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Live. Tonight, the fire is

finally out but the drama is

sure that far from over. Until we're

the environment is safe,

Mitchell will remain closed.

Air show horror, at least three

dead and dozens injured as a

plane crashes into spectators.

Too little too late - a grim

jute look for Somali's fap in-stricken people. And

doubles delight as Guccione subdue the Swiss.

That's it, they have won it,

Australia are home. 2-1 in the

tie! Good evening, Troy

Cuthbertson with ABC News. The

Canberra suburb of Mitchell

remains in lockdown in the wake

of the devastating fire at an

oil re processes centre. The disruption has been

significant. Even the local funeral industry has been hit,

with the city's crematorium out

of action. The ACT Government

is facing

location of a chemical plant so

close to residential areas.

Spectacular by any measure,

800,000 litres of oil reduced to almost nothing. The original

fire took 22 hours to put out,

flaring again in the early hours of the morning. The

extent of the fire is big from

an Australian or even an

international standard. It was

a significant fire. The site

remains unsafe, with fire

investigators not likely to enter before Monday. WorkSafe ACT will

along with the environment

protection agency. The ACT

Government is seeking advice on

its response. Whether we have to, aside from these three

inquiries, looking for broadly

at the issue of a plant like

this being particularly very

close to residents' houses.

With the exclusion zone still

in place, serious disruptions

remain. We had four services

booked in yesterday, which have had to rescheduled with the families

and funeral directors, which

has caused quite a lot of

stress for the families, of

economy is expected to be course. The impact on the ACT


industry is affected, with many brothels located in the area. This has shut them down

completely, because neither

their customers nor staff could

get to work. Until we're sure

people are safe and the

environment is safe, Mitchell

will remain closed. That

decision could come as early as tomorrow, with authorities

hoping for a clear result from tests conducted by the EPA.

The government is facing an

uphill battle to win support

for its new immigration plan.

legislation aimed at Last night, it released draft

resurrecting its Malaysian

people swap deal. But the

opposition says the changes

strip asylum seekers of their

human rights and the Greens have already said they will

vote against the amendment.

Keith Breene reports. He's

trying to sell the new plan,

but the Immigration Minister is having problems being heard.

Malaysia has agreed to treat

people with dignity and

respect. 1,500 self-harms in

detention centres this year

alone, now you are talking

about Malaysia. Shame on you!

Just hours after the details of

legislation were unveiled,

unexpected feedback. (All Chris Bowen was receiving some

chant) Shame, Bowen, shame!

This is not a very mature

discussion. It's been a very

difficult discussion, and not

just because of an awkward press conference. Greens and Coalition have

slammed plans to respect wreck

the Malaysia solution much the

legislation would allow asylum

seekers to be sent to any

record on refugees. The country, regardless of

Immigration Minister needs only

to be satisfied to be satisfied the move would

be in the public interest. My difficulty with the government's proposed

legislation is that it does

strip out the protections that

the Howard Government thought

were necessary. It's exercise in who can out-cruel

the others and it's also

becoming an exercise in who can most breach the refugee

convention to which Australia

has been a signatory for so

long. The man who had the

Malaysia solution declared illegal under existing law thinks the new legislation

could breach Australia's

international obligations Were they to pass into law, I

wouldn't want to speculate on what might happen but I

certainly couldn't rule out

another legal challenge. The

government stands accused of making run. Without support from

another party, it's difficult

to see this latest plan going

anywhere. Three

been killed at a popular US air

show as a spectacular stunt

went horribly wrong. Disbelief

turned to horror as a World War

II era fighter plane plunged

into the crowd. Dozens of

people were injury, but

could have been much worse. spectators say the accident

Day Day one of the Reno air race in

Nevada. As eyes and cameras

were fixed on the sky, suddenly

one plane came crashing to the

ground. The P-51 Mustang

slammed into the box seating

area. Of there was virtually no

warning. There was a bit of a

flutter, it went straight up,

rolled over a little bit, then

nosed over and went straight down. Emergency services

returned tote scene, where the

dead and injured lay amongst

the debris. I had an

opportunity to visit the site and it is horrific. Authorities don't know what difficult time for everybody.

caused the crash, but event

officials say there appears to

have been a mechanical malfunction. 74-year-old Jimmy Leeward was a veteran Hollywood

stunt pilot and looking forward

to the competition. We're as

fast as anybody in the field, maybe even a little faster.

Race organisers say he was one

of the best. All his medical records and everything were records and everything were up

to date, spot on, and Jimmy was

a very experienced and talented

and qualified pilot. Some

spectators think he saved lives

in his final moments. It

looked like he was pulling hard

on the stick to get it away from the stand as

possible. If it was in Jimmy's

power, he would have done

everything he possibly could. The race was cancelled and

spectators sent home, taking

horrific memories with them.

In Somali, the warnings are as

dire as they could be. Hundreds

of people are dying each day

across the country. 750,000 from the famine spreading

people are at risk of

starvation and the next month is likely to determine their

fate. As Africa correspondent

Ginny Stein reports, are there that the

international response is too

little too late. International agencies

constantly speak of tonnages of

food delivered and the need to

scale up. But there is one

inescapable fact in the global

response to the famine - in southern Somali it is

enough. At best they can

access about 40% of their food

needs. That means, basically,

half a normal dinner plate of

rice for the entire day for adult, and they have been doing that for six months. Misi

Matauina knew if she and her

children were to survive, she

had to leave. It took two

weeks to get here, there were

lots of problems on the way.

Reaching Dadaab in neighbouring Kenya represents a chance at

life. My first priority is get food, that is the basic

thing. In refugee camps in

Kenya there's not just food but

with Australian assistance even

a chance at education. When the kids come into the refugee

camp they need to get an education. We are able to

provide the education through

support but importantly also

provide them with access to

food. While some live in hope

of one day returning, for

others their future has already

been decided - they won't go

back. I don't want to go back.

We have suffered for the last seven seven years. I was there were no crops. The

number of new arrivals has

dropped but more than 1,000

people continue to arrive each day.

day. The UN says the next month will month will be crucial. More

than 750,000 people are facing

starvation. Hundreds of people are dying each day, but

the grim reality is that in the

coming months tens of thousands, if not hundreds of

thousands, could die. A

weakened population with poor

sanitation there's a new threat

- the risk of disease is great.

There's been heavy fighting in Libya as forces in Libya as forces loyal to Colonel Moammar Gaddafi hold on to their last remaining strongholds. Interim government

forces retreated from Bani

Walid after a day of advances into

into the besieged town. Fighters had been gaining

ground near the town centre but

came under sustained sniper

fire. This is Bani Walid and

now too much soldiers there, too much snipers people here. Of It's unclear

how many civilians remain in Gaddafi's home town of Sirte,

where loyalists have been fighting back with fighting back with rocket and

mortars. The UN General

Assembly has voted to give

Libya's UN seat to the rebels

National Transitional Council.

A tight knit Welsh community is

in mourning after four men died

in a flooded coal mine.

Rescuers discovered the bodies

during a search that lasted

more than 24 hours. Emergency

teams had been pumping out of the pit, hoping they would find the miners alive.

This has been a stab right

through the heart of the local

community. There's a long tradition of mining nobody expected the tragedies

that have happened in past

generations would come today.

The men were working 90m

underground when a retaining

wall holding backwater collapsed. Three miners managed

to escape after the accident,

but one is still critically

ill. Their lives stretch

before them but they are living

in nursing ago, Australia started one of

the world's largest projects to

try to move young people out of

aged care facilities. 346 people were given accommodation elsewhere, but more than elsewhere, but more than 600

remain in nursing homes. Jane

Watson's son Jock was 20 when

he suffered serious brain

injuries in a car accident.

When he left hospital, his

family were shocked to learn

the only place he could go was

an aged care home. It was devastating for me and the

family. While the staff care

for Jock, they are not trained

or equipped for his

rehabilitation. Jane Watson says it's hard for her son not

to have companions her own

age. We evidence it regularly

when we have Jock home and

invite his friends over and his brothers are there, he forgets

himself and is normal. In 2006 the state and federal

governments unveiled a five-year plan to reduce the

number of young people in

Jock's situation. Then there were just over 1,000 people under 50 in nursing homes. In

May this year, less than 400

had been moved into more appropriate accommodation.

It's been a good start but the

program didn't really have

enough resources. The Summer

foundation asked a range of advocaty groups, service

providers and disability

services what they thought of

the national scheme. It

concluded there needs to be

many more types of supported accommodation. Under the

program, Jock Watson received

was place odd a waiting list funding for rehabilitation

for a brand new youth care

facility. In July, his family

were told the house will not be

nothing has happened with the built. Disappointment

money, after all that time.

And the promise. Funding for

this program has now ended but

there are still 600 young

people living in nursing homes. Governments, both state and

federal, are under pressure to

provide more money now. The

last five victims of

have been farewelled at an he

motional funeral. They are

among 11 people who died when a

plays engulfed a two-storey

house at Logan two weeks ago.

The church filled slowly, first

with mounters, then the sound

of their despair. Personal

tripitis flowed for the three

generations of lives lost. A

grandmother and sister -

Fussy, thank you very much. And

sleep well. sleep well. A bright teenager. Ardelle, thank you

for coming into my life. And

Misi Matauina's wife and two

happy children. It truly was

his soul mate. And these two beautiful children completed

this precious little family. A

song written and recorded by

Annamaria was played to the

mourners, the lyrics holding

special significance for the

crowd. I wish you were here

# Right here by my side # It # Right here

was a multi-Lingal service but

the universal language of

sorrow spoke volumes. sorrow spoke volumes. For

these families, grief is a

shared activity. But this

grief has been felt far beyond the tight-knit community. The world stopped for them, Australia cried for them,

strangers went for them and

with them. May you get some

not alone in your sorrow. The comfort in knowing that you are

six other victims of the Logan

fire were farewelled earlier

this week. The cause of the

blaze is unknown. To sport,

the Wallabies are involved in a

against Ireland in Auckland. crucial World Cup pool game

There has been little between

the two teams in the first

half. In the other games, the

All Blacks ran up a cricket

score against Japan, Argentina

Africa defeated Romania and South

Africa thumped their mark on the Springboks. Fijians were looking to leave

The defending champions were

soon into the groove, and had

an 18-point lead at the break.

Having only just beaten Wales

in its opening game, this was a

more comprehensive performance

from South Africa. Bonus

point, brilliant. After a

narrow loss to England,

Argentina was rampant early

against Romania. Try number 2. Scotland next weekend is likely

countries progresses to the to decide which of those two

quarterfinals. Last night,

the All Blacks scored at better

than a point a minute as they

dismantled Japan, but New

Zealand coach Graham Henry

still got things to work on. isn't getting wound up. We've

The aunls had 11 different try scorers in the 83-7 romp.

Australia suffered a late

double blow for the Ireland ruled out through illness and

injury. The clash is expected

to decide the winner of group

C. The Wallabies made some early inroads and the Irish

used unorthodox tactics to stop

Kurtley Beale in his tracks.

At half-time, the score is

locked at 6-6. The New Zealand Warriors will play the

Melbourne Storm for a place in

the NRL grand final after beating Wests Tigers in nailbiting clash in Sydney last

night. The Tigers led for most

of the clash but the Warriors

scored in the 77th minute to

snatch a 22-20 win. The

Tigers were on home soil but could have been excused for

thinking they were in enemy

territory. The fans' passion

didn't inspire the Warriors

forwards, who left it to Kevin

Locke to handle Keith Galloway.

The Tigers pounced again when Benji Marshall hole in the visitors' defence.

The Warriors were reeling on

the back of a lopsided penalty

count. The last two weeks e've

had a impoibd 7 nil penalty

count in the first half, so

that doesn't help, same two

referees as well. It took some

stem the brilliance from New Zealand to

stem the flow. The challenge

looked short-lived when the

Tigers feasted on more feeble defence. The Warriors had to

wait until the 47th minute to receive their seized the opportunity. Locke

gave the Tigers breathing space

when he was pulled up for attacking Gareth Ellis legs.

The Warriors learnt quickly and borrowed from Robbie Farah's

play book. It set up a

grandstand finish ab the

visitors delivered, and Krisnan

Inu broke Tigers' fans hearts.

He can reach out. He scores. I

was confident when Krisnan Inu

is involved because he's the only guy who can do far as the game is concerned,

it's over, I'm not fussed about

chatting about it, there's no

next week for us. The Broncos

extend their seasons and and Dragons are trying to

careers for one more week in tonight's second semifinal.

Mark Gasnier and Darren Lockyer

will hang up their boots if

they lose tonight. In the

first half of the game, the Broncos lead the Dragons 6-0.

To the AFL, in the end the gap between third and seventh was

all too apparent. Hawthorn

advanced to a preliminary final

comfortable semifinal victory against Collingwood with a

over Sydney at the MCG last over Sydney at the MCG

night. It was enough to have

Hawthorn dreaming of another

premiership cup, a relaxed

Hawks had a triple treat to enjoy this morning. They are a

win away from a grand final and

emerged from last night injury

free and a healthy Lance

Franklin is at their disposal. He had a real positive attitude

throughout the week, he was

nervous, and that was good. It

was a great effort. It looked

like the easiest of finals victories would be on the cards

early last night, as a sloppy early last night,

Sydney failed to find any

momentum and the hauksz, though

starting slowly led by 46

points in the third term. A

gutsy rally from the Swans left things in the balance by three-quarter time, before the

man of just about every Lance Franklin, stand up and

sealed the win. It comes back

to your mindset, I was

confident early on and was able

to get through the game to get through the game and look forward to playing

Collingwood next week. For

Sydney it was the end of

another season which exceeded

the expectations of many. It

was the 300th AFL game of

co-captain Adam Goodes and a final farewell for defender

Tyson Gay. Faerls are the

furthest things from Hawthorn's

mind, a date with the premiers next Friday night the next stop

on the haubsz quest for an 11th flag. In the local

competition, Ainslie have been crowned back-to-back premiers after defeating Sydney Swans reserves by 52 points at Manuka

Oval. The Tricolours had a slow

start but dominated the second

half, winning 125-73. The

Sydney Swans reserves could be

ekes caused for feeling a

little flat after the senior

side was eliminated from the

AFL competition last night. They

They started the game with

lead . Ainslie, through strong

midfield work and cleaner ball

use, got back into the match

and asserted their dominance on the scoreboard, leading by 13

at quarter-time. With a prepare

to defend, Ainslie were willing

in the contest and fought

marred for the ball. Sydney had

won all three clashes this

season but Ainslie weren't

worrying about history, scoring

freely on their way to the 37

point lead at the final

change. The crowd waited for never came, the Tricolours earning back-to-back premierships

premierships and dominating the

final panels of play. The boys

knew we could do it, to get back-to-back means a lot.

Ainslie will take on the winner of the competition's northern conference in the north-eastern

AFL grand final next weekend.

Australia has taken a huge step

towards rejoining the elite

world group of the Davis Cup by

winning the doubles rubber against Switzerland in Sydney. Lleyton Hewitt and Chris Guccione dropped the first set before claiming the next three.

Australia took a 2-1 lead in

the tie ahead of the reverse

singles tomorrow. In a tie with a great Roger Federer in

the opposition team, the

importance of the doubles

rubber can't be underestimated

and the opening exchanges were

dominated by the Swiss, their

timing perfect. Federer's

serve wasn't untouchable, but

even when it was it made little

difference as the Swiss won the

first set 6-1. Australia's

and with it the form lineba

began to change early in the

second set, as first the net

and then a line call played crucial roles in giving the

home side a chance. There what

no doubt the next lob was in

and the Australian duo bagged a service break and ultimately

the set. Another break followed

early in the third and with

Chris Guccione finally matching

Lleyton Hewitt's form, there

was a familiar cry. C'mon!

While Guccione's calf titlened

up, Australia took a firm grip

third set. Looking like a

football team, the men in red

returned for the fourth set and

took aim at whatever took aim at whatever was in their path. The Australians

returned fire, and the set was

decided in a tie-break. It was

the chief motivate or Hewitt

who delivered the final blow. That's it, they have won it.

Not quite home, but in a handy

position. Sam Stosur has set

her sights on her slam. After taking out the US Open earlier this week. The

world number 7 had little hope

of sneaking quietly back on to

home soil. Her dad was the

first to welcome her first to welcome her back from

a whirlwind week, celebrating

her first grand slam. If this

is what it's like, that's

great, I want to enjoy every

moment of it. It's something

that doesn't happen every day.

Stosur says only one other

title would surpass the US

Open. Winning a grand slam is unbelievable, but if

be something else. The 27-year-old has little time to

savour the win, leaving for her next tournament an Wednesday.

A century by Michael Hussey has put Australia in a solid position in the third Test

against Sri Lanka. It was the

Western Australian's second

hundred in as many matches. In

stifling conditions in Colombo,

Hussey steered the Australians to a competitive first innings total. Well done, Michael

Hussey. His 15th Test hundred,

his fourth against Sri Lanka,

and boy he's played this knock in very trying conditions.

Australia was denied an early breakthrough, to highlight the

inconsistencies in the referral system. The Sri

system. The Sri Lankans made system. The Sri Lankans made a solid start to the innings

before Peter Siddle got the

wicket the tourists needed.

Canberra FC have won their

third ACT Premier League title in a row after defeating Canberra Olympic 8-4 in the

decider. Canberra led from the

outset, scoring goals quickly

as they raced as they raced to a 2-0 lead

early. Poor crowd behaviour was

a minor distraction and Olympic made

made the most of it, drawing a

foul. A free kick had them

in the contest, but FC were too

strong. Can art make people

healthier? It's a novel idea

that's being put into action by

a group of Aboriginal artists.

They are donating profits from

an exhibition to help educate indigenous doctors. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from 20 art using their work to forge significant improvementings in

the health of indigenous

Australians. Profits from the

sale of paintings at the Shalom

Gamarada Art Fair in Sydney

will fund scholarships at the University

of New South Wales. Growing

Aboriginal doctors is not just

about educating one person, you

are educating a whole family

and breaking a cycle that has

been going around for 225

years. The research shows more

Aboriginal people in the cities and especially communities would seek medical

services if they could be

treated by indigenous doctors

many for many indigenous people the cost of studying medicine

is too expensive. is too expensive. The scholarships include

accommodation on campus and three

three meals a day. It will

take some good ideas and hard

work to close the gap, so I

want to not have all the other

worries in the back of my head, just be able to concentrate on

the work. In seven years, the

program has grown from one

scholarship to 22 this year, than half of all the indigenous medical students at the

University of New South Wales.

These artists believe it's

one of the best ways one of the best ways to help

empower their own communities.

We can't keep relying on

someone else to do it, we

laernt years ago, no one else

will do it for us, we have to

do it for ourselves. This is a

natural thing. The scholarship scheme will be expanded to

offer a variety of university

courses, including law and business.

was a sunny spring Saturday for

the first day of Floriade. The

city reached a top of 24, but

the nights are still cold, down

to 1 degree. This afternoon the

north-westerly wind freshened.

The perfect worth continued

over the bore December, except

for a cloudy day in Wagga

Wagga. Goulburn was 2-24, minus

2 to 23 in Cooma, and giveth

eight broke through the 30

degree mark. Temperatures in the 30s across the capitals, in

Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin.

Sydney 22 and even Perth barely

reached into the 20s. On the satellite picture, the skies

are clear, except for some

cloud over Victoria and

Tasmania. It's that high that

is keeping much of Australia

warm and sunny, which is expected to continue throughout

the week. The weather in the southern states will be

influenced by a series of cold

fronts. Around the country for Sunday:

Before we go, a of the top stories tonight: The

northern suburb of Mitchell is

still in lockdown, following

the devastating fire at an oil

reprocessing centre. The fire

is out but it will be some days

before site is safe enough for fire investigators to enter.

Fire authorities say Mitchell will remain out of bounds until

they are sure there's no danger of contamination. The Federal

Government is facing an uphill

battle to pass its new

immigration legislation, with

the opposition saying it strips

asylum seekers of their human rights. Draft legislation aimed

at resurrecting the Malaysia

people swap deal has been

criticised by the Greens and

refugee advocates. That's the

news for now. We will leave you

with images from the annual

orchid show at St John's Church

in Reid. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI.