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Tonight - police commissioner

Andrew Scipione faces a shocking accusation.

A teen gang rampages across Sydney

with stone guns. A billionaire's

mistress breaks her silence.

shoppers. Myer's tpwhroomy outlook for

And it is stars opening night.

Sydney gets a big new attraction.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News.

Extraordinary allegations have been

made against the police

commissioner over a child sex case.

An MP has used parliamentary

privilege to accuse Andrew Scipione

of failing to alert the public

about a serial predator. Police

commissioner Andrew Scipione is

highly respected by the major

parties. According to a job by

Labor, he was reappointed just two

years ago. The Greens loathe him. A former assistant police

commissioner Mark Good win has said

on oath in the district court that

the now police commissioner Mr

Scipione put politics before safety

in not telling the public that

there was a specific problem. That

was the 2006 case in Oatley where a

man allegedly preyed on children

during the school holidays. The

officer in charge of the case, Adam

Purcell, was ordered by Mr Scipione

not to reveal details about the

investigation. Purcell did it

anyway. The seriousness of the

matters requires a response. The

Premier describes the commissioner

as a fine police officer. It is an

outrageous attack by a Greens MLC.

If there was any allegations it

should have been taken to the

appropriate investigating agency,

not doing a Nick Xenophon, trying

to get attention.

Kevin, any response from the

commissioner tonight? Well, Pete,

in a statement he says there was

sound investigative reasons why he

made this decision. Of course, it

is a routine one made by police all

the 25078. I remember the case,

Pete, no arrests were made. I think

the Greens have been used by

enemies of commissioner Scipione to

embarrass him. There won't be a

political inquiry into this. No-one

except the Greens will think it is

a nasty story against a fine police

officer, Pete. Police are warning a

young gang armed with stun gons may

be on Sydney streets again tonight.

The group, including girls, went on

a robbery rampage last night, two

youths have been arrested.

9:30pm at a convenience store at

Chippendale and a normal night

shift turns ugly. Masi Mohammed was

serving a woman when three

teenagers made their move. They

demanded money with a stun-gun

before using it on them both. They

were trying to hurt the lady. They

did it three times to the lady on

her right arm. 20 minutes later

they struck at Rozelle. This time a

taxi driver their target. The thugs

tasered him on the neck and took

his cees before taking off in the

BMW. At 12.51am at Wolli Creek they

were on a rampage, the stun-gun

still their weapon of choice. They

attacked another taxi driver before

stealing his cab and dumping it at

Sydenham station. At 1:35am, a

savage assault on a 19-year-old

woman at Ashfield. In what must

have been a terrifying ordeal, the

woman told police she was chased

before being shocked by a stun-gun

in the middle of Liverpool Road.

She collapsed before the youths

fled with her cash and her credit cards.

Two teenage boys aged 14 and 17

have been arrested. Police are

still looking for up to five others.

It is worrying. It is unusual. But

we are very much encouraged by the arrests of two people today.

Lawyers acting for Richard Pratt's

estate have tried to throw out the

law suit from his former mistress.

'Penthouse' pet Madison Ashton is

fighting for a piece of the late

billionaire's fortune. But a court

has heard her evidence is inconsistent, and unbelievable.

Case over. And Madison Ashton in

the white top and beige skirt,

gives her lawyer a hug and kiss.

She spent two days in the witness

stand, claiming she is owed nearly

$10 million for being the mistress

of billionaire Richard Pratt. At

times she was close to breaking

point. Madison, just a quick one...

I'm delighted it is over, yeah.

good one? Yes. REPORTER: You think the case is a

What is the experience like? What is the experience like? Oh,

look, I'm happy it is over. I can

move forward with my life, thank

you. The lawyers told the judge

that a November 2005, Pratt offered

her $50,000, as long as she didn't

make any future claims. Barrister

Francis Douglas said Mr Pratt

wanted to eliminate Ashton from his

life with a least possible cost. It

was unconscionable conduct by Mr

Pratt, he said.

The barristers for the Pratt estate

wrapped up the case saying that

Ashton's evidence was so bad the

case should be thrown out of court.

He said her story was fansyifl, a

fiction and completely unbelievable.

The judge will now have to decide -

did Richard Pratt really promise to

set up a $5 million trust fund for

Ashton's children, and pay her half

a million a year for being his

mistress? There is no contract,

nothing signed. Just her word.

Two police officers have been taken

to hospital after a confrontation

at a vehicle stop in auburn this

afternoon. Police say a man got out

of his car and became aggressive

towards the officers.

One suffered a cut to the face,

while a female officer's shoulder

arrested. was dislocated. Three men have been

Qantas flights could be disrupted

for up to 48 hours next week when

staff walk off the job over a pay dispute.

As many as 4,000 badge handlers,

ground and catering staff, will

strike for four hours on Tuesday.

Qantas says it will notify all affected passengers.

The accused collar bomb mastermind

Paul Peters made it official today.

He wants to come home to fight the

charges, and he wants to get back

here as quickly as possible.

The suspect waived his right to

challenge extradition from the

Knights partly because of

conditions inside the Kentucky jail.

Leaving course in the custody of US

marshals, Paul Douglas Peters,

passive compliant and that much

closer to returning home. He wore

the black-and-white jump suit of

the jail, shackled and under 24-

hour guard. Clearly he wants out.

He wants to get back to Australia

and deal with the charges as

quickly as possible. In the front

row, his ex-wife, Deborah, and one

point he asked if she was OK.

REPORTER: I'm loyal to Paul. You

will not get any comment. His

former wife, clearly a current

supporter. Will you be going back

to Australia, Deborah? Yes.

In a hearing that lasted less than

10 minutes inside the courtroom,

Paul Douglas Peters has cut out

months of red cape and court

proceedings. He is waiting for NSW

Police to pick him up. A key factor

- the conditions inside a jail. A

tiny cell with no natural light,

with 11 other men, eight of them

paedophiles. I've been in the jail.

It is not a place where people want

to spend an extended period of time.

With extradition inevident valuable,

the 50-year-old will return to

Sydney and many more questions.

Rordz rorz do you know what he will

be pleading when he returns to

Australia? I do not know. What is

the timing on Paul Peters' transfer

back to Sydney? Well, Pete, NSW

police were surprised in the first

place with the extradition hearing.

Now the US mash shalls have him in

custody and have not heard from

them yet either. It will take 24

hours for the NSW Police to get

here, then they have to arrange a

secure transfer, so we are probably

talking the middle of next week at the earliest.

The country's biggest department

store Myer has signalled the retail

slump will continue with profits

expected to fall by as much as 10%

this financial year.

But if you think that means more

sales and even better prices, think again.

Big department stores have been

battered by new competition. And

very cost-conscious customers. I

prefer to shop online. Just because

it is cheaper. There is more

variety and you can find a cheaper

option. Myer's profit last year

fell 3.5% to $162 million. It has

been a difficult trading period.

Consumer sentiment has been tough.

Even worse, sales next year are

forecast to be flat. And profits

are heading down. Wfrpblt veto make

sure that we have a good enough

offer. A number of different

formats for them to be able to put

their hands in the pockets and

spend with us. It has moved out of

frinls and CDs and moved into more

brands that it controls and makes

more money from, including fashion

icon Sass & Bide. One of the

biggest hurdles is to change

customer expectations of 50% of

sales. Zara, no doubt they are

taking market share and growing.

Online, there's even more. Today,

one of the world's hottest online

retailers, ASOS, opened its

Australian website. We have

customers from 22 to 23. Everything

we do is aimed at a 20-year-old

fashion-lover. People will be able

to use local sizes and dollars and seasons.

England's Rugby World Cup campaign

has been thrown into a right royal

scrum. Captain Mike Tindall, the

newest member of the Royal Family,

has been accused of groping and

kissing a woman on a night out in Queenstown.

How to celebrate an unimpressive

win over Argentina - a boozey night

out. The guys were out having a

couple of beers. You know, wasn't

something that we were worried

about at all. Leading the way,

rugby royalty, Mike Tindall, the

England captain married the Queen's

granddaughter. One suspects one is

not amused after the headlines. The

UK tabloid claims Tindall was

touchy feely and extremely

responsive with a female patron.

A statement from the England camp

says like all the lads he plays

with a massive amount of passion

and he was relaxing.

The bar's manager said that he was

well behave and claims of dwarf-

throwing is not true. England face

Georgia in their next match. Mike

Tindall may face a much tougher

test when his new bride arrives in

New Zealand later this month.

For a long time, Melbourne's crown

has left Sydney's casino looking

like a poor northern cousin.

Tonight that could be about to

change with the grand opening of

the new Star casino at Darling Harbour.

Our correspond sent there. Nothing

has been spared? Absolutely, Pete.

Now, this revamp has cost close to

$1 billion. Tonight, it really is a

chance for everyone to see it in

all its glory. Now, guests have

arrived for this spectacular event.

They will be dining in two new

signature restaurants and

entertained by Olivia newen to John.

The make-over has turned the whole

building around to maximise its

position on Sydney Harbour and

those spectacular views of the city.

When it is fully complete, it will

boast more than 20 restaurant, a

luxury hotel and high-end shopping.

It is not all glitz and global warm.

The make-over will -- it is not all

glitz and glamour. The make-over

will create a thousand jobs.

Finally, Kiesha will have peace

more than a year after her death.

Naked photos of yonsyonsyeens hit

the internet after her

Who has it for $219? SONG: # Dick does! # And they lived happily ever after.

Murdered mount Druitt girl Kiesha

Weippeart will finally be given a

funeral five months after her

remains were discovered in bushland.

The state coroner has released her

remains, as Kiesha's father made an

emotional journey to her grave site.

It was Kiesha's shallow bush grave

for over a year. Now a place with

teddy bears, balloons and messages.

Yesterday, for the first time,

Kiesha's father saw where his

daughter body was dumped. It eased

the father's grief just a little.

Today, Liz Weippeart was surrounded

by friends. A small sense of peace

after news they finally have Kiesha

back. The little girl's remains

have been released by the state

coroner. She can make proper plans

to have her granddaughter

farewelled. We expected this day to

come. Sitting on top of what was

Kiesha's shallow grave is now a

shrine paying tribute to the little

girl who captured the hearts of the

mount Druitt community. No doubt, eventuallyly the skhien will be

moved to a final resting place.

Once the funeral takes place,

Kiesha will be buried near her

brother. Her mother and stepfather

were charged with her murder, and

they are due back in court next week.

Every year, up to 65,000

Australians try to take their own

lives. It is a shocking number, but

one that a campaign hopes to reduce

with just three simple words.

Suicide devastates the living. In

the aftermath of suicide, there's a

lot of people left behind grieving.

You have to be really careful to

ask those people are you OK. It may

not solve the problem but can give

the people a bit of relief. Judy

and Simone Goldsmith's heart break is still raw.

Simone's 23-year-old sister, Alana,

took her life one month ago and

suffered from anorexia. The

nationwide RUOK campaign is

designed to help cut that toll. It

is simple. But effective. It is

amazing how many people you talk to,

former team-mates, that suffer a

hell of a lot after their careers

have finished. If you have sensed

something troubled in a friend or

colleague, say something. Take a

moment, pull them aside, grab a

coffee, tea, whatever it is. Just

say, "Hey, are you OK, everything

good?" The people who began the

program three years ago report an

overwhelming response. It has made

a difference. Today it has gone one

step further, launching a permanent free phone number.

The number has direct links to all the major helplines.

America's FBI is chasing the

hackers who stole these private

images of Scarlett Johansson by

tapping into her mobile phone.

Scarlett Johansson must have sure

that her naked pictures were safe,

but hacking gangs have been hunting

scores of celebrities hoping to

steal and sell their most intimate moments.

It was a job for wires this morning

when stowaways of the fluffy kind

were found on a yacht at Woolwich.

The seagull chicks had nestled in

overnight and left a mess. The

pluck will be hand raised until the

chicks are big enough to take flight.

Cameron has the sport. Good evening.

The Tigers have certainly had their

share of drama this season. Robbie

Farah tells us how the hard times

are driving them to Premiership success.

Tigers skipper Robbie Farah is

convinced his team is ready to go

all the way this year, and they say

they have bonded over a mid-season crisis.

The Tigers had to stare down

personal issues, but they now have

a new level of confidence in each

other. He is a Tiger with as much

heart as ability - and that is

saying something. He was devastated

when his team-mates were pummelled

by rumours that players were having

affairs with fellow players' boys.

As a group, I think it affected us.

Was it hard for you, going home at

night? No doubt, mate. You never

like to see what happens happening

happen. Farah says coming through

those dark days has united the team.

They have bonded after going so

close to a Grand Final appearance

last year. As a team we are a lot

more confident at the moment and

believe a bit more. Why do you

believe? Oh, we just - you know, it

is hard to say but there's just

that confidence in each other. You

know, I have the confidence in the

guy next to me. Regardless of that,

he has got a crutch. The beard he

started growing when the Tiger's

nine-game streak began. Yank your

beard, mate, it is getting long! It

is getting annoying. The MrsS likes

it? Not really, mate. But she

understands what I'm doing and

supports me, and she said it will

be worth it if it brings me a bit

of luck. The wardz arrived in

Sydney this afternoon determined to

end the Tigers' streak. If will try

to shut them down.

He was the golden boy then the bad

boy. And now James O'Connor is

being hailed a saviour. He has been

named in the Wallabies wing in the

side for the key World Cup match

against Ireland. Banned for missing

a Wallaby announcement, his phone

camera will prove that he made this

one - talking about it was another

matter. It is good to be back in

the starting team. Like I said

again, it is awesome to be playing

against Ireland. Behind the scenes

he had clearly been a little more

forthcoming. Less likely to take

that jersey for granted in the

future. O'Connor replaces Adam

Ashley Cooper on the right wing,

who will swap sides to fill the

electric boots of Digby Ioane. The

other good news is the return of

Drew michtol the bench. He clung to

the chance. It is a big thing for

me, to be able to use that as a

carrot to get back and get through

the rehab and all the stuff that

you don't like doing.

The contest for this thing heads

into the second week and the

intensity of the party here is also

rising. And the centre piece of it

all will be Australia versus

Ireland on Saturday night. Are

Roger Federer cruised around the

harbour today. The Swiss ace and

his team ard in style. The 16-times

Grand Slam winner takes on Lleyton

Hewitt in the singles at Rose Bay

tomorrow. I really respect his

playing spirit. He is one of the

players I enjoy watching the most.

Bernard Tomic opens the tie against

world No. 19, Stanislas Warwinka.

We wish the Aussies well. It is a

long way back. Roger Federer is one

cool cat. He is, yes. And finance,

and the stock market closed more

than 62 points higher. Our dollar

now buying a dollar and a two US.

Is let's go back to Natalie at

Darling Harbour for the weather.

A cool change for the city today? Absolutely. Canberra Capitals. Details next.

campaign urging Canberrans to Coming up next on WIN News... The

protect their homes from storms. National Broadband Network protect their homes from storms. Th

National Broadband Network labelle

uncompetitive. And, The tough

choice for judges at the Canberra

Regional Wine Show. Join me for all

the details next.

Like a: Who does this for: (STADIUM SPECTATORS CHEER) SONG: # Dick does! #

A touch of Vegas tonight for the

official opening of The Star at

dash. - Darling Harbour. We have

had our warmest night since June,

down 15 degrees in the city.

On the chart, a weak front moving

through Victoria has westerly winds

days. along the coast for the next few

Capital cities for...

Warm northwesterly winds will push

fine, sunny day. temps up across Sydney tomorrow. A

Make the most of the fine, sunny day. Make the most of the sunshine.

That is Nine News for this Thursday.

The 80th birthday of Bryan

Henderson. From us all, Hendo,

happy birthday. Have a

Country. Tonight ... The new GP

super-clinic addressing the doctor shortage in Queanbeyan. Canberrans

urged t urged to be storm safe ahead of an

active season. And, Economists labe active season. And, Economists

the the NBN anti-competitive. Good

evening, I' m Greg Thomson. Fifty

years after the Crawford Street

Medical Centre opened its doors in

Queanbeyan - it' s been reopened as

a GP Superclinic. It will go a GP Superclinic. It will go somewa

to addressing the doctor shortage

in the city. And the demand is

there. As Gemma Coombe reports, The

clinic is taking an extra forty