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Live. Tonight - the House heats

the Carbon Tax up as the clock counts down to

the Carbon Tax vote. This House of Representatives... on

putting a place on carbon. I

say to members opposite you stand up for your electorate.

90 lashing for the Iranian

star of an Australian film. Has

match fixing soiled the baggy

green of Australia. It is total

nonsense. Dislodged - the PM

and the first bloke looking for temporary

temporary digs.

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. The Prime Minister is within hours of clearing the last major political hurdle on

her way to getting a Carbon

Tax. By a margin of 1 vote the

the numbers to pass the bills. proven that Julia Gillard has house of representatives has

They will be debated tonight

and finally get through the House tomorrow but not without

Tony Abbott using any

opportunity to try to thwart the legislation. The countdown's degun. Ayes 474, noes therefore resolved in the affirmative. This evening's votes are This evening's votes are a

sign of what's to sign of what's to come. History

get this done Mr Speaker. I say is marching on. We are going to

to members opposite you have about

about 18 hours left to stand up for your electorates. Julia Gillard mocked Tony Abbott's

promise to rescind the Carbon Tax. He won't ever repeal

Carbon Pricing. He will go

round running round like a headless chook mode trying to pretend to

everybody that he will. No one

would behave in such a

deadline approaches the debates graceless manner. As the

are getting more personal and

more ugly. People like frank

Johnson who have sent me a

death threat today is beyond

the pale and when he sent the

other emails the other day that

my 12-year-old opened - not

on. Outside parliament

environment groups spelled out

their position on the Carbon

Tax. Prominent

their support. A former Liberal

leader joining every other

living Liberal leader in favour

of Carbon Pricing, all except

The Coalition's trying to

amend the bill so a Carbon Tax

only kicks in at an election

but it doesn't have the numbers. Speaking of numbers

this Labor MP is threatening to pack his bigs, a quit politicians and force a

whenning shun if his party

dumps Julia Gillard. I don't

believe I should switch leaders

as has happened in the past. I

will not do it again. He might like to think about how this

dampens leadership speculation.

Just as a certain returned to

the chamber after a three-month

absence. Just remain calm.

An actor could pay price for starring in an

Australian film. Marzieh

Vafamehr is facing a year

behind bars and 90 lashes in

her homeland. Her crime was

playing a part in the movie 'My

Tehran For Sale'. The film criticises Tehran's repression

of the arts. Marzieh Vafamehr

plays a young Iranian actor

whose work is banned in her

home country. Her character

flees and ends up in immigration detention. Number

825. Vafamehr was arrested in Tehran in

another Iranian film maker. The

2009 film, 'My Tehran For Sale' was funded in Australia and theed a lead film festival. Very shocked and distressed. I mean, we're

working to do everything we can

to help her and her family. The

producers say they are appalled

by the sentence. The film was

never accepted in Iran. They believe believe the charges relate to

Vafamehr appearing without her

hajab. In 2009 Iranian

authorities permitted filming

in the call. I didn't do anything wrong in the film

according to the rules and

regulations of film making. Its

screening was banned and it has

since circulated underground.

Amnesty international says

film makers are the latest

group to be targeted by Iranian authorities. That been happening with other with the persecution that has

people that speak out such as a

student activist or lawyers or other human rights defenders. Australia's Iranian other human rights

community has urged Kevin Rudd community has

to intervene. And do whatever

he can to free this lady from

prison and also the 90 lashes

which sin humane. A statement

by the minister says he is

deeply concerned and has urged the Iranian Government to

protect the rights of

and foreigners. Ms Vafamehr has

lodged an appeal. Egypt's Christian minority has blamed the military for bloodbath in Cairo. Coptic protesters say they were attacked by thugs before

security forces opened fire and drove armoured vehicles into

them. At least 35 people were

killed deepening scepticism

about whether the military can

deliver a peaceful transition

to democracy. The Coptic

cathedral was boiling before

the coffins arrived. Even

priests were leading the chants

against the country's military

council. When the coffins did

get there the mourners drove

themselve s... there were

places in the cathedral for 35

will coffins but burying them all

will take more than one day.

Egyptian Muslims joined the

mourners in solidarity. This

country's Christians feel the change their lives. 90% of revolution has

Christians in Egypt want to

leave? Yeah, yeah. Why? They're

scared. They have no chance to

live here. This funeral has

been as much an expression of

anger as grief.

Egypt's military council held

and emergency meeting and has

promised a investigation. There is much to

explain about how so many died

in what began as a peaceful

unarmed protest and the tactics

the army used. It seems they had instructions to use

excessive force. I have never

seen armoured vehicles spieding

to run over protesters as if

they were competing for a prize. Europe and prize. Europe and the United States have called military council to ensure

peace in the country. As

Christians say it was the army

that allowed this to happen and have lost have lost whatever trust in it

they once had. There is still

no sign of a swim ever believed

to have been taken by a great

white shark off Perth's

Cottesloe Beach. The beach was

closed today and will remain so

until authorities are convinced

it is safe to go back in the

water.A land, search has been under way since

64 Bryn Martin disappeared. He

was on a morning swim 300 metres offsure. A watching from the beach said

one minute he was there, one minute he was there, the

next he was gone. His family

say he swam almost daily, was

an avid diver and loved the

water. The ocean is our life.

He was aware of the risks. We

had spoken about it before. He

knew what the risks were accepted them. Police divers

found the 64-year-old's swim

suit during thor is. An

examination of fishery's

scientists gave little hope scientists gave little hope for

the family. The damage I saw to

the gentleman's bathers certainly resembled damage I

have seen previously with

victims of shark attack. What

that information tells us is

that our concentrated efforts

on this search now are recovery

as opposed to the hopes of

finding Mr Martin alive sadly have have faded. It is understood Surfers near where Mr Martin

disappeared were forced from

the water by a large shark on the

the weekend but the incident

buds not reported to There has been an increase in

the number of shark sightings

in recent months. Perth has already

already had one fatal attack, a

man taken by a white pointer at

the popular beach 11 years

The cricket corruption trial

has a baggy green connection,

or does it? The player agent accused of taking money on behalf of Pakistani players

claims Australia is the big one

when it comes to rigging games.

Cricket Australia says the

suggestions are outrageous.The

man at the eye of cricket's

fixing storm, Mazhar Majeed. He

is accused of organising is accused of organising cash

for Pakistani players to spot

fix during a match against

England. The first ball of the

third over. Salman Butt and

Mohammad Asif are corruption charges in London

but the implications of their

court case have reached

Australia. The trial was played

a year old tape in which a year old tape in which Majeed

accuses the Australian team of

rigging brackets or periods of games. On day one of

Australia's first class season

the game's hire Iraqi is

unimpressed with the allegations. Allegations that would appear to

and made by a person of dubious

repute. Even so Cricket

Australia will look into the

claims. If there is one skerrick of evidence against Australian players we will work

with the ICC to ensure that is

investigated with vigour. Jeff

Lawson play - Geoff Lawson played for Australia played for Australia and

coached Pakistan, he said if

there was any verdict aresty to the accusations the ICC would

have acted already. There is no news on the horizon. No one is being investigated and no incidents are being investigated by the powers that

be. The Cricketers Association

is angry that the entire

playing group has been tarnished. The players here

have all been be smished for

something we are confident they haven't done anything wrong. If

you put yourself in those shoes

you would be angry too. Salman

Butt and Mohammad Asif deny any involvement in fixing the


New Zealand is facing the

worst environmental disaster in

its history according to

authorities dealing with the massive oil massive oil spill in the bay of

planty. Up to 300 tonnes of oil

has leaked into the bay since

the Rena ran aground on a reef

almost a week ago. Attempts to

have a barge extract

remaining oil from the ship have failed.

It will be days to

potentially weeks of effort we

will start being involved in here. This

here. This time we are unable

to determine the source of the

oil. It is a different colour

of oil, it is a much browner

oil so it looks like it is the used used oil. There are concerns

ship to break apart. The Rena's that rough seas may cause the

crew has been taken

off. Bangkok is underthreat

from floods that have wreaked have United Kingdom in Thailand

people have died. They are and Cam bodea. Almost 500

building barriers braces for the worst after the wettest monsoon season in

decades. To a degree it is a

tale of two cities, Bangkok's 76 millimetre flood wall should

water. TRANSLATION: There's protect the CBD from incoming

likely to be lots of water

coming fast with short

notice. They know their efforts

will have limited effect. Hundreds of homes here are

under water.Rio de Janeiro the

river it is never this bad. TRANSLATION: This is the level

the Chao Praya River will get

to with the tide. This is the

level it got to this morning. The Government is now considering mandatory evacuations, evacuations, particularly in

the north and east of the city.

Hoon Samansub concedes she will

have to leave if it gets any

worse than it clearly is

already. Yes, I am a scared. In Nakhon Sawan they already. Yes, I am a bit

gave way to the power of the

water flowing from the water flowing from the sea.The

Government is now grappling

with a crisis with hundreds

dead and hundreds of thousands

displaced as well as protecting people. The big test for

Volumes of water running down Bangkok will be this weekend.

from the north needs to be

stopped from escaping into the

sea. At the same time it is

still raining. It is not the amount of water coming

north, we are afraid of the

rain if it comes out with very heavy rain. Storms are

predicted today and a chance of predicted today and a chance of rain.

Australia's ambassador to

Indonesia has defended the

Government's high level of

interest in the case of a

14-year-old boy drug's charges in Bali. The

opposition has accused the

Government of playing politics

but the ambassador has said the boy's

boy's family appreciates the Government's help.A week since

the boy was locked up by the

drug squad and the fourth visit

from Australia in as many days. The Federal Opposition accused

the Prime Minister and the

Foreign Minister as using the

boy's case to boost their own

public profile. The says the boy is glad for all of it. The boy's family have made very clear to much appreciate the Australian Government and the Foreign

Minister's efforts in this

case.I've met a number of Indonesian officials. The

police are about to wind up

their investigation. They will

finish the case this week. The

big question remains will he be allowed to go back to Australia

if a judge orders him into

rehabilitation. On that front

the head of Indonesia's child protection be done in Indonesia and

monitored by Indonesian officials and that is

impossible to do in another country. For now though the

boy's lawyers are trying desperately to desperately to stop him being sent to Kerobokan Prison while

he awaits trial. Julia Gillard

is being forced out of the

lodge but it has nothing to do

with politics. Builders are

moving in to replace - the roof

in a multimillion-dollar Some say the time has come to

build a new official residence in Canberra.

Rich in history and stately

in a humble way, the lodge

fallen on hard times and after

barely a year it's proud

residents are moving on. Here

is why, the building's entire

slate roof is condemned with broken shingles and beneath it

80-year-old wiring and asbestos. We don't expect to it

millions of dollars. The be cheap. It

repairs will take 18 months.

Without a roof Julia Gillard

and Tim Mathieson are moving to a new residence, something where a new house. An appropriate

Australians would say, "That is Australians

where our Prime Minister should

be." Welcome to a great home. How much home does a

Prime Minister need. It has the quality and security - size. She will also need space

for staff, police, drivers and the price? Rent

wise , maybe $2,500 to $3,000 a

week. Upkeep on an 84-year-old

house does not get any cheaper. There There is another alternative

right here, a plot of land

right here, a plot of land set

aside decades ago for a purpose-built prime purpose-built prime ministerial

residence. The Lodge was only

ever kept to be a temporary

home. There are plenty who

think it is anything but. It

just doesn't do the job. The

manages the furniture and art Australia train yarna

collection and says it is time

for a new Canberra

residence. It shouldn't be an

issue as to grand your or

scale, it just has to work scale, it just has to work for

the purpose of an Australian Prime Minister for the 21st century and beyond. Jmpblingts Australians are used to

hearing about aid money going

north to our neighbours. Today

a Papua New Guinea Prime presenting a $100,000 cheque

for a memorial to Australia's greatest single maritime

tragedy. More than 1,000

Australian prisoners died when the Japanese the Japanese ship Montevideo

Maru sank after leaving PNG.

The Monday meant at the war

memorial will mark the 70th

anniversary of the tragedy. The

Montevideo Maru went down just in July 1942 . The greatest

maritime disaster Australia has

ever had and it's probably

known about it still. The ship was sunk by American forces

unaware it was carrying

prisoners of war. When the

American s attacked there was great distress amongst their

crew and particularly their captain. The families left

behind have been campaigning

funds and raising money for Margaret's father, a

missionary, was told by the

Australian Government he had to

stay behind. I feel very angry

they didn't make any effort to

get get them. He died on the ship

only to find out later he'd been beheaded by Japanese

forces. There was heartache and

confusion. New Ginny was our frontline, the land of the Fuzzy Wuzzy. It

was a surprise when the PNG

Prime Minister announced a

generous donation. It will for a permanent memorial so we

can all finally acknowledge

tragedy in which we lost 1,000

Australians. That is the double

lost in the 11 years of the I

have yet nam war.

- Vietnam war.

To finance now. The Australian dollar touched

parity again. A new survey has

shown business confidence has

bounced back because of the

lower dollar. It was a brief moment of happiness for Australian businesses. The

Australian dollar down in the

mid-90s but today it went parity. Wallabies full-back Kurtley

Beale is likely to miss

Sunday's World Cup semifinal

a hamstring tear. Beale had scans after limping off during

Australia's quarter final win

over the Springboks. The injury

was close to ending the

replacement 22-year-old's game. The

replacement at full-back is

likely to be either James

O'Connor or Adam Ashley-Cooper.

Australia's stocks have lifted

with news other doubtful

players are to play. I feel we

have the group and the

capability to do well this

weekend. It is not arrogant or weekend. It is

cockiness but belief in our own

ability. I'm looking forward to

the challenge. When you play

against the All Blacks if you

are not into the game they will put you to the sword. There are

no injury concerns for France

which has named an unchanged line-up for Saturday's semifinal against Wales.

'December Draw' could be the horse

horse to beat in October and

November. The English import

was brought down under to run

in a country cup. Now he is the favourite for

and the big one next month.5am

at Flemington and the stillness

is broken by a siren.As one

horse gallops away another

appears oblivious to any fuss.

This gelding is hot favourite

for the Caulfield cup and

mould 'December Draw' is breaking the

mould for Mark Kavanagh's group

one success. A slighter horse.

He is smaller and hairier. He

is tinier but he has what they all had, he has plenty of courage. 'December Draw' worked

hard over 2,200 metres in

preparation for the cup's

double. I have timed it

both actually. I'm pretty sure

that Saturday's race will bling

him right on from there as

well. Hopefully he can stay is

the trip and hopefully goes on to the other cup. The six-year-old was brought over

from England originally for a

tilt at the Wagga Cup. Now the

ugly horse called Pom is winning meanty of admirers. He

is very plain. What is

important that we can't see is

he has a big set of lungs and a

big heart. When most horses give up and are too give up and are too tired he

keeps charging on and keeps

going wanting to find the

line. This reminds the Kavanagh

stable of all Caulfield cup

favourite Maldivian which was

scratched after faulty gipt in the

the starting gates. Only one

wish for the barrier draw. I

would like to draw the one

without the camera in it. The Caulfield cup is

spring trophy to elude Mark

Kavanagh and jockey Michael

Rodd. They are plotting to turn

'December Draw' into an October

win. Now with a look at today's

weather here is Mark.

Good Evening.I put a new tin

roof on my garage recently and

thought I'd screwed it down

pretty well. Last night with

those strong west, nor westerly

winds, below 17 kilometres an

hour it flapped and banged all

night, woke the life and been banging on about it to me

all day. Those westerlies have

been blowing all day averaging

in the high 20s.

A large mass of cloud over

the Nullarbor is generating a

few patchy showers and cloud

over central east Queensland is

producing isolated storms. The

rest of Australia is mostly

clear. That's mainly due to a high centred over southern

Victoria which is extending a

ridge over most of New South

Wales so we're in for sunny,

dry weather with warming

temperatures for temperatures for a couple of

days. A series of troughs cover

most of Australia and they will

produce localised showers. A couple of clear days before

some more rain which will be

good for perking up Floriade for the Queen and the Old

Parliament House rose gardens

where this canary bird rose came

From where this canary bird

rose came. Before we go, Tony Abbott is staging a last-ditch

effort to derail the Carbon Tax

legislation but doesn't have

the numbers. The final vote is

tomorrow morning. That is the

news for now. Coming up 7:30

looks at the angry Americans camping out on Wall Street. For me for now. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.

Tonight, we're taking a

look at how the look at how the American public's patience with Wall

Street is finally running out.

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