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(generated from captions) since she became PM, On the day marking one year endless questions Julia Gillard dodged about bad polls and broken promises. there were plenty of distractions, Thankfully for her, and shouting matches as the regular stunts took centre stage in Canberra. # Happy anniversary, baby LITTLE RIVER BAND: (SING) # Got you on my m-i-n-d # Happy anniversary, baby # Got you on my m-i-n-d. # 'first anniversary' Yes, the Red Queen's was on people's minds this week a different term... although they used Assassination day... Oh, so, helpfully marking... The assassination of Kevin Rudd... 'assassination day'. Apparently he calls it for the Lodge... and Julie Bishop's got another name the House Will the Foreign Minister advise to Bougainville? when he intends to return (LAUGHTER) to great mirth. And the Kevinator took the bait - of the Opposition. can I say to the Deputy Leader once doing the Bogan dance... Now there is evidence of her (SONG) # I love rock'n'roll Baby # Put another dime in the juke box # I love rock'n'roll...# The Bougainville peace process. BY FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD PLAYS) ('WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR' between the warring parties here It seems likely we'll see peace than we will here. And when he mentioned... on Bougainville's future. The upcoming referrendum ('REVOLUTION' BY THE BEATLES PLAYS) stunt du jour - Minds swept to the Slugger's a carbon tax referendum. of the people's vote? Why is the Prime Minister frightened Um, because... An $80 million stunt even abide by the result. where he has said he would not dipped their lids to that The Independents when even this guy said no. and it was all over the Coalition's political stunt. I won't be backing a thing or two about stunts. Because, let's face it, he knows ('BENNY HILL' THEME MUSIC) from the Senate this week... And with Steve Fielding signing off (SOBS) the undisputed stuntman of politics. ..that leaves the Slugger as So when the Red Queen said this... over the last 24 hours He's actually proving incapable competently pull a stunt. of pulling a stunt...can't even (CIRCUS MUSIC PLAYS) closely enough. ..she obviously hasn't been watching officer of Stunts 'R' Us. I mean, he's the chief executive routine to a Canberra fruito. This week taking his anti-carbon tax Oopsy daze. Oopsy daisy. Ah, dear! of political attack... Retailing his most effective line is going to impact This is where this carbon tax on every aspect of the supply chain. might have missed the message. These visits are very subtle so you It really is that the electorate pineapple from this lemon of a deal, is getting the rough end of the then - but if you elect the pair of them, she'll be apples. Anthony Albanese had fun Back in the Parliament, the Slugger's policy positions going through on the Malaysia refugee swap... Nooo, nooo, nooo, nooo! and superannuation boost... ..the mining tax He said no! No! No! No! pricing carbon. And, of course, the big one - Altogether now! No, no, no, no, no, no. Even he got a giggle out of that. Australian politics' very own... Tony Abbott, Mr No! No. No, no, no, no, no, no! A fantastic Riley diary. Did they have all of those fruit groups? I suspect they set that up for me, the pineapple and the lemon and the pear and the apple. It's all about image and it gets on the nightly news, it sells the sorry about Tony Abbott's retailer about the carbon tax. Now we are see ago shift. She has Now we are see ago shift. She is Now we are see ago shift. She

being positive all of a sudden? It has to happen at some stage. It has been negative. It change to get some positive has been negative. It will be a nice be an overwhelming amount. But there discussion. I don't think there will

are signs that Tony Abbott is hearing the call within the party to start talking about his positive alternative agenda. That will make a it a real political discussion. People will be able to measure up what each lead were do The problem with what he is talking about with his tax cuts of course, is that nobody knows where he will get the money? That's right. The problem for Tony Abbott in selling his alternative tax cuts, saying that he won't have a carbon tax but he will have tax cuts, if you don't have a carbon tax or an ETS, you lose about $ or an ETS, you lose about $11 or 12 billion dollars a year. He is already cutting so much. The mining tax will go. You are $ tax will go. You are $33 billion in the hole. How do you pay for the tax cuts? We have to hear that. I do know on the Coalition side now at the shadow cabinet last week, Tony Abbott has asked his frontbenchers to start to work on policy, develop up policy to broaden the attack. He knows that he will not be able to focus on focus on Julia

focus on Julia Gillard and the carbon issue for ever. All the shadow ministers are out there now, working up policies in different areas to broaden the attack and to out flank Labor. You You would think that that was that innovative to work out policies at the moment it is. He hasn't needed them, that's the thing. But he has been able to scale the heights in the poles just by negating the government's message. The government has lost its message. It's because of the effectiveness of what Tony Abbott has been able to do as an Opposition Leader. There is a new look Parliament starting soon. That's right. Steve Fielding has Steve Fielding?

gone. He made a real contribution to

the Parliament, Steve. He is a character but July 1, we have the greens in control of the Senate and that will change the complex of this Parliament in so many ways. Particularly because the government now can just about bank on policy getting through the Senate chamber. It has to look towards the house of reps where it still needs to win the Independents favour to get across the line. I think you will hear more from Tony Abbott, they will amp up that attack about the rainbow the Labor and the Greens being in co-hoots so they will be to the of the political spectrum. He will

try to take the middle ground. co-hoots so they will be to the left

It will be interesting times. Always are, Mon. As always, fantastic to hear from you. Great to have you here on the couch Thank you for letting me in. Your pass still works. Over to you, Laz. TV is like politics, just the pineapples are a little rough.