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(generated from captions) This program will be live

captioned by Ai-Media. The

value of gaining a

certificate which carries an

Australian label in our own

country is so important for

the graduates in terms of

employment creation as

clearly the person who

graduates from an Australian

technical training is always

given priority by any

employer compared to any

other certificate awarded by

an institution within our own

countries. So without further ado, Prime Minister, I thank

you very much for your

generous effort in helping

education in our country.

Thank you very much. Thank

you very much. Can I ask if

there are questions on

today's announcement or on

the leaders' retreat today

before we move to any

Australian domestic matters

so the Prime Minister of

Samoa is not involved in that

press conference. Yes. Just

very briefly on the

seasonleal workers program

there was very slow up take

in Australia by opening it up

to other countries to be

involved creating jobs for

other workers to come in,

make sure the demand is is

there. Our experience with

this scheme is it did get off

to a slow start. It was the

first time we had done

anything like this. So in its

first version it did get off

to a slow and modest start.

Obviously we've learned as we

have gone and there have been

some new flexibilities introduced into the system

and since then we've seen

greater uptake. Now we're

moving from the first four to

another four countries. It's

still a pilot and we're still

learning but it's an industry

sector in Australia where routinely employers are

telling us that they cannot

get the work force that they

need. And that has been a

economic conditions in constant cry irrespective of

Australia, that it is

difficult tore them to get the work force that they

need. We hope to continue to

learn as we go in this pilot

and as we do to provide

opportunities for people. The

evidence to us has been that

people who have come have

enjoyed it in the sense that

it's given them a work

opportunity and enabled them

to send money back home.

Just a question on fpbl, can

you explain what you mean by

the dialogue that you talked

about before that needs to

take place. This has been

our consistent position and

it is a consistent position

of this forum. We want to see

Fiji returned to democracy,

the earliest possible we want to see that done at

opportunity. Obviously that

requires within Fiji and more

broadly a dialogue to start

with. Our precondition's been

drawn but the ball is there

in Fiji's court to make moves

forward towards a return to

democracy. Did all the

island leaders agree with that sentiment. Because some

of them are saying that Fiji

should be returned to the

forum as soon as possible.

The best thing I can do there

is refer you to the

communiqui and the very clear

statement in it. Can I ask

Mr Taulafa, you've seen the

opinion poll that was

published this week which

seemed to show that Morama

has a high level of support

in fpbl. Is this the thing

that might cause to change

your own mind? First of all

the opinion poll was carried

out by the Lowy Institute

using some Fiji

and of course we all know the

people in Fiji are very, very frightened to say anything

contrary to what the leader

wants to hear. So I cannot

take the result of that poll

to be completely reliable.

That's my brief answer. Can

I ask you about the seasonal

workers program. The

increase in income for the -

for those who would be

benefitting from this scheme

cannot be

cannot be minimised, but I

think the greater benefit

would be as we have known

from our participation in the

New Zealand scheme, is the

knowledge of the work ethics

in a horticulture industry,

and that is very advantageous

when they go back to work on

their own plantations and

having been exposed to the

work environment in New

Zealand, it gives them a

totally new outlook on what

it means to work hard in a

plantation where you expect

to produce and sell the

fruits of your labour. I just

want you to also know that in

our discussions with the

farmers, the employers here,

they have found that since

the inception of the scheme

the people that have come

with the experience acquired

have resulted in increased

productivity and they have

recommended to me that the

next batch that follows

should have a higher

percentage of those who have

been here before. So that

there is less time to retrain

and that the benefits to the farmers would be even

greater. Prime Minister,

just on the poll results we

were talking about, how do

you feel about the Fijian

government saying that Morami

is a lot more The central

question is whether you

believe in democracy or not.

That's why we're pushing Fiji

to an early democracy. I

think some good points have been made by the Prime

Minister. It is I suspect

hard for us from Australia to

imagine how people feel

living in Fiji and then

having an opinion poll taken

of them. For us that's

routine obviously, we have

lots of opinion polls and

people feel free to say

whatever they want to say and

they understand that they're

confidential and those sorts

of things and there's not an

ability to trace back who's

said what. I suspect that the

understanding of those things

and the sense of pressure is

quite different in Fiji, but

whatever caused people to at the end of the day

give the answers that they

gave, this is not a question

for opinion polling, you know, you believe in

democracy or you don't. We

believe in democracy. Can I

also mention that very

similar kinds of polls have been conducted in my country.

been conducted in my country.

During periods leading up to

elections for the last 8

elections that we won. And

every single poll of those 8

polls were completely wrong.

Well said. Have we finished

with forum issues and issues

associated with the Australia

Pacific technical college?

Just one bilateral if I

could. Yes, sure. Did you

speak with the Papua New

Guinean at all. I've had the opportunity in the course of

the day in the margins of the

leaders' retreat to to talk

to the leader of PNG. Asylum

seeker's wasn't mentioned. The Prime Minister of Papua

New Guinea is aware that we

are debating these issues in

Australia and we have a court

case to respond to. Would

you agree with West pap with

a's order.... I'd refer you

to the communiqui and what

was done in relation to

applications for observers by

the whole group. So is that

it. So they're going to ask

me some domestic questions

now. You may not want to be

involved in. Part of the NSW

police not to proceed with

charges against Craig

Thomson. Do you have... I consistently expressed my

confidence in the member for

Dobell. He is there working

for his local community.

Police matters are a matter

for the police and I'm not

going to comment on them.

The Opposition says he should

address parle as early as

next mrned. What do you say to? I've consistently said

in relation to this matter

and other matters that it's a

question for proper

processes, proper processes need to be gone through and

clearly the police are going

through their relevant

processes. Should he

apologise? These are a

question for the proper

processes, that's my position

in relation to all

parliamentarians. I've taken

a consistent view whether the

person is a Liberal or Labor

Party person. Are you saying

he still has ques... I'm I'm

not saying that at all and

please don't put words in my

mouds. I'm saying there are

proper processes. People are

aware in relation to the

Member for Dobell there's a Fair Work Australia process

in train, matters that are

commentary from the police is

for the police to deal with,

not for me. Did you have any

discussions with him about.

Tony Abbott to attend the

birth of a child... I am

fairly amazed by that statement. You know,

employers, people right

around the country now make

arrangements for men to

attend the birth of their

children. People do it in all sorts of extraordinary

circumstances, you know, footballers shaping up for a

grand final and all sorts of extraordinary circumstances,

people still want to make

sure that a dad can get to

the birth of his new son or

daughter. I would hope Mr

Abbott would reflect on this

and share that sentiment. Mr

Abbott says that they would

support the Government's

offshore policy as long as it

wasn't associated with

mayor. Mr Abbott made a very

open offer at the start of

this week to consider these questions and to work with

the Government. I'll be hold

be Mr Abbott to that open

offer. He now has some facts

at his disposal that he

didn't appear to have earlier

this week because eanti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory made

briefings available to him.

It's crystal clear to Mr

Abbott that Malaysia has a

strong deterrence value. I

hope he would weigh these facts in the national

interest. Do you agree with your Immigration Department

head who says if offshore processing doesn't take place

that we'll end up with social

problems that we saw in

London recently. The

Government will deal in time

with the response to the High

Court case. Having heard all

that advice from our independent officials

including the secretary of

the kept for immigration and

citizenship. He called work

officials turk ies Sorry

who. Bob Brown called the

immigration officials turkey

and said.... Senator Brown's

completely wrong. It's the

wrong thing to do to criticise officials. They are giving the best of their

advice and experience and I

ask them to give the best of

their advice and experience

to the Leader of the

Opposition as well as me in circumstances where our

nation need to respond to

last week's High Court case.

For my position on asylum

seekers, what I want to see

is I want to see the people smugglers' business model smashed. I believe that's the

right thing to do in attacking a trans national

crime of a great evil and

it's the right thing to do

from the humanitarian

perspective of not seeing

people, including women and

kids, get on boats and

potentially risk their lives

and our nation saw that only

too graphically around

Christmas time this year off

Christmas Island, and I'd

invite people to remember

what they felt like when they

tho saw those images. The Immigration Department says

offshore processing is the

only way to go, why didn't

Labor dismantle the offshore

processing. I think you're

putting words in the Immigration Department's

mouth, saying that it has a

great deal of deterrence

value, they're also very

clearly saying that to avoid

legal risks and doubts

legislation is required. The

Government will respond fully

to all of this, having

received proper advice at the

appropriate time. Iext not

doing it today. Was it the

wrong thing to do, to

dismantle offshore

processing? We'll provide

our response to the High

Court at the appropriate

time. I'm not doing that

today. On that advice that

you got from the department

have they told the government

that if it has to be onshore

that you'll get 600 people a

month arriving. And on a completely different matter

or tune, I appreciate you're

here, you're not watching

Australian television but

have you seen the new show

about yourself and Tim, what

do you make of it? And it's

supposedly a ratings hit in Australia, what do you think

about that? I haven't seen

the new show because I've

been here in New Zealand. I

have recorded it so I will

watch it, and I hope that I

will be laughing as you do.

Do you think it's

appropriate? Look, the Immigration Department has

provided advice to us, it's

provided advice to the Leader

of the Opposition, we're

going to respond to that

advice and we'll crystallise

the reasons we came to our

conclusions when the

Government has fully dealt

with this matter which isn't

today. ... program. You're

asking me to make a comment about a program I haven't

seen. The concept. I think

people who know me well know

I've got a pretty good sense

of humour. Have you had

discussions with Nauru about

processing? I made comments

about this yesterday and I've

spoken to the Nauru, to the

leader of Nauru who's been

here, at a meeting this

length you get a lot of

opportunities to have

discussions in the margins

when you're having a cup of

coffee or over lunch or

dinner or whatever. We have

had those discussions and he

understands that there's a High Court case in Australia that the Government's

responding to and that that's

an Australian domestic

question. So you did speak

to the Nauru President about

the issue? He raise the

matter with me over dinner,

saying he had been asked by Australian journalists to

comment, and in those

circumstances I explained

that we had a High Court case

that we were working through

our response to. Can I ask

you... I was never scheduled

to attend the post-forum

dialogue and it's not normal

for Prime Ministers to do so.

I did want to catch up with the Wallabies while I was

here and I'm able to do that

today, still get back tonight

and be available for a full

working day in Canberra tomorrow. I thought that was

the best program. What I had

intended to do Canberra.

What I had intended to do was

stay overnight and meet the

Wallabies tomorrow. As it's

turned out I've got the

opportunity to do that this

evening and get back tonight.

Just in terms of being in

Canberra for the full working

day rather than travelling

for part of it that best

suits my program. Can I

clarify an answer you gave

earlier, did you raise it

with PNG or did they raise it

with you, the issue of asylum

seekers. It's been a

conversation in the margins,

I suspect but do not know

members of this press pack have been asking for

commentary as well. I suspect

that's right so you'd expect

it to be raised over a cup of

coffee, no more than that,

and it's once again a

question that there's a High

Court case and we're

responding to it. This of

course for us in Australia,

it's a big issue, it's a big part of our national conversation at the moment

but it hasn't been a big

feature of my discussions

whilst I've been here. It's

been the subject of a couple

of conversations in the

margins because press

interests obviously then also

plays into the forum itself.

Did you bring up the

resignation of the chief

trade adviser as a key player

in the regional negotiations. Yes I under

that the chief trade advise

or has resigned and we will

need to replace that position

that needs to continue to be

resourced. Thank you. The p.m. Julia Gillard wrapping

up there that news conference

and indeed her visit to Auckland for the Pacific

Islands Forum where the issue

of asylum seekers was raised

but just in the margins she

says with Nauru's President

and no doubt will be in the

talks she still has with the Prime Minister of Papua New

Guinea to come as well.

Talking also about the issues

on the agenda at the Pacific Islands Forum, climate

change, fmg and the pressure

that the form yum is placing

on Fiji to return to democracy, the labour

mobility program she's

announced an extension of.

That trial as well, also the

Prime Minister defending and

expressing her confidence in

Craig Thomson who has today

vowed to give a comprehensive