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Tonight - after 8 years of

anguish, a break through in the

Daniel Morcombe case. Closure

is not a word that we're very

comfortable with and please

charged and our priority as consider that a man has

parents of Daniel is to find

Daniel. Thousands rally across

the country demanding an end to live animal exports. The

Wallabies return to form just Wallabies return

in time for the World Cup. And

why are so many why are so many Japanese

suddenly looking for love?

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. The parents of

Daniel Morcombe last night got

the call they knew might one

murder of their 13-year-old son day come. Police told

who was last seen waiting for a

bus on a Sunshine Coast in

2003. His disappearance sparked

one of the country's biggest missing person

Tonight a 41-year-old man is in

custody and will appear in

court tomorrow. But the

Morcombes say there won't be

any closure for them until

their son's body is found. 8

years of waiting, wondering and

preparing and then a break

through. It's a very difficult

place Denise and I and the family find is somewhere that we've worked

extremely hard over 7 years and

8 months to be in and yet when

don't want to be. Daniel you're there it's a place you

Morcombe's disappearance

sparked the biggest missing person's investigation in

Queensland's history. Queensland's history. 10,000

people have been interviewed by

police. The Morcombes credit an

inquest that they pushed for as

key to the arrest. Without any shadow

shadow of doubt that was perhaps man is in custody and will face

court on Monday. The charges preferred are murder,

deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment stealing, indecent treatment of

a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse. I

think it's really important

that people's judgment needs that people's judgment needs to

be very much measured. The

Morcombes say their focus is on

putting Daniel to rest. He

needs to be buried in

- So do his brothers. This dignity. He deserves that and

will be a very painful time for will

the Morcombe family and I think

many Queenslanders will be

thinking of them at this very

difficult moment. The police are painstakingly searching area of bushland on the

kilometres from where Daniel Sunshine Coast about 40

disappeared. Some of it is

swamp land. Police say the

search will continue until he's

found. Closure is not a word

that we're very comfortable

with and please consider that a

man's been charged. Our

priority as parents of Daniel

is to find Daniel. The family is to find

say they're grateful for the

police persistence and the

public support. There's been an

outpour ing on the Internet.

family's plight has touched Daniel's disappearance and his

many. The Morcombes say the

break through in the case thaz

strengthened their resolve to

continue to promote child

safety. They'll visit 20

schools in the next month. They

say that will be Daniel's

legacy. A man has died after

shooting himself in the a police station in Wagga

Wagga. Police say the

37-year-old man was arrested

over a domestic dispute last

night and was being removed

from a police van when the shooting happened. Officers say

it's unclear where the gun came

from but it was not a police

weapon. A critical investigation team has been

sent to Wagga. Well look, it's

ugly, it's a horrible incident

for everyone involved. There's

no winners. To see a young

man's life taken is tragic in

any circumstance, in particular nature. Officers attempted to in such a violent

resuscitate the man before

taking him to hospital where he

died this morning. The Federal Government's Opposition Leader of being an Government's accused the

economic vandal and a - political opportunist. Tony

Abbott's support for farming

over mining interests has

ignited heated debate over gas

exploration. The Greens have

seized on Mr Abbott's comments

and they've challenged the

Coalition to back legislation

that would give farmers the right to stop land. Political reporter George

respondent - Roberts. On the

edge of a world heritage forest

in NSW the latest gas drilling proposal has the people of

Putty protest ing. More and more these small farming

communities are starting to

fight big mining companies over

gas exploration. They've had no

consultation with the commune,

or they have but it's only been

at our incity gaition. They've

never told us anything except

when we asked. The company involved exploring at this stage but the

prospect of gas production is

already producing one thing -

fear. Having a national park

and a world heritage attacked like this from a

mining perspective is very

similar to somebody putting an

oil rig just off the Great

Barrier Reef. The debate's

caught the ear of one

politician. Tony Abbott says

farmers should be able to say

no to companies wanting to tap

the resources beneath the soil.

It's that kind of talk that's

on the nose according to the Government. Tony

shown himself yet again to be

an absolute rank opportunist

and an economic vandal when it comes to Australia's economic future. Martin that's a risk to his

portfolio. He basically said

foreign investment is not

welcome and he said when it

comes to disputes the mining

interests and the capacity to

develop Australia will come

second. It was left to a senior

Liberal to clarify his leader's comments. I don't think Tony

Abbott was saying that he

believed farmers had the right to veto exploration on their to

properties. That's not the

position of everyone in the Opposition though. In what may seem like an unlikely alliance, the Nationals say they're

willing to talk to the Greens about restoring the balance in

favour of farmers and the

Greens plan to introduce

legislation to do just that. With the Coalition the Greens would be able to get

this legislation through and

into law before Christmas. It

could be put to the test sooner rather than later as Parliament rather than later as Parliament resumes this week.

week after live cattle exports

to Indonesia resumed animal rights campaigners have called

for an end to the trade. Protestors gathered in front of Parliament House to Parliament House to voice their

concern in what was one of many

rallies across Australia ahead

of a vote against live exports in Federal Parliament on

Thursday. The rally was told

the killing and processing of animals in Australia would

ensure they are treated

humanely. We can also ensure

that they don't have to ensure

the long distances that they

have to travel have to travel overseas. You're

basically cutting out the

cruelty in terms of how those

animals are being treated. It's

clear from the evidence that's in Indonesia and in Indonesia and indeed in the Middle East, Australian animals

are having terrible suffering inflicted on them during

slaughter. A bill to phase out

live exports has been tabled by Andrew Wilkie and Nick

Xenephon. The Greens have put

forward their own bill for an

immediate ban. Those opposed to live conscience vote for politicians

would ensure one of the bills

passes on Thursday. Gay rights campaigners have stepped up the

pressure on the Government to

make same sex marriage legal. rally in Canberra was one of

several around the country that

called on the ALP to support legislation

legislation allowing same sex

unions. The ACT has already

tried to go it alone on

legalising same sex marriages,

only to be overruled by the

Federal Parliament. Now gay rights campaigners are targeting their effort to gain acceptance

for same sex marriages. Julia Gillard has made it clear that

she will do her damnedest prevent the Labor Party changing her position. The

Opposition say they will be

doing their best to change her

mind. We gather between God to

celebrate the love of these

couples. To press their point

several couples were married

today in a mock ceremony. I

declare you to be partners in

love in the sacred union of

marriage. You may now

other person.

We've been together for 4 years and

years and want to be able to

publicly declare that. I think

it's time for thasmt We'd it's time for thasmt We'd like

to see marriage be open and

available to all people. Jesus

preached a message of

inclusiveness and we see

including people who express a

desire to have a public right

of commitment and love that

they have the opportunity to do

so. Already all State branches

of the ALP except NSW have Greens have a bill in the

Senate that would approve

marriages between two men or

two women. Love is love no

matter who the couple are, they

should be able should be able to celebrate that relationship with a

marriage in front of their

friends and family. The ALP

will vote on legalising same

sex marriage at its national

conference in December. The

British Prime Minister has

asked an American expert to help develop strategies to

combat rioting and street crime. The move comes as police

brought murder charges over the

deaths of 3 young men in Birmingham during last week's

unrest. This bus stop has

become a shrine to 3 men killed during during the unrest in Birmingham. They were hit by a

car while trying to protect

shops and their community from looters. Their families and

other people from the area want

justice. We're still looking

for witnesses to come forward

and the police need as much

help as possible. Police have

now chargeled a 32-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy with the

trio's murder. It's been a busy

time for Britain's courts. This 321-year-old man is accused of

taking a phone and portable

play station from this injured student. And the authorities aren't done yet. They've released more pictures of

people they want to trace.

They're also calling in outside

help bringing in an American

policeman famed for his zero tolerance approach. My

assignment is to focus more on

the issues experience dealing with gangs

and what we may be able to

share with them. But not everybody's happy about

engaging an American to solve

an English problem. Been given

a slap in the face by the Prime

Minister and told that he wants

to bring in Bill Bratton to

cure all policing ills. The Government insists money isn't

the answer saying the events of

the last weeks show the need for deep seated for deep seated cultural change in the community. people have been killed in the

United States after a stage

collapsed at the Indiana State

Fair. Officials say a gust of

wind caused the stage rigging

to topple on to fans who were

waiting to see a country music concert. At least 40 people

have been taken to

hospital. The degree of

injuries for those people

ranges from cuts and scrapes to

very serious injuries and I

would be - I want to be very

frank that there is a

possibility that we could have

other deaths. Fair organisers have cancelled all events and

activities. Germany has marked

the 50th anniversary of the

Berlin Wall going up. The East

German Government build the 160

kilometre long wall to stop its

citizens fleeing to the west.

Soldiers were given orders to shoot people trying to escape.

TRANSLATION: 128 people who

simply wanted their freedom

were shot. They had their

freedom taken away by an unjust

system which locked in its own

people. It's a bitter memory a day when Berlin was in a state of state of shock. Berliners

observed a minute's silence to

remember those killed trying to

cross the Cold War barrier. The German president and chancellor

were among those who attended a special ceremony where the wall

once stood. It came down in

1989 and a year later the 1989 and a year later the two Germanys were reunited. To

sport now and the Wallabies

have sounded a warning to other nations ahead of the World Cup

defeating South Africa in a

thrilling clash in Durban overnight. Australia

only try of the match beating

an experienced Springboks side

14-9. The Springboks were a

completely different

the one that was trounced in Australia and New Zealand in recent weeks and early

Australian ill-discipline gave

the home side the lead.

Continuous broken play limited

any phase build up. Each team

struggling to gain control of

the match and the ball. Quade

Cooper sent a scare through the

Wallabies' camp. It's on the ground, who wants it? A knock

on was ruled and the try

disallowed. The Wallabies had

their chances too. Kurtley

Beale brought down metres

before the line on half

time. The second half picked up

where the first left off. The

Wallabies though gained the

ascendency, finally breaking

through for the first try of

the match.

Australia's poor work at the

breakdown gave the Springboks a shot to take back the lead.

Butch James making no mistake.

The Wallabies weathered the

Springs box pf Springs box pf fightback. The

rain came down and the tense

final minutes the Springboks

with 1 last chance to win the match. Like the rest of the

night they dropped the bundle

at the line. The Wallabies coming away with the win. We

created opportunities, didn't

finish thech and it would have

been easy for the groip to go

in decline particularly off their recent experience but

they stuck at it and they were

good around the contact. We

didn't let the negatives phase

us there and we just kept

sticking to what we knew would

work eventually and we got the pay at the end of the

game. It's the first time the

Wallabies have won 2 matches in a row in South Africa since the

1960s. A second half comeback

wasn't enough to save the Raiders at

Raiders at home this afternoon.

They couldn't capitalise and

went down to the Rabbitohs

47-18. Overnight the Sea Eagles displayed their

premiership credentials and today the Roosters ended their

week of turmoil with a big

upset win over St George. Key

men Todd Carney and Nate Myles

were suspended for disciplinary

reasons but their team-mates

made a footballing statement

against the premiers. The

Dragons hit the front late in

the first half. But their

efforts to squeeze back into

the top 4 were thwarted as they again failed to score in a

second half. The Roosters added 10 points to win

by 8. The 5th placed Dragons play Melbourne away on Friday.

The Rabbitoh's away record is atrocious and atrocious and the club history

say wins in Canberra are hard

to find but these white and

greens had a lot more riding on

2 points than the home side.

The first 25 minutes was all

Souths. Ben Ross found the line

and Greg Inglis bagged a double

as the Rabbitohs raced to a

24-0 lead. The fans in the

burrow found their voices as Souths went Souths went on to win by 29. Finals football is within

reach. The Eels losing streak

was unlikely to end against

Manly but for periods the blue

and gold army was allowed to

dream. Daly Cherry-Evans put

some badly needed fizz into the

Eagles attack. Manly added to

its half time lead. The Eels missed their late opportunity to level the scores.

The Titans' chances of avoiding the wooden spoon

weren't assisted by the weren't assisted by the Storm.

Melbourne aimed up for a club

record 11th successive win.

Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk

made it a clinic.

Cronk scored a hat-trick

before su coming to injury.

Scans have revealed he won't

need surgery but is likely to

miss 2 games. With 3 rounds remaining the

closed the gap th and 9th to 2 points.

Richmond has Richmond has stunned Sydney

at the MCG posting an upset

43-point victory. Last night

Brisbane thrashed the Gold

Coast Suns and Essendon beat the Western Bulldogs. This

afternoon West Coast beat

Melbourne in the late game

Geelong and Adelaide are

fighting a tight battle. The

Tigers piled on 6 final quarter

goals to seal a memorable

against the swans. On paper the

MCG was playing host to the

sort of match which often

occurs late in a season in which one side has everything

to play for and the other

seemingly nothing. But the lure

of a home final and near

guaranteed place in the top 8

just wasn't enough to get a

lacklustre Swans side into

gear. Though Adam Goodes tried

to lead the way. Despite an 8-point quarter

time deficit the Tigers had the

better of the first term and

soon made their dominance count on the score board second. Four goals to 1 had

Richmond with a handy 12-point

buffer at the main break.

Sensing the danger from the

rising Tigers, the Swans rallied in the third term to

pull within 4 points but it was

to be as close as they got for the the rest of the afternoon.

Showing form which has been

mystifyingly absent for months, Richmond ran rampant kicking

the last 2 goals of the third

term and the first 3 of the

fourth to have the match all but sewn up. Two quick majors gave the Sydney faithful

some faint hope but it was very

much Richmond's afternoon in

another season of unfulfilled expectations the Tigers enjoyed

a rare moment in the sun and

left the Swans with some work

to do if they want to be a part

of September. In the north-eastern football league

the Sydney Swans reserves thumped Queanbeyan 150-37. Two relatively unknown American

golfers are on top of the

leader board heading into the

final round of the US PGA championship championship in Atlanta. Brendan Steele and Jason Dufner

are one stroke ahead of

compatriot Keegan Bradley.

Australians Adam Scott and John Senden is 5 shots off the pace. Dufner and Steele sounds

more like a law firm than the

joint leaders of a golf major.

Between them Brendan Steele and Jason Dufner boast only

Jason Dufner boast only one win

on the US tour. Tomorrow they

will have a chance to make a name for themselves. You know,

probably be a little anxious for me. I don't think I guess

oh would probably call it

nerves. My expectations are to

play a solid round tomorrow and

if it's good enough great, if

it's not, then this is my

major so hopefully first of many. The equally unheralded

Keegan Bradley can't believe

he's one off the pace. I

probably have no idea what's

going on. At 5 shots back

Australian Adam Scott will need

to produce something special to

win his first major. I've still

got a chance tomorrow, I've got no pressure on just go out and go for it. Scott's compatriot John

Senden will also start the

final round 5 shots from the lead. Samantha

a good idea of how her US Open

build up is going when she

meets Serena Williams in the final of the WTA event in

Toronto. Sam's a great player.

She's ranked way higher than I

am. She's 10 in the world and

playing well and this court

fits her game like

unbelievable. The Australian

reached the decider with a 6-2,

5-7, 6-2 victory over Polish player Agnieska Radwanska. And

Australian boxer Michael

Katsidis has has his first win

since the death of his brother

jockey Stathi Katsidis last October. The 30-year-old knocked out Mexican Michael

Lozada in the welterweight

bout. Not so long ago it seemed

unthinkable but England is now

officially the world's number

one Test cricket team. one Test cricket team. England

took the top spot from

to take a 3-0 lead in the

4-match series. Indian captain MS Dhoni provided spirited resistance with 74 not out but

his team was dismissed for 244.

I'm certainly very proud of

the way the guys have played

under a lot of pressure. These

are big series. It's the first

time England has been number one in Test cricket since the

ICC rankings were introduced ICC rankings were introduced 8 years ago. have had a good day at the

world's biggest fun run in Sydney today.

Sydney today. More than 80,000

people ran in the City to Surf

in pretty slippery conditions.

Emily Brichacek from Bruce took

second place in the women's

race while Martin Dent was

third in the men's. It's not

supposed to rain on the City to Surf. First time ever, rain. Some things, though,

never change. Why? That's what

I want to know? Why else are you going to do on a

Sunday morning? How has the

price of bananas affected your preparation? Look how much

weight we've lost. For the

first time the wheelchairs led

the way. Then the fleet of

foot, the serious, the sensible

and the silly. You weren't

tempted to dress up or anything? Not at all. From city

to surf is 14 kilometres. If

the body isn't broken by

halfway, the heart might be on the hill

dreads. You only started

jogging because the camera was

onnio That's right. How are you travelling? Going pretty well

for an old fella. First to

finish was Kurt Fearnley, he's conquered many a challenge in

his life. This, he says is up

there. Once you get to the top

of that hill you can pick up a

lot of time up but heart break

hill, bloody hell. 8 minutes

later was Liam Adams snatching

the lead in the final stretch

to claim the men's title. I've never guess the weather conditions

are similar to Melbourne and it

suited me. And it suited Jess Trengove, the South Australian

went two better than last year. Ecstatic. year. Ecstatic. It was a biling

aim for the future and to get

it today is unreal. As for the rest, time hardly

mattered. Congratulations, you

look stuffed? Is I'm buggered. So it seems is half

of Sydney. The world number 2

Ramy Ashour has produced a thrilling comeback to defeat world number world number one and reigning

champion Nick Mathew in the

squash final in Canberra. In Nicol Nicol David continued her

dominance with a straight games win. Hundreds packed in to win. Hundreds packed in to see the finals of Australia's

biggest squash tournament. Ramy

Ashour, a crowd favourite,

hoping to upset world number 1

Nick Mathew. In the highly

anticipated rematch of last

year's men's final, Mathew

twice gained a game lead over

the Egyptian but the fighting his way to a 5th and

final game. As the rallies

became longer the younger

athlete's fitness proved the difference, Ashour dominating

the game to take the title for

the first time. To be on top

on such a great event and to be

on the trophy next to legends,

it's great. He takes your legs away from you and back end of the 4th game just started to

feel it a bit in the legs and he just got away from me in the

5 this there. In the women's

final world number 1 final world number 1 nick

Nicol David went in against second rate Jenny Dunn Cal -

Duncalf. These courts don't

really give you anything if you don't use it well. So I was

just moving well, focused well

and I just stayed on my game so I'm really happy. The Australian Open another notch

on the belt of the world

champion. There's been an

unexpected jump in the number of marriages since Japan's

tsunami and nuclear crisis. The

disasters have made some

Japanese ponder their mortality

and look for love.

They've been true to each

other in good times and in bad, through earthquakes, and nuclear meltdowns. And

after having their weddings wiped out by the March 11

disasters, these 10 couples

have finally come together to exchange their vows. TRANSLATION: It's just a

miracle he's alive. That's

enough for me. But our wedding

is a miracle too. While more

Japanese are rushing to tie the

knot many more are struggling to find their perfect

match. Since March 11 match making companies have reported

a surge in membership as the

desperate and someone to love.

TRANSLATION: Many people had difficulty getting home after

the March 11 disasters. They

felt no-one cared about them so they felt they needed someone

to love with whom they could

start a family. March 11 has also prompted others to

rekindle old flames. Kayoko and Syusaku Hori were Hezbollah

Kating about - hesitating about marriage before the disaster

but when the earth moved so did wanted to hear his voice when

the disaster hit. I wanted to

be with him forever so we decided to get married. But

it's not just weddings on the rise. The March 11 disasters

have also proved disastrous for

many relationships with new figures revealing an increase

in the number of marriage

meltdowns. But here in this chapel there's only martal

bliss. All of these couples

have lost family or friends or

homes or jobs in the March disasters. TRANSLATION: My heart is full

with so many things.

words. I have only tears. I'm very happy. Having survived

natural and nuclear disasters, these couples may have

faced their sternest test. On

to the weather now and we've

enjoyed a lovely late winter's

day in Canberra. Plenty of

sunshine and a top of 17 in the

city. It was cloudy and a bit

rainy on the coast though.

The local radar is not picking up much rain-bearing

cloud though we'll see some showers heading our way in the coming week. A south-easterly air stream

has brought a few showers to

the coast and they've crept inland

inland but not as far as the ACT. We could see rain

extending as far inland as

Canberra tomorrow though and a

change will bring further rain

from about mid week lasting few days. We'll see showers to

our north and to our south tomorrow. Several fronts are bringing

bands of cloud and rain across

the continent including a strong system passing WA. In a

similar pattern to today, an

onshore airstream will see

showers touch coastal centres

but rain will approach the ACT

from the west later on in the

day. So the heavier falls will be along the coastal strip


Light winds and a top of 16

after minus 2 tonight.

And that's the news for now. Thanks for your company. CSI