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Good evening from Buckingham Palace

in London. All the royal wedding

news in a moment - but first to a

dramatic sea rescue off the coast

of Tasmania. A group of fishermen

survived 22 hours in freezing water,

after their boat capsized near

Bruny Island. Clinging to their

agenda abode in cold water on this

was a moment that these names might

never come. After spending a day

and night fighting of the Tasmanian

coast, they were winched into a

helicopter and flown to hospital.

Amazingly, they suffer any mild

hypothermia. I'll not least that on

my worst enemy, it was horrible.

They set out at 8:00am that ran

into trouble when their boat was

swamped and within minutes it's

worse full of water. I've been

outside in the snow, but nothing

but the -- compares to last night.

The water temperature is to 16

degrees and with no protective

clothing, the men struggled to stay

conscience. They say they tried to

keep each other are led by talking

and taking turns to spend time on

the our upturned vessel. We all

stuck together and get some of our

thoughts positive. The when they

lost sight of the rescue Chopwell

lights, they feared that Segers had

given up. We thought that that was

our last chance Animal the suddenly

came back and dropped a flair and

we just could not believe it. They

say they owe their lives to the

rescue crews. They let people know

where they were, they stay together

and they did not leave the boat.

They were all positives and I am

certain that is what kept them

alive. Rooftop protestors at the Villawood Detention Centre have

been sent a clear warning.

The Government is set to toughen up immigration laws, meaning any

asylum seeker convicted of a crime

could be sent home. Tired and

hungry. Still, these men continue

their stand off. They're not eating.

They are on hunger strike.

The remaining protestors hold up a

sign saying they're not criminals.

It's been a week since riots

erupted there. Today the federal

government put tough talk into

action. It's proposed changes to

the character test, so anyone

convicted of a crime while in

detention can be refused a

permanent visa. There is nothing,

nothing that justifies the sorts of

actions we've seen on Christmas

Island and Villawood over recent

weeks. Another proposed measure -

jail terms of up to five years for

detainees using weapons. Making a

timely visit to Christmas Island.

It's obviously been an interesting

time for you. It certainly has.

Tony Abbott and his shadow immigration minister toured the

centre where there were similar

violent scenes 6 weeks ago. This

minister has simply failed to act,

he has a ticker problem, not a

legal problem. What the minister is

ready to do is send people to their

deaths. The government hasn't ruled

out temporary visas if those

convicted are genuinely found to be

refugees..but the Opposition claims

it mirrors a Howard era policy of temporary protection visas, a

measure which was railed by Labor

for years. If you have temporary

protection visas across the board,

then there's no incentive to

conduct yourself in immigration

detention in an orderly fashion.

It's an admission of failure, a

damning admission of failure. The

proposed changes will be introduced

when Parliament resumes in two

weeks. Julia Gillard says Australia's relationship with China

is in 'good shape' - as she begins

her first visit to the country as

Prime Minister. The PM received a

lavish welcome in the Great Hall of

the People in Beijing. She later

held talks with Premier Wen Jiabao, discussing trade agreements with partner. Australia's biggest business

Detectives dealing with the murder

of little Kiesha Abrahams - have

told Nine News they won't be re-

investigating the death of her

older brother. Live to our reporter

Davina Smith who's in our Sydney newsroom, Davina, Ayden Weippeart

died in 1996? Tragically he did,

and authorities board that death

down two seeds, he was just six

weeks old when his father found him

face down in his crib. Chris says

that he would like the death to be

reviewed because Christie Abrahams

had been charged with murder.

Detectives say that won't be the

case. The post mortem will be

carried out tomorrow on a child's

body found in Porsche planned to

condemn it if it is Kiesha Abrahams

that her dad is already thinking

about the funeral and said he would

like an immediate family funeral

involving his family and because

there has been so much public

support, he is happy for a public

service to take place. He has also

told us that he would like her to

be buried and it is named. Her

mother and a step dad were -- will

reappear in court on Friday. A

Sydney family has described being

attacked by a mist of wasps while

on holiday in Melbourne. The couple

and their four children - one just

11 months old - were taken to

hospital after being stung dozens

of times. Four year old Ilan

Treisman will never forget the

sound a swarm of wasps makes. A

rattlesnake. Yeah, it goes - tshhh.

His parents, two brothers and

sister were spending Easter in

Melbourne. They were enjoying an

insects attacked. afternoon in the park when the

I felt a burning sensation on my

arm and I looked down and there was

one which I brushed away and as I

did that there were two more on my

chest, and a burning sensation on

my head The Treisman's two older

children ran away - but Ilan and

his eleven month old baby brother

Gabriel collapsed. He was going

into shock and shaking and this one

- maybe it was the fatigue he had

passed out in my wife and I thought

maybe we had lost him. I just said

come Ilan, come Illan - I just

wanted to will him to come to me

because he was being stung. Ilan

suffered the worst - more than

fifty bites. Thankfully - they've

all recovered.

experience. It was very - yeah a very traumatic

Sir Elton John has fired off a

warning to Prince William and Kate

Middleton about the British

tabloids as they embark on married

life. He's condemned the

hatefulness of some newspapers and

says his wedding wish is a world

that's free of the headlines that

punctuated the tragic marriage of

Charles and Diana. Elton was a

friend of Diana, and mourned her so

famously at her funeral.

Goodbye English rose.

And when he sat down with America's

Barbara Walters, his anger about

the British tabloids boiled up.

It's one thing about Britain that

sucks. That hatefulness, that

horrible nastiness we have,

pervades our British media. Elton

and his husband David Furnish will

be guests at Friday's wedding.

Elton says he fears for the new

bride. It's going to be a most

difficult life. I mean, let's face

it, we know what that kind of

marriage entails, and the press

never leave you alone. Once a

target of the tabloids, James

Hewitt, spoke today about his

lasting regret, for putting his

1990s love affair with Diana on the cooler.

So I put my army career in front of my personal life.

Any regrets about that? Yes,

probably. I made the wrong decision.

Right now, old regrets are buried

under a mountain of media interest,

broadcast cities rising near

Buckingham Palace and the Abbey. I

would describe it as the Super Bowl

of Love. I mean, it's so enormous,

it's fascinating, it's romantic.

And, putting his tabloid rage aside, Elton is also celebrating.

I think it's the most joyous result

and I think Diana would be very

happy about it. Three days to go,

all we need is good weather, and

everything will be just about perfect.

Well if it rains - let's hope Kate

won't hold it against him. His

London going to get that good

weather on Friday? After great

weather, a call Change has sent in

and now there is that they did send

cancer showers on Friday which

means that umbrella as may be

needed to get Kate into the church

and a cupboard carried to transport

the newly weds back to Buckingham

Palace but Prince William knew

there was a risk of this when he

chose an April wedding. Thank you,

if it does, it leads hopes that

Kate when prodded against him.

We'll have more on the Royal

Wedding later on - as we check out

the designs the bride might choose

for the big day. Former NRL player

John Hopoate was back at the

Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross

overnight, after being convicted of

assault last week. Owner - John

Ibrahim was also at the Hotel,

along with NRL star Jamal Idris.

There was a heavy police presence,

as a large crowd gathered on the

street. A very slow drive for

holidaymakers returning to Sydney

tonight. We have the latest from

the Transport Management Centre.

The conditions actually had

improved over the last hour or so.

The worst section of the day was

between 12 and three bad as you can

see behind me there are still

plenty trying to get back into

Sydney. Drivers on the north coast

face a very large drive home, in

particular both sides of cough

Sabah, heading in and out. As

always, it has been very slow through Hexham.

through Hexham. And it is always

take get a long time to get through

Albion Park during the day and the

heavy rain over the weekend was a

key reason why there was an

increase in the Easter Road told to

five, tragically two more than Easter last year.

There's always plenty of debate

about breast-feeding, now new

research has mothers fuming. An

American study has found mums who

breast-feed are seen as less

competent than those who bottle-

feed their babies. A baby needs as

much nourishment and nutrients at

such a vulnerable age. American

studies have claimed that those

impressed they are not as capable

in work and live as those who

bottle-feed.Dandy if you do War

damned if you don't depending on

what report is coming out. One of

the tests involved men and women

with no children of their own. The

first group was asked for their

view on a resume of actress Brooke

Shields. It included a mention of a

book she'd written about breast

feeding. The second group was given

the same resume except the book she

authored was about her experience

with bottle feeding. The results

showed breast feeders were viewed

as warmer and friendlier than

bottle feeders but significantly

less competent in general. In

Australia our breast-feeding rates

are quite low and these little ones

are of course our future. They need

the best start in life! I would

have liked to, but a technique and

it didn't work, so I felt that I

was not a 100 per cent Great Mother.

In the end, every mother has to

decide, Folly the experts or your

instincts. Michael Douglas has

spoken for the first time about

wife Catherine Zeta Jones' battle

with mental illness Appearing on

the Oprah Winfrey show, the actor

praised his wife for seeking help.

And was optimistic about his own

health problems. In dealing with

the shock of Michael Douglas's

throat cancer, Douglas now believes

his wife Catherine Zeta Jones

suffered silently with her own

problems now revealed as bipolar

two which involves mood swings

between depression and a kind of

manic elation. So much so she

didn't go seeking any medical help

until fairly recently. So yeah I

think that played a big part of it

and she's got be stoic. And she was, he says

he says to her own detriment. He

says all his problems got all the

attention. I've got my oldest son

is in federal prison. My ex wife is

suing me. And I got cancer. It's

kind of hard for the wife to say I

am depressed. Ha Ha. Oh you're

depressed? Well you know. How about

cancer? If you wanna get depressed.

cancer? If you wanna get depressed.

While not saying now he's beaten

the cancer Douglas is sounding

hopeful. This particular cancer has

got a pretty good record of not

coming back. But it can. So for the

first year I gotta go every month

and get checked in and these pet

scans and stuff. And then the next

year it will be three months. Have

you got checked in for this month

already? I have. I'm cool...Cool

this month. Catherine Zeta Jones,

meanwhile, is back at work, back on

a movie set, and she says if

talking about her mental health

issue has encouraged one person to

seek help, then it's worth it. In

the news ahead amazing escape - how

500 Taliban fighters tunnelled

their way out of prison. Plus, the

battle to save a Sydney icon. And

the ultimate fashion crisis - a

wedding insider's view on the dress of the decade.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back to Nine News - where

we're broadcasting from London

ahead of the Royal Wedding. Nearly

500 Taliban fighters have tunnelled

their way out of a prison in

Afghanistan. The inmates escaped

through a 360 metre long tunnel,

which they'd been digging for five

months. They meticulously plotted a

course around police checkpoints

and major roads - guards are

suspected of helping with their

escape. A fight has begun to save a

piece of our city's history. An old

tram shed in the inner west has

been sold to developers. It's now

the resting place for some of the

carriages that once kept Sydney on

the move. Anzac Day 1961. The last-

ever Tran service role through

Sydney. It was a Harbour Sidi, not

Melbourne, that was once the tramp

capital of Australia but not any

more. Here lie the sad derelict

remains of a once ploughed fleet.

In its heyday is, the trams were

the way to travel and this was an

important part of Sydney because in

the working-class areas, we had to

get people in and out of the city.

The band and sheds and six old

trams are now covered in graffiti

and have become a secret Crozier --

treasure. It is be done such an underground coal classic that

people are considering to trespass

and braking just to get those

wonderful shots that you can't get

anywhere else. The gates have been

padlocked once again. Recently sold,

the site is set to become the next

victim of progress. The good news

is that the site is Heritage listed

so the structure at least will

remain and the city of Sydney

earlier this month said it hoped to

restore the historic trams. It

won't be knocked down, that would

be a travesty if anybody actually

thought that. In need of

finalisation. I think you should be

preserved. This is something that

should be opened up and given back

to the people of Sydney's.

Hopefully the cell which has not

come too late. We return now to the

reason I'm right here in London.

The Royal Wedding. And let's face

it. Apart from all the pomp and

ceremony, for many royal watchers

it's all about the dress. So what

will Kate wear? We've done our best

to find out. We've got the date, we

have the venue and the guest list,

all that remains a mystery is what

the Princess-to-be will be wearing.

There's no doubt Kate Middleton

will draw inspiration from royal

brides of the past. The Queen,

Princesses Anne and Diana, maybe

Fergie. Most designers think Kate

will have her arms covered for her

Westminster Wedding. This would

work for Kate? Absolutely she would

look incredible in a dress like

this. Very very glamorous, beaded

lace, it's a fishtail it would look

fantastic on someone like her.

There's talk she may arrive in a

coat like this leaving her dress

well hidden until the ceremony...

It would also cover up Kate's

shrinking frame. No doubt a result

of the pressure she feeling about

to say her vows in front of a TV

audience of 2 billion. So I don't

think that she can relax, so it's

all just falling off, because I

don't think she needed to lose a

pound. With 3 days until she says I

do, speculation is growing that

Kate has chosen Sarah Burton from

the UK label Alexander McQueen- to

design her dress. She likes showing

off her waist, she dresses in a

very feminine way and McQueen is

all about that. The play of texture

like lace like beading, she's a

princess, she should look like one.

What ever she wears, there's no

doubt we'll be seeing it copied for

years to come. I would definitely

not wear a big white meringue Well

of course you can see the dress for

yourself on Friday. Justin be the

touchdown in Australia, in Brisbane

on his private jet just hours

before tonight's opening concert.

He plays Sydney is a serene on

Thursday and Friday. And the

Panthers pull the pin on Matthew

Elliott. He won't be around next

year but I don't that -- thing that

will solve the club's problems. The

players are furious at the way the

coach has been treated and it is

about to get very ugly. From agony

to Ecstasy, the Warriors close

touch. And winning Australia's

This program is captioned live.

Penrith is a club in crisis tonight

with the players fuming that their

coach Matt Elliott will be replaced

at the end of the year. Talks have

started with former Dragons coach

Nathan Brown. Tim Sheens is

understood to be on the hit-list as

well. But Elliott has told Nine

News that his assistant Steve

Georgallis is ready for the job. It

looks like just another day in the

Office for Matt Elliott and is

struggling players. After just two

wins, they are trying every trick

in the book to work on their

fitness. Early this morning, he

learnt he was a dead man working.

How hard was a telling the players?

Yes, like his were the toughest,

because my daughters are just added

fans of the team -- team. They took

it harder than anyone. The players

understand. Do you understand the

decision? Not really, No. It is

obviously a decision that has made

from the hierarchy of the club and

it is one that as a playing group,

we have to get on with. Petero

Civoniceva was clearly biting his

tongue today. Take this as a fact

Penrose are in crisis. The players

are 100 per cent behind Matthew

Elliott and if they could revolt

against the board that make that

decision, they would. Had he been

coaching with one arm tied behind

about financially? But that is a

difficult question to answer. You

have not had a full-time physio,

millions have been cut out of your

budget. Sometimes organisations get

hit with financial difficulty

Engineer to roll with it. Wylie has

no real reason to care, he thinks

that Steve Jordaan took -- Steve

Georgallis can do the job. I have a

massive amount of respect for him

and he is head coach material. And

it was a heart stopping upset win

for the Warriors against the Storm

that wrapped up round seven of the

NRL. With less than seven minutes

remaining the Storm could have levelled the scores but Beau

Champion lost the ball close to the

line. You have saved the try and

you may have saved the night for

the Warriors. Two minutes later the

Warriors blew this chance.

Thankfully for coach, Ivan Cleary,

they then hung on for an 18-14 win.

With seven rounds now completed,

the Broncos and Dragons are setting

the pace, Penrith, Souths and

Canberra are all struggling. A torn

hamstring hasn't stopped Mitchell

Williams, winning the 130 running

of the Stawell Gift. Starting from

a handicap of 6.5 metres the 20

year charged through the field,

before suffering the injury in the

final strides. Replays showed

Williams was a narrow winner, a

$40,000 cheque more than enough to

cover the physio bill. Let's hope

that he does not do a hammy running

down the aisle on Friday. Slowly

does it for the brains. Will

Sydney's rain ever end? The forecast

Coming up on WIN News... A Coming up on WIN News... A busines destroyed by fire in the destroyed by fire in the Territory

s south. A boost in Legal Aid

services, And: police crackdown on

cyclists breaking the law. Join me for all the details next.

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This program is captioned live.

Here are a London it was This program is captioned live. Here are a London it was cloudy.

Ended was cloudy in Sydney as well.

Holidaymakers coming home after

five days off.

That is the news for this Tuesday.

Have a good evening. Goodbye from London.

because of a lack of Tonight ... A

business, gutted by fire in the business, gutted by fire in the ACT s south.

s south. Police target cyclists

breaking the law - in the latest

road blitz. And: the tourist

sanctuary under threat of closing

because of a lack of funds. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post, Fire

has destroyed an insulation has destroyed an insulation busines

in Fyshwick. Crews were called to

the Just Rite building in the early

hours of this morning, and as Gemma

Coombe reports, it took several

hours to get the blaze under

control. s suspicious - - It was

devastating end to the Easter devastating end to the Easter brea for the owners of this insulation

business in Fyshwick. Fire crews