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Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia Residents in New South Wales, and the ACT for daylight saving. have all moved their clocks forward But is it just a waste of time? Supporters say are a boom for businesses the adjusted time zones enjoy the outdoors. and also help people nationwide. But critics want the system scrapped to review the Australian model The government says it has no plans the Nationals and Independents. despite a push from

Queensland Residents in Western Australia, and the Northern Territory don't change their clocks in summer. To discuss the issue by Independent MP Bob Katter we're joined from Brisbane plus daylight saving advocate Daylight Savings Party, Jason Furze. and former leader of the Good morning. why? Jason, you want daylight saving, Um, well, it absolutely. There is so many benefits. Daylight saving is all about adjusting the time of the clock to provide greater lifestyle opportunities for people. Simple as that. So, for example, in South-East Queensland in the height of summer, we have sunrises as early as 4. and we never see we have sunrises as early as 4.30am

and we never see sunset past 7 o'clock. So people can't use the sunlight at 4. sunlight at 4.30 in the morning and that is why daylight saving works. Certainly doesn't work in all regions, but it certainly would South-East Queensland. regions, but it certainly would in Bock, where do you stand on the issue. It is confusing to have different states at different times. Particularly if you work on South Wales Particularly if you work on the New Particularly if you work on the South Wales / Queensland border. Particularly if you work on the South Wales

I am being interviewed today in Brisbane, the skins cancer capital of the world. Sydney is not too good either, I might add. But particularly in Queensland. I have been a rugby league player or official all my life. We have spent an off lot of time and money shifting rugby league into the evenings because playing football all day in the sun you are going to evenings because playing football get skins cancers. Even I, Kochie did not play football with a hat on. Alright, I notice you don't have it today either. You are saying almost for medical reasons we shouldn't bring in daylight savings. Western Australia had four referendums on the issue. Voters rejected it each and every time. Jason, and every time. Jason, is it a case of looking at the issue state by state? Is everywhere different? Are regional areas different to city areas? Well, absolutely. Horses for courses. With the four referendums in Western Australia, it is not supported in Perth because they're far west, they are west within their time zone so they get a natural effect of effect of daylight saving just Mount Isa does in Queensland. For effect of daylight saving just like example, South-East Queensland versus Mount Isa, the sunrises and sun sets are an hour's difference, it is an hour longer. The Cancer Council has refute said anything about day saving causing more skin cancer.

Skin cancer! That last comment is cancer. ridiculous. I mean honestly, if you are in the sun, I use the example of Absolutely, slip, slop slap. football. People doing outdoor work, all of the time. And what we are saying is the people that work outdoors, it is terribly detrimental. But let me add another dimension, children. I left my grandkids another dimension, which is the

morning they have to get up at six children. I left my grandkids this o'clock to have their breakfast and fool around and get dressed for school, which is a fair way away like the sit aedz mism I am not talking about country, I am talking about the cities. I am not talking about the million people who live in north Queensland who are an hour behind Brisbane now. The million people. I people. I am just talking about Brisbane. But those kids would have to get up at if I ever o'clock. Their time clock says 5 o'clock and their parents have to get them to bed when it is still daylight in Brisbane. It is terribly antifamily and terrible people who work outdoors. A remark like it is not going affect skin cancer is really stupid and stupid and I reject it totally. We would never make the advancedments like we did in one area like rugby league. We have to leave it there, thank you