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(generated from captions) Wow! Well played. There you go. 'Stairways to Heaven' The album was called and of course Rolf Harris did one. remember - Rolf Harris. That's the only one I could not, with the wobbleboard going. Top 10 in the UK, believe it or

10 grand. Go and enjoy yourself. Congratulations, Belinda. Two kids under the age of four. I will. Certainly. You need a bit of a break. Good on you, Ray! You can say that again. She sure is. Smart cookie, your daughter.

Belinda Pratley just won $10,000. How about that - Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

they were on a safety tour at the

time. We've had our afternoon shift

underground and we've had

communications with a couple of the

employees and we've had two men

return to the surface and they are currently being interviewed and

trying to determine the nature and

full extent of the incident.

REPORTER: Have they told you -- One

of the employees said that he felt

an explosion underground and he's

walked through the mine with

another employee. Any idea of the

causes at this stage? No, we don't

have any more details at this stage.

In scenes reminiscent of the

dramatic mine rescue in Chile,

family and friends are now

gathering at the entrance of the

mine. They will be hoping for a

similar outcome, but one that

arrives much sooner. Now live to

TVNZ reporter jam Tame in Auckland.

Jack, we are hearing reports that

one miner has died. What can you

tell us? At the moment details are

sketchy. The Emergency Services say

their focus is to try and begin

access and get in touch with the 27

miners who are still feared missing

and are trapped at least 1500 metres underground. There are

reports that one miner has died. At

the moment we can confirm that at

least two miners have safely walked

out of the mine. The situation at

the moment is we have a wide range

of Emergency Services, including

rescue helicopters and ambulance

after the at the top of the mine.

Included there is New Zealand

specialist mine rescue teams. They

are trying to make contact with the

27 missing miners, at least 1500

metres underground at the moment.

The details coming through from the

mining company and from the police

in the area is the explosion oak

Kurd around three hours ago deep

underground and our cameraman who

is at the top of the mine can

clearly see trees and shrubs burnt.

The explosion seemed relatively

powerful. At the moment, though,

the Emergency Services at the scene

are trying to get as much contact

with the 27 miners... OK. Thanks

for that, Jack. We appreciate the

update. Well, to other news now and

a Muslim woman has been sentenced

to six months' in jail for falsely

accusing a policeman of ripping off

her burqa. The mother of seven

claimed the officer was a racist,

but in-car police video proved he

did nothing wrong. A routine random

breath test caught on police in-car

video. The veiled Carnita Matthews claimed Senior Constable Fogarty

attempted to rip the veil from her

face as he tried to verify her

licence photo. The magistrate today

said "that is a lie". He also

slammed this outburst as a cheap

and easy shot. You are a racist.

You are a racist. The woman

verbally attacking the police

officer after he gave her a ticket

for not displaying her P-Plates

correctly. Listen. You are a racist.

All cops are racists. Carnita

Matthews made the complaint in the

days after the RBT sin, but her

lawyer argued there was no proof

she was actually the woman who

filed it. Known has seen the face

behind the veil. This is not about

police being racist. This is about

police doing their job and allowed

to do their job in the community.

Muslim community spokesman Keysar

Trad says this crime deserves only

community service. Sometimes judges

like to make an example of people

and it certainly feels that this is

a case where compassion plight have

been a better-received outcome.

Matthews who had seven children was

released late this afternoon. She's

been given bail while she appeals

the sentence and the conviction.

Lizzy Pearl joins us now. Lizzy,

what were the magistrate's reasons

for the sentence? Alley, they said

this goes to the heart of our

criminal justice system. He said if

people such as Carnita Matthews go

around making untrue accusations

our system is threatened with

collapse. He referred to the threat

of racism as a cheap shot but had

the potential to ruin this police

officer's career. Thanks, Lizzy. A

quiet shopping strip in Sydney's

south-west was flooded with

emergency crews that morning when a

car lost control, running into a

pedestrians were injured in the shop window. Two elderly

accident, but it could have been

far worst. These are the dramatic

scenes at a Revesby chemist just

after 10 o'clock this morning.

Heard an Almighty bang and came up

to the front of the store to see a

lady on the floor. This Hyundai

Getz had mounted the curb, smashing

into the chemist shopfront. Just

total chaos, people running and

helping. Staff rushed to help the

woman inside. Her husband, who was

outside, was also hit. The couple

in their 70s suffered cuts to their

head, workers tried they best to

keep them calm. They were both

conscious and talking throughout.

Police, ambulance and fire trucks

crowded the street, attending to

the injure. The 88-year-old driver

in total shock. The car was kind of

half up on the curb, but still

running and this lady was just

saying, "Turn the car off." Police

say the driver thought he'd put the

car in reverse and accidentally put

his not on the accelerator. At a

busy time of the morning, it is

fortunate that more people were not

hurt. There seemed to be a lot of

people around at the time. If I had

come out a moment sooner, I could

have been involved in it. All three

were taken to Liverpool Hospital

with minor injuries. This afternoon,

staff at the chemist were still

getting over the shock and grateful

it wasn't worse. Very unfortunate

sin. Very unfortunate incident. And

a woman has lost control of her car

driving it into a stairwell in

Baulkham Hills. The 70-year-old was

trapped for half an hour before

rescue crews could stabilise the

car and free her. She was rushed to

hospital with chest pains. Well, it

was back to business today for

Glenn McGrath and his new wife,

Sara Leonardi. The cricketer

confirmed the couple married in an

intimate ceremony at their home

yesterday afternoon. A handful of

guests leaving the morning after

the big day. Then the man himself,

Glenn McGrath with a beaming smile.

Yeah, feeling good. The cricket

star spokeing for the first time

about his secret wedding to Sara

Leonardi at their Woolaware home.

It was just a nice, private

intimate wedding with immediate

family and that's the way we wanted

it. Done with little fuss, except

when it came to keeping the

ceremony a private affair. A very

nice wedding dress and Glenn looked

great as well. The low-key theme

continued this morning for the

couple's first day as husband and

wife. Staying behind closed doors,

Sara spent the day at home with the

children, James and Holly, while

their dad attended a cricket club

eleven Chen. This is something I

agreed to do a long time ago and I

felt I should keep my commitment

today. The youngsters played up to

photographers, picked up by friends

for a trip to the local shops. It

looks like it is really back to

business for the newlyweds who

haven't made any plans to go on a

honeymoon. Glenn McGrath's manager

confirmed this afternoon the

cricket star had a full diary of

commitments in Sydney next week.

Glen and Sara have got pretty busy

lives at the moment. I am sure they

will sort something out done the

road. The career of one of

Australia's rising soccer players

is in doubt after he fronted court

on a robbery charge. Kerem Bulut is

accuse of being part of a stage

gang that's allegedly terrorised a

number of people in the city's west

and east. A young Socceroo with so much promise.

COMMENTATOR: Bulut gets through.

Now the gifted 18-year-old is

accused of robbery, threatening

others and being a member of a game.

He is really, a good boy and he has

a gold of heart, but I think - I

don't know how this happened.

Yesterday five men were arrested in

Sydney's west. Police alleged three

months ago, four of them stabbed

two other men in an Auburn car park.

Last week police say that Kerem

Bulut and three others robbed the

same two men in Bondi and the

following night Bulut allegedly

threatened one of the victims

outside a nightclub in George

Street. One of his bail conditions

is he can't communicate with any of

the ther men arrested. Three

appeared at Burwood court and only

one was granted bail to appear at a

later date. Are you worried about

the effect it will have on his

career? I am, actually. I was

asking his coach how this would go

down. Bulut was about to resume his

soccer career in the Czech Republic.

He will reappear in court on

January 24. A leaked report reveals

just how close the Qantas A380 came

to disaster earlier this month. As

the Rolls-Royce engine exploded,

fragments severed a fuel pipe and

cables. Experts say it is amazing

the pilot managed to land safely in

Singapore. It looked bad from a

distance. Now a report from Airbus

gives us the close-up and it is

just as alarming. Shrapnel from the

engine explosion flies through a

fuel line. It has gone through from

the underside of the wing and of

course the wing, the main artery,

for the aircraft. Other pieces of

the engine severed wiring and

damaged structural supports. This

man is president of the Pilot's

Association -- It is amazing damage

to the frame. An email circulating

within Qantas says the explosion

caused a cascade of failures and

the aircraft did many unexpected

things. The crew were unable to

control the fire extinguishers that

should have tackled the exploding

engine. The flaps on the wings did

work, but the Slats on the front of

the wing were stuck. The effect of

not having them deployed would mean

the aircraft would be landing a

little bit faster than normal. Nine

News understands the pilot of the

A380 first thought the aircraft had

been hit by a missile. His No. 2

engine was exploding into pieces

and No. 1 and No. 4 engines were

behaving abnormally and had to be

operated manually for the landing.

So the cockpit crew were dealing

with a series of failures, making

the captain's calm announcements

all the more remarkable. We have a

technical issue with our No. 2

engine. The performance of the

chief pilot and the rest of the

flight crew was outstanding. The

surviving Australian twin shot at a

firing range in Colorado has

admitted to police that she and her

sister had made a suicide pact. The 29-year-olds have been identified

as Candice and Kristin Hermeler,

but police are yet to say which

sister died. From hospital, the

survivor confirmed that they had

turned the guns on themselves, so

no crime was committed, but

wouldn't revealed why. When we

first interviewed her, she was

obviously upset. She was somewhat I

guess you could call it angry,

frustrated. The twins had grown up

in Melbourne. Having a family may

be the top priority for Prince

William and Kate Middleton.

London's 'Daily Mail' newspaper

says she won't be assigned her own

portfolio of Royal duties leaving

time for raising babies. Mean-time,

Westminster Abbey continues to firm

as the favourite location for the much-anticipated ceremony.

Westminster Abbey has marked time

with Britain's great and good for

centuries. Soon, Kate Middleton

could be treading the ain shen

stolen floor, if it is here that

she marries her prince. I could

think of a few worse places to get

married, you know. (Laughs). Since

the couple announced their

engagement, Will has returned to

his RAF base in Wales and Kate is

with her family. The Queen is the

only Royal to step out in public

today and how is this for a gift?

She's going to pay for the wedding

which could exceed $60 million. If

the wedding is held here at

Westminster Abbey, more than 2

million people are expected to fill

the streets around it trying to get

as close to the building as they

can. The Security Bill alone will

be staggering. It could pass $30

million. That bill will be paid by

the British taxpayer, a

controversial fact with the country

under financial pressure. Out of

Africa, a place already pressured

for Will and Kate, this is the very

lodge where the prince pulled that

sapphire ring out of his rucksack

and Gai it to the woman he loved -

Gai it to the woman he loved. This

magic place has already been tipped

as a contender for the Royal

honeymoon. Now to Pete in London. I

got to say we are disappointed. We

were hoping it was Sydney. Pete, we

are still awaiting the big

important fact - what is the date

for the wedding? Well, we don't

know just yet, Ali. But Royal

commentators believe an

announcement could be made today

and as soon as a location is

announced, a date will as well. But

now it seems as though the month of

March will be off the radar because

the couple thinking, Ali, it might

be a bit too cold. We will keep

waiting. Thanks, Pete. In the news

ahead, the scientific discovery

that could hold the key to weight-

loss. Plus, the baby boy, for

former David Jones boss Mark

McInnes. And the remarkable help celebrate the Gyngell.

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Australians spend millions of

dollars trying to find the secret

to weight-loss. Tonight Nine News

can reveal something you haven't

tried. It is natural and it is

right on our doorstep. For

centuries, it was an ancient legend

buried deep under the canopies of

New Zealand's rainforests. Maoris

would harvest a tree fern species

called the mamaku, sucking the sap

oozing. They found it suppressed

their appetites during long hunting

trips. These have been passed down

and they say they still use it. Now

science is investigating if the

Maoris are right. It could be a

real breakthrough in the treatment

to obesity. As I say, provided it

pans out and it is shown to be true.

So how does the mamaku work? It is

all to do with how wha is happening

to the plant's juices once it reaches your stomach. Normally food

is broken down by contractions in

your stomach before passing through

the rest of the digestation system.

It can't be digested making you

feel full. So it could be a cheap,

poor-man's gastric stapling if it

all works out alright. Natural. A

lot of people taking things like

pills is not really too great.

Scientists say that it will take

years to discover whether it is

just golden sap or liquid gold.

Former David Jones boss Mark

McInnes has become a father for the

first time. His partner, Lisa Kelly,

has given birth to a baby boy in

Sydney's Mater Hospital. His name

is Will Jac McInnes. It is Guinness

Book of Records Day and a all

around the world, the remarkable,

the brave or just plain energetic

are celebrating their place in the

famous book. There is Laurie and

wane, the world's tallest couple,

the world's tallest man, Sultan

from Turkey at 2. 4 metres. And the

man who made the world's largest

mosaic of building screws. Plain

old corroboration can win a prize.

The largest gathering of dogs in

fancy dress and the world's biggest

assembly of melodic players. And

90-year-old Thomas, the oldest wind

walker. He says it gets him closer

to his late wife. Tim Sheridan is

next with sport and I've got to say,

better late than never for Michael

Hussey. Ali, you would have to call

it 5 minutes to midnight in

selection terms, because the Test

squad will be culled down to 12

tomorrow and Mr Cricket finally

cracked it for a tonne after a very

mean spell. And Warnie is back

bowling, but the only urn involved

this time was for charity. And the

Aussies flying high in the Hawaiian Triple

Australia's middle-order bat

Michael Hussey may have avoided the

axe - a century for WA at the MCG

today coming at the best possible

time. The Australian team for the

first Ashes' Test is set to be

announced tomorrow and while Hussey

was on fire, other contenders

missed their chance. Hussey's

international obituary was being

written after a start. Today he

rose from the dead. 50 from 60

balls and that was just the

beginning. 118 from 160 balls, an

emphatic return to form. Earlier

Mitchell Johnson put England's

batsman on notice, taking 5/35, he

had already bagged a century with

the bat. Australia A bowlers had

been pounding by Ian bell and Paul

Collingwood after this morning, at

last some revenge.

COMMENTATOR: Had no idea where it

was going. Shaken up, Collingwood

was on his way for the next ball.

But Bell entered the Gabba Test

with a bucket load of confidence. A

nice way to bring up your 150. No,

wonder the English skipper was

laughing. Nothing for Usman Khawaja

to smile about, a first-ball duck.

Fellow Test batsman in waiting,

made just 10. At the SCG Shane

Watson took five wickets and the

Blues' one-wicket loss for Tasmania.

The batsmen struggled but a Test

open Simon Katich says there will

be no negative thoughts, come

Thursday. We have got to make sure

whoever gets picked is positive in

what they can go out there and do.

You don't get to this level if you

are a negative person. There are

always calls for Shane Warne to

make a comeback. Well, he has - in

a way. Warnie is currently playing

in a Twenty20 charity match with

the St George Cricket Club. He

didn't take any wickets so

Australia's bowlers don't have to

worry for the time being about him

threatening their Test places. The

Triple Crown of Surfing looked set

to be another battle between best mates. Mick Fanning dominated the

first leg, the Hawaiian Pro today

but Joel Parkinson is still looking

dangerous. Yeah, Mick is always

good like that. While Aussie Yadin

Nicol was the crowd pleaser with

this airshow. And I will only surf

on the best days between now and

just before Christmas. I have got

my money on Fanning. Thanks, Tim.

Good bet. Jaynie with the weather

is next. Jaynie, please tell us

that conditions will improve for

the weekend? Anything for you, Alli.

The sun will make a comeback,

especially on Sunday. Details next.

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