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Australian rock legend Jim Keays dead -

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EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Australian music legend Jim Keays has died aged 67.

The Masters Apprentices frontman was being treated for pneumonia in a Melbourne hospital where he passed away early this morning.

Ashlynne McGhee reports on a life dedicated to rock and roll.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE, REPORTER: In the late '60s The Masters Apprentices were the bad boys of Australian rock and roll.

(Extract from Turn Up Your Radio by The Masters Apprentices)

JIM KEAYS, SINGER: Rock n rolling you're still doing it now.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: And front and centre was Jim Keays.

JIM KEAYS: Fifteen years today and you remember how.

GLENN A BAKER, MUSIC COMMENTATOR: He had a growl, he had a confidence, he had a swagger.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: He wore his leathers tight and his hair long.

DAVE FAULKNER, HOODOO GURUS: He led from the front as far as the fashion stakes and the personality stakes.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: The Masters were irreverent and wild and the fans loved it. Their hits steamed up the charts and as Australia came of age Keays vocals were the sound track.

GLENN A BAKER: He was always the centrepiece, always completely in command simply because he had an extraordinary voice.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: He received his share of accolades, gold records, a place in the ARIA Hall of Fame and even his own stamp and had a lasting influence on a generation of Australian musicians.

DAVE FAULKNER: Masters are just part of that classic '60s Australian sound that I grew up loving and, you know, and still very excited by today.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: At the age of 60, Jim Keays was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer and a year later was in the headlines with a coronial inquest into the death of his new born baby at a private hospital.

But it did little to slow him down.

In 2012 aged 65, he released a new garage punk album to critical acclaim.

JIM KEAYS: Whiskey woman I need you.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: Until the end maintaining his iconic sound.

GLENN A BAKER: He was gregarious, he was larger than life and he was innately one of the very best rock singers we ever had in Australia.

ASHLYNNE MCGHEE: Keays is survived by his two daughters and son.