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Tonight - as a water logged

Queanbeyan mops up, towns are isolated further North. Violent

protests in London, angry students give Prince Charles

students give Prince Charles and Camilla a fright.

Australians show their support

for the WikiLeaks leader amid

more disclosures. And the

selectors draft Beer in a bid

to break the Ashes drought. sn.s? Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. Yesterday it was

a city divided by floodwaters,

today, Queanbeyan is once again

united geographically and

emotionally. Although it's

still too earliy to put an

exact price on the clean-up, it

could cost $2 million to get

the city back to normal. What a

difference a day makes. From

this to this. And from this to this in just a few hours.

Yesterday the Queanbeyan river

peaked at 8.4m rising 3m in

just 2.5 hours. It's dropped

just as quickly. Earlier today

it was at 3.5m. Still above its

normal level but already

revealing the scale of the task

ahead. The debris is quite

massive, had crews working for several hours this morning on

it and we've got all hands on

working through the night to deck, we've

wash mud off the road. Helping

them clean up, remove sandbags,

those kinds of things, pumping

out water in houses and things

like that. There's no figure

yet for the cost of the clean-up but Councillor Overall

reckons the bill could reach $2 million. But with help from the

NSW Government, that shouldn't

cause too much of a fiscal headache for Queanbeyan. Natural disaster

assistance doesn't have an

a upper limit so essentially it's

a safety net for ratepayers. The ratepayer also pay the

first amount of money, it's

actually not all that much and then the State and Federal Government also come in and

Queanbeyan will be asking for pick up the rest. Another thing

help with is the cost of a long

desired ring road. The flooding

over the last few days has

highlighted that that is now an

essential requirement, not just based on

based on the development of

Googong and the population

growth. Because that would provide an alternative ring

road to the CBD. One thing

flood emergency has brought an everyone agrees on

already tight-knit community even closer together. It just

restores your faith I guess in

the community spirit here and

everyone sort of pitched in and

helped where they could. It's

already a close nilt community

and that bring the community but these things do reinforce

together. This has been

described as a one in 20 year

flood and as the clean-up continues in the coming days

and week, the people of

Queanbeyan will no doubt be

hoping they don't see anything

like this again for another 20

years or more. Tonight, the

storm front is moving to the

north-west of NSW. In its wake, townsor cities have been

singled out. In the str west, Eugowra has been cut in

half. Not so long ago this

region was gripped by drought. Now after so

prayers for rain, last night

the heavens well and truly

opened. I was in my ankle, then

my knows and then me waist and

I don't know the time lapse of that but it was extremely

wick In the early hours of the

morning the usually small

its way Mandagery Creek that trickles

its way through Eugowra became a a majortorent engulf manage of

the town's homes and

businesses. As the creek rose

the SES gave residents like

Brett Mongan the order to

evacuate their homes. Within an

hour it rose am and a half

which sort of cuts down things

you do. Local SES volunteer

John Anthes helped to get

people out. His own home is one of the properties now sitting of

in the floodwaters. It looks

like the depth of the water

we're going to have somewhere

around about 4 to 500mm,

hopefully less, through the floor of the house. Other

locals cooled their heels at

the town's ounl only pub still

above the high water market. Regulars of Eugowra's Fat Lamb

Hotel weren't so fortunate but

wasn't even worse. If the worst

you've got to do is hose down

for a week, you're

lucky. Eugowra may be a town

divided by locals are united in

face of vaders havity.. Eugowra

residents have very flood

savoury. It's something they

live with, so when we come knocking on them an expected peak they knocking on their door and tell

generally know how to behaviour Many rural properties surrounding Eugowra have also

progress floodwaters are been isolated but as the days

slowing starting to ease. Until

these water res cede Eugowra

and its residents can only sit

back relax and wait to get

their homes and businesses

back. That's when the real work

will get under way cleaning up

the mess that's been left

behind. Protesters have taken

to the streets of London in the

city's worst political uprising

in years. Riot police were

called in as furious students

tuition fees. Setting fires and demonstrated against higher

smashing wibdos. Even members

of the royal family were targeted. Prince Charles and

his wife Camilla got a shock

when rampaging protesters set upon their car. What was

suppose tobd a day of peaceful

protest had

into violence when the Royal

couple's don vow appeared to

plunder into an angry crowd..

How you cog mate Security was

unable to prevent the car from

being attacked. A window was

shattered, paint splattered on

the Rolls-Royce. Both Prince Charles and the Duchess of

Cornwall were clearly shaken by what should have been a Tripodi

to the theatre for a roim

variety performance. But

trouble had brieing hours

earlier, thousands of angry

students determined

parliament's tripling of their

fees would not go unmarked. A

preagreed route was abandoned. Protesters

and for Protesters rushed police line

and for a while they couldn't

be contained. We're from the

slums of London, yeah. How do

they expect to us pay 9,000 for

uni fees Banners turned into

battering rams as the students

edged closer to the

parliament. There were a number of arrests and injuries of arrests and

including a mounted policeman.

Under cover of darkness, the

attacks continued, the statutes

in Parliament Square a target,

all here upset their fees were

increasing up to 300% and just

from just over $?3,000 to

9,000. This is where politics and and passions collide and here

at the front-line, the students

say the MPs here have utterly

abandoned them and they will

not let them forget it. Instead of dispersing some attacking Government buildings including

the national portrait gallery.

All this is just a start. It's itself

itself student numerous but

deep cuts to public are yet to come, the Government

knew cost cutting was going to

be unpopular but this civil

disorder is a precedent they

could do without. He's a trader

in secret but there's nothing

covert about Julian Assange's support base in his home country. His Australian backers were out in force today

protesting the arrest of

protesting the arrest of the

WikiLeaks founder. His

detention hasn't stemmed the

steady released of leaked US

classified documents. The

latest centre on the Australian

Government's fears about the

war in Afghanistan. On line and now on the streets. Julian

Assange's disciples unite in a

show of solidarity. Capital

city rallies called for the Australian's

Australian's release from

British custody and for respect from Canberra. It upon you to protect this Australian citizen. But Canberra's message has been

confused, from the initial

accusation of law breaker. An

illegal thing to do. To an Attorney-General now hounded

for detail. None willing to

specify if Mr Assange's actions

do flout Australian law. It is

not part of my responsibilities

to determine the guilt or

innocence of any person, it is

the reason why young

Australians have died face down

in the mud. The Government's

growing tired of this daily

leaked cables. Gossip which is salacious and of interest to

the media. The latest glimpse

reveals the former PM's deep

pessimism about the war in Afghanistan. It scares the the hell out of me he's reported to

have told a group of American

politicians in 2008. It's a

slightly more candid appraisal

that the official

version. Afghanistan will Afghanistan will continue to be

dangerous. Kevin Rudd was just

as blunt about his allies in the war complaining that

Australia's doing the hard

stuff while German and French

troops are organising folk

dancing festivals. Germany and France France significantly NATO countries, make substantial contributions. They've taken significant casualties in the

process of making their

contribution and I don't think

it should be scorned. Both have suffered

suffered twice the losses

Australia has. WikiLeaks has

been a distraction and an annoyance for the Government,

but it will seek to reclaim the

agenda on Sunday when the

Treasurer unveils his plan to

boost competition in the

Basquing sector. - banking

sector. The Federal

Government's new MyHospitals

website is officially up and

runs. It's aim is to measure

the performance of individual average. But the site has

already come under fire over

concerns that some of the

information is based on manipulated data. The Federal Health Minister was happy to

test run the new website, she

insists it's $5 million well spent. Whether you are in Bunbury or Brisbane you'll Bunbury or Brisbane you'll be able to compare your hospital

with the national

average. Apart from a few early

glitches, it's launch was waept

plagued by technical meltdowns

like those soon with the

Government's My School's

website but it's already copping criticism for including

fudged figures. We know the

data under the previous Labor Government under John Brumby

had seen data manipulation. It's been checked

a cross checked, we're very

confident that we've done all

question to make sure it's

accurate. But doctors say there's definitely some creative accounting and the data is also out of date. It's six

six months ago that the most

recent data is on there about

surjical waiting lists. Of

how long they have to wait if they start the process

today. The website doesn't rank

hospitals against one another

and only measures performance

for emergency and elective

surgery waiting times. We don't

pretend that today's site is a comprehensive site. The

Minister says the website will eventually have information including rates of

infection and medical errors as

well as waiting times for other

treatments. Patient advocates

say it should also contain

public feedback on

hospitals. It may not be a

league table but we'd certainly

like to see some more

information reflected about

consumers' experience of the service. But

service. But one thing that

won't be included in staff to

patient ratios. The Ministers

calls that an industrial

issue. Waiting times at ACT

hospitals rate poorly against

the national average for range of elective surgearies.

Patients at Calvary are waiting

four times longer for ear, four times longer for ear, nose and throat operations while the delay in gynaecological surgery at Canberra is twice the

national average. Emergency

patients fare better with both

patients fare better with both hospitals recording scores just above the average. We don't

have small rural hospitals in

the ACT, that, you know, only

see a handful of patients see

them very quickly and that

allows larger jurisdictions to

look better overall at a system

level. Rather than accept the

fact we had some problems we

have some real problems with our emergency department, Katy

Gallagher is continually in

denial and trying to present a

rosier picture than is the reality. But both sides of

politics have welcomed the MyHospitals website. There's

just one day left before United

Nations climate talks wind up

in Mexico and there's still no

sign that a global deal to

reduce greenhouse gases is any closer to fruition. The 194

nations have made some progress

but a year on from the troubled Copenhagen meeting, key battlelines remain drawn. The

beaches that have made this

resort town famous have become

the setting for protests, with

just a day left of these talks,

there are fears another

opportunity is about to be

missed. It is time now to

refocus on the major task at

hand. It is imperative for the credibility of this process

that we are able to make

progress here at this

conference. Poor nations are

blaming the rich for failing to

do more to cut their greenhouse gases. TRANSLATION: If Cancun throws

out the Kyoto Protocol, then we will be responsible for ecoside which is the equivalent

enned in disappointment, so the

expectations were set low here

in Cancun. This was about

finding compromise to make a

future deal on lowering

greenhouse gas emissions

possible. But still, the

deadlock between rich and poor countries on the future of the

Kyoto Protocol could prove too

hard to break. Australia wants

an agreement that legally binds

all major economies. A single

treaty for all parties would be

the simplest and most transparent option. However, we

can be flexible on this

question in the context of a

comprehensive legal outcome The

Copenhagen Accord is the only

deal on the table but it's not

binding and pledges on offer

are not enough to avoid a 2

keeg temperature rise. Succeed

or fail, the delegates say they

will be back, this time next

year Durban in South Africa


provide the backdrop for more progress. US President Obama

faces an embarrassing revolt

among fellow Democrats over his compromise tax deal with

Republicans. The President says

he has no choice but to agree

to extend the Busha income tax

cuts at a cost of $800 billion.

The White House has warned that

failure to do so could send the

US back into recession. The

President's in a circle

expected blow back from Lib Democrats but not this. Our

caucus will not submit the

hostage taking and we will not

submit to this deal. The party

room delivered an emphatic no.

Some House Democrats saying he

caved, in others questioning his

his able to stand up to tough minded have done better. Barack Obama

agreed to Republican demands to extend tax cuts to healthy as

well as middle America

including generous estate tax exemptions, Republicans agreed

to cut payroll tax and extend unemployment insurance, the

President has said he doesn't like everything like everything about the $800 billion deal but something had

to give. The middle class tax

cuts were being held hostage to

the high end tax cuts. I think

it's tempting not to negotiate

with hostagetakers. Unless the hostage gets harmed. US political analyst believe

President Obama wants to

reposition himself and govern from the city bliek Bill Clinton before him, argument

was expected but not open

rebellion. The White House is

playing it down. I think at the

end of the day this will get done. Republicans leaders say

it's a take it or leave it Americans would face a tax

increase in the new year. To

finance now and it was a

lacklustre day's trade on the global markets. The local share

market closed flat while the

Australian dollar fell

slightly. One thing that's not

lacklustre at the moment is

silver which hit a record high

of 30 an ounce a few days ago.

Fell back and then last night

jumped 2%. Since mid August

it's put on $so 10 an ounce or

more than 50 spers and there

seems to be some sort of

squeeze play take place. JP

Morgan is set to have bet

billions that the silver price

would fall and now hedge funds

are putting the squeeze on JP

Morgan by putting the price up.

So if the price stays high

watch this space. Back in the

real world a posed to the

casino, cheese trade data for November show exporting boomed in the move

but that imports went up more

so that China's trade surplus

fell $4 billion US to about $23

billion. That's roughly what we

do in a year. The share market

went up a Cup couple of points

today. Falls by industrials

like Wesfarmers and CSL and the

big miners were big miners were offset by decent gains by the banks.

Leaving the market flat over

all. The picture on global

markets was all over the place.

The US was up, Japan down,

India up, Hong Kong down.

Interesting graph today of the

liquid assets on American companies balance sheets.

They're awash with cash which

is another reason their share

prices are going up although not too much because of the propence ity

propence ity of corporate depoks waste money on takeovers

when it's burning a hole in their balance sheets.

The Nobel committee has

defended this year's peace prize

prize decision after diplomatic pressure on the eve of the ward ceremony.

Supporters of the recipient,

the detained Chinese activist

Liu Xiaobo gathered outside

China's embassy in Oslo where

the ceremony will take place

overnight. They're demanding

Professor Liu Xiaobo be

released. China has condemned

the choice calling it

interference in its internal

affairs and is leading a 19

nation boycott of the ceremony. Therese Rein has been awarded

the 2010 human rights medal for

a life time of Aces g people

with disabilities. The award

recognised the work she

undertook as the wife of then

PM Kevin Rudd to improve the design of housing for disadvantaged Australians. The

Human Rights Commission also

lauded the role of her lauded the role of her company

Works Direction Australia in

assisting people get back to work.

work. Ms Rein spoke by video

from London. I think the medal

really belongs to all those

people in this country who

a disability and all those

people who they love and who

love and cherish them. The

human rights young medal was presented to 25-year-old Jack

Manning Bancroft from Sydney for establishing the

for establishing the Australian indigenous mentoring service. International visitors have taken centre stage at the

Australian PGA championship but

the biggest of of them all

missed the cut. Bobby Gates

leads at the halfway mark, he

has a 1-shot emover China's

Liang Wenchong. And Australia's

John Senden. Adam scrot and

America's John Daly missed the cut. American Bobby Gates is

enjoying his time in the

Queensland sunshine, and had

well and truly acclimatised by

this morning. He show cased

exquisite touch around the

groons to take the outright

lead on 11 under.. After you

have a great round the first

day the second is usually a bit of a struggle. I made a few

putts along the way Another international disges

international disges hot on his

hooefrl, China's Liang Wenchong

moved up the leaderboard with a

4 under par 68. Last year's

runner up, John Senden sits

alongside him one shot off the

pace. Senden and Chris Campbell

were the big movers on day two, Campbell surged from even to 8

under. But it was a painful

second round for others, and while while they tried to push

through it, there was no relief

for flam boyant American John

Daly. He shot an 11 over 836789

the Greens moved the undoing of

Adam Scott, he won't feature in

the weekend action. Hard to

watch it at times. Matthew

Griffin ensurd he'll make the

cut and did all he could to

ensure the putting woes of Daly

and Scott. Boy. He joined

veteran Australian Peter Fowler

on 8 under. Defending champion

Robert Allenby is lurking five

shots off the pace, one stroke

ahead of Australian Open winner Geoff Ogilivy. With the Ashes

slipping away from Australia, the selectors have made sweeping changes to the squad

for the third Test in Perth. Out go Marcus North, Xavier Doherty, Doug Bollinger and

injured opener Simon Katich. In come Phillip Hughes, Stephen Smith, Mitchell Johnson and

surprising selection, West

Australian Michael Beer. Needing to win at least

two of the remaining three

Tests to win back the Ash,

selectors have gambled with four in and four out of the squad well beaten in

Adelaide. We're not playing

well. We've been totally

outplayed in all facets of the

game so far. Despite conceding

over 1100 runs for the past six wickets taken, Hilditch

believes they're on the right

track. We think the left arm

orthodox is the right choice

against England with a soly right hand middle order. Although they could be forgiven for turning to something stronger, head as the latest player to fill the spinning

berth. Previous incouple bet

Xavier Doherty lasted just two

Tests. I guess there's been a bit of panic there. The nature

is they've got to find a recipe

for success pretty quickly in

this series But another spin option has been selected in

Stephen Smith. The all-rounder

celebrated his call up in place

of Marcus North by leading NSW

to an 8 #8 wicket victory over South Australia with an

unbeaten 46. To be involved,

it's a dream come true to be

involved in an Ashes

series Fell yes player Callum Ferguson couldn't have done

much more to impress

sleblingors making 131 bringing

up his century of Nathan

Hauritz, himself only recently

through Australian spin bowling

resolving door and while

Ferguson made runs Phillip

Hughes didn't out without

scoring to add to his run of

recent poor form. Afterone Test

on the sidelines Mitchell

Johnson has been called back in. Whether he's Perth, I don't know quite

yet. England has less need to

juggle its line-up but with

Stuart Broad out of the series

his potential replacement would

have been disappointed to take

just two wickets against

Victoria. Opener Michael Hill

was dropped four times as he

made his maiden first class hundred with Victoria

at 2 for 216. The ABC has been

recognised for its outstanding contribution to Australian journalism taking out seven Walkley

Walkley awards. One of the

highest accolades, the Walkley for journalistic leadership

went to veteran current afartion apprehender Kerry

O'Brien. The outgoing '7:30

Report' host also claimed the

award for best interview. In

accepting the honour he paid

tribute to the next generation of reporters. And to see the

people who are taking up that

mantle and taking it into the

future who are the keepers of

the flame, it fills me with part of that process and thank

you very much for this

tonight. The Gold Walkley went to Channel Nine political

reporter Laurie Oakes for his

coverage of Labor Party leaks during the Federal election

campaign. He was a young

Australian actor with a great

future that was ripped

when he was still in his prime.

Now, Heath Ledger's memory will

be honoured with an oral

history project which will

record the experience of young

Australian artists and act. It

will endeavour to capture their

early years as well as their later career highs. Heath

Ledger's untimely death at the

age of 28 deprived the world of

the an opportunity to learn

about his form tifr years and

the artistic ambition he

harboured as a young man. He

never got to tell that story in

his own words. There have been

missed opportunities with Heath

but it has stimulated their

other process to sort of engage this type coming artists. The national

film and sound archive in

Canberra which is dedicated to recording and collecting Australia's artistic history

has launched a program to

interview emerging actor arse

artists. The plan is to get young artists to share their

experiences on camera and to

revisit them every

to chart their careers. It's a

chance for us as a nation and as

as a creative industry to sort of start a conversation about

what it's like to be a young artnies Australia today, what

our experiences are, what we hope to achieve. The arts

Minister says it's a way of

fostering passion in the local

arts industry. The funding role

for developing these sorts of

things shouldn't be just seen

through the prix of the arts

portfolio. Let's be creative about where the other opportunities are. For some of

the up and comers xwifring a

tell all account of their

fledgely today veers a daungt experience. As an meant to have a certain

mystique and mystery around you

and are we actually shooting

ourself in the foot by

reporting stuff so early and

there's the question of, you know, how candid to be Heath

Ledger's father says there are

important lessons to learn from

the young artists experience

and he says his son's

successful career successful career shows just where passion can lead. And now

now with a look at today's

weather here is Mark Carmody..

Thank you Craig. And good

evening. Normally I don't like a stiff north-westerly and today they were

today they were pretty fresh

averaging over 30km/h but with

all our recent rain, a warmish

wind was just what we needed to

help dry out our soggy city but

having said that,er with forced

to take an early morning tea as showers

showers fell across the city

between 8 and 9. But there

wasn't much in it. Less than

1mm. Overnight we went down to

13 and 14 and topped today with

a very

A cloud band extends across

the north-east erp Australia and is generating areas of

heavy rain,

heavy rain, today there was

35mm in extending a ridge over the south-east but a couple of cold

fronts are moving up from the

Bight and they gave Adelaide a

cool one today and they'll give

Australia couple of coolish

ones over the weekend. 22.

Nationally tomorrow -

So Craig, good weekend

weather and you are sure to

hear the lawn mower symphony

and this flower is a day lily and they're just starting to come come out. Thank you for that Mark. That's ABC News, stay

with us now for a special tribute to Kerry O'Brien,

coming up next. Thank you for your company. Good night. Captions by CSI.

Good evening, I'm Kerry O'Brien, welcome to the program. Kerry O'Brien's going to the 7.30 Report? Better start watching the stories. (Laughs) He said ratings don't matter. Oh, he's outrated us. Yeah, they don't. They don't matter at all.

Hmm... Good evening, we've been asked to introduce the sequence of some of Kerry's interviews over the years. He's interviewed some interesting people, hasn't he, Kerry? He certainly has. And some of them got a lot more interesting while he was interviewing them, didn't they? Kevin Rudd got more interesting when he was talking to Kerry. He did, yeah. He surprised himself. He got very interesting indeed at one point. Yeah, he did. And Tony Abbott got more interesting as well. Tony Abbott was very nearly fascinating a couple of times, wasn't he? Yeah. No wonder people thought he was biased. Tony Abbott was biased? No, Kerry.