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Tonight an exclusive, the dramatic

security vision of a tragic Kings

Cross brawl. Five arrested as

police raid homes on the north

coast over a businessman's mystery

murder. Michael Jackson's doctor in

court trying to avoid prosecution

for manslaughter. Another day of

frustration for our cricketers as

the bowlers are smacked around the

park. While the SCG turns pink in

honour of Jane McGrath. Good

evening. We begin with compelling

video footage which throws new

light on the event that led to the

death of Sydney father Wilson

Castio at Kings Cross. The security

camera vision you are about to see

is exclusive to Nine News. Ben

joins with us the details. We saw

Wilson's heartbroken wife on Monday

who made the painful decision to

switch off her husband's life

support. She wanted to know what

happened in the lead-up the that

tragedy on December 18. This video

may go some way to answering that

question. Just before midnight

outside a Mexican restaurant and

the men in white are about to get

into a fight. They are dressed in

painting gear after a day at work,

chatting to a girl on Bayswater

Road. The man facing the camera is

Wilson Castio a 33-year-old husband

and father and he is about to lose

his life. Wilson grab as metal

object from one of his mates,

switchs it behind his back an takes

off over the road as friend try to

stop him. He comes back a short

time later laughing and still

holding the tool. The group spend a

few minutes following around on the

footpath, showing off to one

another, Wilson seems to be in a

playful mood. After visiting the

Mexican restaurant his friends head

next door to try to get down the

Trademark nightclub and this is of

where the real trouble starts.

There is more vision coming but I

have viewed a separate security

camera on the street outside the

nightclub that footage shows a

security guard refusing entry to

one of the men who hangs around to

argue the point. This is when the

bouncer picks up metal bollard when

he thinks he see as knife. Here is

what happens next. The man on the

right is shoved the the ground..

The one on the left pulls if his

pocket a metal paint scraper and

picks up chair to throw. Wilson is

still at the Mexican restaurant

when he emerges on the right he

find his mates in a fight with

nightclub security. The Manton left

charges at bouncer was the paint

scraper held above his head. Just

at few seconds later Wilson will be

found lying on a Kings Cross road

with with a head injury that would

later claim his life. Police are

still trying to work out how it

happened. Police have had these

videos for several weeks. Charges

have been laid against John Hopate

a former footballer over a separate

incidents but as for the death of

Wilson no charges have been laid.

Police are still seeking witnesses.

Security staff told police nobody

touched him and that he ran and

fell on the street. Police are

investigating had a north coast

businessman was murdered by his

neighbours over child sex

allegations. Adrian Trevett was

last seen near Grafton last October.

Sick people have now been charged

over his death. On 29 October

Adrian Trevett took a bike track to

the summit. Within 24 hours he was

murdered prompting an emotional

appeal from his brother. I would

like the appeal to the public if

they have any information to please

contact the police. The people

police allege were responsible were

arrested in northern NSW. In Casino

to men in their 20s and two women

in their 30s. One was granted bail.

In Grafton a 36-year-old man was

charged with murder and has been

refused build. It led up to three

states of Australia and it was - I

think their persistence saved

envelope, matter. Last week police

made their first move arresting a

46-year-old woman in Brisbane,

charged her with murder and she was

extradited to NSW. This began on 28

October when Adrian Trevett left

his home. He was given a lift by a

female friend. He spent the night

there. The next day he rode his

bike to the range summit. It is

believed he was picked up by the

same fend and taken to a home in

Red Range and killed. His body was

found in a ravine. There have been

a few motives we cannot discount,

one is robbery, another is it is

alleged the victim may have been

subject of an indecent assault

investigation. A 37-year-old man

remains in hospital tonight with

suspected broken ribs after a rock

attack on a Sydney train. The 37-

year-old was travelling last night

when he was hit in the chest with a

15-centimetre stone that had been

thrown through a window. The driver

says he saw three young boys beside

the track seconds before. So

reckless they have no idea about

the consequences involved. Police

say it is lucky the man was not

killed. A 16-year-old boy has been

killed in a car crash on the

Pacific Highway near McLean in the

state's north. He was travelling in

the front seat of a car that

slammed into an embankment just

after 6 this morning. The 44-year-

old driver suffered serious

internal injuries while a teenager

girl broke both her legs. There is

some relief tonight in Rockhampton

a city under siege from flood

waters for more than week. The

Fitzroy River appears to have

peaked lower than expected saving

many more homes from going under.

Right now it seems like the centre

of Rocky a popular attraction. The

flood gauge on the Fitzroy showing

everybody of where the water has

been, of where it is at. Weird,

like being trapped in a city. Up

and down but I think it will stay I

really do. This morning the cruel

water torture went on. The river

sat teasingly at 9.2 metres, the

expected peak of 9.4 had stayed

away. We went out with the mayor as

he hecked on his devastated city.

We do not believe it will go higher.

We think you have reached the

maximum level at the moment so I

think you will be right. Things are

likely to get harder for the people

of Rockhampton in the next 48 hours

with as much as 100mls forecast. It

will not make a lot of difference

the water levels but it will make

life even more difficult. Some are

looking ahead the recover something

of what they have lost. Dozens have

gone to a Special One-stop shop the

look for financial help, cunselling

and advice including this widowed M

never three whose home was

condemned. I don't know what to do,

of where to go. If today was

another day of waiting at least it

is giving them more time to look to

the future. We are starting to

think about the recovery operation,

moving into what we need to think

about to get people back into their

homes. Flooding could remain high

for another week or so, enough

water to satisfy a herd of camels.

I understand while Rockhampton

might have hopefully now seen the

the worst of it authorities are

focused on towns further south?

Yeah, they are. Next on the hit

list is the small town of St George

west of Brisbane. Elderly resident

have been airlifted out of the town

today as the focus shifted to try

to build levees to hold back the

floodwaters. They could get as high

as 14 metres over the coming days

which would impact 80% of the town

so there is a very anxious wait for

the residents of St George tonight.

Understandably. Thank you. Channel

Nine will hold a flood relief

appeal to help raise money for

those affected. The two-hour

special will air this Sunday night

at 7.30. Michael Jackson's doctor

has begun his fight to avoid trial

over the death of the King of Pop.

Conrad Murray's defence team is

suggesting that Jackson took his

own life as it ties to head off Dr

Murray's prosecution for

manslaughter. Michael's brother

Jackie had a reassuring hand for

his mother and a message. Who do

you hope to see here today? Justice.

But today the spotlight fell on

Michael's personal doctor Conrad

Murray the man the prosecution

claims administered a lethal dose

of anaesthetic that Jackson was

using to get to sleep. The charge

is involuntary manslaughter. I have

done all coy do. I told the truth

and I have faith that the truth

will prevail. Today the prosecution

claimed when the doctor found

Jackson he made phone calls and

cleaned up the crime scene finally

calling an ambulance 20 minutes

later. The news upsetting fans

outside. The children, the mother.

But the big surprise is expected to

come from the defence. Police found

two used syringes, the doctor used

only one. The in fence is that

Jackson injected himself when the

doctor left the room. I know he did

not kill himself. Michael Jackson

did not kill himself. This is it,

fans on one sigh, media on the

other. On the inside the doctor.

There are so many witnesses it will

take to weeks to find out if he is

due to face trial. I cry every day.

Every day for 18 months. Fresh from

his cricket debut at the SCG

yesterday the Hoff was back doing

what he does best, cruising the

beach in red shorts surrounded by

beautiful women. The star was on

the Gold Coast continuing to spruik

the new Streets icecream. He

encouraged people to donate to the

state's flood relief. The baggy

greens and the red and white army

took a back seat at the Ashes Test

today at the SCG. It was flooded in

pink for Julia Gillard. Some great

support there for the McGrath

Foundation. Yes, such a special day

here at the SCG. Traditionally day

three is known as Ladies Day but

for the past three years it has

been known as Jane McGrath Day and

it is all about. Raise in awareness

of breast cancer and money for the

sufferers and I'm sure if Jane was

looking down at the ground today

she would have been incredibly

touched the. Remembering a wife a

Mum and a woman who captured the

hearts of a nation. A very special

day at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The third day is Jane McGrath Day t

hole place turns pink! In honour of

that lady. It has been a tough few

years for Glenn McGrath and his

children but with his new wife

Sarah for support the family paid

their respects on a grand scale. I

nearly have the take time out to go

away and take it all in, the whole

of Austin last two and a half years

has been incredible t support they

have given me and the foundation.

Everyone was on Glenn's side today.

Thank you very much. Good luck

today. Nearly 40,00 people filled

the SCG Jane inspiring their

outfits. Breast cancer sufferers

their thoughts. Ladies Day, why

not? Pink shirts, pink hats Real

men wear pink? Of course. As Glenn

said, pink is the new black. Did

you steal your wife's shirt? Yes

I'm afraid so. A desperate measure

late on. I'm getting a strapline.

Steady now! Steady. Steve Waugh's

new statue wore pink as it was

unveiled. Even the Prime Minister

was in the spirit. That problem was

solved at the foundation high tea

pampering for life's real angels,

breast care nurses, ladies lunched,

laughed and remembered. Today

everyone was grateful for someone.

Say "I love you mummy" I love you

mummy! We will have a full report

on the cricket action later in the

news. Prince Frederick busy as

Denmark remains on baby watch.

Sickening information in the Zahra Baker investigation. The circus comes to Sydney!

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Official royal duty has been a

worthwhile distraction for

Denmark's Prince Frederik with his

unborn twins deciding they would

not arrive early. Princess Mary had

a warning the babies might come

before Christmas but now for

everyone it is hurry up and wait.

Dressed in his royal uniform and

sporting a neatly trimmed beard

Prince Frederik arrived for a new

year's reception. He gave us a yry

smile and walked by, no sign of

nerves for this proud father whose

twins are due any moment. Inside

the palace Denmark's Parliament the

Crown Prince along with his mother

met diplomats from around the world

and wished them all the best for

the next 12 months. Prince Frederik

has another new year's reception

here at the palace tomorrow, it

will be the same as today. That

appearance has not been cancelled

which may suggest he has no plans

to get to the hospital just yet.

When the babies are out and doing

good and in perfect health then we

always see the prince t father t

proud father coming down to the

hospital to tell us everything went

fine and they are about this big.

But it will be some time before we

see them. The Danish Royal Family

traditionally releases pictures of

newborns about a week after they

arrive. There is troubling new

information from America about the

murder of aurpb girl Zahra Baker A

police report says that stepmother

and father were visitors to a so-

called virtual universe of where

they spoke about carrying out a

murder with a chainsaw. The

stepmother is in jail under sus

mission of murder while Zahra

Baker's father is free on bail.

British police are still looking

for members of the mob that

attacked Prince Charles's Carter

fewing his wife Camilla during last

month's students riot in London.

New video images have upon released

in the hope that someone can

identify the protestors who were in

the font line of the royal assault.

Crowding outside a back in

Argentina these people want to know

what has become of their family

treasures after robbers dug a

tunnel to rob the safe got vault.

To robers posted as renovators of

the nearby building and they got

away with loot valued at more than

$6 million. The circus has come to

town for the Sydney Festival. The

performers showed off their extreme

moves including their acrobats. The

show features the globe of death of

where three motorbike riders race

in a giant cage. Alistair Cook

applies the heat to the Aussies. It

only takes one cook to spoil the

broth. England's best batsmen did

it again today tormenting our

bowler was another massive score.

Our tennis stars get a touch-up

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The man who got out Alistair Cook

has guided England to an unbeatible

position at the SCG. When bad light

stopped play on day three England

was 208 runs in front. Cook made

189 and there was great help from

Ian Bell who also scored 100 taking

the game out of Australia's hands.

On a day when pink seemed the only

colour a red-head stepped up for

the Aussies. Siddle put Anderson

the night watchman to sleep while

Sonya Causer herd a rattle from Collingwood's gloves. COMMENTATOR:

Watch this! But the man they really

wanted continued on his charmed way.

On 87 Cook edged to Clarke but

landed the other way. COMMENTATOR:

Just short. On 99 Cook pushed at

Beer and this was as close as the

last. I think you will find this

has hit the turf. COMMENTATOR: 15th

Test century. Beer finally

celebrated his first Test wicket

after Collingwood's swipe was

perfectly judged by Hilfenhaus but

perhaps the best catch of the day

went did the umpire who took the

second new ball! COMMENTATOR: Have

a look at this! Averaging 130 in

the series Cook cruised past that.

The Aussies lead was hauled in,

spat at and stomped on with England

now dictating all terms.

COMMENTATOR: 50 to Ian Bell. When

Cook was out for 189 all the damage

had been done and with Bell getting

his first century against the

Aussies England is well on the way

to a 3-1 Ashes victory.

COMMENTATOR: He loves it. NSW has

won its opening match of the

Twenty-20 Big Bash. David Warner

723 from 58 balls was relatively

subdued -- 73 -- but his knock was

the backbone of the Blues 168-run

total. In reply South Australia

bowled out for 147. Moses flying

out-field catch was a stand-out

moment. A humiliating defeat for

erratic star Jelena Dokic after a

promising first-round victory she

won just at single game in Brisbane.

Top seed Samantha Stosur was

another casualty upset by Groth

while Jelena Dokic was never in the

hunt against Andrea Petkovic.

Today's performance suggests there

is plenty of work to be done. The

first set last 20 minutes. Jelena

Dokic won just nine points. The

second seemed to be heading the

same way before a glimpse of the

ball striking that once took a

young Jelena Dokic to number 4 in

the world. COMMENTATOR: That is the

best point Jelena Dokic has played

at last. But there was no danger

Andrea Petkovic would be denied her

victory dance. She will now meet

another Australian but not the one

everyone expected after Groth upset

world number 6 Samantha Stosur. It

was surprisingly easy victory and a

setback for Samantha Stosur who is

billed as our best hope at the

Australian Open. In Perth Lleyton

Hewitt is looking on the bright

side of his state-sets loss to

world No.3 Novak Djokovic at the

Hopman Cup. COMMENTATOR: Boy, oh

boy. He will be hard the beat in

Melbourne if he play thanks kind of

tennis but I will take a lot of

positives out of the matched. The

Australian duo out of contention in

the prestigious teams tournament.

Manchester United is three points

clear at the p to of the English

Premier League but Manchester

United had to work hard important

those points against Stoke waiting

until the 61st minute for the winning goal. Manchester City came

full level with their bitter rivals

if they beat Arsenal tomorrow

morning. A big match but England is

just too good. Tomorrow just sit

back and enjoy how they play

cricket. It does hurt. To finance -

the local market closed in the red.

The All Ords down 28 point.

The weather next. What is the

latest with the the storms? They

are coming in from the West. So far

the worst-hit has been over Blue

Mountains. Back soon with

six. Coming up on WIN News.. A man six. Coming up on WIN News.. A man

charged over a fatal car accident.

An elderly woman' s lucky an elderly woman' s lucky escape An elderly woman' s lucky escape

after her car collides with a after her car collides with a petrol

tanker. And a popular ghost tour forced to shutdown. Those stories forced to shutdown. Those stories next on WIN

The Jones family suffer under these terrible outdoor living conditions. Well, WE love it here. we're gonna transform it. But tonight, on Garden Makeovers,

Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - of a fine mist it'll spray timed bursts flying and crawling bugs. to form barriers against What do you reckon? The difference is amazing. RAID! I liked it better before. for better backyards. Raid AutoMatic Outdoor - Raid!

The city is picking up speed after

the faceive holiday with a muggy

one today, 23 for the CDB and 27 in

the southwest including

Campbelltown. Tonight a few more

showers and storms but mainly

focused in the western suburbs fpls

severe storm warnings along the

ranges for large hail and flash

floods. Reports of 52 millimetres

in one hour south-east of Tamworth

but dry for the west of the NSW and

it will be hotter tomorrow, right

through the central areas. Adelaide

heading for a top of 36. Melbourne

30. Perth only 25 guess with some

morning showers there and for

Brisbane heavy rain and storms. In

fact the hole south-east corner of

Queensland and north-east NSW could

unfortunately easily pick up

another 50 to 100 millimetres of

rain in the next 24 hours, lock

rock 15 millimetres. Sydney, light

showers clearing in the late

afternoon. South, south-east winds

averaging 25km/h. Friday the chance

of showers, not much in them. A few

showers for the weekend. Saturday

27 in the city and Sunday 26.

Showers forecast for the next seven

days starting to really pick up

from Sunday onwards in the west up

to 30. For Saturday difficult and

Sunday but possible delays for the

cricket tomorrow with a few showers.

Thank you. That is Nine News for

this Wednesday. We will leave you

with the pictures from La Grande

Cirque. Thank you for being with us.

Supertext captions by Red Television has partnered Tonight man appears in court, over Television has partnered Tonight A

man appears in court, over accident

which claimed the life of a young which claimed the life of a

man.. A mother marks a anniversary - her daughter missing man.. A mother marks a heartbreaking

anniversary - her daughter missing

for three years.. And authorities for three years.. And authorities TO keep a close watch on construction

projects, in the wake of a major projects, in the wake of a

bridge collapse. Good evening, I' Matthew Snelson and I' m Ke bridge collapse. Good evening, I' m

Johnston ... also tonight ... Matthew Snelson and I' m Kerryn

Johnston ... also tonight ... police

track down the alleged driver in a

hit and run accident... and ... availands of dollars in grants, thousands of dollars in hit and run accident... and ...

available to those devastated by thousands of dollars in grants,

last month' s floods. available to those devastated by

last month' s floods. A disqualified driver has appeared in court,

driver has appeared in court,

charged over the death of his

passenger in a crash near Bathurst passenger in a crash near

over the weekend.. The thirty one over the weekend.. The thirty one

year old man from Sydney' s west is year old man from Sydney' s west is