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(generated from captions) This Program Is Captioned Live. Tonight,

out of bounds, the AFL puts the

boot into the pro poky lobby.

Police stop talking on our

behalf. Just shut up. That

would be a good help. Sydney would be a good help.

police shoot a teenager in his

own home. The ABC goes inside Fukushima's no-go zone those who refused to leave. And

the Kiwi whiz kid who could

lead the Warriors to premiership glory. It pretty special. Good evening, Craig

Allen with ABC News. When a

comes to the pro poker machine

lobby, the AFL has made clear

it's in a league of its own.

It's flatly denieded joining

forces with the NRL and Clubs

Australia in a campaign proposed changes to the poker machine industry. Nevertheless,

it remains firmly opposed to the Federal

the Federal Government's plans

to cap gambling losses by

lengthy closed-door meeting, preprogramming pokies. During a

the Federal AFL club President s discussed

the Federal Government's plans

for the poker machine industry.

Afterwards, the CEO denied

media reports the AFL was

joining forces with the NRL to

run TVed ads against the

changes and lashed out at Clubs

Australia. The fellow from

know his Clubs Australia, I don't even

talking on our behalf. Just

shut up. Andrew Demetriou says he phoned independent MP Andrew

Wilkie to discuss his push for pokies to be reprogrammed to

cap losses at $120 an hour but

the AFL remains opposed to the

changes. The Federal Government

is relieved the AFL won't be

funding a campaign. I think

the AFL have demonstrated today

that they agree with the

Government, that we have a duty

of care. Anti-gambling

advocates have criticised

Colyton President Eddie McGuire

for labelling the caps a footy

tax. Someone needs to explain

what a tax is to Eddie. The

Government's not getting more

money. Senator Nick Zenophon

pointed out in May Eddie

McGuire wrote a 'Herald Sun' column supporting reform in

sports betting. I think Eddie

McGuire needs to phone a

friend. Better still, maybe he

should find a problem gambler

and get the true facts on poker machine reform. Football clubs maintain it will slash

revenue. It could, anywhere

between 40 and 50% off the top and bottom lines. Geelong football club says it won't

oppose the Government's plans.

I think the Government are genuinely trying to do

something in the best interest

of the community. The AFL says

it's come up with some of own yietedz to tackle problem

gambling. Looking at the issue

of direct intervention and

perhaps we should target our

aims around that. The AFL says it's appall ed it's been

dragged into this debate during

its most important week of the year but the gambling issue

can't be avoided not even at the AFL Federation Square. Action not

talk, that was the message

today from investors in Asia still spooked by European debt

fears. They're still

for Euro leaders to come up

with a clear strategy. Here in Australia, the dollar and

equity markets continued falling. Finance correspondent

Phillip Lasker. No matter where

in the world investors might

be, they're experiencing the

same nightmare. We have to understand this is a debt

crisis, it's not a traditional cyclical recession where you

You've got to deal with the just turn on the

debts. But equity markets in Asia and Australia continued falling, unconvinced leaders

are dealing with the debt. We've seen We've seen in Europe lot of high-sounding phrases uttered,

lot of promises but then

nothing happens. As the International Monetary Fund met

in Washington, there were

reports that policy-makers

might orchestrate a partial Greek default while keeping it

in the Euro. That means

protection for the banks and

economies most exposed to

Greece. I think the war

needs to be about 2 to 3

trillion Euros, that is far

bigger than anything currently

talked about. As Europe goes

through hell t was heaven for

Treasurer Wayne Swan as he

collected his world title with

a message from the sponsors

Euro Money magazine to the

knockers. Was Steve Waugh a

great captain of Australia or

was he lucky he had some of the

available finest players of all time

answer, Ovel, is both. Later,

the Treasurer tried to play a

straight bat to questions about

returning the Budget to surplus by 2012/13. We're determined

to do that but common sense says that conditions have

changed and that task gets more

difficult because of global economic conditions. With

investors fretting about

retirement incomes, industry

super funds attack their rivals

in the retail sector. Retail

super funds are delivering

unacceptable returns to their members. It funds run by big banks and

insurance companies returned

less than cash over 14 years.

It's a bit like saying all

Fords are faster than all

simply not true. Holden or Holdens. The reality is that's

Ford, both vehicles are in

reverse these days. A teenager

has been shot by police at his family's home in western Sydney. The 19-year-old was

wounded in the stomach during a

confrontation with officers

who'd been called to the in Colyton. Police were called

after reports of a woman being

confronted by someone with a

knife. Two officers found a man

they say was armed with a weapon. There was an

interaction between the police

and a 19-year-old man and

shortly after that one of the

officers discharged his service firearm. Justin McMaster lived at the house with his family.

He was taken to hospital with a

gunshot wound to the stomach.

It was only after the shooting that

been three intruders at the

house. There were reports to

police that there had been a

home invasion at the premises

and the three men had left just

prior to police

prior to police arrival. Police

are now looking for the three men. Several neighbours say

they heard a woman screaming a

few minute before police were

called. I was about to leave

and I heard her scream and I

got up but I didn't hear

anything afterwards. It was

silence for 5 minutes then I

heard the cops. It's not clear

if the teenager was trying to

defend the property when police open fire. It's also not clear

why officers used a gun rather

than a taser. Other residents

said they knew the family and had always felt safe in the

area. All friendly, like cousins, like family. Nothing

happened like that

before. Police have spent the

day interviewing witnesses and

waiting to talk to the injured

man in hospital. More evidence is emerging of atrocities

committed by the old Colonel

Gaddafi regime in Libya. uncovered a mass grave at a

prison in Tripoli. It's thought the bodies of more than 1200

people were buried at the site

15 years ago. Ben Knight

reports. Everyone in Libya knew

about the massacre but this is

the first time there's been any

physical evidence. More than

1200 bodies buried in a mass

grave near the prison, they're

believed to be those of inmates

who held a protest here back in 1996. They were protesting

against the situation in prison. They are demanding improvement for their condition

in prison. They promise them to

solve the problem

solve the problem by fire on

them. Relatives searched for

are the remains of their

missing. We feel very sad now

because we remember my - I remember my two brothers and

many, many friend and

colleagues has been killed in

this place. When a lawyer

representing the families of

victims was arrested in

February, it sparked protests that

the Libyan Revolution. The

influence of Libya, Egypt and

Tunisia can still be seen in

other Arab countries, even those most resistant to change. Saudi Arabia has announced that

women can now vote and stand in

local elections. It's very significant actually. I know

from people who are looking from

from outside they're not going

to exactly appreciate how much

it means to women especially

those who are fighting for it

but it's quite a big step.

but it's quite a big step. It's

going to give women a bigger voice. It makes them really a

vital part of the society as

well. Saudi Arabia has spent

huge amounts of its oil wealth

on the country's poor to try to

keep a lid on keep a lid on dissent but women

in Saudi skill can't drive or

even leave the house without

permission. This is the first

sign of any kind of concession on social change and it's

unlikely to be the last. New

evidence has emerged suggesting the Catholic Church tried to

cover up the sexual abuse of disabled children Adelaide school more than 20

years ago. Documents obtained

by the ABC 'Four Corners' program reveal the church

received legal advice telling

it to avoid it to avoid any written mention

of charges against a paedophile

bus driver. For five years, Brian Perkins drove intellectually disabled

children to and from Saint

Anne's special school. It was a

position of trust he abused, sexually interfering with

student and introducing them to other paedophiles. Police laid

charges against Perkins in

made aware of the abuse. For

the next decade, other parent

like Brian and Helen didn't

understand why their children were so distressed. were so distressed. If only we

had known. If only we had known

10 years before. The Catholic

Church did know of the police charges against Perkins.

Tonight, 'Four Corners' reveals

that in September 1991, the

church's lawyers advised it not to mention those charges in

writing. A dismissal letter to

the bus driver should be

neutral because if it were neutral because if it were to fall into media

allow the then archbishop

Leonard Falkner to deal with the matter without being

compromise. I don't think kna

fl was any fy. To cover it up. I think people I think people were offering legal advice about these

matters in the context in which

they did, that it is a context

that no longer applies now. The

draft severance letter, which

was never sent, thanks Perkins

for his contribution as a

volunteer bus driver. We've been assured it wouldn't happen

now. We have systems in place

now and this just wouldn't

happen. Well, there systems in place way back then

and yet this happened. A

number of former Saint Anne's

students are now suing the church for the cost of their

future care.

more on that story on 'Four

Corners' tonight at 8:30 here

on ABC 1. Doctors and consumer

groups have hit out at a new

scheme which encourages

pharmacists to promote vitamins

and supplements when filling prescriptions. The Australian

Medical Association has

criticised it for profit before patients' needs.

Medical reporter Sophie Scott.

Patients getting a prescription

filled at a chemist could walk away with away with more than they

bargain for after the pharmacy

guild signed a new agreement with vitamin giant Blackmore.

This is simply a case of offering a offering a complimentary product. Under the agreement, when a prescription is

the message will pop up on the computer prompting the pharmacist to discuss a

suitable Blackmores product and

will be used for common health complaints such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and

reflux but the move has angered

some doctors and consumer

groups. The first impression

is this is outrageous. There is

a prompt at the point of sale

at a time when that's that clinical interaction between

the pharmacist and patientsch

Now we have the professional

body for pharmacists, the guild, pushing products the way

McDonald would promote coke and

fries and for the same reasons, to

to make money out to make money out of

consumers. It's not a

financial deal, Blackmores says

it's about educating

pharmacists and consumers. We hope pharmacists will be able

to give the advice to consumers

and they will be able to make

an informed choice about the

right product for them to take. The scheme starts next

month. A new quick method of HIV HIV testing similar to instant

pregnancy tests could begood -

could begin in Australia in the

next two years. Rapid screening

will provide an indication of whether first

tests are needed. Approval has

been granted to trial the quick

tests are chare already used

overseas. The place for it

here is among people who are at

increased risk of HIV, so

sexually active gay men essentially. Had I been

researchers have also

welcomeded a - HIV researchers

have also welcomeded a

staid of infections in

temporary residents and say an agreement of pharmaceutical

companies to provide free drugs

made the study possible. It

will begin in November with 200

patients. With effort to slow greenhouse gas production

stalling around the world, a

group of scientists have met in

Canberra to discuss last-resort

solutions. They're looking at

deliberately altering the

environment to counter climate

change. In June 1991, the Philippines volcano spewed

sulfur gas high into the

stratosphere. There it formed

droplets of sulfuric acid droplets of sulfuric acid which

blanketed the globe, block out

sunlight and cooling the earth

by half a degree. If that's done artificially than global

warming may be retained. Keep

putting stratospheric aerosols

into the stratosphere. It helps

cool the earth. On the side, it would destroy the

ozone layer, letting harmful, cancer-causing radiation to

reach the earth. It changes

the climate yet another way. It doesn't simply

we've done through the gases,

it produces a different kind of climate change. Other ideas to

reduce solar radiation and cool

the planet include everything from painting the roofs of

houses white to creating an

umbrella of space reflectors.

Most are extremely costly and

pose unknown risks to the

environment. Essentially it's a Plan B. It's a big red button

on the wall that you can go

over and push if you feel that

we're getting to a stage, because of lack of effort, because of lack of effort, and

mitigating CO2 emissions, that we cannot deal with this

warming climate. This is not

an alternative to stopping the

emissions from our combustion fuels in the first place But

the doctor says such geo

engineer ing solutions may be

needed to manage our way

through the next decades of through the next decades of a warming climate. Six months

after the meltdown at Japan's

Fukushima nuclear power plant,

some local residents are still

stubbornly refusing to leave their homes. In one community,

20km from Fukushima, only four

of the original 8,000

inhabitant remain. Our

correspondent Mark Willacy was

given rare access to the

evacuation zone and spoke to

one person who's staying put.

It's a journey into a ghostly world. This man is taking

see his home town, the place

where he was born and raised.

But to get to Naraha, But to get to Naraha, he needs special authorisation because

his community now lies in the nuclear no-go zone.

TRANSLATION: I worry I will

never be able to live here

again. It's not safe for the

children. The whole place has

to be de 8,000 residents have fled but I am going to meet one of the four refusinging to budge. He

says he doesn't think he says he doesn't think he needs protective clothing but we have been adviseded we should put

this on so we will and we're coming to meet one of the

nuclear hold-outs. As you can

hear, he's still here on his farm. (Dogs bark) Mr

Sakamoto's farm has become a

haven for abandoned animals and there's

walk away from his two dozen

dogs or menagerie of geese,

chickens and goats. With all

my animals, there are about

lives here. My animals are

everything to me, plus I was

never told officially to

evacuate. We push further into Naraha and the nuclear no-go zone. Once a thriving

community, it's now abandoned, overgrown, deathly quiet and contaminated. The Local

preparing things so that residents can return home but because of the

contaminationuric don't believe

we can come back for at least

another 5 years. But before he

drives away he checks on his

own home where the remains of

his final meal there still sit

on the table. It is now time to

leave and let Naraha slip back into its deathly silence. 20,000 people have just

witnessed the last bullfight in

Spain's Catalonia region. Fans flocked to Barcelona's

Monumental Arena to watch the final 'corrida' before the

centuries-old tradition is banned. TRANSLATION: I think it issed

bad. It is pitiful that they

want to abolish bullfighting

after so many years of

tradition and big crowds. It is

very, very sad. The blood

sport was banned after 180,000

people signed a petition for an

end to bullfighting in the

TRANSLATION: This is a small

victory. Seven years of

struggle have been worth it.

Now we hope that the rest of

the Iberian peninsula will

follow the follow the example. Some protesters scuffled with spectators as they left the

arena but police soon restored order, allowing fans and

matadors to say good-bye in

style. To finance now and the

Australian Dollar fell sharply

again today, hitting a 10-month

low and despite a bright start, the

the local share market also

session in a row. Here's Alan

Kohler. The share market looked OK for about 8 minute following

a rise on Wall Street on Friday but rolled over but rolled over like a tired old whale and sank underwater.

By lunchtime it was below

Friday's close and lacking

support and by the close today

it was 1.3% lower, having hit a

peak for the day more than 1% higher than Friday. In other

words, there was a 2.5% turn-around

Goldminer New Crest dropped 9%,

Rio Tinto 4%, uranium miner

Paladin was 16% down, Myer fell below $2 for the first below $2 for the first time,

One Steel fell 6% but the banks

went up as investors sought the

safety of yield and so did the

big grocers, Woolworths and

Wesfarmers and Gunns shors jumped

jumped 10% although they're

still just 17 cents which is a

dollar less than two years ago.

10 days ago I said the gold

price might have another $100

to fall to get back to its

long-term trend line. Well, fell $100 just today and has

fallen 270 since I said that.

It has simply fallen back to

the trend line that's been in

place since the credit crisis of 2008 when of 2008 when the flight to

safety began for global

investors. As I said 10 days

ago, the spike above $1800 in

July looked like an overshoot

and so it's turn out. The

Australian Dollar is following

in gold's week because it's

partly about the US dollar

rising so the little Aussie is

battling at about 96.5. It's

mostly good news except for travellers Here's a graph of petrol prices

and what it would have been if

the dollar had stayed above

109.5. What might have been, hey. That's finance. Sunday's

NRL Grand Final is shaping up

as a duel between some of the

game's youngest and brightest

stars. Manly is confident its rookie play-makers Daly Cherry-Evans and Kieran Foran

will be able to outshine Warriors wonderkid Shaun

Johnson. A third Grand Final Johnson. A third Grand Final in five years something different about this picture.

picture. Experience is supposed

to win the big games but this

time Manly's destancy time Manly's destancy could lie in the hands of its 22-year-old

halfback. I don't know, it'ser

sort of hard to explain. At the

end of the day I'm just playing

rugby league and enjoying it.

Hopefully things go to plan on Sunday. In just his first

season in the top grade, Daly

Cherry-Evans formed a

formidable combination with 21-year-old five-eigth Kieran

Foran. We're just as close off

the field as we are on. We're always weekend and after footy games.

As good as the Sea Eagles'

young guns are, they haven't

created the hype generated by

the Warriors rising star Shaun

Johnson. I think moments like

that are generally for

experienced players but for a

young kid at his age to step up

and that sort of moment and

grab the game by the scuff of

it's neck's pretty

special. That's something

Manly's rookies have been doing

all year but they'll lose one after has no regrets about his

decision to take a 2-year break

it too become a Mormon missionary. I've made my decision. Nothing's going to

change it. To win a Grand Final would be a dream come true and something I'll cherish forever. There are no excuses for the Sea Eaglesal this

weekend. They have no

significant injury concerns and welcome

welcome back key second-rower

GlennStewart from suspension.

Both Geelong and Colyton have

injury concerns ahead of Saturday's AFL Grand Final.

Cats forward Steve preparing to spend much of this

week in a hyperbaric chamber to

reduce swelling around the knee

he injured in Saturday's preliminary final. Colyton

ruckman Darren Jolly is

battling a groin injury. He'll face a fitness test later in

the week but is positive about

his chances of getting the all-clear. Extremely

confident. Bit a physio today

and we'll be right to go by Wednesday. Geelong full forward

James Podsiadly is certain to play after his bump on West

Coast's Adam Selwood wasn't considered serious enough to warrant suspension. Two

Canberrans will represent

Australia this week Australia this week in baseball's international

championship in Panama.

Pitchers Hayden Beard and Steve Kent who play for the Canberra

Cavalry in the Australian baseball league will be aiming

to help Australian better their

fifth-place finish in the 2009 championship. We could

definitely win it. We're taking

away a good squad, got a lot of

experiencer it's guys who played on the world stage before. We've always done well

at the big events like the

world baseball classic, the

World Cup, the Olympics, so I

think the time's come where

Australia' got to put its mark on the map as far as producing quality baseball players. The pitchers will be back in

Canberra after the tournament

to prepare for the Canberra

Cavalry's second season in the

ABL. Australian rugby league

players have been using their

star power to send positive

messages to their legion of

fans in Papua New Guinea. The

Prime Minister's XIII travelled

north for the annual clash hope the local supporters were

listening as well as watching

as PNG correspondent Liam Fox

reports from LAE. A sea of

league-loving humanity swarmed

around Lae's rugby ground.

Everyone was desperate to see

their Australian heroes in

action. Tickets were hard to

come by and heavily armed

police fired several warning

shots into the air as they struggled to

struggled to control frustrated

fans. It's already full inside

now. We can't stop if they stop them they're going

to be frustrated. Those caught

jumping the fence were dealt with harshly. Australia was

expected to dominate and did so

early on, scoring the first five tries, but PNG bounced

back and crossed the line four

times after the break. In the end, Australia won 36-22.

Pretty physical game. Both sides defended pretty well, I

thought. First half was pretty

torrid affair, testing each

other out and some good points

played in the second half. After

poured on to the ground. This

event is about more than this

match. The Australians are

using their star power to send

positive messages to their

legions of fans. Those messages

were msz passed on to the next

generation of league stars at a

clinic. We want you guys to go

baks to your schools and your

families to talk about it's

wrong to actually harm women

and girls. So mates, stand

strong and say no to violence

now and remember, strong men

don't bash women. Given the

NRL's history NRL's history of sex scandals,

it may seem incongruus for them

to be tackling violence against

women but when these guys talk,

Papua New Guineans listen. And now with a look at today's weather,

weather, here's Mark Carmody.

Good evening. Over the weekend

I got talking to a group of

ladies and blokes dressed in

orange who gave me a few tips

on how to be storm safe and how

forchewitous as from now on

storms will hit Canberra. We may even get one this week so

we need to start preparing and

today was a good one to clear

the gutters, downpipes and

drains because it was fine, dry and sunny.

Cloud along the southwest of

WA is bringing showers and

storms with it. The north of

Australia is mostly clear. That

cloud is associateded with a

trough and a frontal system

which will eventually get the ACT. There's also a low

over Arnhem Land which may

produce some showers. So,

nationally tomorrow, fine and

sunny in Brisbane and Sydney,

25 and 21. Craig, this flower is a

Caroline Jasmine and the last

tip from the SES - but I'm sure

it wouldn't apply to you - is

get your insurance up to

date. Thanks, Mark. Full of

tips tonight. That's the news

for now but stay with us now

for 7:30 with Leigh Sales and

Chris Uhlmann. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI Don't - the war over

pokies. It's only set to get


If you want to

cocaine of pokies, you will

need a card. That's not in any

state, it's a dangerous

product. Recreational casual punters won't subject

themselves to this regime. And

'Summer of the Seventeenth

Doll'. One of the few world

famous Australian plays still relevant 55 years on.

Times have changed but the

characters still come through. This Program Is Captioned


Another day, another plan to

fix the European debt crisis.

And pull the world back from

the brink of the brink of recession. Over the weekend, world leaders