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Tonight - Matthew Newton's day in

court. The shock evidence his mum

was there to hear. Mystery of the

human remains, scattered on the F3.

Who would do this? A Western Sydney

bus driver hit just doing his job.

Premier Keneally's generous gift to

the people in her own electorate.

And I will have all of the hottest

news out of the NRL season launch.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News

withette Peter Over verton. Good

evening. A Sydney court today heard

how a disturbing chain of events

led to Matthew Newton's breach of

an AVO. His lawyer said the star is

now living in fear after a hate

campaign that saw him violently

assaulted. Matt Newton, surrounded,

as he battled his way into the

courtroom. Matt, did you do

anything wrong? On day release from

rehab in Sydney's south-west, the

actor is charged with breaking his

AVO, allegedly phoning ex-

girlfriend Rachael Taylor. Newton

agreed to the AVO last year after

allegations he punched his former

fiancee in the lobby of a hotel in

Rome. Today, the court was told

about the bizarre events leading up

to Newton's alleged breach. The

actor's solicitor claims things

came to a head last August. Newton,

he said, feared for his life after

what he called a "national

campaign" by 'Daily Telegraph'

journalist Paul Kent, encouraging

violence against Newton. Sometimes

what this bloke needs is a smack in

the mouth, to be honest. Old school.

It does. Next time he will think

twice about doing it. He needs a

good hiding. Why hasn't it happened

when there are a couple of big 15,

16 stone blokes around? It is

always when there is just a small

defenceless woman around. Newton

claims the man took the

journalist's advice and in Surrey

Hills last December he was king hit

and left with a broken nose. On

January 28th, Newton allegedly made

the calls to Rachael Taylor. He

rang his ex-girlfriend, which was a

mistake. He then texted his ex to

apologise for the calls.

REPORTER: Is he worried about a

serious assault? Showing all of the

signs of a worried mother, Patti

Newton sat in the back of the

courtroom. Can you tell us how Matt

is? It is hard to know if Matt even

saw her there with all of the

attention. As quickly as he came,

Newton was back to rehab, hugged

and left to battle his Demons.

To Lizzie Pearl live to the court

in Wentworth. Lizzie, what is next

for Matthew Newton? As we saw in

those pictures there, Matthew

Newton is back here undergoing

treatment. We heard in court today

he is being treated for a

psychiatric illness which he has

been battling for some 12 years now.

His solicitor said that he is not

being treated for any drug abuse

problems and when this matter comes

back to court next month they will

have it dealt with under the Mental

Health Act. That will be back in

court next week, Pete. Thank you,

Lizzie. Police remain baffled by

the gruesome discovery of body

parts strewn along the F3. Sections

of the freeway were closed as

detectives set up a crime scene.

Tonight, they believe the remains

could be the result of a terrible

hit and run. A usually busy freeway,

this morning a crime scene with the

evidence of a horrific and gruesome

death. Body parts scattered for

almost half a kilometre along the

F3. The remains or the body has

been run over several times. A passing motorist called police

after making the discovery just

before midnight. Who it is or how

they died remains a mystery. Police

only confirming the remains are

that of a male. It is horrible and

I feel for that person and their

family. At this stage, our main

priority is to identify the person

and investigate what has occurred.

It was a grim job for forensic

investigators and a long wait for

driver z heading north. The peak-

hour traffic was gridlocked. Sounds

terrible. Sounds like somebody has

been there for a while. That is

awful. I don't like. That If they

are remains, that might have been

there a while. That is creepy. All

north-bound lanes were closed for

three hours, as the riot squad

searched the stretch of freeway. A

police helicopter also looking for

clues. Police say they are keeping

an open mind during their

investigation, but do believe it

could be the tragic result of a hit

and run. They are desperately

searching for more information.

There is an unexplained death and

we really need assistance from the

community. An innocent driver was

injured this afternoon after being

caught up in a police pursuit.

Officers were chasing a vehicle

over a traffic offence when it

veered into the woman's car. She's

now in a stable condition in

Bankstown Hospital. There are calls

for an urgent safety review after a

Sydney bus driver was injured when

his vehicle was pelted with bottles.

He was on his regular route from Mt

Druitt to Blacktown when a crowd of

teenagers attacked. It was a close

call, the driver Ray, is struck

with a flying beer bottle. He

clutches his chest, the bottle

cracked his rib. It was thrown

through his open window and could

so easily have hit his head. As he

was pulling into the bus stop he

was hit. He turned the wheel to the

left, jumped the kerb and hit a bus

stop post. A witness who knows the

offenderers has told nine news they

are local teenagers, aged 14-16.

Busways drivers say the Route 750

from Mt Druitt to Blacktown is a

hotspot for trouble. We don't want

to ban routes and inconvenience the

public, but how inconvenient would

it be if the public were on the bus

and copped a rock on the side of

the head? There was a spate of

similar attacks late lass year and

now this. Luckily, there were only

three passengers on the bus when

out of nowhere, two beer bottles

came flying through this window,

one of them smashing right through,

and there is glass everywhere here.

Those two passengers were seated in

the front section and they were

able to help the driver until

police and ambulance arrived. The

Transport Workers Union is

demanding safety reviews and more

police. We need to have standards

in place to stop projectiles coming

through bus windows. If caught, the

offenders face a maximum 5 years'

in jail. The old saying goes all

politics is local. Well, the

Premier has proved it, delivering a

$70 million government subsidy that

makes rail travel cheaper in her

own electorate. It was privately

built and operated to link the

airport with the city. The problem

is not enough people use it. I was

going to, when I lived in the city,

live out that way, be I chose not

to and I couldn't afford the train

fare every day. There is two of us

and it costs just as much on the

train and the cab will take us to

the door. Until now the passengers

who rely ob the line from Green

Square to Mascot have been sloped

over the odds. While people using

nearby Sydenham station pay just

$25 a week. An airport line ticket

is more expensive and a weekly all

the way to Blacktown. As of Monday,

fare also be cut. For a regular

commute of $17 a week, up to some

$850 a year. Well, there is more to

it. The reason travellers paid

extra was to cover payments to the

company that runs the stations. The

State Government will plug the $4

million gap every year. The Labor

Government has had 4,000 days to

make this announcement. They have

waited 24 days before the election

to make it in the Premier's own

backyard. It is hard not to be

cynical about the timing of this

announcement today and the help it

will provide the Premier, but it

leaves unresolved the price of the

tickets to the airport. Those

prices won't be cut for now.

Perhaps that is an issue for the

incoming government. A toddler has

been taken to St George Hospital

after falling from the first floor

of a Wiley Park apartment. It is

believed the child plunged 6 metres

to the ground after pushing open a

window. Libya's rebel Army is

massing in the country's east,

ready for the final push against

Colonel Mummar Gadaffi's regime.

Reporter Peter Stefanovic has been

to the city where the liberation

forces are on guard against

counter-attack, as they organise

the civil war. This city is the

latest city in Libya's east that

rebel fighters have cone qered.

Armed guards fire warning shots and

protect a military base where heavy

weaponry is stored. Soldierless and

plain-clothed civilians patrol

roads and checkpoints. They keep

RPGs and ammunition here and use

the desert as a firing range for

their anti-aircraft guns. This is,

essentially, the front-line for

anti-government supporters here on

the eastern part of Libya because,

only just down that road...


... Is Colonel Gadaffi's home. Back

in Ben Gaza yes, this mixed Army of military deserters and volunteers

is going through a marching drill,

preparing for the assault on

Tripoli. There is no way I am going

back. We are going to finish this.

Yesterday, the colonel was boasting

that all Libyans loved him. Today

his son's safety was also in denial.

Everything is OK. Everything is

under control. In Colonel Gadaffi's

Tripoli stronghold, the regime

continues to stage pro-government

demonstrations. There was also this

curious stunt, trucks full of aid,

allegedly bound for the east, to

help the people of rebel help Libya

and Colonel Gadaffi's altered June

verse, it was supposed to prove the

country remained united, if, a

little chaotic. The Opposition has

turned up the heat on the carbon

tax debate with three senior

Liberals comparing Julia Gillard to

the Libyan dictator. She's as deal

included as Colonel "my people love

me" Gaddafi. For senior members of

Parliament on the Opposition

frontbench to go out and compare

members of the Government to

murderous dictators is just beyond

belief, really. Tony Abbott says

that colourful language is to be

expected. There has been another

management shake-up at the Ten

Network. James Packer has resigned

after only three months on the

board and Lachlan Murdoch has been

replayed as CEO by former Seven Network executive James Warburton.

Parents are being warned that a

legal loophole may mean that their

children are eating genetically

modified food. Greenpeace says that

Australia's labelling laws need to

be toughened up and parents need to

know what their kids are eating.

Making gnocci sure beats sitting in

the classroom, but some had other

ideas. Mason's cupcakes. Whatever

these Mini Chefs were making, it

was messy. Greenpeace believe our

food-labelling system is equally

messy, especially about the lack of

warning of ingredients. To clean it

up, they have launched a true food

guide to kids. Genetically modified

food has never been tested properly.

Once you start fooling around with

food, it can be really - possibly dangerous. Greenpeace says that

many people fail to rule out

ingredients. Anything from

Cornflakes and Coco Pops to these

cheese, a favourite, and no health risks have been found. They

wouldn't have them if they

contained GM food. The food guide

itself is certainly a big read. I

tell you, any parent who had to

take this into the grocery store

would have a lot of double checking

to do. Lilly join dale was the only

brand given the green light, the

tick. It is on the pricier side.

Other brands like Steggles, Coles,

even Ingham, no tick, just a big

cross. If parents are not sure, the

advice from nutritionists... You

should be getting rid of the

processed foods or as many as

possible. No, rules here, the food

is just Yumi and fun. And parents

wanting more information on this

can find it at www.truefood

In the news ahead, the Sydney dad

raising his babies in the face of a

person tragedy. Plus, the new man

in the life of Simone Warne. And

the police called in over Charlie

Sheen's bizarre life with his chin

and live-in lovers. --

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In tough times, you hope family and

friends will be there and that is

exactly what's happened to Sydney

father Tim Shannon. He lost his

wife to pancreatic cancer, just

after she gave birth to their

second child. Harvey has been to

meet a dad, who's now taken on a

job that few men would manage. Tim

Shannon had it all - beautiful

little daughter, Evie, and

excitingly, his wife, Mandy, was 24

weeks' pregnant with a new baby. In

was just one problem... Mandy was

getting constant backaches. It

gradually got worse and worse and

ended up going up to hospital. She

was never to come home. She went in

and two months later, she passed

away. Mandy has inoperable

pancreatic cancer, but before the

young mother died, something close

to a miracle. In the 27th week of

her pregnancy, Mandy went into

natural labour and little stella

was born. So very fragile, just 850

grams. The wedding ring, I could

fit it pretty much over her leg. So

tiny, so early, the odds were well

and truly stacked against the tiny

baby. One hit after another, mate,

you know like... With Mandy gone,

Tim made a life-changing decision.

No doubt in my mind at all. I was

always going to bring up the babies

here by myself. It is what I've got

to do, you know. It's their home.

So now he's doing it all. On leave

from work, he's constantly with the

two children. Up and down, pretty

tough sometimes. So, what are the

downs? Oh, just the memorys and the

photos -- memories and photos and

Evie had just learnt how to say

"mum". And for Mandy's sake, he now

wants to raise awareness of

pancreatic cancer. In the meantime,

he honoured Mandy's memory every

day with his love for their two little girls.

Aren't nay lucky to have their dad,

Tim? A beautiful story. If you

would like to no more about the

Shining Star Benefit to help Tim

and his family, get in touch with

the North Sydney League's Club or

go to the website. After months of

strained relations Jennifer Hawkins

and Myer have kissed and made up.

The blonde beauty strutted her

stuff down the catwalk for the

store's autumn-winter launch last

night. Among a string of celebrity

guests was Shen Warne's ex-wife

Simone Callahan showing off her new

Beau Toby Roberts. Charlie Sheen

has opened the door on his home

life and not surprisingly, it is

hardly your standard version of

domestic bliss. He's two live-in

girlfriends to keep him company

when he is not rampageing through

bars, bordellos and TV studios.

We've seen him on TV everwhere. I

don't believe myself to be an

addict. I really don't. It is not

over yet. Now Charlie is showing us

his home life. Look at these two,

wow. Who's got it better than me

They are his two girlfriends who

are helping him to look after his

twin sons.

REPORTER: So that is your team

right now? It a wedge, boom. Form a

wedge to make room for the guy

carrying the ball. Natalie Kennedy

a former nanny and rafrpel Overton,

a porn star. Is this like a family

for you? Absolutely. Yeah, we all

love and care about each other so

we have our own connections with

one another. Natty and Charlie have

their own special connection and

Charlie and I have our own and

Natty and I have our own

relationship. It works well for us.

Sheen's ex-wife brook Meuller went

to the police to ask for help to

get the twins back. Ken is next

with sport and what a launch to the

new NRL season? Yes, Peter,

League's biggest stars were there

and so was Danny Weidler, who spoke

to them all. Also, we will find out

how Benji Marshall is handling

being the "face" of the game. Also,

are the Aussies the victim of a

World Cup smear campaign? And,

Sonny Bill's bid to lift the

spirits of the people of Christchurch.

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Benji Marshall says he's ready to

handle the pressure of being the

"face" of Rugby League. And he's an

even bigger tag to look up to - the

game's best player. In a room full

of stars at the NRL's launch,

Marshall par was given the honour

of launching the season. According

to those who should know, he's now

the best player in the code. He's

the face of Rugby League and the

Premier player in our game? Oh,

without a doubt. What he's achieved

over the last couple of years has

been a credit to himself and his

family. Some of the stuff that he

does has been unseen before. He's

really established himself and he

really took the game to another

level last year. Nothing much

phases Benji these days and he says

he is ready for the challenge. To

launch the season on behalf of the

NRL and the players, it is pretty

humbling. More pressure than ever,

though, probably on you? Well, not

really. I don't really feel

pressure that offence. The only

pressure is the pressure I put on

myself to be good at what ever I am

doing. I enjoy it. Despite the

Tigers having Benji on board, the

clear favourite to win the title,

the Dragons. The team to beat, I

guess St George are the world club

champions and reigning premiers.

They are the benchmark side.

REPORTER: Do they have the hunger?

I think so. Wayne Bennett seems to

bring the best out of a team. While

Todd Carney wasn't at the launch,

he featured in the commercial. He

will meet David Gallop tomorrow,

but he's widespread support. I

think the kid deserves some credit

for what he's been able to do in

the sport and he's got to face the

consequences on and off the field

by the board, but to stood down, I

think it wouldn't be constructive

for him or the club or the game.

Brad Haddin and Shane Watson have

described reports they are being

investigated for spot fixing at the

World Cup as a bad joke. The Indian

express website claims the Aussie

Openers are under suspicious after

their slow start against Zimbabwe.

But no-one in the Australian camp

is taking it too easily. I think

you guys are better than that to

know that is not the case. I think

that is quit laughable, actually.

Meanwhile, the tournament has seen

a hat-trick in as many days. The

Slinger in the 9- wicket wing

against Kenya. The Waratahs have

arrived in New Zealand for Friday's

emotional encounter with the

Cusaders. The match will feature

Sonny Bill Williams' Super Rugby

debut and he hopes to lift the

spirit of the people affected by

the earthquake. We are rugby

players and entertainers and

hopefully we can bring joy into a

few sad hopes. The game will be

play flood the town of Nelson with

the Cusaders' regular home base

damaged in the quake. Manchester

United's grip on the English

Premier League has loosened after a

loss to Chelsea. A Wayne Rooney

strike gave his team the lead.

Chelsea hit back. The upset was

complete when Frank Lampard landed

a late penalty handing the Reds

Devils just their second loss this

season. But just the same, Wayne

Rooney is having a purple patch. We

have waited a while. We have. It

has been ordinary off the field.

Yes. The stock market closed lower,

rattled by tensions in the Middle

East. The All Ords were down 22 points.

Jaynie is next with the weather and

what a difference a day makes.

Absolutely, Peter! It is 12 degrees

cooler than yesterday. Back shortly

with your weather forecast.

Coming up... The ACT Attorney

General under attack from a

prominent lawyer. The Federal

Government' s review into the NCA And a commitment to a Queanbeyan

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It was our equal coolest day in

eight weeks, reaching just 22

degrees in the city. Next to no

showers with just the odd splash

about tonight. We have severe

storms affecting north-eastern

parts of NSW and the southern

inland areas of Queensland and

another very powerful front is

going to charge right across

Tasmania, bringing some very wild

winds and some more mountain snow.

A few showers are expected for

Melbourne and storms in Brisbane,

32 there. Tomorrow in Sydney, 31 in

our west. 27 in the city and a few

showers about, mainly in the

morning, and they will be mainly

along the coast.

A front will arrive Friday evening

bringing windy conditions. That

should settle down on Saturday with

isolated showers about. Sunday, a few morning splashes about.

Peter, showers forecast between now

and Sunday, won't be much at all.

Jane ji, thank you. That is Nine

News for this Wednesday. I am Peter

Overton. I hope you have a good

evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext

Tonight ... The Attorney General

faces a scathing attack - accused faces a scathing attack - accused o

tinkering too much with the law.

The Assembly' s advocate. The The Assembly' s advocate. The Green

push for greater territory power.

And: the NSW Government commits

millions to a Queanbeyan bypass.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. A

former Attorney-General has former Attorney-General has launche

a scathing attack on reforms

proposed by current Attorney proposed by current Attorney Genera


accused Mr Corbell of tinkering

with the law - and wants to see him

stripped of his portfolio. It' s

battle - between a practising

lawyer and the ACT' s law maker.