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This program is captioned live.

Tonight our breaking story on the

siege. little girl in the Parramatta bomb

Defiant teachers to go ahead with an illegal strike.

New fears for Schapelle over a drug overdose.

John Howard on the moment that

changed the world.

changed the world.

And the woman behind the Dally M

Player of the Year.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Over tonne.

She is a little girl just 12 years

old at the centre of the siege that

shut down the heart of Parramatta.

Tonight, Nine News has exclusive

interviews and details about her

role in the dramatic 12-hour standoff.

When the talking reached a When the talking reached a deadend,

police moved in. Armed with

battering rams, chain saws and gas

cylinders, they smashed through the

office wall. Their first priority,

the young girl. Held hostage in a

12-hour cliffhanger that had the

city on edge. And after all she had

been through, her concern was for

her father. "Don't hurt my dad",

she screamed, as she was she screamed, as she was rushed to

a waiting ambulance. Moments later,

the man who brought Parramatta to a

standstill found himself under

siege, hand cuffed and arrested.

I'm hearing that the man at the

centre of this drama is just being

walked out by police as we go to

air. A risky operation, carried out

with a real threat that there was a

bomb in the room. They put

danger, themselves in an area of extreme

danger, and I praise the courage of

all of those officers involved. All

this, the man's wife says, was

sparked by a long-running

neighbourhood dispute. It breaks my

heart. Because all he wanted to do

was to protect his family.

And this is where he ends up. She

says her husband was attempting to

deliver paperwork to the Attorney-

52-year-old General. Police will alleged the

52-year-old demanded $4,500 from

the Aboriginal Land Council, and

access to a barrister to launch

legal action against a man named

Matthew Turner from his home town

of Orange. His daughter went with

him. She would have been just

screaming because she didn't want

to leave him. Yeah, good father to

me. Always there for me and that.

happened. I Like, I wish that none of this

happened. I want it to end. Lawyers

returning to the building today

were told it could be a week before

they're allowed back in. Apparently

anyone goes in there without

protective gear, the gas they have

used will cause massive skin

reactions. The office belongs to

this barrister. The man who

borrowed his wig, and spat on, has

a long criminal history, listed in

court documents court documents tendered today,

including breaching bail and

firearms offences. He could now be

facing a lengthy jail term. My kids

need their father and I need him

myself. home, because I can't do this by

Sarah Harris was there as the

operation unfolded last night and

joins us from Parramatta.

Sarah, we know a lot of businesses were affected. were affected. When will things get

back to normal? Well, Pete, after

yesterday's dramatic lockdown where

we saw the heart of Parramatta

practically stop for nearly 12

hours yesterday, things are pretty

much back to normal today, except,

of course, for the legal staff who

work in the building behind me,

where the siege went down. We are

told that it could be at least a

few days before they can get back

inside, right now police are in

there, still gathering evidence and there, still gathering evidence and conducting forensic tests. But,

Pete, while it is certainly a bit

of an inconvenience for the people

who work there, they know the

outcome of this siege could have been so much worse.

Thousands of teachers will walk off

the job tomorrow, defying orders

from the tribunal to abandon the

strike. The move will leave parents

strand and couldn't come at a worse

time for the Premier, as he tries

to sell his budget to to sell his budget to voters.

The teacher strike is now illegal.

One reason why they were striking

was to protect the independence of

the industrial comix. On the very

day they are defending it, they are

defying it. The federation says the

Government is hypocritical. The

Government has said it is up fit to

hit public sector wage claims and

they are pursuing teachers in NSW to stop them action. to stop them taking the protest

It appears both sides only like the

umpire when it favours them. With

the result that parents and

children will lose out. This is an

unwelcome distraction for the

Premier, keen to spruik the

benefits of his first budget.

Is drilling for the long-awaited

North West Rail Link has started in

will be Castle Hill. It is being built. It

will be delivered. But it will take

another seven years before services

can begin.

Kevin is at State Parliament today.

The Government's good news seems to

be lost in the confusion of the

teachers strike? Yes, it is. But

more importantly, the strike is of

great concern to many parents. The

education department has confirmed

this afternoon that 590 schools

see if across the state will be closed. To

see if your school is one of them,

go to DET.EDU.NSW.AU. Now, 20,000

public sector workers, including

nurses and firefighters will be

gathering here behind Parliament

house at lunch time. They will

rally out the front and march along

interesting Macquarie Street. It will be

interesting to see how long the anger lasts.

Schapelle Corby's family and

supporters have new fears about her

state of mind after she apparently

overdosed on some of her medication.

The latest cry for help comes seven

years since Corby's arrest at

Denpasar Airport. She won't walk

free until 2022.

There have been shouting matches

and hospital visits,

and hospital visits, now another

sign of Schapelle Corby's fragile

mental state. In July, a possible

overdose. Corby swallowed a week's

worth of antepsychotic drugs. The

system doesn't know if it was a

suicide bid. There is nout that

Schapelle is mentally unstable.

Whuns she got the medicine, she

days. Corby saved the life within a couple of

days. Corby overslept as a result

of the drug-. We asked the doctor

attempt. if he thought it was a suicide

Brisbane lawyer and Corby supporter

Kerry Smith Douglas says the

Government is ignoring Corby's

plight. I would not be at all

surprised if he comes home in a

body bag and the Australian

Government will be ashamed of

themselves. Corby has plenty of

supporters on

supporters on the web. One group

claims to have done an independent

investigation into her case. It

says, "We have uncovered some

pretty shocking truths. High-level

corruption and cover-ups and at the

Australian Government sold her down

the river." And it is all news to

Mercedes, her case rests with a

clemency bid. Clemency has been for

a year and a half now. We have not a year and a half now. We have not

given up hope. We have to wait for

a decision.

Police say they have smashed a

major cocaine distribution ring

after 11 separate raids across

south-western Sydney.

The Middle Eastern organised crime

squad arrested six men and seized

drug, weapons and around a quarter

of a million dollars in cash.

Police in Brisbane are

investigating a suspected murder suicide involving a suicide involving a mother and her teenage daughter.

It is believed the 48-year-old

woman killed her 14-year-old

daughter before leaping to her

death from the city's Story Bridge.

The woman's 12-year-old son was

found with minor injuries in her abandoned car.

Of the 7,000 Australians who will

suffer a stroke this year, more

than half of those cases could have been avoided.

That was the warning today from That was the warning today from

medical experts who claim too many

doctors and patients don't know the symptoms.

All too often when a stroke comes,

it comes without any warning. When

I had a stroke it was news to me.

But unknown to George, the alarm

bells had been ringing. He had

atrial fibrillation, an irregular

heart beat, years heart beat, years before his stroke,

which increases the risk of stroke

five-fold. I didn't know about it

back then, that is the problem. An

even bigger problem, far too many

doctors are also unaware of the

symptoms. It can trigger the

formation of blood clots. They can

travel through arterys to the brain

and trigger a stroke.

More than half a million

Australians aged over 50 have AF, Australians aged over 50 have AF,

and 7,500 will have a stroke this

year. But this new report says at

least half are preventable.

Get some blood-thinning treatment.

Learn to take your own pulse. If it

is erratic, it may not mean you

have AF, but it certainly is well

worth while seeing your doctor.

A 14-year-old skateboarder is A 14-year-old skateboarder is

feeling pretty sore and sorry after

hitching a ride on the back of his

mother's car as she drove out of

the family home at Menai. The boy

fell from his skateboard and ended

up with his stitchs in his face.

The mother said she didn't know he

was holding on to the car. Ten

years ago this Sunday, Prime

Minister John Howard was in

Washington when the September 11th

attacks jolted the United States to

its very core. its very core.

Mr Howard was the only foreign

leader in the country at the time,

and he was quick to give America

the support it so badly needed. I

spoke to Mr Howard about how events

unfolded, his memories of the day

still crystal clear.

Oh, my God! Vivid as yesterday. It was an

was an extraordinary day. Came from

nowhere. It was a beautiful

Washington morning. I went for the

normal walk. I was getting ready

for a news conference. Tony O'Leary,

my press secretary came around and

said, "By the way, boss, a plane

has hit the World Trade Center." He

said ierbgs yeah, a terrible

accident." He said, "Another plane

has hit the other tower." And we

both knew it was

both knew it was no accident.

I then went to the news conference,

and while the news conference was

going on, Flight 77 was driven into

the Pentagon. We pulled aside the

curtains and you could see the

smoke billowing. We knew, crikey,

this is - it was so totally

unexpected. I had spent four hours

with President Bush with President Bush the day before,

and it was the very first time we

met. We talked about everything

under the sun, of course, except

terrorism. Nobody knew it was

coming. How did you feel

emotionally and physically? Well,

remarkably calm. I remember very

clearly, heath Evans said, "Prime

Minister, I haven't lost anybody Minister, I haven't lost anybody

yet, you come straight away."

When something major happens, we

turn to our leaders. Were you

rattled? I wasn't rattled. I mean,

I knew that it was something

terrible, and my instinct told me

that this was going to be a - you

know, history-changing event. You

developed a strong friendship with

President George W Bush. Are you

still in contact? Yeah, we keep still in contact? Yeah, we keep in

touch. When Bin Laden was taken out.

I rang him. I knew he would feel a

sense of satisfaction and

achievement, even though it had not

occurred on his watch. Did you have

a sense of satisfaction when bladep

was killed? Oh, yes, he was a mass

murder. Oon evil man beyond

description. Of course I was

delighted when he was taken out.

Thank you for talking to us Mr Howard. Is you

Is you might have heard an RAAF jet

roaring over the city this morning.

It was all part of the Battle of

Australia commemorations at the

cenotaph honouring those who served

in the defence of our country

during the Pacific War and World

War II. In the news ahead - how a

young mother fought off an intruder

during a violent home invasion.

Plus Texas Plus Texas Burns,

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Let's go to breaking news. Just

moments ago, the young girl at the

centre of the Parramatta siege

returned to the family home in

Orange. She has just been Orange. She has just been reunited with her mother.

Police are praised the bravery of a

family at the centre of a

terrifying home invasion in

Sydney's west this morning. Live to

reporter Tim McMillan outside the

unit at Penrith. Tim, the police

investigation is continuing at the

scene tonight? Pete, police have

been here now almost 14 hours. This

is what we know. The chest of

drawers there is what the alleged

intruder used to hoist himself

inside the unit at 4:30 this

morning. Inside, a 20-year-old

woman and 4-year-old daughter. She

texted her parents. They came

around. A fight broke out. Her

father was stabbed several times.

The alleged intruder suffered head

injuries after the woman hit him in

the head several times with a club,

pole or chair. She sat on him to subdue him. subdue him. Absolute display of

heroism by the father and mother of

this young lady. They have taken on

a dangerous offender. The father

has serious injuries and the young

lady has bravely attempted to

subdue the offender.

Pete, the suspect and the woman's

father remain under police guard

tonight at Westmead Hospital.

Police seized the alleged

intruder's car. Whether he is known

to the victim unis clear.

The police know who he The police know who he is. They

expect to lay charges soon.

A wiefr disaster in Texas has now

killed four people and destroyed

more than 1,000 heems. Another

4,000 homes have been evacuated,

and it seems almost certain that

many of those properties will be lost.

James Murdoch has been accused of

knowing more than he admits about

Britain's 'News of the World' phone-hacking scandal. Two former executives

executives say he was told of widespread phone-hacking three years ago.

I think everybody perfectly

understood the seriousness of and

the significance of what we were

discussing. Two months ago, James

Murdoch told the hacking inquiry

that he thought the scandal was

restricted to one rogue reporter,

and he says he stands by that evidence.

Storm star Billy Slater has taken

home the NRL's highest individual honour, the Dally honour, the Dally M. But league's

big night out belongs as much to

the players as the WAGS, who shone on the red carpet.

Not many people can upstage Tigers

star Benji Marshall but his

girlfriend, Zoe Balbi, sure gave

him a lesson in razzle-dazzle. I'm making

making her look pretty good, I

reckon. He is the accessory.

Sequins were popular, long classic

styles too. Braith Anasta's new

fiancee, Jodie Gordon went bold.

Fashion award? Jodi, for sure!

Right answer! When it was not about

the girls and the gowns it was all

lbtps Benji

lbtps Benji or Billy. That battle

went unto the last couple of rounds.

The winner is Billy Slater from the

Melbourne Storm. He beat Benji by

two votes. Cooper Cronk was third.

I'm sure once I finish playing it

will be one of the highlights. The

Storm cleaned up. Coach of the year

and captain of the year were among

seven awards. seven awards.

A team tarnished in 2010 is

sparkling again. It is a part of

our history, the club's history. We

all had to get through it. But we

all got over it. Billy says his

wife, Nicole, got him through the

tough times to become the decorated

dad he is now. He is still great in

my eyes, a really good player

anyway. A good accessory without it.

He is! He is fine. Noi it He is! He is fine. Noi it is time

for more sport with Ken.

It has been a frustrating year for

Lote Tuquiri. Tonight, the Tigers

star reveals his biggest fear ahead

of the clash with the Dragons.

Also, the Socceroos continue their

march to the World

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moment ahead of a big fight.

West Tigers star Lote Tuquiri has

revealed his team's biggest fear

heading into Friday night's

blockbuster against the Dragons. It

has nothing to do with their opponents. Tuquiri has admitted

that he thought he would be

watching this year'sifiables from the sidelines.

It has been a dark year for the man

known as the Dark Shark. Injury

after injury had the critics asking

if the game was starting to pass

him by. It was a bit of a time

during the year where I thought,

you know, it was all a bit much and,

you know, I wouldn't play again

this year. Why did you think that?

You know those times when you are

down and out and you think to

ourselves it is not my year, I

haven't had a decent run of luck

this year, I've - every time I came

back I seem to have got a new

injury. He is a fair-sized...

Yeah, yeah. Does that hurt is this

No, it is from the infection. And

the bone sort of is doing something

ridiculous there. Now Tuquiri and

the Tigers have focused on the

Dragons. Do they scare us? Probably Dragons. Do they scare us? Probably

more scared of ourselves and

probably what we are not doing. We

are probably letting ourselves down

last week against the Sharks with

our mental application. The Cowboys

need to be switched on for their

clash against Manly on Saturday

night. They know what to expect

from the Eagles. We have to make

sure that we have a good

preparation this week. Like I said,

there is no second chances here. We

need to give it our all and no

doubt Manly will be looking to bash

us. And the Storm were the big

winners from last night's Dally M

awards. They say it counts for

nothing. It is a great reward for

the club lapt. But, you know, I

think we need to put the Dally M

Awards night behind us quickly.

He is public enemy No. 1 in New

Zealand and Wallabies star Quade

Cooper says he's ready for many

hostilities during the Aussie's

World Cup campaign. All Blacks fans

are angry Cooper escaped suspension

after kneeing their captain Richie

McCaw in the Tri-Nations decider. I

don't regret anything about the

game. We won it. James O'Connor

missed today's session with the flu.

The Socceroos have taken control of

their Asian World Cup qualifying

group after their 3-1 win against Saudi Arabia.

Striker Josh Kennedy was at it

again after starring in the win

against Thailand. Kennedy scored

two goals against the Saudis.

And finally, here is something a

little different. Boxing legend

Manny Pacquiao is in New York for

the build-up to his next fight. And

instead of the usual trash-talk, a

packed news conference was treated

to a tender love song.

(Sings) # I want to hold you (Sings) # I want to hold you # Till

I die # Till we both break down and

cry # (LAUGHTER) It Won't be that

friendly come the fight night. Or

is that fright night?! I'm choked

up about that. I wish we had time

for more!

Amber is next with with strokes. Details - 6.30.

Coming up next on WIN News... The

family of a hit and run victim -

renew their appeal to help find her

killer. And, big spenders -

Canberrans paying the most for Canberrans paying the most for good

and services. Join me for all the details next.

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After a few showers last night, it was a fine

was a fine and sunny day in Sydney.

It did feel cooler though, thanks

to fresh south-westerly winds this

morning. We eventually reached a

top of 20 degrees in the city and

22 in Campbelltown. Cloud building

over eastern area, due to this low.

Drought-affected areas will see

significant rain in the next 24

hours. On Friday, an east coast low

will develop, with very cold and

strong winds of up to 90km/h. And there will And there will be plenty of rain

over the next four days, 25 to 50mm

in these areas. Tomorrow, Brisbane

will be mostly fine.

A chilly start for Canberra.

Possible afternoon shower for Melbourne.

Mainly fine in Adelaide. Sunny in Perth.

It will be partly cloud for us tomorrow.

Before we go, just to remind you,

if you want to find out about the

teachers strike, go to the website on your screen.

That is Nine News for this Wednesday.

I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening.

WIN' s late edition bulletin.

Tonight ... Ten year' s on - a

family' s appeal for information

into a hit and run. Have the into a hit and run. Have the region

councils missed out in the New

South Wales budget? And: Canberrans

spending the most in the country on goods and

goods and services.Good evening, I'

m Danielle Post More than ten years after a mother-of-three was killed

in a hit and run on Northbourne

Avenue - the victim' s family has

renewed its appealed for

information. Sally-Anne Goodwin was

left for dead on Christmas night -

her killer has never been found. her killer has never been found.

Revisiting the site of a tragic accident.