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Well done, darling. Oh, my God. (LAUGHS) There you go. That's fantastic. How about that? $20,000. You've got a backyard! That's a backyard. Well done. Hooray! For young Christopher. part of her childhood in Adelaide And she did spend she was raised in Queensland. but mostly

That's all that was there. I was thinking South Australia. Well, first of all, I'm like, "OK. I don't know now." And when it didn't come up,

You've got the money. Doesn't matter. Thank you. Well done, Amber. a backyard for her baby now. She just won $20,000 and she got Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - triple0 tragedy, a woman

killed after a police van struck

mer car - struck her car. How your

changing habits have hit Telstra's

profits. Bullying shock, evidence

even more girls are suffering. What

Shane and Liz did next, a spot of

golf and a car chase. And an

incredible story of lost and found

for the war widow who has been

through too much. Good evening. A

routine call to a domestic dispute

has ended in tragedy as a police

wagon hit a car killing the woman

inside. The victim was well-known

and loved in the city of Armidale

and had just returned from QLD

where she had been helping flood

victims. Two cars wrecked, an

innocent life lost - a tragic

example of the dangers of police

work. Jillian's death has rocked

not only her family but the entire

police force which she was

connected to. She is the strpbl of

one of our officers in Armidale.

She driving home when they are

Toyota was struck by a police wagon

that had driven through a give-way

sign while rushing to a call-out.

The two young police officers

managed to scramble out of their

wrecked truck and try and assist

the driver but there was little she

could do and she was pronounced

dead at the scene. I feel sorry for

the two young drivers. What a

terrible situation for them to be

in. Only last Sunday Jillian had

returned from volunteering to help

victims of flood ravaged QLD. A

nice girl. Christian, gave her time

very generously. A vit call

investigation team is being set up

to examine the crash. Police are

satisfied that the rushed response

to the emergency call was necessary.

A man with an axe is - is an urgent

situation. One witness has come

forward and stated that the police

wagon didn't have its warning

signals on. All I seen was the

wagon heading up the street, no

lights or sirens on. Police refuse

to comment on that aspect as they

await to interview the two young

officers. One had been on the job

for a little over a year, the other

just four months. A move from home

phones to mobiles has delivered a

nasty hit to Telstra's bottom line

- profits have dropped 36 per cent

with the company investing heavily

to win back lost market share. For

years we've been promised the

information revolution. Today there

is proof you're living through it

now. I haven't had a home phone for

two years now. Calling overseas has

changed with Skype. But some prefer

the old ways. I use it more than my

mobile. Our switching habits have

hitted Telstra's bottom line as

people move away from land lines.

Roughly to 12 to 13 per cent

wireless homes in Australia now.

It's said that within eight years

this thing could become a museum

piece. More and more people are

hanging up to pick up mobile phones.

But the problem for most families

is they still need a line into

their house to run their broadband

internet. In the last six months

Telstra signed up 420,000 bundled

customers. But also added 139,000

broadband customers and most

crucial, 919,000 extra mobile

customers. Another change is

Telstra's yellow pages book -

advertising revenue down 18 per

cent. I don't see the death of

print, I think we'll see print and

dej tall together. It's nasty,

sometimes downright vicious and far

more widespread than you might

think. A major survey has found

that two thirds of Australian

school girls have been victims of

bullying. 12-year-old Charlie knows

what it feels like to be the victim

of bullies. I felt scared and alone

and like deserted. When she was

eight older girls would bully her

at school in the toilet cubicals.

It got worse, 1, then up to five.

They would stand around me. I

couldn't wash my hands or go to the

toilet without knowing they would

be there. Charlie is not alone. A

survey by the Girl Guides youth

group found that two thirds of

girls experience bullying. Nearly

4,000 respondents felt bullying was

harder emotionally than a death in

the family or homelessness. Three

years ago bullying was idetified as

the third most important issue of

the girls concern, and that's

increased. Charlie said she was

singled out because she stood up

for another victim. They turned on

me. All centres and sporting groups

should have policys in place to

deal with the issue. Don't be

scared to tell anyone because it

will get worse. Gaby, assuming a

parent spots the signs of bullying

what can they do to stop it? If

they're over 11 or 12 the Education

Department says it's best to let

the child deal with it first by

talking to a teacher at school. But

never contact the bully or their

parents. If the bullying turns

violent or happens on a social

networking site a final resort is

contacting the police. For kids and

parents there is no easy answer.

The Indonesian religious leader

behind the ballly bomb attacks is

in a fight for his life, going on

trial over a new terrorist plot.

Mark, Abu Bakar Bashir could face

the firing squad? Abu Bakar Bashir

and his lawyers are proving to be

as slippery as ever, winning an

adjournment today to get more time

to study the case. Abu Bakar Bashir

might have wriing yelled out of the

conviction over his role in the

ballly bombings but prosecutors

believe they've caught him red-

handed for his role in establishing

a terrorist training camp in A che.

Barb is back in Abu Bakar Bashir is

back in court facing charge that

takes the death penalty. Riot

police and water cannon - it was

all turned on in his his supporters

tried to take over the court. He

likes to portray himselfs a humble

care-taker of a Muslim boarding

school. The prosecution says that

he established and funded a

terrorist training camp and -

produced this tape with commentary

from Osama Bin Laden. His

supporters say it's a set up. He

doesn't know about it. The case

against him looks like a set of

encyclopedias. The A to. Of how he

was planning to assassinate the

Indonesian President and kill

westerners. Shane Warne and Liz

Hurley emerged from their luxury

love nest today for a spot of lunch

and a blaze of publicity. A drive

through Melbourne set off a wild

chase by the paparazzi but that may

have been what Warnie was after.

After 36 hours Shane and Liz

finally come up for air and the

paparazzi go nuts. Warnie floor it

is, almost hitting a photographer

as he speeds off down the street.

What followed was a bizarre car

chase through Melbourne. Warnie's

black merz des pushing the speed

limit as he tries to outrun a

photographer on a motorbike - the

media frenzy shocking on lookers.

We thought a plane had crashed. For

a man so determined to keep his

romance private just this morning

he had been publicly flaunting it

to his 300,000 fans on twieter:

where is the best place to take Liz

for lunch? Even Liz was having fun:

loving Australia, she tweeted. But

this sort of attention was just too

much for the king of spin.. PS, I'm

not complaining by the way but I

fear that someone could seriously

get hurt on the road as the

photographers are so

irresponsible." In the end he had

to get a police escort home.

Perhaps he should plan his next

date the old fashioned Warnie way,

by private texts not public tweets.

If you've ever had to live through

getting a house built or major

renovations you'll know how much it

can turn your life upside-down so

it's no surprise that complaints

against builders easyally lead the

list of top 10 problems reported to

the department of fair trading. Our

whole house had been built in

bricks which turned out to be

seconds. They were porous. All the

rain came straight through the

walls. She did everything right

checking her builder's

qualifications but the builder cut

corners throughout.. It's

heartbreaking and very nearly broke

us. After a two-year legal war she

won a payout but it didn't nearly

cover the cost of fixing the mess.

Fair trading received over 200,000

complaints last year, dodgy

builders the big pres problem.

Taking over from white goods

andlike call items with 2,70 7

complaints. Fair trading says

complaints against the building

industry are up because for the

first time trades men can turn the

tables and report difficult

customers. There will always be

dodgy operators but there are ways

to avoid being ripped off. Firstly

do your homework, know exactly what

it is you're paying for. Keep all

your receipts. And lastly be

reasonable - a lot can be resolved

with a polite conversations. If

you're not doing the right thing...

If you believe it, what goes around,

comes around. It's been a roller

coaster week for the widow of Jared McKinney an Australian soldier

killed in Afghanistan. She thought

she had lost his precious wedding

ring but today there was a

wonderful and unexpected reunion.

At last a reason for Becky to smile.

In recent days she has had to

endure coverage of Tony Abbott's

comments over the battle in which

her husband died. What nobody knew

was that she was also grieving over

the loss of his wedding ring. It's

his, it's important to me. It

slipped from her finger when

swimming at Caloundra last Sunday.

In utter test operation she asked

an amateur Treasurer hunter to help

search. It was a million to one

chance but he found it. I cried.

All the way up here I cried. All

the way in the car. It's amazing.

She was happy. That made the day

worth while. I could never, ever

repay you for what you've found for

me. It means the world. Becky plans

to give the ring to her son. In oah,

born on the day of his father's

funeral. The fact that I can give

it to him. Maybe it will mean

nothing to him but it means

something to me. Her husband's ring

is firmly back on her finger and

that's where it's staying except

when she goes swimming. He is too

big a part of my life to ever go

away. From here he will never go

away. In the news ahead - we'll

tell you what the judge said to

Lindsay Lohan. Plus, we'll take you

inside the secret life of Taronga's

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This program is captioned live.

Boosting the state's tourism

industry has emerged as a key plank

in the Liberals' re-election policy.

Barrie O'Farrell says he wants to

double tourism by 2020. We need a

strong economy. Tourism grows the

economy and it's critical. So we

want to grow tourism in NSW. The

industry is currently worth $19

billion a year and supports 165,000

jobs state-wide. In a snug white

dress Lindsay Lohan was the centre

of attention today as she fronted

court yet again - accused of

stealing a $25,000 necklace. A

conviction could mean her fourth

trip to jail - the judge telling

they are not to push her luck. At

Taronga Zoo there is no argument

that the show-stopper attraction is

the elephant enclose sure, the

latest addition is a baby elephant

who has more than enough confidence

to match it with the boys. As any

parent knows three little ones in

the house means chaos. She came

into the world three months ago.

She is putting on a kilo a day.

Drinks up to about 12 litres of

milk a day. When you eat that much

there is a lot of energy to burn.

Her favourite game is the tire.

Another favourite is wrestling.

Whriel pady puts up with it he

certainly tests the patience of his

aunty. They're fascinating animals

to watch but they're also

endangered, making the herd at

Taronga even more special. So how

does the family fit together. There

is the matriarch whose name means

gift from heaven. Tukta is the only

female calf, the daughter of Pat

Boon. Lukchai and Tukta have the

same father who lives elsewhere in

the. 'So You Think' the two older

boys would have the run of the

paddock - not a chance... She

doesn't mind wrestling with the

boys when they roll around in front

of her. Just one big happy family.

He comes to our shores so often

Michael Buble is almost an honorary

Australian and the singer, who

began a new national tour today,

was so moved by the disasters in

QLD he gave a substantial donation

to the appeal. It's visit number 8

to Australia and the wildly popular

Canadian crooner revealed this time

was somewhat out of the usual.

Myself and Richard Wilkins are

starting our boy band up again! Old

kids on the block. More of that

later. Michael Buble is also here

to perform 15 concerts, all of them

sold out. In a relatively short

career he has sold 25 million

albums, six of them multi platinum.

(SINGS) # Someday it will all turn

out... And he takes nothing for

granted. I still have a healthy

fear of failure. I'm more hungry

than I ever was.

(SINGS) # I just haven't met you

yet. In a few weeks he will marry

the girl in the supermarket, whom

he wrote this song for.

Surprisingly she doesn't want him

to sing at their wedding; her

favourite singer is a fellow Latin

American. I asked her, "Do you want

me to sing?" she said I want... And

it's the old kits on the block... I

feel like the new Beatles. Yeah,

right! Peter Harvey, Nine News. Ken

is next with sport. Let's hope it's

a case of like father like son.

Being Being the son of a rugby

league legend can be tough by Mick

Cronin's boy has his own plans for

success. And also war dancing with

the indigenous all stars. And Jamie

Wincup's roller coaster ride. Some showers on the

the Sydney side for the game

against country later in the year.

And Saturday's night All Stars game

on the Gold Coast is set to emulate

last year's block busting debut.

Indigenous All Stars celebrate

their heritage with the Aboriginal

war dance. Jonathan thirst tonne

getting a real kick out of it.

Channel Nine was given exclusive

access as the dance troop put the

boys through their paces. You could

feel the room, that it was buzzing

while we were doing it. A chance

reunion at today's youth summit,

Preston Campbell hasn't seen 15-

year-old Malcolm since he was a

Foster child with his uncle and

aunty. A small bloke when I first

met him. Had a is noty nose. Look

at him now. Doing all right.

They're excited about spending some

time with their Idols. Another game

this weekend - a charity shield

between South Sydney and the

Dragons. Like father, like son

except 24-year-old Peter Cronin

will wear the colours of the

dragons. Try to do as good as him.

He still works in the family's pub

and will carry with him some sage

advice from kad dad. He said you

have to work hard and you've done

the training so you can't be more

prepared for it.. He is Mick's

little boy. The formula 1 grand

prix might be on its last legs with

some Melbourne civic leaders

questioning its value. The F1 boss

says he doesn't need it and is

threatening to take the race

elsewhere. And they drive very fast

for a living and that is why it's

strange to see Jamie Wincup so

scared on a roller coaster. The

drivers were getting an adrenaline

kick, riding the world's fastest

roller coaster which goes from0 to

240k in four seconds. There was a

video camera on the front. I'm not

looking forward to seeing it.

Driving a V8 will never feel the

same again. The season begins in

Abu Dhabi this weekend. I reckon if

you went on a ride like that you

would never need to do Botox. To

finance news - the stock market hit

a nine month high, gaining six

points to top the 5,000 mark. Our

dollar is buying just over 1 dollar

US. Natalie with the weather is

next. Just a few scattered falls and more Coming up on WIN News... A cross Coming up on WIN News... A cross

border deal - to use Queanbeyan border deal - to use Queanbeyan

Hospital for surgeries. And - Draft

Hospital for surgeries. And - Draft flood levy laws - introduced in flood levy laws - introduced in

parliament. The details next.

WOMAN: If you're a working parent expecting a child, there's something else you can expect - paid parental leave. Any eligible working parent can have 18 weeks of government-funded pay. Full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal and self-employed workers may be eligible. To find out more, visit the website or call.

Apart from a few light showers

today stayed mainly fine. Sydney

has had its driest start to

February in five years. Overnight

temperatures were close to average,

20 to 25 today in the city, warm

northerlys pushing the temperatures

up to 30 degrees in our west. A

high in the Tasman is directing on

shore winds and showers along the

east coast well into the weekend.

Around the country..

For Sydney tomorrow:

To the all important weekend

forecast action cooler southerly

change will arrive Saturday

afternoon with a

Showers developing. A similar story

in our west, 29 the top for

Saturday, dipping down to 25 on

Sunday and staying unsettled for

the week ahead. We can look forward

to some good rain over the weekend

and I think we need it. Gardens and

parks are screaming out for it..

That's Nine News for Thursday. I am

Peter Overton. Good night.

(Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media

and Good night. Tonight ... The

historic deal: Queanbeyan hospital

leased out - to slash Canberra' s

waiting lists. The Capital' s

electoral boundary shakeup to cope

with a population boom And: the

flood levy bill tabled: but still

meeting opposition. Good evening, meeting opposition. Good evening, I

m Danielle Post. Canberra' s

hospitals are amongst the worst in

the country when it comes to

elective surgery waiting lists. An

historic in-principle agreement

between the NSW and ACT Governments

could help the crisis. Queanbeyan

Hospital' s unused wards are likely

to be leased out. It' s a plan to be leased out. It' s a plan se

to shake-up our health network. A