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(generated from captions) unless you vote for it locally. Liberals or Nationals candidate Only a vote for your local NSW that NSW needs. will deliver the real change Thank you. A judge clears Dairy farmers fear Good evening, Craig football and Vegemite in the

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Obama hosted Julia Gillard at

the White House on her first official trip to Both leaders official trip to Washington. alliance # Happy birthday Vegemite? between Virginia. It is considered visitor. She brought me kicking it in my isn't the way football up like that which formal Aussie Rules. In their more It is not easy. climate change and Afghanistan.

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primary vote ever recorded calls the truth campaign he is waging against the carbon tax. opinion at home. It won't comment on polls. The

Newspoll has win. The slump isn't stirring front in get necessary information to people. I am not going to rule in or rule case and joins us now from Supreme Court. Thanks Craig. seeing a woman connected to the members stormed happened. he used There was plenty of in of self-defence. Field wasn't for the DPP, murder since above Libya. Libyan Air Force opponents say he It was another day of from the superior fighting pour repeated air strikes coastal road trying to cut rebels' ability to advance along ground had retreat. Moammar Gaddafi says We Brussels about a wide range of growing international support Libya to convicted Guantanamo within committed to its eventual fuel likely to rise to over $1.50 been spared the worse so. For how out. The NRMA accuses companies of taking prices. supermarket war many farmers. The Senate northern NSW and WA. The move by Coles to drop milk prices number of battles. discounting on generic skirmish between the marketing war. There

over what to do about it. While nobody at the appears to milk price, there are be. The widespread dairy industry two-page says they will searched a flooded causeway where the 32-year-old's car past 24 hours, cutting off are sandbagging but inundated with debris and are saturated Cardwell who its findings in August before pressure to step headed into a meeting track. In question are his gaol $24,000 from politicians and royals, it is not polite to On the first day of still has to approve the In still has to approve the deal. Amcor over cardboard boxes. The local share industry has recovered floods and Conditions economic growth but not a boom. There were big London night. There has been talk comes from Most is produced guilty to but usually the right sort. little. I can however intention to back its star wasn't out on a drink. I were proud of Benji and the way he conducted himself. nothing he conducted himself. For me that view. nothing since then has changed

altercations. At the end of the day star Brett Stewart the different treatment to its

ago. He was suspended for heavily intoxicated. into disrepute. The 100th Treasurer calling for quotas put more women in boardrooms. Joe Hockey says he would like is to legislate. If taken by the Parliament. The

women think they that shows sense. We have the research women on boards because it

we have to launching the Australian existing Governor-General PM's bloke for recipes. others of significant women. period of reduction burns creeks brought the forest increases, so does After the 2003 fire storm these Getting air dropped really really deep into They and even the types and quantity of bark.

increasing so we plot it. well ahead. That's the measured year of having permanent plots

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The sky, the trees, the animals. Everything. Far Now weather, here is International Women's Day. I ran into some ladies Clare's I ran into some ladies from St opened the box angry bee and it afternoon. It is clear tomorrow and into Thursday. bring showers tending to rain

anything between 2 and 6mm. Before we go, a look at our top

Labor has punished over the self-defence. That's the news for now. You can at ABC online.

Tonight on the 7:30 - air

turbulence - Qantas pilot s

take industrial action for the first time in

push to point th point is

really sad for all of us. the latest salvo in the milk

wars - Coles drop s milk to $1

a litre. Dairy farmers don't and shouldn't trust Coles, and neither should their customers. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. Also Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

in Washington to ask, among

other thing, about those record

low opinion polls. But first,

7:30 can reveal 7:30 can reveal that thousands

of airline travellers may face disruptions disruptions in coming months,

with the pilots Union