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leader Live. Tonight, Israel's

leader outlines his framework

for peace but insists on Palestinian compromises. The

toast of London, the US

president gets a right royal

welcome. Game on in Brisbane,

as the Blues try to end the

Maroons winning streak. There's going to be nerves

there but we just have to

handle them and get out there

and do well. The Victorian garden wowing visitors at the

Chelsea Flower Show. Good

evening, welcome to ABC News,

I'm Virginia Haussegger. The invited Palestinians back to Israeli Prime Minister

the bargaining table in a

speech to a joint session of

the US Congress. In a strongly

worded address, the Israeli

Prime Minister promised to make

painful compromises but only if

the Palestinians meet certain conditions. North America

correspondent Craig McMurtrie.

There was never any doubt

about how he would be welcomed

on Capitol Hill. The was replaced by sustained

applause, as Benjamin Netanyahu

laid out his framework for

peace. The Israeli leader

blamed the Palestinians for the lack of progress, promising far-reaching compromise if his Palestinian counterpart would

say six words. "It's time for

President Abbas to stand before

his people and say, "I will

accept a Jewish state."

While he pledged to be generous

on the size of a Palestinian state

Jewish settlements will end up

outside Israel's limb, it was a

standing ovation when he

repeated his rejection of 1967

borders. Israel will return to the indefensible

boundaries of 1967. Benjamin

Netanyahu ruled out giving up Netanyahu ruled out giving

any part of Jerusalem, the

return of Palestinian refugees

and, to more applause, he

Palestinian refused to negotiate with the

by Hamas. I say to President Palestinian government backed

Abbas, "Tear up your pact with Hamas." There was no new grand gesture to restart peace talks and the and the spectacle of more than

two dozen ovations in 50

minutes won't make administration's out reach to minutes won't make the

the Arab world aniees earlier.

The senior Arab official called

the speech a declares of war.

Others were similarly

unimpressed. This was a

statement of someone who wants

to dictate the results of negotiations before they begin. Despite the warmth in Congress, the Israeli leader begin. Despite the warmth in

chill over the peace process as leaves

leaves Washington with the

President Hosni Mubarak has deep as ever. The Egyptian

been ordered to stand trial

over the deaths of Egyptian

protesters. His two sons have also been charged and could face the death penalty if correspondent Ben Knight correspondent Ben convicted. Middle East

reports. Unlike other deposed

leaders, Hosni Mubarak chose to

stay in Egypt after stepping down at his home on the red

sea. If he was military Council that took he would sea. If he was gambling that he would be left alone by the

over, he was wrong. The former

president and his two sons had

been formally charged over the death of protesters during Egyptian upruzying, including

the charge of premeditated kig, which carries the death

are penalty. More than 300 people

are believed to have been

led to Hosni Mubarak's killed in the proper test that

downfall. Now the army that

kept the family in power for so

for long will send them to trial

for their lives. It's stunning development. For weeks, Egyptian opposition

groups had been fearing for the

future of their revolution,

worried that the military

council that took over the

rinse of power was dragging its

feet on reform and simply

the setting up another version of

the old regime. But this

decision has been welcomed to

the streets of Cairo. TRANSLATION: He deserves a harsh punishment.

It's not enough to refer him to

the criminal court because he

stole from us for 30 years. He

stole the robbed us of our lives and he

The former president will also

face charges of profiteering and accepting bribes for political favours. The estimates of how much Hosni Mubarak allegedly stole during

his decades in power run into

tens of billions of dollars.

The decision to prosecute Hosni The decision to

Mubarak has been a major test

for the ruling military council

and its commitment to transform

the country towards a working

democracy. But the greater test

will be whether Hosni Mubarak

and his sons get a fair trial

in a justice system that has itself been seen as part of the

problem. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

has taken her complaint about Australia's refugee directly to the Prime

Minister. Navi Pillay met

Julia Gillard in Canberra. The commissioner is not backing

away from her criticism of Australia's mandatory detention policy or the asylum seeker

deal with Malaysia. There is

concern by the international

community on where Australia is

going with asylum seekers. Ms Pillay has

vowed to monitor the Malaysia

deal closely. The US

president has been treated like

royalty at a star banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Barack Obama is only the second

serving US president to be

accorded the full honours of a

state visit to Britain. He

returned the compliment by

hailing his country's enduring

bond with the UK. Europe

correspondent Philip Williams

and Michelle Obama no strangers to Buckingham Palace

hospitality. But this is different. Their first state

visit and that means the

ceremonial guard. (American

national anthem plays) And the

cameras were excluded, there 41-gun salute. While the video

was a meeting with that other

celebrity couple, Prince

William and the Duchess of Cambridge,

Cambridge, just back from their honeymoon.

honeymoon. At Westminster Abbey there was a wreath laid

Abbey there was a wreath laid

in honour of the war dead and a

curious memorandum entoe, the

visitors book was signed by the president, the day was right

but not the year - three years

shy of reality. This visit is

focussed very much on the here

and now, and these two leaders

face serious issues in later

talks. Today at least they

were on the same team, putting their diplomatic ping-pong

skills to a more practical test

with a meet and greets, the done and dusted, next comes the

hard talk. Topics like Libya,

Afghanistan and the global economy. Before economy. Before all that, a state dinner at the palace.

Today the United States remains

our most important ally. And

our two nations contribute to

the security and prosperity of

our peoples and of the world

through shared national

interests. I bring warm

greetings from tens of millions

of Americans who claim British ancestry, including me, through my mother's family. I my mother's family. I bring warm greetings from Melia and

Sasha, who adored you even

before you let them ride on before you let them ride on a carriage in the palace grounds.

grounds. Just as he did in

Ireland, the president charmed

everyone. Tornadoes have hit

the US state of Oklahoma,

killing at least five people.

Across the border in Joplin, Missouri,

dead and hundreds are still missing after Monday's ferocious twister ripped

through the city. Search and rescue teams and their rescue teams and their dogs continue to

through homes looking for

survivors. For those who did

make it, many are momentless and all are facing the huge

task of cleaning up. Just

trying to salvage what we can

and make the best of it.

Neighbours are helping out

neighbours, and we have got a

little bit of sunshine today,

so everybody is trying to get

what they can get before the

tornadoes are supposed to hit again tonight. It was the

deadliest twister in the US

since 1947 but some forecasters

say worse may be yet to say worse may be yet to come. La Nina has moved on. That's

the official word from the

Bureau of Meteorology. It's

been described as one of the

strongest in living memory.

While the wet of the normal conditions have been

devastating for some regions across Australia, they have

been a blessing for others. Environment reporter Sarah Clarke. It's only May but

2011 has already delivered some

weather to remember. The Bureau

of Meteorology has confirmed

the last 12 months will go down in the record in the record books. This La

Nina is the strongest La Nina

we have seen in almost 40

years, indeed it was the early

'70s the last time we saw a La Nina as strong as this one. A

La Nina event delivers wetter

conditions. This La Nina

delivered that and more. One

thing that has stayed the same,

it has been relatively wet over the last 12 months. Australia had its wettest

September, December and March. Northern Australia recorded its

wettest diocese on, Darwin had

its wettest day on its wettest day on record

There were three cyclones and

why those in the cities may not have relished the rain, in the

country the reception was

Morwellcoming. To see the

country turn into green lush country and bird life all over

the place, it's fantastic. It

wasn't just wet. Parts of WA

remain extremely dry, year the driest on record.

While the La Nina may be done

for now, scientists say the future may have more wild

weather in store With global warm, the La Nina events we

used to celebrate for the higher rainfall could tend to

work against us. As for winter, relief is in sight. The

bureau describes the outlook at neutral, which translates to a

period of few extremes. A

Supreme Court in Sydney has

heard that Hells Angels

associate killed in a bike among the first to throw associate killed in a bike brawl at Sydney airport among the first to throw a punch. 29-year-old Anthony Zervas

Zervas was among those summoned

to the Qantas domestic terminal

two years ago for confrontation with the Comancheros. Six members of the group are standing trial

charged with murder. Shocked

passengers fled in fear when

violence er uchted at Sydney

airport in March 2009. Now the

events that culminated in the death of Anthony Zervas are

being recreated before a jury. By chance,

on the same flight as senior Hells Angels Derek Wainohu.

Witnesses heard them hissing and growling at their rival.

The court heard both sides called in reinforcements and

search men from each

sidestepped up. The crown

prosecutor said they dropped

what they were doing on a

Sunday. Comancheros national president Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi allegedly pushed Mr Wainohu to

the ground after they got off

the plane. This sparked an

initial brawl at gate 5. The crown said one of the accused, Farres passing security, than a passing security, than a the

reason he didn't go through is

that he was carrying a knife.

Thingses Cahill ated when the

brawling bikies reached the check-in gate. One witness is

pekd to say someone matching

Anthony Zervas's description

threw the first punch and almost simultaneously there was a pup from the other side. The

jury was told bollard became

weapons and there was evidence of kicking, punching and

stomping on Anthony Zervas as

he lay on the ground. He died

of head injuries and stab wounds. Two former Comancheros have pleaded have pleaded guilty to riot and

affray and will give evidence

for the Crown. At some point during the trial the jury will

be taken to the airport to see

where the violence broke out. The judge accepted the jury

members may need to be at the

airport at other times but said

they must not conduct any investigation of their own.

The trial is expected to last

six months. Qantas pilots

say they are on the brink of

taking their first industrial action since action since 1966. They have

gone to Fair Work Australia to seek permission to hold a

ballot and possible strike action. The Australian and International Pilots

Association is threatening to

either work to rule stop work meetings within a month. The long-haul pilots

union wants a guarantee from

Qantas that their jobs won't

obbe outsourced. The pilots

are very cognisant of the fact

the passengers pay our wage,

they are the last people we

want to disrupt and we will

give them plenty of notice if

we have to take that action.

about the pilots action, and

says pilots can earn up to

$450,000 a year. More than a

decade of relative peace at

Australia's ports may soon be over. Maritime Union members started

started a week's industrial

action today and refused to go

into independent mediation with stevedoring company Patrick.

There have been claims and

counterclaims and it seems that neither side is willing to

budge. Security was tight but

there was no sign of a picket

line. It was day one of

industrial action in Sydney

piling up and going nowhere. We are doing everything

legally, we have applied for the action through Fair Work

Australia, we ticked all the

boxes, and have turned up for work and we are still off pay.

The Maritime Union has accused stevedoring company Patrick of launching a war on workers.

What Patricks has done is shut

down this port as a result of

stopping those workers going to

work, albeit in a limited way,

we still would have been

productive. Patrick says it

can't operate under these

the union to use a third party

mediator to resolve the dispute

but that has been rejected.

MUA, here to stay. Both

parties insist they don't want

another waterfront dispute like

1998. But already tensions are

rising. Our employees are paid over

over $100,000 a year on

average, they work 182 days a

year, we have an attractive

deal on the table, we cannot

afford to pay a 20% wage

increase. Patrick says the

industrial action will cost the

With more than 28,000 shipping containers affected in Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle. Here

at Port Botany alone, 800

trucks were cancelled today as

the company says they are not

needed because it cannot operate with staff working at

30% capacity. Exporters are

angry too. It could cost the cotton industry $26 million.

If we don't Shiff the contract

we could be giving our buyers

an excuse to call us into

default and not contracts. Workers will ramp

up their industrial action,

with more wharfies joining the dispute. To finance, the

Australian sharemarket fell for the fourth session in a row

today, with global markets

continuing to tumble amid

concerns about Greece's

sovereign debt. Here is Alan

Koehler. Still no let-up

from the gloom. The All Ords

has fallen 3.5% in four trading

session, including 1% today. The Australian market is not

especially out of rest of the world over the past

four days but it was a another

bat day for the banks, down 1.1%, and now

1.1%, and now 5% over four

days. CBA led the falls today.

Macquarie Group, which is an

investment bank, not quite a

bank, lost another 3.5% today

and it is down nearly 30% since

last June while the market has

gone up 2%. Transport group Toll Holdings fell 2.5% today

as well. A good indicator of

the economy is advertising spending, which has collapsed.

Advertising went

during the crisis, like

everything else, and is falling again, a powerful indicator that the steam is coming out of

the economy. Construction is also also soft. Engineering work connect end to the resources

boom is rising but construction

is well down. Leaving the

total gain at 0.7% for the

quarter, below expectations. A

lot of this is due to the

disappearance of government stimulus. Public sector work stimulus. Public sector work

boomed in response to the

crisis which we are now paying

for with a blow-out in the

Budget deficit. It has fallen The Australian dollar fell 1

cent to 104.7, it's lowest

point for a month and a point for a month and a half. Global markets were lower. The

BRW Rich List came out, with

Gina Rinehart on top and a

newcomer at number 2, Ives ice,

the CEO of minerals trader

Glencore. No Packers and

Murdochs in the top 10 these

days, it's about mining, not media. Is

looming, the Federal Government is considering a scheme to encourage householders to reduce electricity use. The

scheme is in place in

self-states and the ACT Government says a local version

is in the pipeline. Canberra's

main energy provider is on

board. As the cost of

switching on continues to soar,

the government wants to help,

by encouraging people to switch

off. It is developing a scheme

to force energy retailers to

reduce the amount of power they

sell. It would require the

electricity company services rebated, discounted or

free services, for households to reduce their energy use.

The Greens say an energy efficiency target for energy

companies is long companies is long overdue. The benefits would be twofold.

Giving the retailer a mandatory

incentive to reduce energy

usage is clearly a very

efficient way, it reduces

greenhouse emissions and

household energy bills, so it's

a classic win-win policy.

Surprising ly, the plan has the

support from the company which will be impacted the most. At

the end of the day energy

efficiency will mean reduced

consumption for ACTEW AGL, but

it is better for the

environment. With energy

retailers fusing kits t cuts,

prices could be pushed up, but Simon Corbell says it could be

better than the status quo.

For households there is a

saving and for electricity

companies it operates in a

fairly cost neutral manner.

The company with share of the domestic market

says there are other ways to

make up the shortfall. The

reality is that everyone will

have to reduce energy consumption, and that's

something we promote and has

been our strategy to help customers use

customers use energy more

efficiently. The government is

efficiently. The government is

consulting with energy on the

plan so any respite from the utilities bill squeeze is some

time away. The travel plans

of thousands of passengers in

Europe have been disrupted by

the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland. More were grounded as the ash swept over Britain and moved towards Germany. Scotland was Harted

hit with a number of passengers

sleeping at airport. Some airlines clashed with

regulators over the shoutdown.

We want to fly from Glasgow to

London and there is no volcanic

ash in the air over Scotland. We are back to the same

bureaucratic bungling we had

which caused chaos for

passengers this time last

year. Air safety authorities

in Germany stopped planes from taking off and landing several airports. Better news taking off and landing at for travellers came from volcano

volcano experts in Iceland, who

said the eruption is rapidly

petering out. It's the game

everyone is talking about, the

Blues have five debutants in their their line-up for tonight's State of Origin match, while the Maroons will be the Maroons will be without

Greg Inglis and Justin Hodges.

There were few signs of tension

in the Blues team walk at

lunchtime, though there was

some concern that interchange

forward Dean Young was still

icing his knee just hours before the game. Stoirmg is

the biggest game on our rep calendar, it's what player wants to play in. There's going to be nerves

there, but we just have to

handle them and get out there

and do well. The Maroons were

more relaxed to the botanical gardens this morning. Queensland will be aiming Queensland will be aiming for their sixth series win in a

row. All in all, Mal would be very happy with the preparation

and there won't be too many excuses coming from us after

tonight's game. Strong winds are forecast for Brisbane

tonight, which could make

playing conditions difficult. Jarmila Gajdosova has become

the third Australian to progress to the second round of the French Open. She progress to the second the French Open. She cruised past local player Virginie

Razzano to join Amanda Shalala

and Anastasia Rodonova as the only

only Australians left in the singles

singles draw. There were no

wild celebrations for Jarmila

Gajdosova, whose opponent lost

her husband to a brain tumour

two weeks ago. Jarmila Gajdosova

Gajdosova has had her own off

court issues, with the

discomfort of a recent

divorce. There are moments I go up and down, but I try to be

steady and consider

to do. Hopefully over time I will get over everything. Kim Clijsters powered through her

first appearance at Roland

Garros in five years. The

number 2 seed was rarely

troubled in her 6-2, 6-3 win

over Belarusian Anastasiya

Yakimova. It was a lot tougher

for the men's defending

champion Rafael Nadal. He fell

behind two sets to one against

big hitting American John

Isner. He is off his tree,

John Isner. The world number 1

eventually advanced in five

sets. The Football Federation

chairman Frank Lowy thinks there should be an investigation into FIFA's

decision to award the 2022

World Cup to Qatar. Last week,

FIFA president Sepp Blatter

refused to rule out a rerun of

last year's vote. I have no

evidence that I can say it was

corrupt but I think there are a lot of questions about

lot of questions about the process. It was just like old times, except for the result.

David Beckham suited up for Manchester United in a farewell game for game for his best friend Gary Neville. Beckham couldn't grab

a goal, but did just about

everything else. There's a

streaker on the pitch, and David Beckham

David Beckham has got David Beckham has got him.

Italian team Juventus spoil the

party with a 2-1 victory.

Tiger Woods was a shadow of his

former self when he pulled out

of the players championship of the players championship two

weeks ago with knee and

Achilles injuries but is

confident of Teague off in next

month's US Open. My doctor

said I should be ready to go.

Woods last major title was the 2008 team has won one of the world's most exclusive horticultural

honours and there wasn't a rose

in sight. A Australian native plants has

won a gold at the Chelsea

Flower Show in London. As Tim

Callanan reports, it is set to put Aussie gardening on the map. The Chelsea Flower Show

is like Wimbledon for

horticulturists and Australia

has taken it by storm. The

Melbourne was awarded gold in

the show garden category. It

includes timber charred in the Black Saturday bushfires.

Quarantine restrictions made putting together the display all the more difficult, all the more difficult, as designer Jim Fogarty

explained. All the plants

were sourced in Sicily, Spain,

Portugal, Holland, we have sent

seed over from Australia and

grown a lot of bedding plants

and wildflowers. The locals

seemed to appreciate the

effort. I suggest you get on your

as you can. The designers have

exactly the opposite in mind,

they want Londoners to come to Australia to see the garden

that inspired this creation.

That's the Australian That's the Australian garden at Cranbourne in Melbourne's

south-east, built on 18

hectares of land which was

formerly a quarry. It's an

endorsement of the garden and

the intent that sits behind the garden. The intent is to

create a garden that is

uniquely and undoubtedly

Australian, something you won't

see in the parks and gardens of currently attracts around 65,000 visitors a year but it

is hoped the recognition that comes

comes with this win will see

that figure rise, and with

stage 2 set to open next year,

the timing couldn't be better.

Stage 1 is largely about arid and dessert environments

and dessert environments and

the inland, stage 2 is about

the eastern sea boards, rivers and coastal environments. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

is in discussion with the

Victorian Government to make

entry to the garden free. For some visitors, it already is.

some visitors, it already some visitors, it already is.

As you can imagine, Mark calm

depi is very excited about that story. Here he is with today's

weather. Yes, I am excited.

You can go to our botanical

gardens for free and it's just

as good. Today was not a good

day to be a plumberment

although it was sunny, the

southerly winds made having

your hands down a wet drain

have you unpleasant. An early

call-out at 6:00 would have

taken some fortitude, as it was 6 degrees and the southerly winds were blowing at 26km/h.

The maximum gust was 54km/h at a bit after

a bit after 9:00, just as the

plumbers were plumbers were putting down

their left handed still son and having a well earned cuppa.

The top temperature didn't warm

us up because it only got to

13, 12 in Tuggeranong. The

southerlies are still blowing

at 15km/h, the relative

humidity is 70% and it's 8 degrees, on its way down

minus 3. Regionally today, if

you thought it was windy here,

the coast was ypder. There were

southerly gusts up around the 85km/h mark. Despite the windy

and overcast conditions, it

didn't rain. There was a little

bit of rain in the mountains.

Yass dipped to zero and reached

15, and that was pretty much

the top temperature across the

local area.

local area. Nationally today:

local area. Nationally today:

A large high in the bight is

moving eastwards and it is

directing cool winds over South

Australia and Victoria. A cold front is approaching Tasmania, bringing showers and possible

snow. Our region will get cool

starts followed by mostly days. In the state days. In the state capitals tomorrow:

Virginia, it's asthma ACT's

fifth birthday, and they are

encouraging us to grow asthma

friendly plants, like this

Australian banksa and others

like gar dean Yass, bottle

brushes and plenty of others. A brief recap of our top stories: Israel's leader

Benjamin Netanyahu has outlined his framework for peace in the

Middle East. In a strongly worded address to a joint

session of the US Congress Mr

Netanyahu promised to make compromises if the Palestinian leader accepted

leader accepted a Jewish state. Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak is to

stand trial for ordering the killings of anti-government

protesters. If found guilty he

could be sentenced to death.

His two sons have also been charged. That's the ABC News

for now. You can keep up to date 24 date 24 hours a day on ABC News

Online. Stay with us now for '7:30' with Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Goodnight.

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