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(generated from captions) why some people would know it. makes it the reason Really? It's, in fact, Pocahontas. Ah. Yeah. while visiting England, She died in 1617 and is buried in Gravesend. Franklin is in Philadelphia, both in Virginia. Washington and Jefferson I'm pretty sure she's buried somewhere. in our old video collection Yeah, exactly. but here's the good news - Well, mate, that's not in England,

you've won $1,000. Congratulations, mate. That's alright. I'll take that. Well done, Michael. There you go.

Michael Ladd won $1,000 tonight.

Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll catch you next time in the

Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

old boy killed in the Belanglo State Forest. Court documents

allege he was hit in the back of

the head with an axe and his body

buried in a shallow grave. He was

celebrating his 17th birthday with

family, the same day he would be

killed. Went out to go and have

some fun with people he called

mates. But he never came home. His

mates. But he never came home. His

young siblings can't understand why.

No-one can. David's father wants

answers. What actually happened?

What took place that night? How can

we, when we spoke to him at 6:30,

be dead by 9:30? At a court hearing

for an 18-year-old who was charged

at being an accessory to murder, a

fact sheet contained allegations

that on Saturday afternoon, Kline,

another 18-year-old male friend and

the accused murderer lured David to

Belanglo State Forest to smoke

cannabis and drink alcohol. The

accused murderer, a young relative

of Ivan Milat, allegedly took a

double-sided axe from the boot of

double-sided axe from the boot of the car.

the car. Klein says he heard a loud

his side thud and saw the victim clutching

his side and bleeding. The accused

murderer then chased David around

the car following him down a fire

trail and striking him on the back

of the head with the axe. Police

also say that Cohen also told them

also say that Cohen also told them that he feared for his life.

that he feared for his life. He's

devastated. It can't be said

otherwise, he's devastated. The

victim had been living with his

grandmother. She's haunted by the

grandmother. She's haunted by the

last conversation. He said, he's

going out with a few mates and I

said fine, don't do anything silly,

you've just turned 17. David shared

his father's love of motorbikes.

Thinking about laying him to rest

and putting his deceased date

against his birthday. He left

school last year, tried a number of

trades and was planning to start an

electrician's apprenticeship in the

new year. Just waiting for him to

new year. Just waiting for him to

walk back through the gate. But

that's not going to happen. Our

correspondent is at Campbelltown

Court. Clearly a devastating time

for David's family. When will they

learn more about his death? Well,

Pete, we'll hear each of the

accused versions of events over the

weeks and months of court

proceeding, beginning tomorrow with

an 18-year-old man facing court.

murderer will appear Then on Thursday, the accused

murderer will appear here. Now, the

victim's family told me today that

they are just so distressed about

the fact that their son, their

grandson was mates with his accused

killer, good mates for some years,

they say. And they say they're

finding that impossible to come to

terms with. Thank you. The police

officers who shot dead an armed

robber in the city's south-west are

being praised for their bravery.

Bankstown They opened fire at a hotel in

Bankstown killing a man wielding a

machete and injuring another before

launching a massive man hundred for

third suspect. a third suspect. -- man-hunt for a

One dead and one wounded and this

the moment that the police close in

on the third robber.

At least 30 officers, all of them

heavily armed, raided the house in

couple was Bass Hill. But only an elderly

couple was at home. The man they

wanted was still on the run. Last

night he was in a gang which

targeted the High Flier Hotel at

Bankstown. A couple of guys with

balaclavas came in with a big blade.

They yelled out that this is a

robbery. But police were one step

ahead of them. An undercover

officer had entered the club

seconds before and warned customers seconds before and warned customers

and staff. He just said, police,

get out. He showed us the badge. I

mean, they were trying to look

after us more than anything. Two of

the bandits were then confronted by

two more officers near the front

door. Both the police opened fire.

19-year-old Ally Anthony of Kondor

Park was shot at least twice and

died at the scene. His accomplice

was wounded and

was wounded and taken to hospital

in a stable condition. The third

man sped off in the get away car.

In my opinion, the officers had no

choice, other than to act in the

way that they did. Friends of the

dead man today mourned his loss on

Facebook, while others left flowers

at the scene of the shooting. He

was a great boy. He might have done

some silly things, but he had the

best heart and the best laugh and

he will be greatly, greatly missed.

It's a shame what happened, you

know. The two police officers who

fired the shots are receiving counselling as a police critical

actions. incident team investigates their

Damian Ryan is live there now. What

have police told you about the

gang? Well, after last night's

drama, they certainly did concede

that they had the group

that they had the group under

surveillance, and for good reason.

Over the past three months, there's

been nearly a robbery a week on

clubs and hotels around here. And

today, I spoke to one licencee who

said that six of his pubs have been

targeted. He's lost money, but

worse, the staff have been

terrorised by gunmen wielding

machetes as well. The general

consensus is the same gang is

responsible. Now, whether it was

last night, this mob who attacked the hotel

last night, well, we'll have to see

unravels. how the police investigation

Families of the trapped miners in

New Zealand have been shown

shocking images of the force of the

blast which paralietzed the Pike

River Mine last Friday. To our

correspondent in Greymouth. Where

did the pictures come from? They're

from a camera at the mine entrance

of the which was recording at the moment

of the explosion. Now, the images

show the magnitude of the blast. A

very ominous sign for the fate of

the men who were caught in it. The

moment a routine day at the Pike

River mine became a national crisis.

The camera is a good two and a half

kilometres from the source of the

explosion, but dust and debris can

be clearly seen billowing from the

blast mine entrance. It showed that the

blast was quite large and went on

for a long time. For the families,

it's grim evidence of what happened

to their loved ones. They had to

also come to the point where that

was relevant for them to see. It

was again, as most things have been,

very sobering. It was a very quiet

family meeting. Relatives of the

two missing Australians are

supporting each other through this

difficult time. We're just talking

about our boys and you know, we just

just want them out. Josh Ufa and

William Joynson two of the faces I

among those with so much anguish.

It's been a tough day all around.

This morning began with news that

the robot send underground had

broken down almost immediately. It

fed growing frustration among the

families. Armed with camera, the

robot was to have been a valuable

set of eyes inside the mine,

set of eyes inside the mine, but

after just 550 metres, water seeped

into the electrics and caused a

fatal short circuit. Getting it out

for repair is not an option. The

New Zealand military has provided a

replacement. Another is being flown

in from Perth. It's from WA's Water

Corporation - a robot controlled by

fibre-optic cables and fitted with

cameras and gas-testing equipment. But, as

But, as time ticks away, any delay

is a problem. This is a very

serious situation and the longer it

goes on, hopes fade. Volatile gases

mean it is still too risky to send

rescue teams into the mine. But

they are going to use special

listening devices, and while they

won't hear voices, they can pick up

knocking or other signs of life.

It's something to hold on

It's something to hold on to. We

want our boy to come home. Based on

that, Simon, it is a tough question,

but do you think that it is

realistic to think that the men are

still alive? Peter, it's looking

less and less likely, especially

when you listen to the tone of

those in charge of the rescue

operation. When you look at that

video, there are obviously grave

concerns and this is also a big

question about whether there's any

fresh air down there, and it

fresh air down there, and it is

simply too dangerous for anyone to

go in and find out. It's not a good

picture. No, OK, thank you.

The long-running criminal

investigation into Paul Hogan and

his good mate John Cornell is over.

The Crime Commission today saying

it won't be laying charges again

the pair. Hoges had been facing up

to 20 years in jail following

claims of money laundering and defaulting the Commonwealth. For nearly

For nearly six years, Paul Hogan

has been forced to deny claims he

was a tax cheat, a criminal who

robbed the Tax Office of millions

of dollars. It's now over. He just

doesn't know it yet. I've left

messages at the places where I

think he is yet. It is possible

that he may first learn about this

in the newspapers when he wakes up.

The 70-year-old solicitor, Andrew Robertson got the news

Robertson got the news first thing

this morning. It was hand delivered

to his office. I started reading

the document and I was so stressed,

I started laughing, because it was so unexpected. It said:

Hogan's long time friend and

manager who was also being hunted threw his hat in

threw his hat in the air when he heard that news:

My personal view is that it would

be nice to get an apology. My

expectation is that I don't think

it will occur. Former Tax Office

auditor Chris Siege says the $300

million operation that saw music

promoter Glen Wheatly jailed, has been a massive waste of money,

been a massive waste of money, and

Hogan's civil liberties have been

abused. It was a witch-hunt for a

high profile scalp. They decided

long ago that they wanted him to be

their trophy and they've come up a

cropper. Now, Hogan's battle with

the Tax Office isn't over yet.

While the criminal case has been

dropped, he's still in dispute

about unpaid tax business, rumoured

to be anywhere up to

to be anywhere up to $100 million.

We're going to go to breaking news

now. There are reports that North

Korea has fired dozens of rounds of

artillery on South Korea across the

disputed western border. South

Korea says there are casualties and

buildings have been damaged. Its

military also says it has returned

fire and is scrambling F-16 fighter jets. The Qantas fleet

The Qantas fleet of A380s will

begin returning to service on

Saturday. The six super jumbos were

grounded after a Sydney-bound

plane's engine exploded.

Elective surgeries will be

cancelled in public hospitals

across the State tomorrow with

nurses going on strike. Staffing

will be at night duty levels but emergency

emergency treatment won't be faked.

It's the first State-wide nurse

strike in more than nine years.

Mel Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana

were in court today continuing a

battle for custody of their infant

daughter. It was a closed court

hearing. A rare private moment in

what's become a poisonous public showdown.

Once, she and Mel Gibson walked the red

red carpets together. Now, Oksana

Grigorieva, mother of his daughter,

walks alone heading into battle. Up

the steps into Los Angeles County

Superior Court today to repeat the

claims to a judge that she's

already gone very public with.

Telling stories of what life was

like with Mel. After the first

severe beating that he struck me

twice with a fist and then he was

twice with a fist and then he was

choking me, and whilst I was

holding Lucia and not protecting

myself. And then he told us to get

the F out and went to get the gun.

Gibson asked the judge to give him

full custody of their daughter who

is presently with Oksana, and is

also saying that she should be

denied the right to even have her

daughter stay overnight. Her

defence could be simple - to hand up one of the

up one of the tapes she made of the increasingly angered phone up one of the tapes she made of the increasingly angered phone calls

she made as the relationship broke


Mel's ongoing problems have already

resulted in him being dropped from

one movie, that was 'Hangover 2'

and the two he has completed, one

with Jodie Foster, are unlikely to

be released until all of this mess

be released until all of this mess is sorted out.

In the news ahead - Alan Jones goes

in to bat for the State's farmers

in their fight for water rights.

Plus, your chance to own the

original Darth Vadar costume. And

come with me to the world's

happiest and noisiest Christmas party.


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Radio 2GB has taken

Radio 2GB has taken a look at Alan

Jones and going to the bush about

water allocations. He took his

voice to the farmer campaign.

Richard Stott and his two sons.

Farming runs in their blood like

water between the fields. They all

say that water buy backs are a bad

idea. Now everybody believes that

the rivers are dying or they're

dead. I done think they've ever

looked better. Alan Jones

looked better. Alan Jones agrees.

He broadcast live from Griffith

today and slammed the Water

Minister Tony Burke. Wait, watch

how I do the job. I do think that

some the fears out there will not

be well-founded. What if the people

can't wait? The Government wants to

buy back water from farmers and use

some of it to improve wetlands. I

think they're parasiting on the

fact that farmers are in a

desperate situation financially.

desperate situation financially.

Jones says more should be done to

collect water in dams. The argument

here is that we want every farmer

to have access to irrigation in

this country. Achieving that and

looking out for the environment is

the challenge. One idea is to build

infrastructure into the water

channels. What they're used for is

feeding nearby farms, but sometimes,

water is wasted because it seeps

into the ground. Now, if a pipe was

to go in there, it would actually save

save the water and remain in the

river and be fed to the environment.

It's the cost of infrastructure

that farmers want help with. No-one

can justify putting that in there.

A community festival has turned

into a disaster in Cambodia with a

crowd stampeding over a narrow

bridge in the capital. At least 345

people were killed. Most of the

people were killed. Most of the

victims were suffocated, but some

drowned when they jumped off the

bridge to escape the crush.

One of the great treasures of movie

making is up for sale. An original

costume from Darth Vadar in 'Star

Wars'. At a London auction on

Thursday, the suit is expect today

raise $365,000, but if you've got

that kind of money, the force is probably with you already!

probably with you already!

Still 32 sleeps to go, but for some

children, the joy of Christmas is

already here. They were the lucky

guests at the Variety Club

Christmas Party which gets bigger

and happier each year.

This is what 5,230 Christmases look

like and sown like. 5,230 kids with all sorts

all sorts of problems. You need

something to kick along the

Christmas spirit. You do, and here

it is. Real police cars with real

flashing lights and great big fire

engines all to play with. We're

going to drive the truck and save

people. The most patient dogs in

the entire world. 5,230 bags of

pre-Christmas presents. More rides

than you can poke a stick

than you can poke a stick at. And

special swings for kids who just

can't do it any other way. He's a

very happy boy. Which is all that

matters to the people who make this

day happen. Those kids go through

such a bad time in life and they

come here for one day and see this

and get to be a part of it. It's

just overwhelming. They get to meet

superheroes and, of course, Santa,

whether you want to or not. Merry Christmas.

Christmas. But that's lost in the

overwhelming happiness of the day.

Remember when just the thought of

Christmas used to make you tingle

with anticipation? Well, there are

5,230 kids here going through that

right now. And that's good. Merry

Christmas. So good. Ken is next

with sport and Nathan Hauritz has his say on

his say on being sacked? He was a

diplomat. While Michael Clarke is

no certainty to play in the first

Ashes Test either. Also, here's a

worrying sight. This is Kevin

Pietersen blindfolded. And Geoff

Huegill reveals his next

Michael Clarke has completed a net

session with the Australian team-

mates, but remains in doubt for the

first Ashes Test starting on


It's a tough call for team

management. They risk aggravating

Clarke's back injury or

Clarke's back injury or throwing

Usman Khawaja for his Test debut.

Not a good sign for batsmen. Recent

rain has left the Gabba full of

joys. That has the fast bowlers

licking their lips but leaves the

skippers with a dilemma. It's going

to come down to the toss with Ricky

down there and I don't know what

he's going to be thinking about it.

Yeah, it does look very green.

Yeah, it does look very green.

Usman Khawaja was happy to be

snapped with the squad. He'll play

if Michael Clarke succumbs to his

back injury. Team-mates know how

important he is. To have someone

like Michael not in the team would

be a big loss for us, but you know,

he'll be doing everything that he

can and has been doing everything

that he can to get right. Steven

Smith was released from the squad

today and will

today and will return to State

duties. Already back with Blues

team-mates, Nathan Hauritz, who

says that there is no-one to blame

but himself for his Ashes axing.

They've got an Ashes series to win.

And if I was bowling better and on

top of my game, I would have been

picked. Kevin Pietersen hasn't set

the world alight so far on tour,

but if this video is to be believed,

he could beat the Aussies blindfolded.

blindfolded. There's an air of

invinceibility around the poms this

year but history remains in

Australia's corner. We talk about

all of the pressure on us, but I

think there's a lot of pressure on

them coming over here and last time

being beaten 5-0.

Geoff Huegill isn't ruling out

swimming through until London in

2012. But the come back King they

call Skippy has what may prove a

more difficult challenge ahead.

more difficult challenge ahead.

He's sailing in this year's Sydney to Hobart.

He's at home in the water, but on

top of it? Well, that's a different

story. Stkpwhrfrpbl I think the

only waves we see in the swimming

pool are when you are swimming

beside someone like Eamonn Sullivan.

He joins other sporting stars on

the yacht. The crew also includes

some of the country's most

some of the country's most

experienced sailors for the journey

to Hobart. It's another challenge

for Geoff Huegill who thrilled the

nation with his performance in the

Delhi pool. The happy ending for

Geoff Huegill. It also impressed

his peers. Last night, he was named

Swimmer's Swimmer. As for another

Olympics? We'll weigh everything up.

We have some good competitions in

January and March and we'll play it

by ear. There's no doubt that Alicia Coutts will

Alicia Coutts will be London-bound

as she was named swimmer of the

year after collecting five

Commonwealth Games gold medals.

Well, if it all goes pear-shaped

for Skippy in Bass Strait, we know that he can swim.

Weather is next and more sunny days

on the way? Yes, that's right, and

the UV levels are set to be extreme,

so be careful out there.

Coming up on WIN News...

Coming up on WIN News... An ANU Coming up on WIN News... An ANU fl vaccine to be clinically tested..Youth homelessness

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Giants inspect Manuka Oval. Join me

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plenty of blue sky. 29 in the west

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tonight. We have northerly winds

dragging in the hot weather to the

eastern States and this trough will

bring storms to western parts of

NSW from Thursday. And storms to Melbourne and Hobart

Melbourne and Hobart during

tomorrow. Canberra a sunny day with

27. Sydney virtually a repeat

performance of today. Morning cloud

and a sunny afternoon. 29 in the

west and 25 once again for the CBD.

Raise raise A dry run of days and a wet end to Raise raise A dry run of days and a

wet end to string. That is Nine

news for Tuesday. Have a good evening.

Court Tonight ... Bail refused for

young man, charged in relation to

the alleged Belanglo Forest murder

The world-first flu vaccine -

created in Canberra - to be

clinically trialled. And: the ACT'

youth homelessness - what can be

done to help it? Good evening, I' m

Matthew Snelson, A New South Wales

Court has heard a man who witnessed

the alleged murder of a

seventeen-year-old in the Belanglo

State Forest on Saturday could have

post-traumatic stress disorder. In

bail hearing, defence lawyers

argued that while the

eighteen-year-old facing accessory

charges is a man by law he is still

a boy, who is now caught up in a

mess. Lawyers claimed he feared for