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The cabinet secrets causing new

leadership tensions between Kevin

Rudd and Julia Gillard. A driver's

fatal gamble - killed instantly as

he crashes into a chemical-laden

truck while overtaking on the

Pacific Highway. Nine News exposes

the dangers of assault and robbery

on Sydney's trains. Delta Goodrem

speaks about her split from Brian

McFadden. And a Purple Cross for

Sarbi, the Australian Army's

bravest labrador. Good evening.

Those stories in a moment. But

there's been a shooting near Auburn

Hospital, in Sydney's west. Several

bullets were fired in Hargrave Road

about 5pm, but there are no reports

of injury. Police have closed the

street and set up a crime scene

while the search a under way for

the gunman. More details as they

come into the newsroom. Kevin Rudd

has been accused of destabilising

Julia Gillard in the hope of one

leadership. Today Julia day returning to the Labor

leadership. Today Julia Gillard

directed a rebuke at the Foreign

Minister. Julia Gillard donned

safety goggles and a hard hat for a

visit to a Darling Downs power

station this morning. Organise to

the Opposition, the danger she

party. faces comes from within her own

Kevin Rudd wants to be prime

minister, no doubt about that.

The Foreign Minister was asked on

television last night about the

decision in April last year to put

an emissions trading system on hold.

It was the move that destroyed his

credibility, and brought about his

downfall as prime minister.

It was a wrong call for which I'm responsible.

He had been trying to keep the ETS

alive because some other ministers

wanted to dump it.

You had some folk who wanted to get

rid of it altogether. That is kill

the ETS as a future proposition for

the country. I couldn't abide that.

He would not name names, but Ms

Gillard, who later took his job and

now champions a carbon tax and

emissions trading, is believed to

be one of those he was referring to.

The PM won't comment.

I'm not going to be drawn into

events of the past.

But this excuse for her silence...

I do not believe it's appropriate

to discuss considerable discussion

between cabinet colleagues.

It's a rebub of Mr Rudd.

A Government visiblely falling

apart on live television. The

Foreign Minister is deeply at odds

with other members of the Cabinet

and I think it's time for the Prime

Minister to restore a bit of discipline.

Meanwhile, Immigration Minister

Chris Bowen has announced an old

defence facility at Pontville, near

Hobart, will become a new asylum seeker detention centre.

A fiery truck crash has killed one

man and shut down parts of the

Pacific Highway on the State's mid-

north coast. The truck slammed into

a car and exploded at a black spot

south of Macksville. Fire crews

battle desperately to bring the

inferno under control.

The intense blaze shutting down the

highway. When it was finally

extinguished, a tangled, charred

mess was all that was left.

It was quite difficult to access

the scene due to the fire and smoke.

It was a very intense fire and

crews worked really hard.

Early this morning, the semitrailer,

laden with chemicals, was

travelling north on the Pacific

Highway, when it slammed into the

sedan. The semi exploded in flames.

I heard a loud screech of brakes, a

big bang.

The driver was thrown from his car

and died at the scene. The truck

driver was traumatised but suffered

only minor injuries. Most traffic

was diverted, but long lines of

heavy vehicles were forced to

simply wait until the mess was

cleared. This stretch is notorious

as a black spot. Locals say they

have been calling for a by pass

since the '60s.

It's all talk and no action.

Australian Stock Exchange today, According to a statement by the

Wayne Swan has rejected a merger

with its Singapore counterpart. It

has been turned down on the grounds

it's not in the national intfplt

what would this mean?

An $8.4 billion merger between the

Australian and Singapore stock

exchanges. If also potentially

leaves Australia embarrassed in

some ways and with a question mark

over the currency but over future

deals, if it is rejected by Wayne

Swan, and really the Singapore

Stock Exchange right now very angry.

Also a situation where you would

have real problems in the future

potentially attracting more deals.

Thank you. It was another strong

day on the market.

A special investigation by Nine

News has revealed just how

dangerous it can be to travel on

Sydney's rail network. Live to

reporter Dimity Clancey now. And

you have some frightening figures

on violent crime on the trains?

I sure do. We spent the night on

one of Sydney's trains to see just

what our rail guards have to deal

with every day. They say passenger

behaviour isn't getting any better

and in fact the offencers are only getting younger.

Saturday night, on board the 11:23

from Sydney to Campbelltown. Dunk

passengers are confronted and sent

on their way.

Night-time seems to bring out the worst in people.

From damage to attacks. This woman

was found naked on the train

traction. It's believed she was sexually assaulted.

You only have to look at the trains

now and see that is a massive problem.

Many of the offenders are children.

Found a 12-year-old girl

intoxicated. We arrest her as a

duty of care and call the police to

sort it out, or her parents.

Does that happen often? Quite frequently, unfortunately.

Last year, more than 1,200 people

were assaulted on Sydney's trains

and stations. 1,600 were robbed.

Here is where those horror stories

play out, the nerve centre of

Sydney's rail network.

There are 9,000 CCTV cameras

monitoring the entire city rail

network. There's also at least one

of these emergency help points at

each station. When someone's in

trouble, they push this button,

which activates an alarm in the help centre.

Do you require assistance?

We are watching out for you and we

will take action.

We're going to go now to Kevin

Wilde at State Parliament. You have

information on a very lean Opposition frontbench?

Yes, Barry O'Farrell has 22

ministers, ju John Robertson is

going to have to make do with less.

The reason is simple - there aren't

enough good people left in Labor.

Linda Bernie is said to be the

deputy leader. Nathan Rees is set

to make a comeback. Among the new

faces - Benny Sharp and Luke Foley.

Labor promised to have their new

team up and running by Friday, but

I think by Thursday morning we will

know all the details Z for decades,

there's been growing debate about a

second airport for our city. But

the one we've got is barely coping.

It was back on the front pages this

morning, a second Sydney airport -

was it finally going to get oft

ground? The answer - yes, maybe,

don't know.

We need a second airport for Sydney

sooner rather than later.

Since the 1960s, the issue has been

in and out of the too-hard basket.

As politicians caved in to people

power. In 1983, federal aviation

minister Kim Beazley put his neck out.

I may well be the last minister on

that matter singing that particular

song because we are very much at

the crunch point of the decision.

Two years later, Peter Morris

apparently came close. But nothing

ever happened, and now the airport

is overwhelmed. And there are

warnings that one small disruption

could soon cause five hours of

delays across the country. Yet

another study on a second airport

has narrowed it down to six

potential sites - they're not

really new. William town in

Newcastle, the Central Coast,

Richmond, Camden, wilton and

kpwrafplt a report is due wi the

end of the year -- and Canberra. A

report is due by the end of the year.

Yes, no, or not necessarily.

Well, it's up to the committee.

And a new Premier, who is sure to

have his say.

Where in Sydney are you going to

put it? We don't support it. The

better way to solve this is to have

fast railways.

Trains, planes, buckle up for a

long ride.

Interest rates were kept on hold

today, giving mortgage holders

breathing space for the fifth month

in a row. But it's as tough as ever

for renters. A shortage of

affordable place means some

landlords are cramming people into

tiny flats, and most of the time

councils are powerless to stop them.

Living in Hay market is very cheap.

For $is 100, this could be yours.

Two other bedrooms on offer, to

share with eight people.

You have students and backpackers

who are looking for cheap

accommodation. Owners and agents

looking for extra rent.

It's widespread in Sydney City.

I have seen the master room with

two double bunks, outdoor area,

glassed in, another double bunk.

And up to four petitions in a lounge room.

In the CBD, dwellings should only

have two people in a room. But it

doesn't apply to developments

before that date. Since this was

built, apartment and high-rise

lifing has expanded. So too

overcrowding - all the more reason

for Council to push for change.

We need reform, legislation, to

make it illegal for overcrowding.

Mayor introduced a bill to

Parliament, pushing for a State-

wide cap of two people per room.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't work for

this rundown building - extension

cords a major hazard on the floor.

This guy wanted to share a room

with a single girl only.

I can't think of an issue that's

more widespread than the housing

situation, particularly for

international students.

We can see what we can do in terms

of helping them.

If she's heartbroken, she's hiding

it well. Delta Goodrem was all

smiles for the cameras in Los

Angeles in her first public

appearance since splitting from

fiance Brian McFadden. She couldn't

escape the prapzy's questions over

her -- the paparazzi's questions

over her failed relationship.

Sorry, I can't go there. We're

doing well together.

Delta and Brian called off their

engagement last week. A special

honour today for one of the army's

top dogs. Sarbi the labrador

famously went missing in

Afghanistan. Now she's been awarded

the Purple Cross for her bravery on

the battle field. These puppy dog

eyes have seen more in Afghanistan

than her human colleagues will ever

know. They do know Sarbi's a hero.

The Purple Cross, the most

prestigious animal bravery award

there is, isn't awarded to just any old dog. Congratulations.

Even if she accepts it like one.

I think there's no doubt that Sarbi

has shown an incredible resilience

and strength that should be recognised.

I think she's a bit bewildered at

the moment. All the attention.

And to think the explosion

detection dog almost didn't make it.

Missing in Afghanistan for more

than a year after a terrible battle

before a passing American soldier

spotted her and recognised her army

training, reuniting Sarbi with her handlers.

She's a very important part of our

team and especially the guys she

was deployed with overseas.

A real dog's life now awaits Sarbi.

Running around her trainer's

backyard in early retirement.

In the news ahead - eerie images of

a crashed passenger jet on the ocean floor.

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Almost two

Almost two years after an Air

France Air Bus crashed into the

Atlantic, the wreckage has been

found by robot submarines, 4km

under the sea. The subs are still

scanning for the flight recorders,

which could explain why the Air Bus

went down on a flight from Rio to

Paris. All 228 passengers and crew

died in the crash. died in the crash. Bodies have been

found in the wreckage. From Japan,

a reunion which truly defies all

the odds. A dog found off northern

Japan last Saturday, amongst the

wreckage swept offshore by the

tsunami. Today, the owner reclaimed

her precious pet. She plans to

spoil him a lot. They shared a

special bond all their lives, and

now identical triplets from

Campbelltown are about to celebrate

another milestone. They're all

pregnant at the same time and the

sisters are due to give birth

within three weeks of each other.

As the saying goes, three's a crowd,

but not for these young ladies.

We celebrated our 21sts, 18s,

getting married. You know, this is

just something else.

Another thing that we did together.

It's just another experience to

tick off for Campbelltown triplets,

who have been insep rabble since

birth. Their essential bond is unbreakable.

Nine out of 10 times, what I'm

thinking or feeling, they are

thinking and feeling the same thing.

Going to the shops has been interesting.

We tell people the story, because

they look at us. We tell them the

story, and...

It's a house full of girls, with

older sister Elizabeth and

Lindsay's daughter, Olivia. Father

Rob has always been the odd one out,

but not for much longer. All three

young ladies are all having boys.

I won't be outnumbered anymore.

The soon-to-be mums have chosen the

same hospital to have their babies.

The girls say it would be a special

treat if they could all be here at the same time.

I think at least two of us will be in labour together.

I hope so.

Any chance of more multiple births

in the family?

I think this is it. It was just

meant to be. Unique. That's it.

Ken's next with sport. And more

drama for Anthony Watmough?

We will tell you why his career is

about to hit rock-bottom. Plus - a

Bulldog blow-up after their loss to the storm.

And an exclusive glimpse at Black

Caviar before she travels to Sydney.

And a mild day for Sydney.

The career of Anthony Waterlow is

in freefall. We have learned his

latest misdemeanour has almost

certainly ended his representative

career. Even his club coach says

that the sea eagles are on the

verge of sacking him.

Manly players went about their

business while their coach was left

with the role of clearing up the

mess that Anthoney left. It is

disrespect for. Disrespectful on a

number of levels. Both towards the

general public and also his own

club. Des Hasler confirmed that

what blow it is this slip away from

the sack. It is a question best

directed towards the board. You

don't have to be Einstein. The

coach did not try to hide how upset

he is. It is misdemeanour on

misdemeanour on misdemeanour on

misdemeanour. It is something beat

-- that we will take into

assessment and we all council with

Anthony and his management. At the

moment, it is our business. It will

remain that. Manley will hold a

crisis meeting with him and his

manager tomorrow night in a

desperate attempt to get his career

back on track. But it may be too

late to save his representative

career. Players and coaches have

grown tired of his antics and do

not want him in their sights. At

the Dragons, their aim is to try to

stop Jamal engross. He is an

attacking weapon. He is a powerful

lad. He is one of they go to men.

La Snow White, the Storm had too

many tricks for the bulldogs. --

last night. The video referee's

position left Kevin Moore mad. It

was a disgrace for call.

Without the swimsuit, supersede on

a swing records are hard to break.

It makes Kylie Palmer's performance

impressive. She broke the

Australian record in the 200 metres


Sydney will get its first look at

the heart -- horse that can be our

greatest ever. It is the first time

that the unbeaten horse has left

Melbourne. It has her trainer more

than a little nervous.

It is 4am and Peter Moody clocks on

at the time and harp. He is the

first of the train is to arrive,

calling the shots as the stars are

put to work. There is no bigger

star, none begin in the world, than

this lady, black caviar. This is

her final gallop in a clockwise

direction before she heads to

Sydney. Very pleased she has taken

to the other direction. It is

second nature to her. second nature to her. Full steam

ahead. The other factor he must

take into account is the travel.

Black caviar will be floated up on

Thursday night. She has done plenty

of travelling on the highway. I

don't think it to a big one. She

looked a picture of contentment.

The trainer was a little jumpy. His

mind and pulse racing. What about

the attention? Sorry. There is

every chance his Midas touch will

continue on Randwick on Saturday as

black caviar continues her golden run.

Look Lewis is out for six weeks at

the Panthers. He has a wrist injury.

Something that they do not need.

The weather is next. A mild autumn

day for Sydney.

Yes, and a little damp. But there

is sunshine inside. The weather

after Coming up on WIN News... A gunman

holds up a bank in the ACT' s north holds up a bank in the ACT' s

A taskforce to improve the running

of the Territory' s jail. And - the

Aussie dollar' s record high - what

does it mean for you. Join me for

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We had quite a damp night. The

heaviest falls just south of the

city. But those heaviest falls just south of the

city. But those showers will --

eased. Southerly winds kept

temperatures down. Top of 21 in the

city. 20 degrees in Penrith, five

below the average. In one scene

trough is triggering showers across

the top end. The onshore winds

producing some showers along the

east coast.

On Sunday, it is the best day for

the weekend. That's it. Goodbye

a bank with a gun , story Tonight ... A man- holds up

a bank with a gun , in the a?

Territory' s north A task force

established - to iron out problems

in Canberra' s jail. And: the

special medal for a four-legged war

hero, who was missing in

Afghanistan. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, ACT Policing is on

the hunt for man - who robbed a ban the hunt for man - who robbed a

in Canberra' s north - at GUNPOINT in Canberra' s north - at

Witnesses he was aggressive... as

he held his firearm up to the bank

tellers - demanding they give him

money. Calls started flooding in

to police mid morning. All with the

same message - there' s a man in th same message - there' s a man in