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(generated from captions) I'll have another guess. And lock in C, squash. Final answer. Final answer? Lock it in. Squash in the cabbage family.

Norelle... ..we needed turnip. Also called the mustard family. Turnip. to the gourd family. The others all belong They're gourds. Oh, my gourd. Still got $1,000. Well done, Norelle. Good stuff. Bad luck. You've got $1,000, though. Norelle Pullen won $1,000. but she got $1,000, just the same. Not quite $100,000 the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Tonight, hostage drama in our

south-west, a toddler caught in the

middle. $5 million bill for Julia

Gillard's failed Malaysia solution.

Bali drug charge boy to be sent to

the notorious Kerekoban jail. Motor

sport loses a champion in a

terrible fireball. And it's not

just the kids tackling the stress

of the HSC. Good evening. Parts of

Sydney's south-west were in

lockdown today as specialist police

were called to a siege in Macquarie

Fields. They raided a home,

arresting a man and rescuing a

little girl. It was a full scale

police operation. Officers in

bullet proof vests surrounding the

house at Macquarie Fields, while an

exclusion zone was set up. The

police chopper watching from the

sky. Inside a man is allegedly

armed with a gun and holding

hostages. The road was blocked off.

Around 1pm police made their move,

storming the home. Moments later a

little girl is brought out. She was

taken and given to ambulance

officers. Then a 36 year-old man

emerges in handcuffs. He was spoken

to by detectives outside the

Cestrum Street home before being

put into a police wagon. While

details aren't confirmed it's

alleged he and another man lured

two men to the home and demanded

money, one of the two left to get

cash, the other was held at gunpoint until he returned.

Hopefully this child will be too

young to remember what happened

today in her own home. It ended

without serious injury but police

are continuing their hunt for the

alleged co-offender, who, it's

understood, may still be armed. Our

police any closer to finding out

what this was about? Not really.

Police say they are trying to

figure out what this dispute was

over. I have spoken to a few people

who came to be seen today, one said

it may have been a dispute over a

car. Another said he is connected

to a bikie grip. He has not been

charged. Police are out searching

for the alleged co-founder, he is

still at large and possibly armed.

The Malaysian solution has cost

nearly $5 million. It did not even

get off the ground. The head of the

Immigration Department revealed the

figure at a parliamentary hearing

today. He said the Coalition's

policies were also doomed. While

the Government has floundered on

border protection, the Opposition's

been consistent. Nauru, temporary

protection visas and turning boats

around where it's safe to do so.

But the head of the Immigration

Department says he and other

agencies have thought for some time,

while that may have worked then it

won't work now. Because turning

back boats isn't safe, temporary

protection visas are ineffective

and Nauru is no longer a deterrent.

The combination of circumstances

that existed at the end of 2001

could not be repeated with success.

Well we disagree. The Coalition is

the only party with a proven solution, something that's actually

worked. The Immigration Department

has also revealed the Prime

Minister's failed Malaysia Solution

has cost tax payers $4.8 million.

Including more than $400,000 on

rent agreements and accommodation

upgrades in Malaysia. And more than

$330,000 on the failed High Court

challenge. Tonight Julia Gillard

comes face to face with her Cabinet

ministers following weekend leaks

over the Government's asylum seeker

policy. She's not happy about the

leaks and she'll make her

displeasure clear. Cabinet is

confidential and it should be kept

confidential. It all adds to her

woes. The Government is still way

behind in the opinion polls. In

2013 I will be judged on what has

been achieved for the Australian

people and I'll be happy to be

judged on that. On a lighter note

we can all judge this pitch for

votes. Bob Katter will do the best

for you. Some shaken Qantas

passengers are telling of a scary

departure from Bangkok after an

engine failure on a jumbo which was

heading out for Sydney. Were you

scare? Absolutely. Everyone was

scared. I saw flames coming out of

the engine. Smoke in the cabin. You

could smell it. The passengers have

been booked home on other carriers

while the 747 is waiting for a new

engine in Bangkok. A new blow for

the Central Coast teenager arrested

in Bali for drug possession. The

prosecutor has told Nine News he is

pushing for a jail sentence. In

these pages is the entire police

case against the 14 year-old boy.

Today was the first time the

prosecutor had it in his hands.

Even before reading it, Gusti Putu

Atmaja showed he's going to take a

hard line on a possible jail term.

Six months, a maximum of six months.

The documents include blood tests

confirming the boy showed positive

for marijuana use. This actually

works in the boy's favour, if he'd

tested negative, he would have been

tried as a dealer. The brief also

contains a letter from the

teenager's doctor, in it he says

the boy's parents had great

concerns about their son smoking

marijuana. Adding, he'd been using

it about once a week since he was

13. After the brief is examined the

prosecutor will summons the

teenager to see him in this office

and then decide where he will be

held next. He's pushing for Bali's

most notorious prison. Kerobokan.

It will be up to the family lawyer

to try to convince the judge not to

send him to Kerobokan, the jail

that's home to Schapelle Corby and

the Bali Nine. Place one of three

charges against the boy? Two of the

minor ones we are already aware.

There is a new one. It carries a

minimum sentence of two years in

jail. A maximum of six. This boy,

at 16, he is the youngest Westerner

ever facing charges in Bali. He is

going to face the toughest

penalties that anyone can face for

these types of crimes. Thank you.

The school playground is the last

place you would expect to see a

drug deal. But a Nine News

investigation has found an alarming

number of Sydney students are being

caught using and selling drugs from

cannabis to cocaine. This boy was

just 14 when he started slipping

into a dangerous drug spiral. It

started messing with my head a bit.

Last year, he was smoking pot at

his school in western Sydney every

day. His teenage classmates were

dealing it. How easy is it to get?

Pretty easy. As long as you have

money. Education Department records

obtained by Nine News show, in the

past year, principals lodged 112

reports of illegal drug activity in state school playgrounds. The

problem is worst in schools on the

Northern Beaches, followed by

Sutherland, Macquarie Fields,

Hurstville and Mt Druitt districts. 102 cases involved marijuana, while

a handful of kids were caught with ecstasy, magic mushrooms, anti-

depressants and even cocaine. The

drugs are cheap and frighteningly

easy for kids to get their hands on.

These 15 year-olds say they've even

been offered the highly addictive

drug, ice, at their Sydney school.

$50. The confidential records also

reveal a number of children have

overdosed at school. In September

last year, a year 9 boy collapsed

in the playground after smoking

cannabis. In February, paramedics

had to be called after two year 5

students appeared to be under the

influence of an unknown substance.

High school pot use, which led to

heroin addiction, almost destroyed

Darren Marton's life. Parents, he

says, need to take more

responsibility. Be vigilant in your

child's life. The who, what, where

and how. Be involved and know who

they are hanging around. The

Education Department says long

suspensions are mandatory for

students caught with drugs and

counselling is always offered. Two

teenagers, one just 13 years-old

have appeared in court charged with

lighting several bushfires in the

Blue Mountains. The accused

firebugs were arrested last month

and are facing two counts of

malicious damage by fire. Both

cases were adjourned. The world of

motor sport has lost one of its

champions. Dan Wheldon died in a

350 km/h crash. Will power was also

caught up in the fatal fire ball.

Before the start some drivers were

worried. Too many cars going

dangerously fast. At lap 12 the

fears were realised with a mass

pile up. Englishman Dan Wheldon,

chasing a $2.5 million prize,

looked to be safe on the inside of

the track but then disaster. One

car was caught in the middle of the

mayhem. He was in the middle, had

nowhere to go. A 15 car demolition

zone, fire balls, wheels and

wreckage going in all directions.

It was like a movie scene. Debris

was everywhere across the track.

Word of Wheldon's death quickly

spread across the Vegas circuit.

He's the current Indy 500 champion.

A father of two young boys, he was

set to race in this weekend's V8

Supercar race on the Gold Coast,

co-driving with Holden star James

Courtney. That is what we do for a

profession. It is a reality check.

Everyone becomes a new to the

danger side of things. -- immune.

Australian Will Power suffered a

back injury in the crash but was

later released from hospital. After

the anxious build up it is crunch

time for year 12 students with HSC

exams starting today. It is not

just teenagers feeling the pressure,

experts have some crucial advice

for their parents. After 13 years

of schooling it's come down to a

pressure packed four weeks for Kate

Lamb. I have put a lot of pressure

on myself to do well. And it's not

just the Roseville College student

who's feeling it. I have put my

life on hold for heard this year.

Her mother admits it's a stressful

time, but is helping her daughter

keep it in perspective. There is so

many different ways to get through

the HSC. There's life beyond those

five exams. The experts couldn't

agree more. If you don't get the

outcome you want there are other

ways to do it. Remember that your

relationships are more important

than any test. This morning nearly

15,000 students sat for the first

exam, business studies. I thought

it was pretty good. Over the next

two days school halls like this one

will be packed for the only

compulsory exam, English. 67,000

students will be tested on their

essay writing, creative writing and

comprehension. From there, there'll

be another four or five tests to go

until there's a collective sigh of

relief across thousands of Sydney

households. In the news ahead, a

car explodes after smashing through

the front of a Yagoona tattoo

parlour. I am at Government House

in Canberra were the Queen will be

staying during her visit to

Australia later this week. We look back

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Police are hunting the driver of a

car that was driven into a tattoo

parlour and set alight at Yagoona

in Sydney's West. Emergency crews

put the blaze out at around 2:30am.

No-one was injured, police would

like to speak to any witnesses. To

celebrate the Queen's visit to

Australia, a specially minted $5

coin has been released. It features

16 crowns, one for each time the

Queen has been here. And while

large crowds are expected to

welcome the Queen this week, it's

unlikely to equal the excitement

surrounding the young monarch's

first visit in 1954. Peter Harvey

looks back at that historic

occasion. She was just 27, her

coronation less than one year in

the past when Queen Elizabeth came

to these shores. We have prepared a

sailor's greeting. The time when

her supremacy was unquestioned. I'm

proud to be at the head of a nation

that has achieved so much. The

Queen would go on to visit

Australia 15 times. The excitement

and displays of loyalty that

gripped Australia in 1954 would

never be out done. She spoke to the

bush by radio. To all those who

work in the outback of Australia.

She blast when Prime Minister

Robert Menzies waxed poetical. I

did but see her passing by, yet I

love or until I die. A national

logistics epic. In the decades to

come, the two was took place every

few years. What the crowds were

smaller, the affection for the

Queen remained unchanged. This

week's visit has a special

poignancy. She is 85, this might be

the last time she comes to

Australia. Final preparations are

under way at Government House? They

certainly are. They're making sure the ponds outside Parliament House

look even nicer. Soldiers are

rehearsing their parades so they

look even sharper. All of this for

the historic visit to Australia.

The first up is due to Canberra on

Thursday. She will be staying at

Government House behind me. --

first stop. Unfortunately, the

itinerary does not include Sydney.

Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe

sang Happy Birthday for President

John F Kennedy. Today, Lady Gaga

took a turn, singing for former

President Bill Clinton on his 65th

birthday. She turned Bad Romance

into Bill Romance. The President

confessed he was fearful where the

performance would go, but the Lady

kept things nice. We now have the

sport from Auckland. Good evening.

Pete, a current rugby player is

calling for Robbie Deans to be

sacked. After last night's disappointment there's nowhere to

hide for Quade Cooper. Also, the

fall out from the hit that left

Darren Lockyer dazed. A T20 bashing

- our cricketers lose a game which

was there for the taking.

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Less than 24 hours after the

Wallabies World Cup fade out and

the claws are out for coach Robbie

Deans. Leading the way is former is

Wallaby Matt Giteau, who says Deans

should be replaced with Ewen

McKenzie. Giteau tweeted a short

time ago that Reds coach Ewen

McKenzie understands players and

players like him, clear solution

there. This is what is called a

recovery session. The Wallabies

licking their wounds, at the same

time facing the reality of the

night before. We were beaten by a

better side on the day. It began

badly from Quade Cooper's kick off,

which went out on the full. It was

inaccurate. That sums up our game.

The All Blacks were very accurate.

The first ten minutes sealing our

fate. Everything the All-Blacks did

hurt, bone crushing tackles,

mistakes... Quade Cooper lost a bit

of respect for his actions in

previous Test matches. New Zealand

supporters celebrated. Some

Australians found an upside to a

down of a night. George Gregan's

famous taunt followed us into the

night. Four years! Four more euros!

We couldn't even win a head clash

despite big hair. In the fall out

to the Kangaroos thrashing of the

Kiwis, Russell Packer, is facing a

one match suspension for his high

shot on Darren Lockyer. It's a huge

relief for the New Zealanders who

feared Packer may have missed the

bulk of the Four Nations tournament.

While no-one from the Kangaroos

camp wanted to comment today, most

believed Packers hit deserved a

substantial penalty. Yesterday's

test was Lockyer's first game since

returning from a fractured

cheekbone, another injury would

have sealed Packer's fate. A

classic five over burst helped

South Africa square the T20 series

against the Aussies. At 7-84, the

Proteas still needed 64 runs for

victory. It was one that got away

from the tourists. South Africa's

tail enders got home with almost an

over to spare. For 18 year-old

Blues paceman, Patrick Cummins, the

loss was eased by selection in the

Test squad to take on South Africa.

The Rip Curl Pro in Portugal will

have a big say in who wins

Surfing's World title. Competition

has kicked off with the two major contenders advancing, American

Kelly Slater and Aussie Owen Wright

have been pushing each other for

most of the year. It is starting to

rain. I will see you tomorrow night.

You see is waiting for you.

-- your seat. To finance and the

stock market closed firmly in the

black today, after a positive lead

from the US. The All Ords was up by

more than 68 points. Our dollar is

buying $1.03 US. We have the

weather next, a 6.30 Next on WIN News... The next

thirty years of development:

Canberra' s planning strategy. And, thousands of the region' s students

start their HSC. Join start their HSC. Join me for all

start their HSC. Join me for all th details next.

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After a warm weekend we had a cool,

gusty southerly change move through

Sydney before sunrise, bringing a

millimetres. few early showers and around three

you. We have a burst of summer. Thank

Canberra' s planning strategy -

building up instead of out. The ACT

in overdrive - preparing for the

Queen' s visit. And: HSC exams Queen' s visit. And: HSC exams star

for thousands of New South Wales

students. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, The Government plans

to make Canberra a more compact

city, with high density housing

around town centres, and public

transport corridors. Today it

released its Draft Planning Strateg released its Draft Planning

for a more sustainable city. But

the Canberra Liberals argue the

Government' s plan will be hampered

- by the new unit tax. Sixty-five

thousand new homes will need to be

built between now and 2030, to