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Captioned Live. Tonight, natural disaster areas declared across NSW

across NSW as floodwaters

continue to rise. Our advice

is if anybody has any concern

with regards to their safety

they should evacuate and be well clear by 12 tomorrow.

More bizarre twists and turns

in the WikiLeaks saga. Canberra's Molonglo development

on hold as an asbestos dump is

found on site. I can't walk

away from the fact these sorts

of issues shouldn't happen.

And England cooks up a familiar

dish as Australia's Ashes hopes

wither in Adelaide.

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. A natural

disaster has been declared in

several areas across NSW as

floodwaters continue to spread. Hundreds of people have been told to prepare for the worst

and evacuate their homes. There

are now eight officially

designated natural disaster

zones, particularly at risk is

Wagga Wagga in the Riverina

where locals have been sand

bagging their homes and moving

their belongings to higher

ground before the torrent hits.

From Wagga, Rebecca Barrett

reports. Up, up and away. Everything but the kitchen sink

was moved out of harm's way.

You can't change what's gonna

happen so we'll get as high as

we can and just hope. Locals

roped in family and friends to

help protect their

possessions. Sand bagging the drains and

and back door. Some like Alma

Collins have seen it all

before, including the great

flood of 1974. The last time

it comes through the

windows. Many north Wagga Wagga residents started packing up

and moving out before the

official evacuation order.

advice is if anybody has any

concern with regards to their

safety they should evacuate and

be well clear by 12:00

tomorrow. It might be blue

river not skies here today but it's the

river not the rain that authorities are most worried

about. Burrinjuck Dam near Yass

is spewing huge amounts of

water into the Murrumbidgee

River. The road to Gundagai was

more like a rapid as the river

peaked this morning. Car van

parks which have been cleared

of people are now of people are now submerged.

Water lapped at houses as

emergency volunteers tried to

stop it going further. This is what stands between the floodwaters of the Murrumbidgee

But come tomorrow night it River and north Wagga

could all be underwater.

Tomorrow, from midday we'll be

closing access to north Wagga

Wagga. Stay or go, the

floodwaters are coming. And

Rebecca Barrett is still in

Wagga and filed this update a Wagga and

short time ago. Emergency service volunteers will

continue door knocking in three

major areas of Wagga Wagga well into tonight and again tomorrow

morning to make sure all of

those 650 residents are made

aware of the evacuation order. Those residents that feel

unsafe are being told to go and

stay with family and trends.

Those that don't have anywhere

to go will be put up in local

hotels. The floodwaters are

expected to hit here tomorrow

night. The Murrumbidgee River

is expected to reach 9.6m. The

last time it hit that level was

back in 1991. This time though

it's expected to go even higher so early about Murrumbidgee River should reach

about 10m but thankfully it

won't go as high as the 1974

floods when the river reached

10.7m. But now though for the

next 24 hours, authorities have

that time to prepare. that time to prepare. Rebecca

Barrett there. In central

Queensland, search teams have

found the body of an elderly

man who disappeared while

driving through floodwaters

last night. Police divers found

the 81-year-old man still

inside the car which sank in a

swollen creek near Rockhampton.

He was swept away after trying

to cross a causeway in

torrential rain. He would have

crossed it 1,000 times. I think

he's been here a lot of years

before me. He's known a lot

about this place so yeah, very

sad. More rain is expected

further west near Emerald

tonight and emergency crews say

river levels could rise further. Closer to flooding has left around 50

families stranded just south of the ACT border near Angle

Crossing. Rain this week has

washed away or flooded all the

access roads to the Smiths road

community and it's likely residents will be stranded for

several days. There's

significant work that has to be

done on a low-level crossing on

the Gudgenbry River. ACT Roads

are hoping to start work there

tomorrow morning as soon as

Point Hutt Crossing. A they can get equipment across

helicopter dropped essential

food and medical supplies to

the community late this

afternoon which should keep

them going until the roads are

fixed. Sweden has issued a

second arrest warrant for

WikiLeaks fonder Julian Assange

who's reported to be hiding out

somewhere in Britain. Answering

questions online, the

39-year-old Australian said

he'd received death threats following the website's

publication of US diplomatic

revelations, US officials cables. In the latest

suggested that British troops

weren't up to the job in Afghanistan. Europe correspondent Philip Williams.

Another day another

embarrassing revelation. This

time US cables questioning the effectiveness of British troops

operating in the Afghan

province of Helmand. In 2008

the US embassy in Kabul

reported to Washington that we

in Karzai agree the British are

not up to the task of securing

Helmand for elections and in

another cable the then Afghan

Foreign Minister is reported as

saying British forces are not

ready to fight as actively as

American soldiers. I

personally want to convey to

the Government and the people

of the United Kingdom both our

deep respect and admiration for

the extraordinary efforts and

our regret if anything that was

said by anyone suggests to the contrary. Hillary Clinton has

been blazing a trail of apology

attempting to reassure those around the

subjected to unflattering

assessments. In the short run

it's a bad thing. It harms the

presenceple of confidentiality,

of diplomatic relations which

is an essential element of our

diplomacy and I'm sure there's some leaders seeing material published about themselves who

will think twice about how

candidly they will speak to us on future occasions. The WikiLeaks site has come under

cyber attack. Major service

providers say they have to dump

it but alternative sites are

popping up in several European

countries with promises of more

secrets to. Come at the same

time, the founder of WikiLeaks,

Australian Julian Assange, is

facing a fresh Swedish attempt

to have him extradited from the

UK on sex crime allegations,

all of which he denies. The

first arrest warrant was

rejected on legal grounds but now they've given the British all

the information needed. He could be arrested at any time.

The US President has made a surprise flying visit to Afghanistan, telling troops

they're winning the war there. Recent Recent Pentagon assessments of

the situation have been less than glowing. Still, Barack

Obama told the soldiers they're making important progress in

the 9-year war, breaking

Taliban momentum. Washington

correspondent Craig McMurtrie

reports. He'd left Washington

in secret. The first US media

reports broke only after he'd

landed at Bagram air base. A

wild Afghanistan night meant a

dinner meeting in Kabul with

Hamid Karzai was cancelled. The

two leaders spoke by phone for

15 minutes

instead. (APPLAUSE) Late at

night, thousands of US troops

crammed into crammed into a haminger to hear

their command - hangar to hear

their commander in chief. On

behalf of more than 300 million

Americans, we are here to say

thank you. The last Pentagon

assessment reported a 4-fold

increase in violence and uneven

progress in the war but Barack Obama told Obama told the American troops

they were succeeding in their

mission with fewer areas under

Taliban control. We said we

were going to break the

Taliban's momentum. That's what

you're doing. You're going on the offence. Tired of playing defence. Barack Obama

acknowledged the human cost of

the 9-year conflict, warning of

more difficult days ahead.

There are few days when I don't sign a letter to a military family expressing our family expressing our nation's gratitude and grief. He'd left

behind a divided Congress over

his strategy of starting a US

troop draw-down mid next year,

and new anger about the extent

of corruption at all levels of the Karzai in State Department cables

released by WikiLeaks. But released by WikiLeaks. But for

the soldiers in the front line

that scarcely mattered. Nice

to see some of the bigger guys come by and see how we're

doing. It's a very good thing.

We need that support right

now. He also met privately

with wounded soldiers presenting them hearts. In all, the US

President was on the ground for three

three hours. The United Nations

has warned that the cholera

epidemic in Haiti could affect

more than half a million people

in the next six months. The

country has been ravaged by the

disease with rural clinics

short of doctors and supplies. Aid groups are settling up

medical centres but they're

overwhelmed with hundreds of

new patients every day. In

remote mountainous areas,

public transport is rare and

many walked for hours to reach

the nearest clinic. No-one

knows how many are dying and the UN

nearly 2000 could actually be

twice as high. Sore losers or

victims of corruption? The

recriminations and accusations

continue to fly following

yesterday's announcement that

Russia and Qatar will host the

2018 and 2022 soccer World Cups. The head Cups. The head of the failed

English bid has gone so far as

to warn other countries not to

bother until FIFA changes the selection process. One

Australian Football Federation

board member has also lashed

out. In Qatar, no-one's

complaining about FIFA. The

hosts of the 2022 World Cup are

getting into the swing of

things. I expect Qatar to

handle this very well. Qatar is

capable of everything. In

Russia too there's plenty to

cheer about. The 2018 bid winners are bursting with

pride. Russia forever. Forever. It's a very different

story in England. The home of

football is angry and those who

run the game there aren't

pulling any punches. When you

have the best technical bid,

the fantastic inspection visit,

the best economic report and

from what people told me

yesterday the best presentation, it's quite hard to stomach that that seems to count for absolutely

nothing. The chair of the

English bid says unless FIFA

changes its voting process it's

all but pointless for countries

like his, the US and Australia

to compete. I would say right now don't bother undwroil know

that the process is going to

change to allow bids like ours

to win. Like Australia, England

was promised votes that was promised votes that didn't

come. Considering FIFA's reputation, that makes many suspicious. Is the suspicion

right or wrong? I don't know,

but you don't want vote of that importance to be suspect. Before leaving Zurich, Australia's bid

it was a straight process? All

I can say is that I can say is that Australia

abided by the regulations. We

don't know what happened in the

ballot room but we lost. Not

everyone is so diplomatic. The FFA's Ron Walker FFA's Ron Walker has labelled

FIFA's voting system a disgrace. They were to be

Canberra's newest suburbs but now work on Wright and Coombs

in the city's southwest is on

hold, following the discovery

of asbestos contaminated waste.

100,000 tons of the stuff. The

Chief Minister says he wants to

know how the dump went undetected and has signalled

there could be a shakeup of the

approval system to ensure it

can't happen again. This former

tip site was cleared by

potential developers as a safe

site for two of Canberra's newest suburbs. But tools have

now been downed after the

discovery of up to 100,000 tons

of asbestos-contaminated soil.

It's a much larger deposit than was originally located and

could cause a major blow-out in

the Government's Budget for the

new housing project. I would

not have agreed to the project, the Cabinet would not have

approved the project if it had

and come to us as a 37, 38, 40 million-dollar job. The North

Weston Pond was going to help

with stormwater retention but

is now in jeopardy.? Chief Minister asked the Government

agencies involved to put

forward costing options which

include changing the design of

the pond or scrapping it altogether. There's ways of

dealing with that without the

expense of pulling it away and

burying inning another hole so

we're looking at different

solutions we can overcome that

and minimise cost blow-outs of

the project. Mr

suggested an external review

taso the same mistake won't be

made again. I can't walk away from the from the fact that these sorts of issues shouldn't happen.

They have. I'll seek to ensure

they don't happen again. This

kind of gross incompetence, I

think again demonstrates some

of the real problems that are

going on in our planning system

generally where agencies are want working together and this is the late and say most

significant example of that.

There have been assurances that

the site can be made safe and

won't be harmful to new

residents but they might not be getting the view they were

promised. For grieving families it

it can be an excruciating

decision. Should you allow your

loved one's org toons be

harvest ed? - organs to be

harvested? A new campaign aims

to allow donors to record a video message for their families explaining their

choice. When Annie Cowroy's

Michael died in a car accident

seven years ago, she didn't

think twice about donating his

organs. They'd already talked

about it. It's like it's lifted

off your shoulders. It's a

relief to know that you don't

have to think of something else. It

else. It was a decision that

changed the lives

people but not all Australians

know the donor State offence

their loved ones and when it

comes to giving consent for org

toons be harvested, around 40%

of families refuse quoo. When families know your wishes

they're more able to carry

those wishes out. The new

campaign is inviting donors to

record a video message for

their next of kin explaining

their choice and if shared on the Internet, DonateLife

believes it could improve the

family consent rate. Make it a

personal message to send to

those close to them their friends. Australia has

one of the lowest organ

donation rates in the developed world but numbers is starting

to rise so while organ donation

might seem like a topic for

discussion later in life, as

Annie Cowroy koved, it's one

worth having now. The Federal

Government has taken a

definitive stance on the

charging of GST on online

shopping. It says the Internet

is healthy competition for

retailers and has no plans to

impose tax on items purchased

online worth less than $1,000.

Businesses here say that will

cost them billions as the strong Australian Dollar makes

overseas goods more attractive.

The rise of online shopping has

left small retailers like this

one fighting for air in a

global mark. I think it's very hard especially for a small

business like us because we really rely on the customers

who live in that area and we

often find it hard to keep competitive. Price-matching

online has become a national

sport. What I will do is go

online, have a look at stuff

online and then go into the

shop. I buy books online

because I find them very

expensive in Australia. Toys

like these, bought online from

overeseas, are automatically

10% cheaper because there's no

GST to pay. Australian

retailers say it's impossible

for them to compete. The managing director of this

photographic chain says his

business is feeling the squeeze. I think the politicians are now waking up to

to the fact they've lost up to

a billion dollars in revenue

through lost GST through overseas imports. It's very

hard for our staff to match

prices when they're coming out

of Asia. Retail giant Myer has

upped the ante, moving its

online operation off shore and

other retailers are threatening

to follow suit. They want the

online tax-free threshold to be

scrapped. The Government backing the consumer. We are

certainly not interested in a

discussion which would see mums and dads who organise themselves in advance of

Christmas paying extra tax

because they go online and because they go online and use

the Internet to shop. You've

got to treat the consumer as

king, especially at Christmas. Small retailers will be struggling to muster much

seasonal cheer. Figures for

October show the biggest drop

in sales in 10 years. Australia

has sweated through a day of pain as England piled on the

runs in the second Test at the

Adelaide Oval. Alistair Cook scored

scored another century as the

visitors reached a healthy lead

at stumps. Australia headed

into day two needing quick

wickets as it defended a modest total. Doug Bollinger

delivered. Got him. What a ripper! Andrew Strauss

clean-bowled for one. The home side couldn't afford missed chances but first Xavier Doherty missed a then Michael Hussey a catch.

This set up Alistair Cook and

Jonathan Trott to try to repeat their marathon first Test stand

and the runs flowed freely. In

searing heat the fans settled

in for a long day, the

Englishmen 1/90 at lunch. Cook and Trott continued to pepper

the boundaries on the resumption, their quick-fire

half centuries gaining the

royal seal of approval. Peter

Siddle thought he had Cook but

replays dashed his excitement.

The left hander used the

let-off to punish Doherty with three poundries in an over.

Again, the Australians weren't doing themselves any favourswise with Brad Haddin

droppal Trott. Finally his luck

ran out. Trout England 2/198 at

tea. His dismissal didn't slow

the run rate as Cook brought up consecutive hundreds. Kevin

Pietersen was in an aggressive mood, using the classic and the

unorthodox to help overtake the

Aussies' total. The barmy army

was in full voice as their men

continued plundering the attack. Australia faces a long three days to avoid defeat. three days to avoid defeat.The Davis Cup final between Serbia

and France is locked at 1-1

after the opening day in

Belgrade. Joel Monaghan gave

France a winning start with a -

Gael Monfils gave France a winning start with a victory.

Novak Djokovic scared the tie

with a 6-3, 6-1, 7-5 win over

Gilles Simon. Serbia is chasing

its first Davis Cup title. In

golf, Geoff Ogilvy will take a

5-shot lead into tomorrow's final round of the Open at the Lakes Course in

Sydney. Matt Jones is the

nearest challenger on 11 under. Greg Chalmers and Alistair

Presnell are in contention but

they'll need to do something special to catch Ogilvy. Geoff Ogilvy started Ogilvy started his round with a one-shot lead. It looked

ominous from the opening hole.

When he has a chance he usually

wins. Ogilvy's playing partner

Matt Jones didn't take his

chances to close the gap and

was left behind as the 2006 US

Open champion opened up a

3-shot advantage on the 9th. On

a few occasions, Ogilvy

appeared to be setting little challenges for himself and each time the recovery was sublime.

An unbelievable shot from

Ogilvy. The world number 43e

tended his lead to 4 12th hold. Thank you. And an

error from Jones gave Ogilvy

even more breathing space. He

went to the 18 wth with a

6-shot advantage and made his first bogey in 41 holes but

with the 5-stroke buffer, few

will bet against Ogilvy, joining names such as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Greg

Norman on the Stonehaven Cup. How do you stop yourself tonight from thinking about winning your first Australian

Open? I probably won't be able

to stop myself. I'm sure I'll think about it. American

Dudley Hart was thinking of a

long hot bath. Major spinal

surgery revived his career but

18 holes was a long haul. It

was not fun to say the least.

Greg Chalmers move under to

equal first with a 6 under 66 which included five birdies in

succession. Also six shots from the lead is Victorian Alistair

Presnell who carded a 67. The former former Canberra raiders winger

Joel Monaghan has found a new home

one-year deal with the English

team Warrington. The disgraced

player left Australia in search

of a new contract after

resigning from the Raiders. He'll play alongside his

brother Michael at the UK Super

League club. Monaghan will

return to Canberra for

Christmas before returning to England. The Capitals continued

their dominance in the their dominance in the WNBL

with a 92-65-point win over the

West Coast in Perth last night. Captain Jess Bibby top-scored

with 22. The Capitals have won

11 out of 12 games so far 11 out of 12 games so far this season. Ford's Courtneyker has

all but won the V8 Supercar championship an a dramatic day

of race at the Sydney 500. It

was a 3-way battle between

Courtney, Craig Winder and

defending champion Jamie Whincup but as the wet weather

set in, chaos broke out, ending in all three championship contenders crashing into the contenders crashing into the

fence. They've all hit the

in the fence. It was a fight to

get the cars back on track but

it was James Courtney's team

who succeeded and he completed

a full lap to claim 60 points. He only needs to finish at

better than 22nd tomorrow to claim the championship from

Whincup who's now more than 100 points behind. The race was

eventually won by Jonathan Webb who recorded his first victory.

The Canberra Cavalry baseball

team have recorded their first

series win in a major upset at

Narrabundah, the Cavalry defeated the league's top team,

Adelaide, in a double header

last night and then followed up

with a 6-1 win this afternoon.

The final game in the series

will be played tonight. It was

seen around the world in 'The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert' but not even

international notoriety was

enough to keep it going. Broken

Hill's Palace Hotel became so

run down it had to close and for two years way but fed the enthusiastic

new ownership of a bunch of

locals, the Palace is bringing

the punters back in. Geoff Sims

reports from Broken Hill. Just

another big old country pub? I

think it's one othf places in Broken Hill. places in Broken Hill. A

little more colourful than

most. You fall in love with

the building. It's creek. It's

big, it's integral to the

town. The murals are only part

of its claim to fame. 'The Adventures of Priscilla Queen

of the Desert' was filmed

here. Tackarama! Who the hell

does all the painting around

here? It's being brought back

to life as it is, by popular demand. We love the facade, we

love the interior. After two

years with the doors shut years with the doors shut it's like a homecoming to some.

It's just a very relaxed

atmosphere. The Palace started

life in the late 19th century as a coffee shop, though the cellar has another story.

Um...I guess it's got great

potential for many things. It

was the coffee palace's liquor bar. Shaft and a tunnel

apparently to let minors sneak

in from below in from below will keep their

mystery but there's enough to exercise your imagination. This

you might recognise as the

Priscilla suite. You too can be

a pretend movie star for $120 a

night, summer or winter, and

for those blistering summer

outback days you get an air

conditioner and for those doubly blistering summer

outback days you get a second

one. They didn't have even one

in the movie but back to

reality, if that's what it is,

and the commitments of its new

owners. I'd say it's quite a

number of lifetimes adventure

for a number of people who are

be here forever. It's a labour

of love, yeah. It must grow on

you. Well, Canberra's finally Well, Canberra's finally had

a respite from the incessant

rain over the last week. This

morning was sunny and quite warm but this was warm but this was the scene

over the ACT as the storm

clouds started to build through

this afternoon. Heavy rain went

on to lash Canberra's north and

other parts of the city other parts of the city copped it as well. Temperature-wise

today we reached a top of 26

after an overnight low of 16 degrees. The storm cells are scattered

across the region but the falls

haven't been as heavy as recent


The trough is finally moving

off to the east off to the east after staying

almost stationary for a week and

and there's a second cloudband

over central and SA associated

with another low pressure

system. That second system is producing showers and

thunderstorms and it will move over NSW midway through over NSW midway through the coming week. There will be coming week. There will be more

showers and storms right up the

east coast tomorrow. Sydney, a

top of 23, Brisbane 26.

Before we go, a brief recap

of our top story tonight and

there are now five officially

designated natural disaster zones across NSW as floodwaters

continue to rise. Hundreds of people have been told to abandon their homes and that's

the news for now. You can find

the latest headlines 24 hours a

day at ABC online and ABC news

24 and you can follow us on twitter at@abc news act. for your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI