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Tonight - no relief in sight for Victoria with several towns

under flood threat. Former

British Prime Minister Blair

Briar - Tony Blair fronts the

Iraq inentiry again. I think

the man's a criminal and he's

on the run. Why Canberra's wet

summer is causing construction

headaches. If we get two days

worth of rain we lose a worth of rain we lose a week.

If we get a week's worth of

rain we lose a fort

temperatures rise in Melbourne. night. Tempers flare

Good evening, Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. One week into

Victoria's flood crisis

communities in the State's Victoria's flood crisis many

north are still under threat. Residents in several

communities are building their

defences against rising rivers and

and creeks. Theme living at Lake Charm, Mystic Park, Bael

Bael and Fairley have been

urged to leave their homes as

record volumes of water move

Hill June - down stream. The Swan

Hill is the next expecting the

water. It's downtreem from the junction of the swollen Loddon

River. Swan Hill has a

population f 10,000 people and

tonight everyone is anxiously

waiting for the water to arrive. The Murray River behind

me is swollen because of flood The mayor here is confident waters from

though that the city centre

will not go under. He believes

the levee will hold and no

homes will be lost. There's

been sandbagging in the past 24

hours, there are some roads cut

on the other side of the bridge

in NSW. Now between here and

Kerang there are towns that are Kerang there are

on flood alert. Lake Charm and

mystic Lake but here in Swan Hill the feeling is quite calm

and everyone's just waiting but

on Tuesday or Wednesday. The the river is expected to peak

Queensland Government has acknowledged it will need to

bend the rules to ensure that

asset rich and cash poor

residents qualify for emergency relief payments. Yesterday the

Premier's flood fund chairman

said payments would be asset

and income tested. But many

property owners fear that will

stop them getting money they

say they need to survive. The

waters have subsided but the

muddy legacy remains. Today encouraged to adopt a park. You

can't help not do something.

Hold your hand on your heart

and say I put my two bob's

worth in. But not everyone's

behind the distribution plans

for payouts from the Premier's

flood relief appeal which is

$123 million in its coffers. Decisions are being just who will get the

money. But if asset tests are

applied property owners will multimillion dollar assets

could miss out. They've had no

cash flow with crops wiped out

since the beginning of the

season. I'd urge people don't

rule yourself out or in, make

sure you get the help, get the information. The State

Government is giving flood-affected home owners a $5,000 grant to help cover the cost of reconnecting

utilities. It's means tested,

it's for people who are

people who are needing that uninsured but that's a lot of

help and will get help. Already

it seems home buy rers cooling

on the idea of living close to

opportunity for the taking. We the river. Others can see

definitely had calls already

from people who have indicated

look, you know, I don't want to

appear to be skavenageing but

if there's people are out there

that really want to sell their

home I'm interested in buying. After the 1974 floods

the value of some homes

more than 10%. And it's not

just the property market taking

a hit. Residents in north

Queensland are closely

monitoring a low pressure system currently 60 kilometres

north-east of Cairns.

Meteorologists have warned it

could develop into a cyclone in

the next day or two. Surf life

savers are being praised after

pulling more than a dozen

south people from treacherous water

south of Sydney yesterday. A

63-year-old Perth man died and

a 20-year-old man is on support after they were among a 20-year-old man is on life

those caught in freak

Beach near conditions at Stanwell Park

guards at Stanwell Park Beach Beach near Woolongong. As life

were getting set for another

day on the job they couldn't

hide the grief of yesterday's

tragedy. It was just a freak

set of waves came through and

dislodged these people off the sandbar and they probably

panicked. More than 50 people

were swimming between the flags were swimming between

when surf conditions changed dramatically. These guys were

in knee-deep water at the

timened they got washed off a

sandbar. A 63-year-old Perth

man drowned a 20-year-old man

from Cabramatta remains in a

critical condition at St George

hovept. We kept doing CPR until

we put him on the machines. The

dead man's daughter was taken

to hospital with breathing to hospital with breathing

difficulties. They took the

young girl into the beach, went

back out to pick up the

gentleman and unfortunately he

had drowned. Two other women

were also taken to hospital

after being rescued. 19-year-old Adam Thompson is

being hailed a hero. I was just just one of the volunteers


surf and I saw the lire guards

doing a rescue and I ran down there because I knew they there because I knew they had

short of hands. There were

approximately 150 people on

the Beach at the time and a lot

of people in the waut cher made

it a nightmare. A Christian youth group from

Sutherland were among those rescued. Everyone went from

being in waist high water to

over their heads. The beach is

well patrolled today with 4

council life guards and more

than a dozen volunteers.

Yesterday there were just 3

life guards on duty. Locals say

it's lucky that off duty

volunteers are on the beach at

the time or the death toll

could have been much higher. If

you're going to be out there

when the - surfs big you've

you're doing out there. The got the make sure you know what

conditions were rough again

today and lifesavers had ware today and lifesavers had

work cut out. The former British prime minister Tony Blair has advice from his top legal adviser that an attack on Iraq

might be illegal. Appearing for

a second time at an inquiry

into events leading up to the

2003 invasion Mr Blair

attempted to explain the nature

of hz private conversations and

lettest rers to then US President George Bush. Arriving

hours early the former British

leader knew he was in for a

long day in the chair.

Questions about why in the lead

up to the war he ignored his

own attorney-general's legal

advice and told Parliament in

January 203 #0 3 that invading

Iraq was legal without a second

UN resolution. I was making basically

basically a political point,

however I accept entirely that

there was an in consistency

between what he was saying and what I was saying there but I

was saying it not as a sense as a lawyer but politically. What

of his private letters to George inquiry has seen but has been barred from publishing. Tony

Blair was happy to discuss the

basic message. So what I was

saying to him is I'm going to

be with you in handling it this

way. I'm not going to push you

down this path and then back

out when it gets too hot politically because it is going

to get hot politically, for me

very, very much so. Outside a

small group of protestors said

the former British leader

should be facing not an inquiry

but a war crimes trial. I think

the man is a criminal and he's

on the run. Tony Blair did what

he said he'd wished he'd done during his during his first appearance.

With the family of soldiers who

died in Iraq listening

intently, he spoke about those

killed in the conflict. Of

course I regret deeply and

profoundly the loss of life,

whether from our own armed forces,

forces, those of other nations, the civilians who in Iraq or the Iraqis

themselves and I just wanted to

say that because I think it is

right to say it and it's what I

feel. Quiet please. Off camera

angry relatives shouted it's

too late and walked out. What

he done was an act of treason

in my book because he lied to

parliament. He manufactured the lies to send us to an illegal

war. When the report is finally

made public it will no doubt

spark a lot of debate. Passions

always run deeply whenever the name Tony Blair is mentioned.

For the first time since the

Soviet army was forced out of

Afghanistan an Afghan president has made an official visit to

Moscow. Hamid Karzai has turned

to his former foes for military

and financial assistance. For

Russia, the visit signal aswillingness to put a shared

bloody history behind it. bloody history behind it. It's

been more since Russian troops occupied

Afghanistan. Now the country's

President Hamid Karzai wants

Moscow to reclaim some of its

influence there. Increased

military aid and rebuilding old Soviet era infrastructure would

be a good start. The relations

are not new, the

old. We are adding to the

strength of this

relationship. That tumultous relationship bottomed out in 1989 when the mighty Soviet

army withdrew from Afghanistan

defeated by the mujahideen. But

in recent years Moscow has

watched with concern as watched with concern as security deteriorated and

illegal Afghan drugs poured into Russia. TRANSLATION: We'd like Russia

in some shape or form to broaden its presence in

Afghanistan. Many see these

talks as a turning point.

Russia may finally be ready to

play a much bigger role in

Afghanistan, something it's

been reluctant to

fall of the Taliban regime. As

the international coalition led

by the US and allies such as

Australia has struggled to

stabilise Afghanistan, many at

the top of Russia's Government

and military have been content to largely stay on the sidelines. A big part of the

reason, says this analyst, is

still painful memories of the

Soviet Union's humiliating

defeat there. The coalition

more and more looks like as a

loser and that was the

satisfaction because all the

time remember about Soviet

failure. Russia appears to have

now decided what happens in

Afghanistan is too important to

be left only to others. After

years of drought Canberra's

recent rain has put a few

smiles on faces. But as the wet weather joy is turning into frustration. For months now

builders have been plagued with

delays, unable to work on

construction sites. And they're

warning the knock on effects

could be far reaching. When the

heavens opened and drought-breaking rains arrived

it was a blessing. But then it

rained and rained and rained.

The Territory's construction

boom ground to a halt as the unseasonable weather wreaked havoc at building sites. Lots

of delays which are extending

months and beyond at the moment

because no sooner than we seem

to get a little bit of a dry spell we're experiencing more

rain fronts. And the delays

have affected projects big and

small. If we get two day's

worth of rain we lose a week so

if we get a week's worth of

rain we lose a fortnight. We

were behind the ailEight ball

with the approval process. So throw the approval process in with the rain at

we'd be running 4 months behind

schedule. And time is money. It

generally gets passed down the

chain. We absorb some as builders an builders an construction

companies but look, at the end of it, it does generally get

passed down to the

consumer. Aside from the hit to

the hip pocket the effects are

flowing on to exacerbate

Canberra's housing shortage. If you look at new developments

like Molonglo where you're

trying to get on site to do

roadworks an curb and guttering

that's nearly making it

impossible. The wet weather is even causing headaches for

those in the business of water. We've probably lost

about 50 to 60 days directly

because of rain up at the

Cotter Dam which is significant for a project of that size. But

despite all the pain it's

causing those at the mercy of mother nature remain philosophical. There's nothing

you can do. I mean you could

probably curl up in the foetal

position and cry but that

doesn't get the job done. It is frustration and unfortunately

there's no contingencies you

can put in place to stop the making hay while the sun shines. British Airways

passengers are facing more disruption after the airline's

cabin crew voted in favour of

going on strike again. BA

management and union leaders

still can't agree on the restoration of travel perks for

staff who went on strike last

year. 22 days of walk outs over

job cuts and pay freezes have

already cost the airline about

$240 million. The airline has very much communicated to its

passengers and demonstrated

that actually while strikes may be going on the plane is going

to take off. So I think we'll

see some revenue impact but I suspect

suspect that will be very much limited. Union leaders are yet

to announce dates for the latest strikes although latest strikes although they

will have to give the airline 7 days notice. For most

Australians a cold beer wouldn't

wouldn't seem like much of a

milestone. But for the past 25 years Sudan has banned alcohol

under sharia law. Now southern

Sudan has opened its own brewery and it's become one of

the south's biggest employers.

When peace arrived in Southern

Sudan six years ago there were

no roads, no electricity and no

locally made beer. But that's

now changed. Each day thousands

of bottles of locally made beer

roll through this bottling plant. A multimillion dollar

factory with the full support

of a new government keen to

encourage foreign investment.

I think they have recognised

and will work towards broadening

broadening the base of the

economy and not relying solely

on oil. Getting the beer to

market in a country with market in a country with only 50 kilometres of sealed roads

just one of the company's many

challenges. The granting of

autonomy to the region under a peace deal signed with North allowed the company to

start production. But launching

its new brand, labelled a beer

for a new nation, had to be

done by stealth. Registering its flagship product White Bull

Beer was not possible in a

country operating under Islamic

sharia law. The sharia law. The company had to

wait until South Sudan's own

legal system opened for

business. For villagers who

gambled on letting the factory

set up shop on their land, it's

been a wager that's paid off.

They receive royalties on every

bottle produced and something

even more valuable in Southern

Sudan - clean water purified from the Nile.

TRANSLATION: We are very happy

with the factory. They have

brought us clean water to a

number of points around here. In Southern Sudan that

has definitely brought good

cheer. It's bound to cause a

stir in the art world. museum has opened its doors to

the public in Tasmania. The Museum of Old and New Art

includes famous works by

arthour Boyd and Sidney Nolan

alongside graphic sculpture of mutilated bodies. There's

priceless Egyptian artefacts

and iconic

all housed in a building which

has been carved into a hillside

in a small superb north of

Hobart. The folks in Tasmania

are just remarkably lucky fo

have it here. This is going to

get a lot of worldwide attention. The museum is owned

by the camera shy David Walsh,

a professional gambler who

describes it as his personal

soap box. He launched his $200

million project to a select

crowd last night. Today it was

open to the public. Thousands

came to satisfy their ewe fascinated by it. It's a bit of an enigma really. Collection

includes Sidney Nolan's Snake.

There's a machine which eats

and excretes and the mutilated

body of a suicide body of a suicide bomber

sculpted in chocolate. A few

more contentious pieces, some

might say shocking pieces but

overall I think people are

thinking. It's noisy, well and smelly. And it breaks with artistic artistic conventions. There are

no white walls and no labels

beside the artworks. An

amazing thing to do. It's

really the first time anybody's

just kind of done it without

the bureaucracy involved. There's always bureaucracy

involved and it's

intriguing. Owner David Walsh was hoping some people would

walk away from the museum

outraged. That hasn't happened food but the exhibits regularly changed as part of

his bid to challenge and

provoke his audience. To sport

now and it was a bitter sweet

victory for Australia over

England last night with spinner

Nathan Hauritz suffering a dis

located shoulder. Doug boll

jour took 4 pickets but Hauritz

is now in doubt for the World

Cup after his fielding

mishap. Ignored by selector s

during the Ashes seary, Nathan Hauritz's return to the top flight might be short lived. Just popped there, you

will see a little

click. Hauritz was in agony as

he was helped off. He's been

replaced by zaifior Doherty for

the next 2 games. I guess it's

a bit of a roller coaster, I

guess, but something I'll take

in my stride and go in tomorrow

with a bit of confidence knowing I'm bowling quite

well. It was a double blow for

Australia last night with paceman Shaun down. And he's grabbing his groin. Obviously he's twinged

something in his bum you could

say. Tait's been cleared of

significant damage but Siddle has been added to the squad as

insurance. The injuries took

some of the gloss off a win

that featured an unlikely all round Bollinger. The paceman figured

in a record 88-run stand with

Shaun Marsh. The WA batsman

made 110 off almost as many

balls. The only problem is he's

been left out of the World Cup

squad. You give somebody an opportunity with class like he has he makes the most of

it. Clarke's call for an

improved fielding effort was

answered. Yes, he can, he's got

him. As Australia bundled out

England for only 184. A poor

chase by us to be honest. Too

many of us got 20 or 30 and got out. Australia leads the 7-game

series 2-0. And the Australian

women's team is in position at stumps on the opening day of its one-off Test against England at Bankstown

oval. A century from captain

Charlotte Edwards helped

England reach a modest 8 slr

181. Canberra's Elise Perry

took 4 wickets for Australia. The

The two remaining home The two remaining home grown

players Samantha Stosur and

Bernard Tomic are in action at

the Australian Open tonight.

Third seed Kim Clijsters won in

straight sets today against Alize Cornet of France. There

were comfortable wins for Andy

Murray and Robin Soderling

while Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was

eliminated. But tonight's

action on Rod Laver Arena has a

distinctly Australian flavour.

Bernard Tomic may face the

biggest challenge of his career

so far against Rafael Nadal but

at least he will have the crowd

on his side. Tonight's session

is a sell out. The teenager

will take centre stage after

Samantha dangerous Czech player Petra

Kvitova. A massive night for

Aussie tennis. 3-time US Open

champ Kim Clijsters was the main attraction of the day session taking on France's

Alize Cornet. The French woman

could probably sense early on it wasn't

it wasn't going to be her it wasn't going to be her day.

Clijsters' hard fought straight

sets win keeps her on track for

8th grand slam final appearance. Some of the

sunshine today was reserved for

a few stars who Axl at losing

grand slam finals. World number

2 Vera Zvonareva lost 2 last

year. She was too good for 31st seed Lucie Safarova. Robin Soderling's lost the last 2

French Open finals. He

overpoweder Jan Hernych in

straight set and Andy Murray

twice a loser in grand slam

finals to Roger Federer had the measure of Spain's Guillermo Garcia-Lopez. The pulled off a few tricks but

could only get 4 games off the

world number 5. Murray even had time

time after the match to

introduce his support time. The

guy in the has is my fitness trainer. He's the bald one. On the doubles court the enthusiastic celebrations Leander Paes were getting on

the nerves of Feliciano Lopez

and Juam Monaco. Fans might

have felt short changed last

night after seeing 3 sets of

tennis. Stanislas waVa va wink

a was too strong for Gael Monfils. Western Australian

Cameron Meyer has retained the

leader's ochre jersey after

today's penultimate stage of the Tour Down

the Tour Down Under. Meyer's

team manager has declared the tour is now a race between two.

His charge and fellow

Australian Matt Goss. Two

climbs up Willunga Hill makes

stage 5 the Tour's most

tactically demanding and

crucial in the context of

overall honours. The danger for the sprinters the sprinters of getting

amongst those intermediate

sprints early is you burn your

legs early. You've got to watch

who goes up the road and do you

go with it or do you save your

bikkies? An early breakaway

contested the two intermediate

sprint bus the results had little influence on the general

classification. The field came

back together at the foot of

the first climb. Uni SA Luke

Robert's broke near the summit.

Lance Armstrong was part of a

7-man group that surged on the

decent but the peloton soon

caught them. On the second

climb Hermans wasn't the only

one showing naked ambition as

he blitzed the Aussie pair to

take maximum points. Hayden

Rouldton took it on himself setting up a sprint finish. Third place to Matt

Goss was enough to put him in

the sprinters jersey. Meier

finished in the lead bunch to

stay on top overall. The big

thing for us was Greipel or Goss didn't win the stage

today. Gossy came close and

he's going to br breathing down

our backs. Meyer leads Goss by

8 seconds heading into the 90 kilometre final stage. Some of

Australia's best swimmers have

spent the day at Dickson pool

offering hot tips to some offering hot tips to some young

Canberra athletes. The dolphins

held simultaneous swimming clinics to raise money for flood

victim. Some of the AIS's top

athletes took to the water to

share their expertise including

5-time Commonwealth Games gold

medallist Alicia Coutts. A few

of the swimmer got together and

thought we could do something for the

for the flood appeal. Around the country we've organised swim clinics, one in Brisbane,

gold cost, Perth, Canberra. The

swim verse donated their time

and expertise to come down have

have a great day with the

kids. Some athletes will also

donate their winnings from next weekend's inaugural summer swim

series in Sydney to the appeal.

In the WNBL the Capitals' title

defence is back on track after

an 18-point win over West

Coast. The Capitals won the

game 96-78 in front of a home

crowd with captain Jess Bibby

top scoring with 27 points. In

the W-League Canberra yoountd

United had a tough day at the

office going down to Sydney FC

3-0. Canberra is something of a

nerd's paradise this weekend

with thousands of people in the

capital for the national games

tournament CanCon. The event is

an important warm up for the international championships to

be held in New Zealand in

March. For the dedicated it's a

serious business. And its

popularity is growing. We're probably expecting 5,000 or

6,000 people through the doors

on the weekend. And that's just the visitors. This tournament has

has attracted around 600

registered players with about

30 different games. But the

biggest interest is in the figurines. We're fighting a

late renaissance game 1700

between Charles XII of Sweden and William of Orange. Traditionally they were

allies but that's the beauty of games. It seems a bit ungentlemanly. And even the

young like to rewrite a bit of

history at the Alamo. The aim

of the game is for the Texan s

is so you have to keep at least

one Texan alive before the end of two hours. There are other

games, of course. From the

traditional to the historical and then there's the Blood

Bowl. A board game based on American football where the

teams are os and other scary

fantasy figures. It's clearly

not all child's play. Ual find

people here who can quote

Napolean or Clauswitz. It's

fairly intellectual. Which all

sounds like a bit of an

obsession. A little bit, not dangerously obsessed. Meanwhile

back at the Alamo things didn't go too well for the Texans. There's only about maybe two or three left. And that

that at least does

roughly with history. To the

weather now and it was cloudy

and humid with scattered light showers in the afternoon

persisting into this evening.

We got to a top of 31 degrees. Across the border and

it was very hot out west with Griffith getting to 38. It was

warm on the coast with 25 at Batemans Bay.

On the satellite, patchy

cloud in a trough is bringing

thundery showers to inland and

south-east NSW and parts of Victoria. Thick cloud in a

tropical low over the Top End

is bringing severe weather. Hot, northerly winds

are affecting western NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

The northern jet has weakened

over central Australia allowing

very warm air

interior. In the capitals


Before we go, a brief recap

of our top story tonight. Several communities in northern

Victoria are still bracing for

flood peaks. People living at

Lake Charm , Mystic Park, Bael

Bael and Fairley have been

urged to leave their homes as

record volumes of water move

downstream to the Murray

River. And that's the news for

now. We leave you tonight at

the Woden skate park where

amateur skate boarders competed

in the ACT's first ever round

of the SPA series. Enjoy your evening, goodnight. Closed

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