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(generated from captions) Do you feel like walking away?

No. This is my home. I chose to

stay and I'm glad I did.

The town of Tully in Far North

Queensland, hit incredibly hard.

I'm joined by the Premier of

Queensland, Anna Bligh, and Wayne

Swan. What were your impressions

from the air?

It looks like a war zone. It looks

like, as one of the residents said

in Cardwell, it had been the

longest, loudest freight train ever.

It's gone right through it. There's

water everywhere, and wreckage like

you can see behind us.

We knew it was powerful. But that

really rams it hope. Obviously, the

banana crops and sugar cane crops

are a big concern?

Absolutely. I talked to a banana

farmer. They have lost all of their

crops. That will be a very familiar

story, I think, right across the

area. Cardwell is a pretty little

seaside fishing village, and it is

devastated down there today. I

think a lot of people when they go

back and see what's happened to

their little town are going to feel

a lot of grief. One lane of highway

has fallen into the ocean. Terrible.

Another extraordinary sight is the

Hinchinbrook marina. Quite stunning

to see. And I understand that some

boats were pushed a couple of

blocks into town?

We've seen boats way off the coast,

way into town. The marina looks

like something out of a Hollywood

move yifplt it does. It looks like

-- Hollywood movie. It does. It

looks like a movie set. The

footpath has crossed the highway

and is now in front of the shops,

in great big chunks. It's hard to

believe that water can do that.

Flying over, though, we've seen

hectares of dense forest now

completely stripped. It looks like

a fire went through it.

Like a big bomb went off.

If that was more populated, we

would have seen a serious loss of

life. Very cliling.