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(generated from captions) them back. Everything else does. Exactly - we might have to bring is right for $10,000! 'The Samurai' (CHEERING) Well done, Jim. Thank you very much. Wow. Thank you. That was a good job, buddy. You know... Yeah. Melbourne in 1966. started in Sydney in 1965, the biggest crowds to cities They brought the cast out - brought after the Beatles came out in 1964. Anyone here watch Shintaro? They were massive! giving themselves up. Yeah, you've got a few people Congratulations, mate. Jim, you've won $10,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! We'll see you next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - the dramatic moment a

water. hot-air balloon ditchs into the

the sea. I had a water landing. Landed it in

Tiny victim - a

Tiny victim - a 3-year-old boy

west. drowns in floods in the central

Counting the cost - how we will pay

for the rebuilding after the floods.

The undertaker accused of stealing

from the dead. And the Sydney

Aussie adventure. family starring in Oprah's latest

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News.

Good evening. A joy flight in a

hot-air balloon has come to a

sudden and undiggifyed end,

ditching into the ocean. 11 people

were on board when the balloon

missed its landing spot, hit the

water and had to be towed to safety.

A red heart glides above the water.

Instead of love, it brings panic.

On board this hot-air balloon, 11

people, including the pilot.

It had a water landing. Landed it

in the sea.

It wasn't smooth at all. Those on

board not scared, but thrilled they

got more than they paid for. Down here.

The basket filled up to their

ankles, not enough to hold it down.

Within minutes, back in the air.

That was a bit exciting.

Of course it was.

They came, and safely moved

everyone to the shore. John has

been a pilot for 26 years. His

first plan was to land at Albert

Park. When that couldn't happen, he

targeted St Kilda Beach.

And then I got more unlucky, went

over a thin area of the beach.

He missed the mark and the balloon

skidded into the water.

The pilot had control, was calm,

kept us happy. It's just a matter

think. of getting everyone coordinated, I

We were thinking, "God, it wouldn't

be nice to be jumping in the bay at

this time of the day." We weren't

worried for our lives, but were

worried we would have to swim.

Agitated a better description for

authorities chasing this runaway.

It was a bit complicated. It was

taking us further out.

Finally, all the way across the bay,

to Williamstown, back on land.

After an exciting day, the big boy

had to be put to sleep.

Receding floodwaters have claimed

the life of a 3-year-old boy. Peter

Munn disappeared from a farm

property at Mathaguy in the State's central west.

These are 3-year-old Peter Munn's final footprints.

Just a normal, happy little boy.

Yep, a nice little character.

Full of life, the toddler wandered

off from his home around 7 o'clock

yesterday morning. It wasn't long

before his mother noticed he was

missing, the start of a long,

agonising search for her son.

There was six of us in canoes, sort

of paddling around. We were hoping

he was hanging on to a tree.

Police, SES and helicopters were

called in. 12 hours later, a worker

on the farm found Peter's body,

just metres from his home.

We had been on that side there

looking and we crossed back over

here and we were talking to one of

the blokes walking this ditch over

here, and we were all right here

and he just said they had found him

and pulled him out of the water.

It's believed peefrt walked more

than 3km from his home, -- Peter

walked more than 3km from his home.

He managed to get through this gate

and walked another 400m down this road.

You can see his footprints stop. We

home. assume he must have tried to swim

The locals, and the rescue

shattered. personnel the volunteers have been

A young life lost so close to home.

An undertaker has faced court

accused of betraying the families

who trusted him. He's been charged

with stealing jewellery from the

bodies of the dead.

This is Ballina's undertaker,

accused of praiing on the dead --

dead. praiing on the -- preying on the

I deny all the allegations.

Neil Gray says he took the

jewellery for safe keeping, but

he's charged with stealing from

corpses, allegedly taking

entertainment rings, crosses and

watchs from the bodies of people

who have passed away.

I have nothing more to say.

Today the 66-year-old pleaded not

guilty to larceny and keeping goods

in custody. And he tried to have

his name suppressed in the media.

The case has been held over for

another month because police say

they're likely to lay more charges.

Since the allegations first

surfaced, more families have come

forward with complaints against the

man they trusted. Alleged victims

such Cannes. Neil Gray conducted

her grandmother's funeral years ago.

She claims he drove many hours with

the 87-year-old in the back of his

car, not probably refrigerated.

What do you have to say about

allegations you have been driving

deceased people around?

Thank you very much.

month. The matter returns to court next

Last year's Commonwealth Games in

New Delhi have left a bitter taste

in the mouths of Aussie contractors.

Many are still waiter for payment

and are taking legal action to get

their money now. This is a pretty

sorry end to a troubled event?

It really is, Pete. So many

international eergss and companies

worked so hard to get Delhi worked so hard to get Delhi 2010

across the line. Three months on,

they have been left out of pocket

to the tune of millions of dollars.

Delhi was a battle - the chaos,

delays and security concerns. Now

sporting bodies and contractors are

organisers. fighting for payment from Games

We're frustrated and disappointed.

It's not a good thing for the

happen. Commonwealth Games for this to

Our Association is owed more than

$200,000. Infostrada Sports is

still waiting for payments in

excess of half a million dollars.

Norwest Productions, is owed around

$65,000. And the company behind

those fireworkers, Howard and Sons,

is owed more than $300,000.

That really builds the frustration,

that you deliver something to the

world's highest standard, but a

simple thing of paying the contract,

they can't do.

Adding to the financial pain, the

fireworks company had equipment

held up in Delhi for months. Others

are still wading. And they're not

getting any help from the Indian Government.

They're not communicating. All

official email addresses have even

been cancelled.

Contractors say it's an experience

they can't afford. And it will

change the way they do business in

the future.

, so, what are the chances of

anyone getting their money back?

Well, most aren't prepared to wait

and see. The creative director is

launching a multimillion-dollar

class action against

class action against the organising

committee. A lot of companies are

jumping on board. They want this

resolved as quickly as possible.

Fadi Ibrahim will be allowed to

accompany his wife Shayda into

hospital when she goes into labour.

A court looseened his restrictions

on an 7:30 curfew. The baby is due

next month. Kerang, in northern

Victoria, is isolated by

floodwaters tonight, but a levee is

saving the town from inundation.

Further west at Dimboola, further

properties are at risk but most

have been evacuated. A quarter of

the State remains affected by

flooding. Every surge of the floods

have brought loss. But more is to come.

come. All Australians will share in

the price of rebuilding and the

burden of rising costs.

The direct victims of the floods

have the hardest job reconstructing

their lives, but it will deliver a

hit to every Australian family.

This will have a substantial short-

term impact on activity.

It will take up slack in the New

South Wales housing industry,

caused by the global financial crisis.

We haven't been building enough

homes in either of those States for

some time.

But it will stimulate the overall

economy, adding pressure on the

Reserve Bank to lift interest rates.

There was pressure there anyway. We

had a couple of interest rate rises

in our forecast.

If you're planning to build or renovate,

renovate, get cracking.

Just start now, we don't know

exactly what might happen.

Insurance companies are also under

pressure to raise their premiums.

They need to obtain a sufficient

premium from everybody.

The floods have already had an

impact on our food markets, with

some fruits and vegies in short

supply. But our supply. But our fish markets have

been affected too. The fishing

grounds have literally been swept out to sea.

The costs have gone up.

The good news - stocks will come in

from other parts of the country within weeks.

Tomorrow's session of the inquiry

into the State's power sell-off

won't go ahead because won't go ahead because energy

company executives have refused to

appear. Eight people have been

asked to appear on Monday, but they

haven't been given legal protection.

Sydney's wine scam is getting even

bigger, with police finding another

warehouse packed with 96 pallets of wine allegedly wine allegedly obtained through

fraud. The warehouse is the fourth

such discovery in two days. This

consignment is worth $1.5 million

and takes the total value of the

haul to more than $5 million. A

Bulgarian court has heard the final

appeal of a Sydney man serving 20

years jail for murder. A lower

court earlier ignored evidence by

witnesses, confirming Jock

Palfreeman was defending a gypsy

from a racist mob attack.

A young man lost his life but I

want my son's life back and I think

he deserves to have it back on the evidence.

The judges are expected to deliver

a verdict within a month.

Tourism Australia says traffic to

its website nearly doubled after

the first of Oprah's Ultimate

Australian Adventure aired in the

United States. In the second

episode, the talk show queen drops

in on some local families, and

wants to know why everyone seems so


Aussies certainly lived up to their

reputation for this latest episode,

showing Oprah we really know how to

throw a party, first here in

Melbourne. Then, a true backyard Melbourne. Then, a true backyard

party in Sydney.

VB and all. Oprah had never been to

Australia, so, for her, it was a real eye-opener.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!

And she was keen to find out why

everyone seemed so happy, so satisfied.

In the States, you live to work, in

Australia, we work to live.

Everything doesn't always go to

plan. For instance, there she was

with 315 others, waiting for the

helicopter, with a cameraman on

board, to get the one big photo on

top of the Harbour Bridge, when the

chopper veered away. It needed fuel.

Oprah was left up there, stranded

for nearly half an hour, waiting,

and definitely unimpressed.

Teach me patience. A lesson in everything.

But, hey, another party was just

the tonic.

This has been the most spectacular

trip of my life.

And for the Americans who don't get

that Aussie accent, subtitles.

One through to five, OK? Fairly easy.

And it went on, sailing with

Russell, partying with the Premier.

Boy, did she have a good time. Now

Australia waits to see if all this

lays into Americans buying air

tickets and sailing off to

Australia to do what Oprah did.

In the news ahead - doubts over the

drugs used to fight heart disease. drugs used to fight heart disease.

Plus - fireball - the blast that

shook a city. And a rough ride in

the seas off New Zealand.

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New research has raised questions

about the benefits of drugs that

lower cholesterol. They're not for everyone.

She's only 28, but this woman has

been taking cholesterol medication

called statins for a decade. called statins for a decade.

The normal person has a limit of

about 5. Mine sits about at nine.

She has a long family history of

high cholesterol and heart disease.

New research says people should not

be prescribed pills unnecessarily.

If you're not at risk, there's

probably no benefit of probably no benefit of being

treated with a statin.

Their likely to experience more

harm than good. The side effects

include liver problems and muscle damage.

People who are concerned,

particularly once you've reached an

age of 45 and beyond, you should see your GP.

In Australia, more than 16 million

prescriptions are made every year

for Lipitor and other drugs that

lower cholesterol. Statins are a

heavily subsidised medication,

costing the PBS more than half a

billion every year. People will

only mild cholesterol less than

seven should modify their lifestyle first.

You need to lose weight, eat

healthy. People eat too much butter

and saturated fats.

Switching habits is sometimes all

that's needed.

A spectacular explosion in the

United States has killed one man

and injured six others. Workers

were trying to close a gas main

when it ignite ted. It took fire

crews three hours to bring the

blaze under control. It was a

white-knuckle ride for four

fishermen crossing a bar in New

Zealand. They were not wearing life

jackets and had ignored a dangerous

conditions warning. One can be seen

taking photos. And Christchurch was

rocked by a 5.1-magnitude

earthquake this morning. There were

no reports of major damage, but the

tremor was enough to send these

supermarket workers running into

each other's arms. We've heard lots

about the great work of flood

volunteers in Queensland, now meet

a whole new breed - Colin, the bush

turkey. His owner's backyard was

covered in debris, but Colin had cleaned up.

It would have been a lot of damage.

There's the result, so, fair effort. There's the result, so, fair effort.

Colin's coming to my place. He

worked on the neighbour's gardens

on both sides as well. What do you reckon?

I wonder what he tastes like.

Let's talk sport. And an Aussie

teenager stood up today at the tennis?

He did - Bernard Tomic has the best

game of his career. And Todd game of his career. And Todd Woodbridge's clanger.

And a man tells Michael Clarke to lift his game. You

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Bernard Tomic has done what all of

Australia's big names couldn't -

he's made it into the third round

of the Australian Open. Alicia

Molik was knocked out. Of the sole

Aussie female left, Stosur, will

play tonight. Bernard Tomic takes

on Rafael Nadal afterer shocking

Lopez in straight sets.

He doesn't have big-match

experience, so Bernard Tomic relies

on teenage confidence. Of the 18-

year-old string bean is ranked 160

places lower than Lopez. And even

when things didn't go his way,

Tomic showed a new found maturity.

Controlling his fiery emotions and remaining focused.

COMMENTATOR: That's an ill

straiation of why he's a natural on

the tennis court.

The third was his chance to live up

to expectations. It took only half

an hour.

So, Bernard Tomic, at 18 years of

age, through to the third round of

a grand slam for the first time.

If only Alicia Molik had shown half

as much fight. And there is And there is the match.

While Kim Clijsters took down two

people on centre court - Carla

Suarez Navarro in 62 minutes.

And there it is.

And then a much swifter humanation

of Todd Woodbridge, confronting him

over a text he sent a friend that

broke the golden rule when dealing with females.

You thought I was pregnant?

Oh, she did not!

She said, "She looks really grumpy

and her boobs are bigger."

Oh, my goodness!

Naughty boy. Moix Johnson will miss

the one-dayer tomorrow because of a

throat infection. The Aussies hope

their improved form will continue. Australia have

Australia have the scent of that

winning feeling again. But captain

Michael Clarke remains in the

firing line for some. On Sunday,

Clarke scored 36 off 57 balls and

was booed for not being entertaining enough.

I think it's important for me, as

captain of this team right now, to

do whatever it takes to help Australia win.

In a partnership

In a partnership of 1030, Clarke

played a conserve innings.

People want to see fours, sixes

ction and wickets taken every ball.

That's not international cricket.

But that didn't satisfy this man.

You should be a batting coach. Thank you.

Clarke accepted the advice with

good grace. OK,

OK, I will try that today in the nets.

And then departed with a grin.

Hopefully he will still be smiling after game two.

Young Canberra cyclist Michael

Matthews has won the stage in the

Tour Down Under in Adelaide. He did

it autumn hands free too. But don't

do that in Sydney traffic.

Or even ride a bike. Good on you, Ken.

Jaynie's next with the weather. Are

there many showers predicted?

Not many at all. We do have storms

for the north. Details next.

Coming up on WIN News... Speed

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Severe storms are again affecting

south-eastern Queensland tonight,

targeting the Lockyer Valley,

Somerset and Toowoomba areas. And

also for the north-eastern and

inland regions of New South Wales.

So far the biggest falls have been

around Tamworth, with around 20mm

of rain falling in just 15 minutes.

Flood-affected Victoria should remain

remain dry. Maybe just a few

showers skimming the cline. -- the coastline.

Those mild nights will continue.

Some really hot days coming up,

including Australia Day. 39 degrees.

And those forecast late showers

might come in handy, Pete, to cool

us down.

Thank you, Jaynie. That is Nine

News for this Thursday. I'm

Late Edition at Tonight ... Caught

on camera - the top ten speeding

hotspots in Canberra. Nurses: here

to stay. More graduates to stay. More graduates choosing to

work in the Capital The

international music agreement. ANU

and New York - singing to the same

tune. Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post. It' s life threatening ... Post. It' s life threatening ... an

endangers so many people on our


drivers were caught SPEEDING in the

ACT last year. Authorities are

preparing to introduce a NEW system a

across the Territory, to hopefully

slow drivers down. It' s slow drivers down. It' s somethin

that' s ALWAYS on ACT policing' s