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(generated from captions) I hope I backed the right horse. It was Paul Keating. You backed the wrong horse. (GROANS) R.J. Hawke in 1929. P.J. Keating was born in 1944. Goodness gracious. What a dill. Oh, was he really? He's the youngy. Kevin Rudd was born in 1957. And John Howard was born in 1939. Of course. So there you go. Ah! but you've won 1,000 bucks. Penny, you didn't get 100 grand, That was great. There you go. Penny Johnston won $1,000. the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Catch you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - a wonderful welcome for

the Queen. We're live as Her

Majesty touches down.

Behind bars - the mother charged

girl. over the death of her own little

Julia Gillard comes to Sydney's

west, as more asylum seekers come

to Australia.

P-platers furious over plans to ban

them at night.

And Shane on Liz, his kids and the

big wedding day.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton. Her Majesty, the

Queen, has just touched down in

Canberra for what might be her last

official tour of Australia. Let's

take live pictures now from the air

base at Canberra Airport. Her

Boeing 777 British Airways jet has

just arrived and pulled up to the

waiting media, and dignitaries. We

expect the door to open very

shortly. You can see the Queen's

flag flying out of the captain's

cockpit window there on the Boeing

777 as we expect the doors to open

for the Queen's 15th visit to

Australia. Reporter Sarah Harris is

at the air base. How it is done

there? What a welcome she is in for,

Pete! The Queen has just landed,

arrived about 20 minutes on her

chartered British Airways 777 jet.

20 minutes ahead of schedule. Now

we are waiting for her to step out

of that plane and, look, it has

been a gruelling journey for the 8

5yeerld and her 90-year-old - 85-

year-old and 90-year-old husband.

Duke of Edinburgh. When she steps

off the plane, there will be no

time to rest. She will be greeted

by a burst of ceremony, she will be

met by the Governor-General,

Quentin Bryce, as well as the Prime

Minister, Julia Gillard. Even the

First Bloke Tim Mathieson. She will

oversee a 21-gun salute, before she

unfurls the personal flag for

Australia 'God Save the Queen'

sounds. Also behind me are a couple

of hundred skhooch waiting in the

son on the hot tarmac. These kids

have been personally hand-picked

from schools right around Canberra.

They're armed with flower, and we

spoke to them earlier and asked

them what they would say to the

Queen if they got the opportunity

to speak to her. Have a listen. I'm

going to see the Queen today! I

can't wait to see the Queen! It is

special! The principal chose me to

go and represent the school and see

the Queen. I said wow!

So in just a few moment, Pete, we

will see something extraordinary

happen here at Fairbairn air base

in Canberra. This is her 16th visit

to Australia. She has not been here

since 2006. But, look, many people

are saying that this is an historic

trip for Her Majesty. Given her age,

being 85, this may well, in fact,

be her last tour Down Under.

Sarah, we await the Queen and the

door to open of the British Airways

jet. She will then be taken to a

dais set up in front of an

Australian Federation Guard, used

in these ceremonial occasions,

receive the royal salute. We have

seen the military band rehearsing

on the tarmac. And Lieutenant

Colonel Hannah Mackenzie will

invite the Queen to inspect the

royal guard of honour. She will get

in the motorcade and leave for

Government House, her base over her

visit here to Australia.

So we are now waiting to see the

Queen emerge. Let's go to Peter

Harvey, standing by at Government

House. How long will it take for

the Queen to get from Canberra

Airport to where you are? Is It is

an 11-minute drive along some

beautifully maintained and recently

manicured roads. It is all now

depending on how long she stays on

board the aircraft. If she doesn't

get out in the next few minutes,

she probably won't be here until

just after 6:30. But when she

arrives on the flag pole behind me,

her Royal Standard will be broken

out. And the business of the

monarchy of Britain and Australia

will for the next five or six days

be run from here, Government House,

at Yarralumla in Canberra. We look

forward to going back to you later

in the news. It looks like we are

getting set to see the Queen and

Duke arrive in Canberra. Sarah?

There seems to be movement

happening at the door of that

British Airways jet. We see there

the Governor-General looking

resplendent in red. Also, the Prime

Minister, there, taking her first

steps forward with First Bloke Tim

Mathieson in tow. Airport staff

seem to be standing at the top of

the stairs. The door is opening.

The door is now opening. And will

we see the Queen first or will the Duke of Edinburgh step off?

One of the Royal Eades has stepped

off the plane. So I spoke we are

seconds away from seeing the Queen

on her 16th visit. The first time

in five years she has been on

tense, nervous! Australian soil. Everyone here is

What is the temperature like? What

will she be stepping out into? She

will be stepping out into a bit of

an oven, Pete! 27 degrees here at

the moment! Not a cloud in the sky,

perfect, I suppose, Canberra spring

weather for her to see. Our

nation's capital. It will be quite

a shock to her, though, coming from

gloomy London. But, yeah, Canberra

has put on a show in terms of

weather for her. She will be based

at Government House, as Peter

Harvey said. She is not visiting

Sydney but going up to Brisbane and

she will go to Melbourne as well

and Perth.

Yeah. She has quite a jam-packed

schedule, despite her age of 85.

She has seven flights. There she is,

Pete! I think she is...

She keeps teasing us at the doorway.

Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II,

resplendent in powder blue,

accompanied by her husband, Prince

Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Wearing gloves - probably not the

right thing to be wearing on this

warm Canberra day. She is making

her way down the stairs. She is

looking extraordinary, given that

she has stepped off an 18-hour

flight halfway across the world,

slowly. making her way down the stairs

She will be met by the Governor-

General. ( Gun sat loot).

(Gun salute sounds)

The Prime Minister says she is an

avowed Republican, but she has made

no secret of the fact that she was

excited that the Queen was here.

looking lovely. She is speaking with the Queen now,

If only we could lip-read, Pete,

and see what they were saying to

each other right now. Tim Mathieson,

the Queen. First Bloke, chatting casually to

And she's here, Pete.

I think she is meeting the ACT

Chief Minister, Katie Gallagher,

and Lieutenant Colonel Mackenzie,

who will be by her side, as they

move towards the Guard of Honour,

provided by the Federation Guard.

She will receive the Royal Salute.

She is be saluted with a 21-gun

salute. The Queen is in Australia

for her 16th visit here. And most

probably her last, as she talks with the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.

And, Pete, while she is here, as

part of the ceremony, she will be

presented with flowers by a woman

by the name of Margaret Cunningham.

Now she actually handed a bouquet

of flowers - she was the first

Australian child to hand the Queen

flowers back in 1954, when the

Queen was, of course, still a young

monarch. So, look, just a special

moment for her. Imagine that! To be

handing the Queen a bouquet of

flours on her very first trip. And,

again, on what could well be her last!

She now moves up towards the dais

to receive the Tri Service Royal

Guard of Han by the Australian Federation Guard.

( 'God Save the Queen' plays)

'God Save the Queen' from the

Australian Military, with a Qantas

jet blasting off behind them, and

drowning out the last bars of 'God

Save the Queen'. Peter Harvey are

you seeing this at Government

House? Yes, I am, indeed, watching

the Qantas jet take off. Business

stops for no-one - a bunch of

passengers hurrying to get back to

Sydney and drowned out what the

Queen was doing. But this is a very

standard welcoming ceremony for the

Head of State. One can only imagine

how many times down the years the

Queen has gone through something

like this. I guess coming to

Australia, though, it is such a

long way, and she is elderly, it

must mean something special to her.

She's now walking across the tarmac

of faish Bayern and obviously going

to inspect the Federation Guard. If

she leaves Fairbairn in the next

few minutes, she should get to

Government House by 6:30. I hope.

So when we came here an hour or so

ago, there was one lone soul

standing on the driveway, a young

student from the ANU, who said she

was a big fan of the Queen. Since

then, it has grown a bit - about 20

people. What a difference to 1954

when she arrived. Australia had a

population of 9 million in 1954.

She was here for two months, and in

that period, Pete, she saw - or was

seen by 80% of the Australian population.

They even rounded up one and a

quarter million school kids in

various spots around the country. I

think I was one of them - I have a

vague memory of being at the Sydney

second round. But I was so young -

it is not surprising that I cannot

remember the Sydney Cricket Ground.

This is not so much a rerun of that

sort of thing - no walkabouts

planned. The big public occasion in

Canberra comes tomorrow when she

will travel from Government House

behind me along lake burly Griffin to Floriade.

They have been working desperately

over the past few days to keep all

the flowers alive and fresh.

Normally, Floriade would have ended

a week ago. They are keeping it up

and running so Her Majesty will

come and see it. Tomorrow, she will

have an audience with the Prime

Minister and the Opposition Leader,

and I think at this stage that is

about it. The Duke of Edinburgh has

got some of his own work to do here,

to meet the people who operate the

Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in

Australia. And there's the Queen,

still walking through the ranks of

the Federation Guard, hand-picked,

every one of these servicemen and

women. It is a great honour to be

chosen to serve in the Federation

Guard. It is a great idea, actually.

It is something we have only been

doing for about the last 10 years.

But it does lend a real touch of

pomp and ceremony and colour to

events like this.

Well, she is - I think she is

getting to move off. The sign will

be if she heads towards the cars now.

In previous trip, of course, she's

gone to the crowd, the skoorch who

are waiting to see her -- school

children, who are waiting to see

her. She may do it this time. Very

much up to her. There has been a

lot of talk over the last few days

especially about why Sydney has not

been included on the Queen's agenda.

I find it a bit puzzling. But

apparently the itinerary was

organised by Buckingham Palace. So

for some reason, the Queen has

decided to skip Sydney. But then

again she has been to Sydney so

many times. Her family has got a

real - there is a continuum here

with the Queen. In 1927, her father,

the Duke of York, later King George,

arrived with the Queen Mother to

open the old Parliament House. In

1988, all those years later, his

daughter opened the new Parliament

House. The connections between

Australia politics and Australian

people and the British Royal Family

are strong and deep, indeed.

Speaking of the Queen's father, she

was, of course, in that wonderful

movie 'The King's Speech', he had

an appalling stutter, which was by

and large cured by an Australian.

In the movie, Geoffrey Rush played

the part of the speech doctor who

cured the Queen. Geoffrey Rush has

been chosen as a special guest to

meet the Queen here on Sunday at a

lavish bank wet held. Apparently he

was the Queen's first choice when

she was listing the people she

would very much like to see.

What a terrific honour for Geoffrey

Rush. Thank you for taking us on

that journey from your school days,

Peter, at the SCG back in '54 and

through to now.

You have reported so many years

from Canberra. Of course, one of

the special visits she will make is

up to Brisbane, meeting the one

emergency personnel and the people

who were so terribly affected by

the natural disasters that that struck.

I think no matter what, the lift

that thaez people will get is -

that those people will get is extraordinary.

The boost to morale is colossal.

There is the Queen as she receives

a posey of flowers. It is time we

move on and we will return live to

Canberra for the grand welcome from

the Queen later. Plus, all the rest

of the day's news.

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to Nine News.

Is The woman charged over the death

of her daughter will spend at least

the next two months behind bars.

Donna Deaves faced court today, her

family says she knows she has lost

everything since the death death of

2-year-old Tanilla Deaves.

A harsh new reality for Donna

Deaves. Hand cuffed and locked in

the back of a prison van. Refused

bail, she was driven away to the

shouts of angry locals. Rot in

hell! Almost two months after the

death of her daughter Tanilla, the

27-year-old has been charged with

being an accessory after the fact

to murder. She's accused of

harbouring and assisting her

partner, Warren Ross. He has

already spent three weeks behind

bars, charged with murdering

Tanilla, alleged to have caused

fatal injuries found on her body.

Donna had expressed her anguish in

an interview with Nine News at the

time of her partner's arrest. I

have nothing - I've gone from being

happy, being loved, to having nothing.

Donna Deaves was shopping here at

Erina Fair yesterday when

detectives called her and told her

they were coming to see her. When

they arrived, she was arrested and

taken to Gosford Police Station.

Donna's brother was supportive. She

needs countsle and help. Now the

mother so strick within grief could

have to face a jury over her

alleged role in the tragedy.

The Prime Minister was in Blacktown

today in Sydney's west, but

couldn't hide from the controversy

over her failed asylum seeker

policy. Another boatload of people

is on its way to Christmas Island

and the finter-pointing is in full

-- finger-pointing is in full swing.

As Julia Gillard schmoozed the

voters of Western Sydney, off the

coast of WA, another boatload of

asylum seekers was intercepted.

Opposite sides of the country, but

a political message tailor-made for

voters like this. The result of Mr

Abbott's very reckless strategy

that we will see more boats. It is

a situation entirely of the

Government's own making.

It is the first boat since the

Government failed to get enough

support for legislation that would

have allowed the Malaysia deal to

go ahead. And no-one thinks it will be the last.

Another challenge could be looming

down the track. The International

Monetary Fund has warned all

governments, the forces that caused

the Great Depression 80 years ago,

are alive again today. It is

suggested Australia delay the

budget's return to surplus. The

Opposition disagrees. There are a

number of mechanisms available to

stimulate the economy. An easing of

cash rate bis the Reserve Bank.

Someone wased offed by those

comments I'm more than happy to

apoll jeez. 2GB radio host in

Canberra for the first time since

hosting the convoy of no confidence.

Apologys of sorts that he had said

that Federal Police had stopped the

protesters. And Julia Gillard for

berating her for being late for an interview.

That would have been effort better

left unsaid because of the

misunderstanding that was generated by it.

55 gas-powered Government buses

were taken off the the road this

morning for safety checks, as a war

of words erupted between unions and

the State Government over

yesterday's snap strike. The

Government says the relief video

showing an act of explosion on a

bus was an act of thuggery. Unions

maintain there are safety issues.

First-year P-platers would be

banned from driving on Friday and

Saturday nights under tough changes

proposed by the auditor General. He

wants to reduce the number of

crashes caused by P-platers.

The RTA says it will consider the plan.

Ken's next with sport. And we will

go back to Canberra as well to

check in on the Queen. But you have

a chat with Shane warn? I had a

great chat with Shane Warne today.

Great news for Cronulla. And Gallon -

Cronulla skipper Paul Gallen became

a Shark for life today when he

extended his deal with the club by

a further two years. He wants Todd

Carney at the Sharks next year. He

is one of the best players in the

world, no doubt about that. If he

gets back to form, he will be one

of the best players in the game. I

would love to see him. As you know,

the Queen has arrived in Australia,

and so too has the king of spin!

Shane Warne. Our closest thing to

royalty had plenty to talk about -

his love of life, children, Liz

Hurley and boy's toys.

His latest project - a hot wheels

toy car he has designed called the

Spin King. We designed the colours,

the wheel, the spoiler, the glass.

Warnie's always had a passion for

hot wheels. Now, a real boy's toy.

If you shrink any more, you will be

able to get in. I can squeeze in

there now. I'm 78 kilos! And that

was the perfect segue for his much

publicised new look. People think

it is a quick-fix or a knife work

at the doctor's, which is untrue. I

have not had a consultation. Warnie

is literally a a new man. Everybody

is blaming Liz. He hasn't got the

high heels at the back going, "You

must do 100 sit-ups."

She, a movie star model. Him? Well,

there are some who would say our

man is batting above his average?

You know, you might be batting above your... I'm not!

Warnie's priority, above all, is

his family - especially his three

children, and Liz's son. Her mum

has met my paerps and all those

sorts of things. Our kids are

getting along great. Warne

continues to divide his time

between living in England and

Australia. But as for a wedding date...

There has not been one chat about

what date, where, anything like

that. Not once has it been in our

household at all. Not once. Kenny,

you will be the first to know with

an exclusive! And that is Warnie's

ever-changing world for now.

Royal day! The Queen and the king

of spin. He is WIN News tonight - 6.30. Next on WIN News tonight - 6.30. Next on WI

News... The Queen - here in

Canberra. The royal couple greeted by hundreds of school children. And

we meet - the fans, who recall the

monarch' s first visit to monarch' s first visit to Australia

Join me for all the details next.

A quick check of the weather. A

warm week ahead, with humidity on

the rise. Nights getting warmer too.

Temperatures are up to 30 degrees next Monday.

The mid-20s throughout the rest of the week.

We will leave you now with pictures

from Canberra, as the Queen

Tonight ... Tonight ... The Queen

arrives at Canberra airport - greeted by hundreds of territory

school children. The ACT, the

Australian safe haven if another Australian safe haven if another GF

hits. And: the Territory wants out

- cutting ties with Jervis Bay. - cutting ties with Jervis Bay. Goo

evening, I' m Danielle Post. After

months of preparation and days of

excitement - the Queen has arrived

in the Capital. The British Airways

jet touched down twenty minutes

early - the royal couple -

disembarked to applause and cheers. We go now to our reporter Ellena

Midgley - who was there when the

plane hit the tarmac. After much

anticipation - the Queen is finally