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Iraq conflict -

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(generated from captions) involved in fighting further south, helping the Iraqi army push back against the ISIS advance. One of the areas where Kurdish forces have joined in battle with Islamist fighters is just 60km from the capital around the city of Baqaba. BBC correspondent Paul Wood prepared this report from the nearby town of Jalula Jalula. East of Baghdad, a strategically vital battle is being fought. These are Kurdish forces. They're trying to help the Iraqi army stop ISIS from marching on the capital. This is Jalula, the next town is in had hands of ISIS. The Kurds believe there are a small number of foreign jihadis backed by about 600 Sunni tribal fighters. At the Kurdish base the general begs a Sunni sheikh to switch sides. He asked them to abandon ISIS to avoid the bloodshed that is surely coming. It doesn't work. The Kurd know they have to stop ISIS hear or the jihadis will go into the nearby town of Baqaba. The Iraqi army is making a desperate stand there. It's the last big town before the capital. The Kurds send reinforcements to the front line. We stay behind in Jalula, the town's secure, they say. Down , down, down! (Gunshots) They spot movement. Three or four gunmen. (Rapid gunfire) Come with me! Come with me! Down here! Down here! Bullets seem to come in from two or three directions at once. Snipers they say. They thought they had secured this place but they've just been told there were 75 vehicles of ISIS fighters making their way here to try to cut them off. The battle's going backwards and forwards. Things are very fluid here. We're with half a dozen men who are trapped with ISIS on three sides. We need to find the most senior commander you can find and get them to get the troops - can you hear me? (Shouting)There's growing panic. They think the jihadis are coming in through the back of the building. They're right there, he says. They're behind us, can't you see them? A man was shot through the leg. He survived. Eventually the fighting starts to die down. The cause was probably just a few gunmen left behind by ISIS in Jalula. It was not a mass attack the Kurdish troops feared. But it is in skirmishes