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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - Tony

Tonight - Tony Abbott throws

the first punch in the carbon

price fight. It is going to

turn out to be the longest Australian history. A priest political suicide note in

privilege declares his named under parliamentary

innocence. I categorically deny the allegations. A bloody end

to a 20-hour Taliban siege in

central Kabul. And the Jackie tapes revealing

tapes revealing the political

and personal secrets. I want to

die with you and the children

do too than live without you.

Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. Tony Abbott has

Federal Government's carbon tax opened the debate on the

by predicting it will lead to

the political death of the

Prime Minister. After 7 months

Opposition campaigning against it the

Opposition Leader fired the

opening salvo in parliament but

a mix up over the list of

speakers drew attention to

between lingering policy divisions

between Mr Abbott and the man

he replaced as leader. Malcolm

Turnbull hasn't spoken in the

debate and may not take part at

correspondent Mark all. Here's chief

of the end game. The Leader of Simkin. This is the beginning

the Opposition. Tony

the Opposition. Tony Abbott's

first contribution to the

formal stage of a debate that's raged for raged for years. This isn't

just nonsense, this is nonsense

on stilts. Julia Gillard turned

up and sat silently as the

Opposition Leader seized on the

suggestion she's on the right

side of history. This is

arrogant presumption by a prime

minister who is on the wrong

side of truth. That's the Prime Minister's

Minister's problem, she is on leaders have fallen in the the wrong

fight for an emissions trading scheme. The Coalition's betting

on a fourth. It is going to

turn out to be the longest

political suicide note in Australian history. But But

all we heard was more personal inverdictive, more negativity, more disinformation. With 40 more MPs listed to

more MPs listed to speak, Tony

Abbott took his show on the

road. Now what are your thoughts on the carbon tax? Everyone knows the answer to that what the former Opposition

Leader thinks. I'm very

confident that Malcolm will

give a very good critique of

the carbon tax legislation

whenever he wants to say that, whenever he wants to

that's entirely up to

putting a price on carbon. He him. Malcolm Turnbull supports that's entirely up to

was listed to speak on the

ledge but - legislation but

removed his name this

morning. I'm going to listen to

the debate and read the contributions House and study the legislation

carefully and then I will make

a decision as I always do with

bills that are not within my portfolio. The other portfolio. The other issue of the day does fall within

portfolio. The Government the day does fall within his

announced an inquiry announced an inquiry into

newspapers and online. It will

consider ways of sharpening the

Press Council's teeth but won't examine levels of media

ownership or bias. I don't need

an inquiry to establish some

organs in the Murdoch press are

clearly running a campaign against this Government. But the Minister insists his the

inquiry's not a campaign against News Limited.

against News Limited. A Catholic priest accused in

Federal Parliament of being a

rapist has publicly denied the allegation. The Independent

Senator Nick Xenephon named the

parliamentary privilege and priest under the cover of

that decision has been met with

very mixed reactions. After being

being named in the Senate Monsignor Ian

Monsignor Ian Dempsey emerged

to reject the claim by Senator Xenephon that he Anglican priest John Hepworth

as a young man. I have made it

clear in writing to the inquiry

that I categorically deny the

allegations which I note are

said to relate to events

occurred some 45 years ago and

they have nothing at all to do

with underage

people. Archbishop Hepworth is

leader of the break away traditional Anglican communion

traditional Anglican communion

and he claims the Adelaide

diocese has been slow to address his claim of abuse. The

process that we saw that the arch believe has been less than adequate. But Adelaide's

Catholic Archbishop defends how

the case has been handled. He says John Hepworth on occasions said he wasn't ready

for an investigation and only

agreed to one in February. I

agreed to one in February. I

did repeat to accuse me and the

archdiocese of not handling

this matter with priority and

proper process is wrong and I

reject such comments. He also

says John Hepworth was

encouraged to go to the police.

He's told the ABC he may now do so. I was contacted to

more for me and I have agreed

to return to that conversation

how things later in the week when I see

how things have panned out. Senator out. Senator Xenephon's naming

of Monsignor Dempsey has been

met with mixed reactions with

some supporting him but others

suggesting he's abused his

position. It's not the forum

for that. It's not for

Parliament or a person in

Parliament to use that forum to

pass judgment. For Nick to

speak out like he has, gives

victims of crime, people who have been abused a feeling of recognition. The

recognition. The investigation

into Archbishop Hepworth's

complaints is expected to take

some months. After 20 hours the

siege in the Afghan capital

Kabul is over. Taliban gunmen

launched a wave of assault

across the capital overnight

targeting the US Embassy and

NATO headquarters. 11 civilians

and 3 police officers were

and 3 police officers were

killed and several militants also died in the Afghanistan correspondent Sally Sara reports from Kabul.

Afghan troops battled for

control of the streets of

Kabul. Taliban gunmen opened fire from a high rise

construction site above the US

Embassy and the headquarters of the International Security

Assistance Force. Gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades

rocket-propelled grenades sent

residents running for cover. As

we started filming police fired more shots into the air. If you

look through the - (Gunfire) All this unfolded in what is

supposed to be one of the most

heavily guarded districts of

the capital. Well in the Well in the past in the past few minutes we've heard a large explosion and

some gunfire. Members of the Afghan security forces have

Afghan security forces have been travelling in vehicles to

the scene several hundred metres down the road.

Ambulances have also been

coming back returning some of

those service members who have

been wounded in this highly

coordinated attack. The body of

one of the Taliban gunmen was

taken to a nearby military

hospital. Suicide struck in the west of the city targeting police and Afghan

troops. More than a dozen

explosions were heard across the

TRANSLATION: The suicide bomber

was shot by our security guard

and his explosives detonated

causing the explosion. This

school bus was hit by a rocket

but witnesses say there were no

students on board at the time. NATO has condemned the

attacks across the city and

says its troops and officials in Afghanistan won't be intimidated. The Taliban tried to

to test transition but they

can't stop it. Transition is on track and it will continue.

NATO helicopters kept watch

from above as the gun battle continued for several hours.

The Taliban are warning of

further attacks against the

Afghan Government and the US-led coalition. And Sally Sara

Sara files this update a

time ago. This incident is

raising serious questions about

the capabilities of

Afghanistan's intelligence and

security forces. The insurgents

were able to reach building which is very close to the international security

assistance force compound and

the US Embassy. They're able to bring in large amounts of weapons

weapons and ammunition. It took

the Afghan security forces more

than 19 hours

than 19 hours to bring this situation under control. The

security forces are now investigating just exactly how

this event unfolded. The asking questions about the

performance of the Afghan

forces. Federal, State and Territory leaders have so far failed to secure the future of one

one of Australia's most

important resources - water.

That's the blunt assessment of

the National Water

the National Water Commission

in a landmark report. Here's environment reporter Sarah

Clarke. It's been a year of

good rain, big floods, even a few cyclones but Australia's

peak water body concedes there

is still problems with how we

manage what we've concerns are about the pace and also

also about the level of

resource that's being invested

in making those important management

management decisions. In its latest report card on the

national water initiative, it

lays out its key lays out its key concerns

stating political leadership is

still lacking, water reform is slow, the environment is

missing out and overallocation

of water is still a problem. Governments have still

not tackled head on this

question of over allocation and overuse was last year.

overuse was last year. Not only

has that been missed but the

Water Commission say State and

Federal Governments have yet to identify what needs to be done. This is a of the national water

initiative and governments have

failed to deliver on that commitment. D assessment also

raises new risks including the

impact of the coal seam gas

industry on water systems as a hole - whole. There

hole - whole. There is significant uncertainty in

relation to that and we'd certainly support the National

Water Commission's

recommendation that there be bit more of a softly, softly approach to these developments. While the

overarching message from this

report is to push ahead with

reform, there are no guarantees

the governments will act. They're yet to officially

respond to the last report from

2 years ago and the National

Water Commission is set to wind

up next year.

up next year. When it comes to

obesity many Australians are in

denial. We think we're fit and

healthy but we're amongst the

most overweight in We think we're a nation of

active sporty people but the reality is quite different. Interviews

Interviews with 13,000 people

from around the world including Australia found that while we

see ourselves see ourselves as slim and healthy, the scales tell

healthy, the scales tell another story. We're actually

world leaders in self-deception

when it comes to obesity and body weight. In Australia

one-third of people said they

were overweight or obese. But

in reality two thirds of

Australians are battling the

bulge. So the perception needs

to change before we start to make an inroads into

our obesity crisis. It's not

until we accept the

until we accept the truth that

we can actually move

forward. When it comes to obesity Australia is

third place with Britain, just

behind the US and Saudi Arabia.

Exercise is also an area where

reality and perception don't

match up. Well again we claim

to be world leaders in

exercise. We and the Kiwis

claim to do more exercise each

week. The reality is we don't

do as much as we claim to do. Experts say just like anti-smoking campaigns it's

going to take 20 years to

change behaviour but with

straight and simple health

messages it can be done. The

ACT Government has ordered an immediate review of how

children are placed into out of

home care following a possible

breach of the law. It's been

revealed an organisation was asked to accommodate

asked to accommodate 5 children

although it may not be legally

allowed to do so. Between July

and August and August this year the

community services directorate

asked a welfare group to house

5 young children in need of

emergency care but it seems

that request was in breach of

the law. There appears to be that the final approval for that residential placement

wasn't confirmed. The Minister

says the children were never at

risk but she's ordered an

independent review into the

matter. I am disappointed at any

any potential breach by the

Department. I mean we should be

there safeguarding and being children in care. This is a

catastrophic breakdown in the procedures of the Department in

an area where we're dealing with our most vulnerable. Vicki

Dunne wrote to the Minister

last week after receiving a

briefing from the direct dr

dreckt yacht. One of the first

questions I asked the officials

was why were these children put

in care when it was not a

function performed by this agency and the Minister's

officials couldn't give me an

answer except that they were desperate to place these children. Mrs Dunne's letter also raised

concerns that the initial

accommodation provided had no

beds, no running hot water and

no adequate power. The property wasn't our responsibility wasn't our responsibility but I'm asking those question. R

Minister Burch has asked the

advocate to investigate the

incident. She's also asked for

a review of all placement of

children currently in the care of the Government. That work is

expected to start next week. A moving funeral held for a mother and her 5 children who were among the

victims of Australia's worst

house fire. Thousands paid

tribute to the family who

perished when the blaze broke

out at Logan south of Brisbane last month. Survivor Jeremiah

Lale grieved as one by one the

caskets of his family were

taken away. 11 people gone in

one time. We still cannot

understand why. Funerals for 5

other people who died in the

blaze are due to be held this

weekend. Police are yet to

reveal the cause of reveal the cause of the fire.

The Church of scientology

refeigns - remains defiant at

the prospect of being forced to

back pay

they were exploited. The Fair

Work ombudsman has found the

church wrongly classified some

of its staff as volunteers.

Allegations that the church

engaged in forced labour and

false imprisonment were aired

on the ABC's 'Lateline' program

last night. To say the very

least the Church of Scientology is unimpress ed that

allegations against it has been

made public. We think it's

disgraceful. The Church says

the Fair Work ombudsman's investigation

investigation aired on

'Lateline' last night was done

in confidence and the draft report, it says, is exactly

that, a draft. What we have is

a handful of former members who are embittered and they're

using this as a way to pay back

the church. The crux of the report is this. In doing so it's alleged some

volunteers worked up to 80

hours a week for $50 pay. The

Church says it stands by volunteer work practices. It

has implications for all volunteer organisations, all associations that use

volunteers and all other religious organisations. The

Fair Work ombudsman also looked at more serious allegations. Including

deprivation of freedom, coercion, false imprisonment,

accidental death and forced

medical report says those allegations

will be referred to other

authorities. It's not new. Last

year when a certain Senator

made some statements publicly

reresponded with great detail and documentary evidence to refute those allegations. That

certain Senator currently has

his hands full. I haven't seen

the outcome of that

investigation. Let's wait and

see what they say in relation

to the Church of

Scientology. On that point at least the two agree. Secret recordings Kennedy only months after the

assassination of her husband

John F Ken have been released

for the first time by her

daughter. The former first lady

provides provides a scathing assessment

of world leaders. The

recordings also offer a rare

behind the scenes glimpse of life in the Kennedy White

House. Jacqueline Kennedy sat

down with his toirn and friend

Arthur Schlesinger four months after her after her husband's assassination. He revealed

of Bay of pigs invasion. She

was determined to stay by her

husband's side. Please don't

send me anywhere if anything

happens, we're happens, we're all going to

stay right here with you. Even

if there's not room in the bomb

shelter in the White House which I've seen, I said please,

I just want to be on the lawn

when it happens. But I just

want to be with you and I want

to die with you and the

children do too than live without you. The elegant,

reserve ed offers biting

assessment of other

Saying her husband wanted to

don Edgar Hoover and offering

this assessment of choice of

Lyndon Johnson as her husband 's 's vice-president. If you had

him up there with that enormous

ego and thwarted and bitter, so

nobody was happy but everyone

was even amaze ed that he

accepted. Well, some of the

people can tell you about it

going down into his room and

everything and I guess he was

drunk. There are also glimpses

into the private life of the bed, naps during the day and

the President's back pain and a

poignant exchange with

3-year-old John Kennedy jr Jr. John, what happened to your father? He's gone to heaven.

He's gone to heaven. Yes. Do

you remember him? Yes. What do

you remember? I don't remember

anything. Jackie Kennedy also

calls Martin Luther

phoney and tricky though Caroline Kennedy says the

comments don't reflect her

mother's true feelings about

the civil rights leader. the civil rights leader. To finance now and Australian

shairp share prices fell

sharply again today despite

overnight rallies in Europe and

America. The Australian dollar

is downas well after a revision

of Australia's inflation

rate. Just when it looks safe

to go back into the market

something else comes along. The

tone in the North

in France, Germany, Italy and Spain in the US but not Greece,

all went up on optimism that the sovereign debt crisis might be

be resolved. But then this afternoon Moody's said it was

downgrading two big French

banks and the mood evaporated.

Investors in Asia were worried

once again about European sovereign debt. The Australian

market performed very poorly.

There were big falls among the

banks as well as the resources

leaders and Cochlear had

another shocker as well falling

15% because at the same time as it's recalling its implants its

main competitor has come out of

its own recall and is now selling them again. Retailers

also got whacked as did the media media companies, Fairfax and

Seven, and the steel

manufacturer Bluescope. The

Australian dollar has fallen to

102 US cents, it's lowest point

for a month and back wo where

it was at the start of 20111.

It also feel against the euro

and the yen and the reason for

all that is that the stat

statisticians have changed the

way they calculate inflation. They've

items they adjust from 20 to f

4. The result is the figure is

different. 0.6% instead of different. 0.6% instead of 0.9%

for the quarter. Another reason

for rates to stay where there

are or to be cut. A graph that

shows the prerves for putting

money in the bank over other

investments is at its highest

level for 37 years. And the

second comparing the fall in

real estate value since with the Japanese property

collapse of 1990. All I can say

is wow, I have no idea it was that much worse. Consumers

don't have many reasons to feel optimistic these

there's been a surprise lift in

consumer confidence in

September. The Westpac

Melbourne Institute index shows

sentiment rose more than 8%.

Economists say the increase is significant. I think it's the

recognition that the Reserve

Bank is no longer threatening

that's only something that's to raise interest rates. And

come about in the last month or so

still remains a t a relatively

weak level overall. To sport

now and Canada has produced the

first major upset of the World Cup defeating Tonga this

afternoon. Canada won by 5

points and Samoa had a

comfortable win over Namibia.

In this evening's match

Scotland beat Georgia 15-6. The

Wallabies' prop Sekope Kepu has

received a rousing reception

during a visit to his former

high school in Auckland. College has 8 former students

playing in this rugby World Cup as New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz

reports. There was no school bus for this school visit. It

was a rock star welcome for old boys Sekope

boys Sekope Kepu and his

Wallabies' team-mates. I got

a signature from Sekope. How good

super star. It was an emotional

home coming for the kid who

learned to love rugby on the

grounds of Wesley College.

Wesley moulded me to be this

person I am now and hence why

it holds a special place in my

heart. New Zealand loves its

rugby players and this school

has produced plenty. 27

international players including

Lomu. It's not just rugby the legendary All Black

champions that Wesley has

produced, other graduates

include a Tongan king, the

first prime minister of the

Solomon Islands and film-maker

Richard Taylor. So what is it

about Wesley? Something in the

food? As a kid you grow up, you know, you want to play rugby

full time and you see all these

Jonah Lomus and all those guys

and, you know, him being, I

guess, a major figure from

Wesley College you aspire to

be, you know, a play like

himself. Sekope Kepu's second cousin also aspires

greatness but against the green

and gold. All Blacks jersey, be

playing against him in a couple

of years time. And given he's from Wesley that may well be the case.

the case. The world number 3

tennis player Roger Federer has

arrived in Sydney for the Davis

Cup tie against Australia which

starts on Friday. The Swiss

star has only two days to

prepare for the world group

play off. It also has to adjust

of the US Open. Usually never

have that much time to get used

to the grass anyway. That's how

we have to do it every year for

the grass season anyway so I'm

used to it. Lleyton Hewitt and

Bernard Tomic are preparing to

take on Federer in singles

matches. The draw will be held

tomorrow. A new push is under

way to try to find the wreck of

Australia's first submarine.

The loss of AE1 off the coast of Papua New Guinea in World War I

tragedy for the Royal Australian Navy. Descendents of

the 35 men on board hope they

can find a trace of the

submarine before the centenary of its disappearance in 2014.

For the descendents of the

crew of AE1 the unveiling of

this memorial plaque is long

overdue. Commissioned in 1913

it was Australia's first submarine. It represented the

hopes and dreams of our newly formed navy. In formed navy. In 1914 AE1 played

an important role in the

occupation of German New Guinea

on 13 September but the next

day it vanished, along with day it vanished, along with its

35 crew. Ron Lowe's grandfather

was one of those who disappeared. I'm interested

into my family history and

that's what it's, you know,

that's what it's all about. It

brings tears to my eyes

anyway. Searches in the past

have discovered no sign of the

wreck but with the centenary of

its loss in 3 years' time

there's a new push to find the there's a

submarine's final resting

place. We're refining what we

would call our preferred search

area so I think we will be able

We've got to suggest where we need to go.

We've got a lot of expertise

that will tell us how to do it.

It's the money which will

probably be the impediment to success. The search will cost

millions of dollars so they're

grateful the Federal Government

will allow donations to be tax

deductible. Even if the

families never learn what

happened to AE1 they say just finding it would bring an

immense feeling of closure. Very nice that they're doing

it, I think. Remember the ones that were left behind. Left

behind but not forgotten. Can for

for a look at today's weather

here's Mark. Good evening.

Today was not a day to be

putting roofing metal down, or

getting a new spring hair do or

retrieving a frisbee from a

tree as it was just too windy, especially this afternoon. They

were mainly westerlies averaging between 35 and 40km/h

gusting to the mid 50s.

Although we shouldn't complain

because they were warmish winds

that pushed the temperature to 21 at the airport after a cool

start this morning of minus 2.

Currently it's clear and still

a bit blowy, westerlies around

15km/h, the barometer 1,018 is

steady and the temperature is

hovering around 14 degrees. Scattered cloud is southern Victoria and Tasmania Scattered cloud is crossing

and this is bringing showers

along with cool winds. The remainder of the continent is

mostly clear. And that's due to

a high pressure system over

NSW. But a cold front will move

to the south of our region

tomorrow. We won't get any

showers but we will get a slight temperature drop. In Canberra tomorrow there

will be patchy fog and possible

frost. When that clears it will

be fine and sunny and the winds

will be calmer than today, north-westerlies though,

25km/h. 1 to 18. Then break out

the shorts for Friday onwards

as it will be fine and sunny until at least Sunday.

A real showy sh rub for this

deciduous time of the year is the

deciduous forsythia, it gets covered in yellow flowers spring. It's terrific. Thanks,

Mark and that's the news for

now. We'll leave you with stunning pictures from the

said, is enjoying Snowy Mountains which, as Mark

season snow falls, thanks for

your company, goodnight. Closed

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Hello I'm Leigh Sales. Welcome to the program. The

will Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,

will join the program shortly.

First, tonight, the use of the parliamentary privilege is under scrutiny after sensation allegations made by Independent

Senator Nick Xenophon. In a

speech to a near empty chamber

last night, Senator Nick

Xenophon named Xenophon named an Adelaide

Catholic priest he says raped a

fellow priest in the late

1960s. The Senator says he did

it because of frustration at a

perceived lack of action by

Catholic authorities. Today the man Dempsey, strenuously denied all the man named, Monsignor Ian

allegations. Mike reports allegations. Mike Sexton reports from Adelaide. The

Brighton Catholic parish runs

along a picturesque and