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Tonight - 10 years on, al-Qa'ida still

al-Qa'ida still has the US in

its sights. It is a continuing

reminder of the stakes in our struggle

extremism. On the eve of the

9/11 anniversary Australia's

top spy warns of home grown

terror. We are working terror. We are working on a

whole series of potential

threats that we're watching.

Nauru off the table, as the Government struggles to sort

out its asylum seeker policy.

We know that Nauru is an

ineffective option, now we know

it is an expensive one as well.

And a stunning the Tigers puts the Dragons'

title defence in doubt.

Good evening, Cuthbertson with ABC News. 10

years on it is clear there is

still a threat of terror

attacks. On the eve of the 10th

anniversary of 9/11 al-Qa'ida

is believed to be behind a new

terror plot. New York and wash

k ton are on high alert with

armed police patrolling streets

and subways and counter

The Government says the US terrorism efforts redoubled.

cannot afford to live in fear

and the remembrance ceremonies

will go ahead as planned.

Here's Craig McMurtrie. The

New York stock exchange silent.

In memory of that September day

nearly 10 years ago. Mayor

Michael Bloomberg took the

subway to reassure nervous New

Yorkers worried about the

latest terror threat. Above

ground the streets of lower

stand still as police and bomb sniffing dogs fanned out across

the blocks in Ground Zero and

times square and at the entrances to bridges and

tunnels. The secretary of State confirmed that al-Qa'ida is believed

believed to be behind the

credible but still unconfirmed

plot to target New York and Washington. Making it public as

was done yesterday is intended

to enlist the millions and

millions of New Yorkers and

Americans to be the eyes and the ears of intelligence has reportedly

come from an informant in

Pakistan and is believed to

focus on two American citizens

were Arab back grounds were Arab back grounds but they

have little information about

their physical appearance. We

don't have the smoking gun but

we have talk about using a car

bomb. Many New Yorkers welcomed

the crackdown. It is good for people's safety because they

know who is who. You don't know

who is standing alongside you

and who has a suitcase to blow you up. I like it, with you

September 11 coming around, you

hear bad stuff on the news, it

is good to see a lot of cops

around and people doing their job. Hundreds

set up dozens of check points like this throughout lower

Manhattan. They're targeting

trucks and vans, searching for

rentals and looking for unusual numberplates. They're looking

in and under the vehicles, they

are searching for chemical traces and using radiation continues around the clock.

Officials say while the

intelligence tip is sketchy and

not corroborated. It came close to the World Trade Center memorial and the memorial and the 10th

anniversary of 9/11 that they

couldn't afford to take any

chances. The former vice

president of the US has

defended the use of tort youse

on some al-Qa'ida leaders. Dick

Cheney was addressing a anniversary commemoration built as lessons learned since

September 11. Rerejected that so-called enhanced interrogation techniques

amounted to amounted to torture. The notion

that somehow the United States

was wildly torturing anybody is

not true. Three people, not

dozens, three. And the one who

was subjected most often to

that was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

and it produced phenomenal

results for us. Dick Cheney Bush administration that shaped defended his role inside the

America's foreign policy in the

wake of the attacks. While the world commemorates the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the

families of those who died are

holding onto memories of loved

ones. More than 3,000 children

lost a parent that day. Lisa

Millar caught up with one

family devastated by the

attacks. At her home in down town Manhattan, Lauren

Colasanti is rehearsing more time. Brenda E Conway. On

September 11, she will stand on

a podium at Ground Zero a podium at Ground Zero and

read the names of victims,

including her dad's. And my father Christopher Michael Colasanti. Don't rush through

that one. Lauren was two and

her sister five when Chris Colasanti died. The stockbroker

worked for Cantor Fitzgerald

which lost all its 658

employees at the World Trade

me aside for chats like "Do you

think you will be OK? " And the

answer is always "Yes" I always

am OK. I don't cry. More than

3,000 children lost a parent

September 11 but the girls' mum

Kelly was determined they would

come through it stronger and happier. Lauren had lunch with

10 people. We met 10 people. We met the

Colasantis in 2002 on the eve

of the first anniversary of the

attacks. You can't have all the brushes. Then the 33-year-old widow was still raw with

grief. I think

and I feel like I am just sad

and that's all I have room for

and anger, what is that going

to do for me? A decade later they can even share a giggle

watching the story and how much

they have changed. Look how

bigamy forehead was. The sadness is still there though

when they think of what was lost. Two things of I am proud and sad that Chris didn't get

to be here with them and

me. They have not always been

anniversaries, once they went at Ground Zero for the

to the zoo instead and this one

is different. I am thinking it

is going to be a turning

point. A decade of grieving behind them, anticipation of

happy times ahead.

Back home, the country's top

spy is suggesting more

potential terror threats are

being investigated here than

ever before. In his first television interview ASIO director Director-General David Irvine has style shooting rampage is a genuine threat in Australia.

He's normally an elusive

figure working in the secretive

world of espionage and counter

terrorism. 10 years since the

so-called war on terror began

Australia's spy chief is reflect og the current reflect

threat. I don't think we should

be complacent and relax our vigilance. That is because ASIO is today potential terror threats than ever before. Mostly Australians

who are toying with the

ideology of extremism and could

at any point tip over into

extremist acts. The exact number

number of cases David Irvine

won't specify but it is in the

hundreds. He also warns that

recent deadly shooting spree in Norway Norway demonstrates why authorities aren't just concerned about the threat of Islamic extremists. We are working on a whole series of

potential threats that we're watching. The Director-General

believes the killing of Osama

bin Laden hasn't had an impact

on the struggle on the struggle against extremism. The al-Qa'ida ideology and objectives have

been taken up by other

groups. It is not only violent

threats they are keeping an eye on, ASIO itself has been stung

by the emergence of the

Wikileaks organisation.

Within two years, ASIO will

move into this new $600 complex. Critics of the spy

agency believe these ahead

quarters symbolise the organisation's massive growth

since September 11. In the past

decade ASIO has trebld in size

and has more power than ever. Dealing with the

terrorist problem has required

us to take on new resources for

a start, use new techniques,

new technology. The ASIO boss

believes rapid technological

advances will remain the spy over the next decade. Egyptian

protesters have stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo

causing the ambassador to flee

the country. They fired tear

gas at the protesters hours

after the attack. Angry crowds

torched police trucks and attacked the police headquarters. Relations between

Egypt and Israel have worsened

since Israeli killed five border guards in August. The Federal Government has

signalled that Nauru is not an

option in its new asylum seeker policy. As the ABC reported last night, the Government is

putting the final touches to

the plan. The Immigration Minister isn't giving anything

away, instead Chris Bowen

released figures that he says

shows the Coalition's Nauru

plan is far too expensive. The

Opposition argues the

government is in no position to

lecture anyone on

are still on the table,

Malaysia, Nauru and Manus

Island but the Immigration

Minister has all but ruled one

out. We know that Nauru is an

ineffective option, now we know

it is an expensive one as

well. He says a processing

centre on Nauru will cost

almost $1 billion over four years, much more than the

Government's $300 million price

tag for Malaysia. Tony Abbott

and Scott Morrison have in the

past said it was a cheaper

option than Malaysia. That is clearly not the case. The

Opposition has a new numbers of

its own. The budget has blown out

out in two years by around $3

billion over the forward

estimates. This is a Government

that is swimming that is swimming in red ink and

a failed credit card. David

Manne was behind the successful High Court challenge to the

Malaysia solution. Instead of

the Government and Opposition

wrangling over the price tag of

the policies, they should focus

on the human costs of plans which could well harm people who are fleeing from harm. The

minister says the Government is

well advanced in its response to the High Court ruling but

isn't giving anything away. I

don't pre-empt what I will be recommending

recommending to cabinet. The

first people to know will be the the cabinet. Amending the

migration act to allow offshore processing is still an

option. We are seeking for the Government to bring forward

their bill to amend the

Migration Act as soon as possible. They should respect

the ruling of court and get on

with the job we signed up to

under the refugee convention

and that means processing

people here. The Government says that says that won't stop the people

smugglers. After drought and floods, Victorian farmers

finally have something to smile about. Greater soil moisture

means canola plantings are up by a third on last year, with

nearly 400,000 hectares of

farmland awash with yellow

flowers. These are Victoria's

latest gold fields. As far as

the eye can see, canola is

blooming. It has been terrific.

It performed well last plenty of sub soil moisture

this year and the price has

been up there with some of the

best prices we have seen and we

have got it spread over three

different properties. For 15 years Noel Slee couldn't

penetrate his soil by more than

a few inches. You can't grow a

crop on that much moisture. It is a different story today. We

have got a good soil profile

and we have three feet of water

or more and it is the first

time in a decade we have had

that and that is because of the summer time deluge came the flood and after the flood comes the canola. For

more than a decade there's been

so little moisture in the soil, farmers have been forced to

grow career Yale crops. Now

more canola than ever has been

planted and much of Victoria is a sea of

a sea of gold. Canola pays

better than career Yale crops

and an average yield could

produce a record harvest due to

the canola plantings. the increase is in the

Mallee. We are hoping to get

2.5 ton to the hectare and the

price - look anywhere over 500 is wonderful and pushing

towards 600. There are still lingering problems from the

floods, it has triggered a mice

playing and they have destroyed

up to 30% of some crops. Many

see the floods as a God send

. It has benefited the whole

district. Farmers are admiring

their crop but not

their chickens. Spring floods

destroyed many crops last year

and there is a long way to go

before December when the seed gets in the

gets in the silo. With funding now secure, the ACT

Government is calling for

tenders to design the Majura

parkway. The Government says the dual carriageway road

linking the Monaro and Federal

highways will create a needed freight route and ease

congestion in the city. After

intense lobbying by the ACT

July to fund half the $288

million project. Companies

interested in designing the 11.35km road have until mid-October to submit bid. That will be followed by

the issuing of construction

tenders in the middle of next

year and we anticipate

construction commencing in the

second half of next year once

the final planning approvals

for the projects are in

for the projects are in place. The parkway is the ACT's most expensive infrastructure

project and is expected project and is expected to be

finished in 2016. The Wests

Tigers have emerged as

contenders for the NRL

Premiership after a come yak

win over the Dragons win over the Dragons in last night's finals opener. Tonight

in Brisbane the Broncos took an early lead against the

warriors. The Dragons' title

defence is hanging by a thread.

Benji Marshall was up to his

old tricks early, the halfback

at times called a magician was

for the Tigers. COMMENTATOR:

He'll score. Miraculous is the

right word! How did Marshall do

it. There is a little nudge,

does that count as a kick? The

video referee thought so and

the Tigers had first blood.

Wests were complacent in

defence, Mitch Rein catching them napping. The Dragons

controlling the first half and

gaining the lead through some

Jamie Soward brilliance. He got

the ball inside. The Dragons

failed to

capitalise, Soward missing two

chances to extend the lead.

After the break, the Tigers

levelled the scores. They have saved the try. As discipline crept into the

Dragons' game, the Tigers hit

the front with all the

momentum, they stretched the

lead. The wheels falling off

for the Dragons late as the Tigers completed the comeback. The second half we

were a hell of a lot better and

when we didn't go away they

panicked. The reign be premiers with

their season is over. It is not

ideal. It Tas taken our future

out of our hands. There is

nothing we can do about it. In Brisbane the Broncos dominated

early proceedings and seemed to have

have made the perfect start but

the video referee ruled a

knock-on. Romania has come

close to scoring the first

major upset of the rugby World

Cup with a brave performance

against Scotland. Last night

the All Blacks received a mark for their less than

convincing win. Fiji overcame

Namibia. Chris Paterson has

scored almost 800 test points

for Scotland but today he must

have thought he was at the soccer World Cup. That is forgettable. And embarrassing. He didn't even beat the keeper although a

replay showed the ball had

fallen over. were almost Scotland the timid. They have no answer at

the moment the Scottish. They

are being destroyed. The

underdogs led 24-21 with

than 15 minutes to go but two late tries to winger Simon

Danielli denied Romania an

upset. Scotland close out the

match. Fijians welcomed rugby minnows Namibia with a war

dance. It took the flying Fijians five minutes to Namibia's line through Vereniki Goneva. The reliable boot of

Theuns Kotze kept Namibia in

the match. Goneva became the

first player in the commission

to score a treble. Namibia

didn't throw in the towel but

Fiji crossed three times after

the break to record a

comfortable win. France had

two tries on the board within

15 minutes against Japan. A try

to Japan. The cherry blossoms

hit back through James Arlidge. Japan displayed tremendous courage in the

second half to close within

striking distance. France scored three dashing

tries in 15 minutes to end

Japan's hopes of an upset. The

Wallabies are expected to start

their rugby World Cup campaign

with a victory when they take

on Italy tomorrow. As New

Zealand correspondent Dominique

Schwartz reports, the Australians are anticipating tough contest. The Wallabies

have never lost to Italy and

they will be hoping to maintain their unblemished record when

they run onto the ground at

North Harbour Stadium in

Auckland tomorrow afternoon.

The team had a light work out

today and James Horwill says

his players are gearing up for a tough contest against Italy,

Larry in the scrum which was a

weak point for Australia during

the last World Cup. I think it

is a massive change. We have

probably got one of the best

scrums in the world. They really abrasive bunch of blokes

moment they can. They're a that get into you at every

resilient group. They don't

give you anything. You have to

earn everything . Italy's coach Nick mallet says drawing Australia for the first pool

match is a tough start but his players are up for the fight. We are confident we are

getting better and we're

confident we can provide a

really good challenge. In this

sun shine it is hard to believe

that the forecast is for rain tomorrow which could Italy over Australia. The

Wallabies say they're prepared

for anything and they're keen

to get their World Cup bid

under way.

The Tuggeranong Vikings have

charged to a 44-18 win over

Wests in the grand final of the

John I Dent Cup. The Vikings

led for most of the match

scoring seven tries to two at Viking Park. ACT grand finals

have been narrow affairs in

recent years and Wests looked

for early points against their

Tuggeranong to assert didn't take long for highly fancied

themselves on the scoreboard.

The Vikings had Wests guessing

all over the park. Their

dominance in the forwards and

the backs evident as

side raised to an early lead. Full-back Isekele Ratulevu

scoring a hat-trick in the

first half. The Vikings held a

comfortable 29-11 lead at the

break. With a change of end

change of fortunes, it wasn't

above to be. The Vikings were a class

above as Colby Faingaa joined

Ratuvelu in scoring a

hat-trick. The Vikings cruise today a comfortable 26-point

win. People didn't pick us to

be in the top four at the

beginning but at the end of the

day we knew what we were

capable of. We had a homecoming

mid-season and you reap the

rewards of what you say and

that happened today. It are disappointed after today,

it was a good season and we

were unlucky to finish

second. The Vikings registering their second Premiership in three years.

In the AFL, Premiership favourite Collingwood has

survived a major scare against

west coast to finish 20-point

winners in their qualifying final. Last night the Hawks

went down to the Cats and lost

star forward buddy Franklin in

a the process. The Eagles reduced

deficit to 7 before the Magpies

secured their slot in the

prelim finals. Injuries forced

late changes for both sides.

The Eagles lost Daniel Kerr

while Collingwood was without

Ben Reid. West coast started

the better. COMMENTATOR: The

Eagles have two. The Eagles were flying high literally,

much to the concern of Eddie

McGuire. But it didn't take

long for the reigning premiers

to be back to their best. Scott Pendlebury

Wellingham showed the way. Mick Malthouse was far from

satisfied but the visitors had

bigger concerns as dominant

ruckman Dean Cox suffered an injury. Andrew Krakouer injury.

increased the lead in

spectacular fashion but Mark

LeCras's snap was just as impressive. With west coast

trailing by 13 points to start

the third, Cox returned briefly but it didn't help. Krakouer kicks a beauty. Cox eventually

substituted but despite its increasing concerns, Wellingham could face

scrutiny for two incidents. The

Eagles urgently needed a final

quarter spark and Nic Naitanui

did his best to provide it, did his best to provide

setting up a Quinten Lynch

goal. When Lynch snapped his

third the game was well and

truly on. Jack Darling reduced

the margin to seven points but

west coast couldn't get closer

and Luke Ball ended the

visitors' hopes. The Magpies

rewarded with a week off before

Eagles a preliminary final while the

semifinal against Carlton or Essendon. In the North-Eastern Football League Ainslie have

Eastlake by 90 points at Manuka

Oval. Tri-colours advanced to

next weekend's grand final against the Sydney Swans reserves. Shaun Marsh has

become the 19th Australian to

score a century in his Test

debut. Marsh and Hussey both

made hundreds as the tourists

took a strangle holed

second Test against Sri Lanka

in Kandy. Hussey was the first

to reach three figures. Marsh,

whose father Geoff scored four

Test centuries reached Test centuries reached his milestone soon

after. COMMENTATOR: What a terrific moment for Shaun

Marsh, the Marsh family in

Australia, a century on debut. Shaun Marsh, fantastic. 28-year-old Marsh

was called into the team when Ricky Ponting returned home for

the birth of his daughter. The

two two WA batsmen put on 258 runs

for the fourth wicket before Hussey departed for 142.

Australia's lead was more than

200 when Marsh fell for 200 when Marsh fell for 141. Australia's Samantha Stosur

will be playing for a spot in

the US Open final when she meets the unseeded German Angelique Kerber tomorrow morning. Rafael Nadal thrashed

Andy Roddick to set up a semi against Andy Murray. Andy

four sets to overcome local

hope John Isner. Nadal dropped

only 6 games in his win over Roddick. The other men's will be between Roger Federer

and Novak Djokovic. ACT athlete

Angus Gould has won a gold

medal at the Commonwealth youth

games in the Isle of Man. He

took out the long jump. He

attends Daramalan College is

the only Canberran in the Australian team. Australian team. Tasmania

seems to be turning into

something of a nanny state. Normally considered the poor

relation of sheep, goats are

fast becoming the latest farming craze on farming craze on the island

state. Demand has jumpeded for

goat products, including milk,

cheese and even soap. For Gina

and Mike Butler, the phrase

keeping up with the kids took

on a whole new meaning eight

years ago. They started with a

single goat and have a dairy

full. We only have 75 acres so we were looking for to do that would turn over a

profit and the goat industry

looked like a niche

market. We'd like to expand the

milking herd more. The Butlers have installed their own cheese

factory and started producing

cheeses on site. The expansion

has come at the right time,

goat products have experienced

a surge in popularity,

especially with people with

allergies and who are lactose produces 140,000 litres of

goats milk a year, but it is still not enough to keep up

with demand. Plo saysors want

other properties to start

running goats to keep up running goats to keep up with rapidly expanding markets in

goats milk, cheese and even soap. Some farmers are already jumping on the bandwagon, kids

are in high demand and another

goat dairy is opening just a

few kilometres away later in

the year. We need more goat

milkers and that is basically

what it comes down to. There is

a huge increase in products, not just in

Australia, this started in the

UK and Europe a few years

ago. In the meantime the

Butlers have opened their farm to human kids who may to human kids who may need some nannying over the school

holidays. To the weather now

and what a blustery day across

the ACT. The stay started with

minus 5 at the airport. The

mercury crept up to a top of 14 but

but the gusty westerly winds

made it feel colder than

that. Windy over the border.

On the satellite map, there

is low cloud over the south-east of the country

bringing isolated skies are pretty much clear

elsewhere. The gusty winds in

the territory are all thanks to

the low in the Tasman sea. The

cold front moving through could produce a shower produce a shower tomorrow. The

high in the west should start influencing our weather early

next week bringing a return to

mostly sunny conditions. That's ABC News. your company. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI.