed character but I dare say

come the morning of the Test when

he waits the bat there will ab few

sweaty hands. Traditionally a spin-

friendly wicket and Michael Beer is

a strong chance much playing but

had it is Beer or Bollinger they

will have a huge fight to stop

England becoming the toast of

cricket. We want to go with a

winning series not just retaining

the Ashes. We will not settle for

that now. English spinner Graeme

Swann has proved to be one of the

real characters of the Ashes series

and his video diaries have become

instant internet hits. Take a

listen to this. England have

retained the Ashes here at the MCG.

Marvellous effort dad. Bowled them

out for 98 in the first gig. Scored

plenty then bowled them out again.

What do you reckon Tony? I can't

believe how well the English team

have played here this week. No one

believed they could win at the MCG

but they have and I'm proud to say

I'm a Englishman! Hurts a bit more.

Lleyton Hewitt says he has never

been better prepared for the summer

of tennis. He begins his build-up

to the Australian Open at the

Hopman Cup in Perth tomorrow. At

least six day as week, some seven

day as week even going as hard as I

can, you know. Personally I do not

feel there is anyone else out there

who has trained as hard as I have

over the last two months. Earlier

this month we revealed Lleyton

Hewitt's training program. A happy

new year to you and hopefully the

Australian cricket team will have a

better start. Can't be any worse

than 2010 can it? To finance now -

the All Ords ended 39 point lower

and the Aussie dollar is still

buying around 101.6US cents.

Perfect weather to see in the new

year in Sydney. Find out what is in

store over the weekend after the break. your area is set to ring in 20-11.

Coming up on WIN News... Coming up on WIN News... Massive

changes to the baby bonus scheme changes to the baby bonus scheme

about to come into place. We find about to come into place. We find

out the most popular new year' s out the most popular new year' s

resolutions. And how your area is resolutions. And how your area is

set to ring in 20-11. Those stories set to ring in 20-11. Those stories

next on WIN

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It has been a hot clear sunny day

across Sydney A top of 27 in the

city and 36 in our west. Cloud across north-west Australia is

likely to develop into a cyclone as

the tropical low crosses overnight.

Brisbane is in for a few showers.

Melbourne, 246789 warm in Sydney

tomorrow, 40 in the east witht. 31

for the city. There is sure to be

plenty out enjoying the sunshine at

the week went temperatures to reach

the low 30s. Temperatures will drop

later in the week. Otter in the

west. A top of 40 for New Year's

Day with a possible shower on

Sunday afternoon, 36. A top of 22

is expected for the 9pm fireworks

then cooling down slightly to 21

degrees at midnight. Don't forget

to grab a copy of the Best Weekend

in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph which

includes some gate holiday

activities for the kids. Then go to

Manly to swim with mermaids, head

to Luna Park or if you are looking

for a Family Day out with a

difference why not head to the

Botanic Gardens? For a great spot

for a quiet drink in the sun, check

out the guide to best roof-top bars

in Sydney. There is 128 gate things

to do and it is all in the Best

Weekend magazine in tomorrow's

Daily Telegraph. That is the Nine

News for this Friday. Michael Usher

will whose at current affair from

the Opera House next. Don't forget

Nine's New Year's Eve special at

7.30 followed by the fireworks.

Thank you for joining us. Have a

great night! Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia gift from his late father. Tonight

Delays in harvesting the bumper Delays in harvesting the bumper

grain yield has farmers fuming.. grain yield has farmers fuming.. An eight year old boy reunited with a eight year old boy reunited with a

precious gift from his late father.

And what is the number one New And what is the number one New Years

Resolution.. Good evening, I' Resolution.. Good evening, I' m

Matthew Snelson, and I' m Matthew Snelson, and I' m Kerryn

Johnston ... also tonight ... supnston ... also tonight ... Johnston ... also tonight ...

support for the Federal Government' support for the Federal Government'

s paid parental scheme... and ... s paid parental scheme... and ...

thousands gather for tonight' s thousands gather for tonight' s huge fireworks displays. The bumper fireworks displays. The bumper grain yields are causing some grain yields are causing some

headaches for growers in the

region.. Large queues at storage

facilities are being blamed on

facilities are being blamed on a lack of infrastructure lack of infrastructure investment

during the drought. The long, wet during the drought. The long, wet

harvest is finally drawing to a