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(generated from captions) but something stuck in your head. I was watching after school. Oh, it's all the TV All the TV after school! You've come back to Australia. Congratulations, mate. Canadian girlfriend You've got your beautiful

that the very last show and we are delighted has ended the way it should - here at Studio 9

wonderful entertainment, with a big win for a good bloke,

Millionaire Hot Seat's all about. and that's what Studio 9 and Chris Bourke just won $100,000 from the famous Studio 9. on the last show ever in the Millionaire Hot Seat. Catch you again Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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West Hoxton. A mother and her baby found dead at

Hot, hot, hot - Sydney set to

swelter for at least a week.

How a supermarket war will see grocery

grocery prices tumble. "Please help

Egypt. us" - frightened Aussies trapped in

And bursting with pride - Nicole

and Keith show off pictures of

their gorgeous new baby.

Good evening. A family home near

Liverpool is tonight at the centre

of a major police investigation

after a young mother and her 3-

year-old daughter were found dead.

Mark Burrows is at the property at

West Hoxton. What can you tell us?

Well, peefrt, there's a fair bit of

dis-- Peter, there's a fair bit of

disbelief here. Early this

afternoon, relatives of the people

who live in the very large house in

police. Hoddle Place, decided to call

police. They thought something was

wrong. They couldn't get entry to

the house. They called police, who

found the body of a 23-year-old

mother and her 3-year-old daughter.

At this stage, police are not

giving us a cause of death or

saying anything about the manner in

which the two died. But all

accounts, the couple, the family,

well-known who are of Samoan descent, were

people. well-known and well-liked by the

But in this war, consumers and

casualties. farmers could ultimately be the

In the long term, it

In the long term, it will drive

producers out of business.

Kolz today said sales in the last

three -- Coles today said sales in

the last two months were up $443

million. It started the discount

Woolworths. war to grab customers away from

expensive. The brand names are still too


It's too little too late.

The big question is why are these

supermarket chains doing this? Well,

the answer is pretty simple. Once

they get you into the supermarket,

they encourage you to buy other

things, and that's where they make

those big profits. And the floods

will cause bikini hikes. will cause bikini hikes.

We can expect to see prices of

fruits and vegetables increase by

up to 80%.

Hundreds of Australians are

pleading for rescue from the

turmoil of the political uprising

in Egypt. A few moments ago, Prime

Minister Julia Gillard responded,

And They have watched it all unfold.

of here. And now they just want to get out

With its famous Pyramids locked

shut, and tanks taking over the

streets, this ancient city is no

longer a tourist destination.

Where my dad was born in Alexandria,

and it's going to be...

The stress is clearly taking its

toll on Michelle Lotimer. The

her Brisbane mother is stranded with

her two daughters.

We can't stay here for another

three days. And it's a crisis

situation. It's a very dangerous

swiation to be in.

Thousands have --

A dangerous situation to be in.

Thousands have flooded the airport.

I have never felt so desperate in

my life. There are people out the

front of the airport, with machine

guns, killing people.

I'm scared. It's violent. I'm 19-

year-old old. I'm an Australian

citizen. I need help.

Overnight, the Opposition Leader

ignored the curfew. He called for a

new Egypt.

Change is coming in the next few


Liberation This place is called Tahir Square,

Liberation Square. And all day, the

demonstrators have loudly but

peacefully been making calls for

Mubarak. the removal of President Hosni

We've been afraid for 30 years and

freedom. no-one is afraid now. We want

Even the appearance of tanks

doesn't trouble demonstrators. They

gently but firmly push soldiers out

of their way.

of their way.

The aircraft fly low over the crowd

to try and create such a noise that

it sends people home. But as you

can see, people aren't moving

anywhere. The Americans have called

for democratic reform, without

mentioning if President Hosni

Mubarak should stay or go. The

protesters have no faith at all

that the 82-year-old will suddenly

embrace reform after 30 years of

him. oppressing all those who opposed

Sydney's summer holiday from heavy

peak period traffic ended abruptly

today, as many schools and

are businesses got back to things. How

are things this evening?

Good evening. Well, the major

problem area at the moment is on

the far northern beaches. A

blackout thrp this afternoon saw

some 32,000 homes lose power and

traffic lights knocked out. Power

is being restored as we speak.

Still some major problems up there.

All the major arteries heading out

are of the city are heavy. More schools

are due to go back tomorrow and

Wednesday, so it's only goog to get


Monday hits hard in this household.

Harry believes his home -- he

leaves his home at 6:15 every

morning to avoid the rush. It fakes

at least an hour and 20 minutes to

get to the city. Thousands of

schoolkids joined the crawl. schoolkids joined the crawl. At 6am,

the M2, M4 and M5 are moving freely.

By 7:00, it's a different story.

The others are painfully slow. The

controversial new bridge had its

first proper work-out. The

Government's promised to cut travel

times and it was put to times and it was put to the test.

This is what taxpayers' money has

braufplt it's a shiny new dridge -- has bought.

This is not going to improve

traffic flow. The Government new

knew it, the RTA knew it.

This is worse.

For many in theary, the trip took

access even longer, having lost a major

access point.

Taken me about 25 minutes to get

around, which normally takes me

about five minutes.

I think they will need to rethink

their planning and strategies. It's

not working so far.

Some good news - from today, you

will have an extra demerit point up your sleeve.

Just like any orpt proud pearpts,

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban --

just like any other proud parents,

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

showed off snaps of their new baby.

Hollywood red carpets are usually

all about do you think you will win,

and who designed that dress. Sept,

that is, if you're yick noel and

Keith, who made a point of finding the Australian reporters.

the Australian reporters.

We're just, like, really, I mean

ction obviously we've had her now

for five weeks.

Exciting too for big sister Sunday Rose.

Anybody who's had two kids knows

the second one comes along, the

first one's like, "Oh, there's

competition." She's really great.

She's known about her for all this time. And having a time. And having a little sister,

which is lovely.

And while there was excitement

about being nominated, what was on

their minds was the new baby. And

they were carrying photos.

Here's a little one. (LAUGHS)

If you can see her!

Oh, OK. We've got more. She's gorgeous.

It was clear they had searched us

out because of all the messages of

congratulations flowing in from back home.

Thank you, everyone, for all the weg-wishes.

As for the winners of the SAG

Awards, once again Colin Firth for

'The King's Speech', Natalie Port

man for 'The Black Swan',

man for 'The Black Swan', and Best

movie, 'The King's Speech'.

In the news ahead - a mother

charged for forcing her son to seat

chilli sauce. Plus - a shake-up in

the rules for tenants and their

landlords. And the return of the

man with the golden tonsils.

Hello, world. This is John

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Hard to believe, but it's been

three long years since the golden

voice of John Laws was heard on voice of John Laws was heard on our

airwaves. Today, much to the

delight of his fans, the veteran

broadcaster broke his silence and

returned to radio. Reinventing

yourself, aged 73.

Hello, world. This is John Laws.

Back working on the wireless. But

turn your back for just three years

and the technology changes.

What's that?

What's that? Good start. Always happens.

After 55 years in the business,

though, the man with the golden

tonsils, microphone and headset was

quickly back in the Graf. Listeners

on 40 stations loving the return of

the man who left them suddenly in 2007.

I'm gonna stop being a radio broadcaster. Today...

It seemed like a good idea at the

time. I got to miss it.

Some things never change. John

Williamson. And Lawsy's untroubled,

he says, by the dominance of radio rivals.

I really can't tell you, Peter,

kauss I don't -- 'cause I don't

listen. So it's been

So it's been quite a ride, and he

still wants us to be kind to each other.

The laws on rental properties have

had their biggest shake-up in 20

years. The changes include giving

tenants more freedom to make small

alterations to properties. A mother

has been charged with child has been charged with child abuse

after she gave her young son chilli

sauce as an extreme form of

punishment. Video of the incident

aired on a US talk show, and we

warn that some may find the images distressing.

Why did you lie to me?

It's hard to watch.

What happens when you lie to me?

You get hot sauce.

Jessica Beagley punishing her son Jessica Beagley punishing her son

for getting a bad behaviour report

from school. The 7-year-old is

forced to hold chilli sauce in his

mouth, then given a cold shower.

This was the reaction from Dr

Phil's studio audience. The segment

has had nearly 70,000 hits on

YouTube and landed Beagley in court.

A prosecutor found her methods of

discipline were unreasonable.

When he gets a cold shower, I am at

the end of my rope.

It's a huge leap from the old smack

or the wooden spoon.

Hot-saucing is really the new

Why should I care what's in the medicines I take? You care about what's in your cereal. Why should I even think about medicines? Hey, I've got enough things to think about - like what I'm wearing on Saturday night. Why don't I worry about what I put into my mouth? Medicine is something we all take, but too often take for granted. OK, why don't we think about this stuff? Why? Good question. (LAUGHS) Ask the right questions so you can make better decisions about your health. Be MedicineWise.

It's not the Ashes, but Australia

has beaten England in the one-day

series in dominant fashion. With

the World Cup looming next month,

it's an encouraging result. Michael

Clarke found some much-needed form

with the bat.

with the bat. Clarke has been put

through the wringer this summer. At

last, something to smile about,

while showing remarkable restraint

before some sections of the crowd

that had booed him upon arrival at the wicket.

I could understand it.

His half-century must have given

him plenty of satisfaction.

I don't blame the public for being disappointed. disappointed. It was nice to finally contribute.

In the field, the captain was like

a traffic cop and it all fell into

place. Three wickets fell off just

eight balls. It was happy days all around.

Thinking by Michael Clarke and Doug Bollinger.

The mystery man, John Hastings,

also had a coming-out party. He got

this man, and couldn't control his

glee. Hastings then got Bell.

He's dropped it.

The big fell roe was beside himself.

Today, the glow had gone, but not

the thrill of feeling part of the team.

I'm trying to find my feet as I'm

going along. Training really hard, picking everyone's brain. picking everyone's brain.

Two more games to go, but plenty to

play for. Just ask Clarke and

Hastings. Novak Djokovic has spent

the day showing off his prize after

last night's straight-sets win over

hitting partner Andy Murray in the

final. And the Serbian is confident

it won't be the only trophy he will

win this year. His victory might

not have gone the distance, but it seems Djokovic's celebrations

certainly have. The Serbian needed

a time out for cramp at today's

media call. And after hours of

doing this... ..his voice also

sounded a little injured.

Yeah, I lost my voice.

Indeed, it was the Serbians who did

most of the cheering last night.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, you're kidding!

Djokovic simply in another league

to his close friend, who never came

close to challenging him.

He's done it. The second Australian

Open to Djokovic.

So shattered was Murray after his

third Grand Slam final defeat, he's

now considering taking a break from

the sport. Djokovic is already

looking ahead, planning to add to his trophy

his trophy cabinet this year. And

with Roger and Rafa no longer

bullet-proof, the 23-year-old's

dream may come true.

The Williams sisters put the mean

streets of LA suburb Compton on the

sporting map. Now a cricket team,

made up of reformed gang members from

from the area, is in Sydney to play

three charity matches. The team

song is a bit scary. It's called 'Bullets and Shots'.


Yeah. What to say? Yo, bro.

Yeah. What to say? Yo, bro.

Fully sick! The stock market closed lower.

Natalie's next with the weather

from Bondi Beach. How long will this heat last?

Well, unfortunately, Pete, it is

going to stay around for a few days

yet. All the latest weather details after the

Coming up on WIN News... A heat

warning - after the rescue of two

bushwalkers. The ACT welcomes

hundreds of new teachers. And - a

review begins into Bimberi Youth

Justice Centre. Join me for all the details next.

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? Well, Bondi Beach was definitely

the pick spot to be today in these sweltering conditions. Right now,

as you can see, the beachgoers here

are not going anywhere. It is

absolutely beautiful. 32 the top in

the city. The north-westerly winds

sent the temperatures soaring in

our west - a maximum of 41 degrees.

On the chart, a broad heat trough

will direct hot air across the

country. Cyclone Anthony will cross

Central Queensland and weaken. A

cool change to our southern

capitals tomorrow. And expect an

absolute scorcher in Sydney

tomorrow - even hotter. 36 in the

city. 42 in our west. We can expect

unof the hottest weeks on record.

Pete, the bureau says these run of

hot days will continue, but relief

in site. A cool change moving in

around Monday, Tuesday next week.


in the Late Edition. Tonight ... in the Late Edition. Tonight ... Tw

years on - a woman on trial - over

the stabbing death of a chef. A

total fire ban in place - as Canberrans go to extremes Canberrans go to extremes to escape

the heat. And: preparing for the first day of first day of school. The ACT

attracts hundreds of new teachers.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post,

The trial of a woman - accused of

fatally stabbing a young chef near

Kingston, has heard - she may have

acted in self defence. Her lawyers

claim she was raped, vulnerable to

attacks because she was confused

about her sexuality. But the

prosecution claims she resented men and

and carried a knife - when out

drinking. It was a Monday morning