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(generated from captions) and Johnson picked up some good

wickets. Now I think you're seeing

a typical Indian wicket. It's dried

out, hard, and really Australia

should be able to chase this total

down this evening.

It really is time to get them out,

isn't it? It was 6/73, now it's 154,

with potential still at the crease.

Haddin and Watson will be on show

not too far away.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - girls gone bad -

vicious car-jacking. teenagers arrested and accused of a

break down in tears. What made

I don't like to get emotional on

air but the pressure I've been

under has been incredible.

Aussies cheered as they arrive to

help the quake victims - and a

survivors. momentous day for one of the

Our correspondent is live in Libya

Gaddafi. as the rebels take on Colonel

And how Charlie Sheen may have

talked himself out of a TV show.

Good evening. Four teenagers have

been charged over a car-jacking in

Strathfield last night. The three

of them were under 18 years old.

The fact they were all girls and

allegedly attacked the male driver

with a knife has astonished police

and the community.

One by one, led out by police. And

a good morning to our camera. No

high school roll call here at

Blacktown Police Station. Four

girls charged in relation to a car-

jacking and the alleged assault of

a 24-year-old man.

Certainly the age of these

individuals is always a concern. It

is unusual in the fact you have four

four females, aged 15 to 18 years

of age, late at night involved in

these offences.

It took place in Strathfield last

night. Two of the four teenagers

got out of their car and approached

the man, asking for directions.

They slashed him. He fled. Two

hours later, both cars were spotted

racing down a road in Seven Hills.

Officers caught the women and

madeed arrests. Three of the girls

are under the age of 18. The

youngest, a 15-year-old, believed

to be behind the wheel of the

Mercedes, was charged under law for

allegedly engaging police in

pursuit and being an unlicensed

driver. The incident is not

isolated. The number of deedge

girls facing charges has increased

44% in the last decade. Theft is

the most common crime.

It doesn't surprise me at all. I

think the way girls are raised now

is different. It will get worse.

There's nothing being done for them.

We're taking the line of, "Let's

lock them up."

Well, Shaun White is in Seven Hills.

girls? Shaun, what is next for these

Well, they won't be having as much

fun as they did on this street here

in Seven Hills. It's where they got

caught. All of them were refused

bail. Charges are likely to be laid.

That Mercedes you saw in that story

- stolen. And they're gonna have a

lonely night tonight. Not one

family member came to support them

in court today.

Thank you very much. A 14-year-old

boy has faced court over the

stabbing of another student at

Granville Boys' High School. The

boy was refused bail. A second boy

has also been charged. The victim

is stable. 2GB radio star Ray

Hadley broke down in tears on air

this morning after learning that a

court case against him had been

dismissed. He had been accused by a

man from Blacktown as making

intimidating phone calls. The

magistrate threw the case out.

You bloody beauty!

Ray Hadley told live on his radio

show the AVO application has been

thrown out of court.

The pressure has been incredible. I

myself. will take a break and compose

And this is the man who tried to

bring him down - Matthew Murdoch.

I'm not happy at all.

He claimed the radio host had

stalked him for years. Hadley

admits to exposing the man's

criminal history and dodgy business

dealings. Ray Hadley's lawyers

presented a lot of evidence,

refuting the claims. Most were

phone records, his mobile. The

magistrate today found not one of

those so-called threatening or

harassing phone calls ever occurred.

What did Mr Hadley do to you?

Exactly what was said in court.

You're standing by your claims?

Mr Hadley, got in the box in the

witness box, and perjured hipldz.

He was ordered to pay all of Ray

Hadley's court costs.

This man is an undischarged

bankrupt. The chances of anyone

recovering this money are none and bucklys.

Julia Gillard came out fighting

today, defending the carbon tax she

said she wouldn't introduce. She

hasn't apologised for the broken

promise and says she's not going to

get hung up on what she calls word

games. Julia Gillard put on a hard

hat for a visit to the world's

biggest solar dish, but she needed

radio. her full battle gear for morning

Do you accept the fact you have

promise? stolen an election with a false

What a load of nonsense. It's the

right thing to do. I said that

during the election campaign.

No, you did not.

The Prime Minister spent the

morning fending off accusations she

lied. Not apologising for this.

There will be no carbon tax under

the government I lead. Visiting Brisbane.

A conspiracy by the Parliament

against the people.

Tony Abbott rolled his flood levy

and carbon tax attack into one.

If the Prime Minister wants to make

a politically speaking honest woman

of herself, she needs to seek a man mandate.

At the end of that debate, did

people not understand that the

carbon? Labor Party believed in pricing

So, what will it cost you? Even

Julia Gillard can't tell you that.

She still has to negotiate the

price with the Greens. Tony Abbott

the family budget. claims it will add $300 a year to

You turn on the lights, you pay the

tax. You put petrol in your car,

you pay the tax. You open your

wallet, you pay the tax.

The single biggest use of the money

raised from pricing carbon will be

to assist households.

And the New South Wales Liberals

are hoping to cash in on the anger

over the carbon tax. They're

putting a billboard on the grailt

Western Highway at Auburn, -- the

Great Western Hoyway at Auburn.

Four days after the Christchurch

earthquake, poor weather conditions

are hampering the search-and-rescue

operation. 113 people are now

confirmed dead. 228 are listed as

missing. It's becoming clear

there's little chance of finding

anyone else alive.

Dawn in a disaster zone. Heavy

machinery clearing what was the C

TV building. The digging equipment

evidence of the lost hope of

finding survivors here. A few

blocks away, New South Wales fire

rescue officers leave the Pyne

Gould building, admitting there's

next to no chance of anyone coming

out alive. The job now handed back

to the Kiwis to recover the bodies that remain.

A natural walkway.

But the international rescue

mission is still gathering momentum.

Search-and-rescue missions, that's

what we will be doing.

US firefighters turned up early

this morning. They realise the

operation is moving from a rescue

mission to a body retrieval.

We will do recovery work. It will

help the families have closure to the event.

The latest team from across the

Tasman - 122 New South Wales police

officers, received a warm welcome

at Christchurch Airport. (APPLAUSE)

They will assist Kiwi forces in

victim identification and general patrol duties.

The team is very diverse,

experienced. I have detectives and forensics.

It's a helping hand that's so very welcome.

Well done, Australia. You're a

great people. I know when we have

our rugby matches and that, we're

always one-eyed, but we're a great lot.

Aussies are also helping out at

this makeshift help centre on the

other side of Christchurch. Doctors

and nurses helping those who can't

reach a hospital.

All this treatment will be free.

This afternoon, the Christchurch

Mayor took a tour of the

devastation, tasting the desal

naited water supply and meeting

those in evacuation centres.

I got my first shower this afternoon.

Roads in the outer suburbs have

buckled. Houses will have to be

assessed for strurm damage. Many of

the wrecked -- structural damage.

Many of the wrecked brick buildings

have been deemed unsalvagable.

50% of them will have to be

immediately diminished. And another

quarter of them, you will have to

decide to save them or not.

Everywhere you look, blunt signs.

And today another insight into the

terror after the quake hit. But out

of all the rubble and damage, one

sign life is continuing. Emma

Howard was stuck in the Pyne Gould

building for 6.5 hours. Her fiance,

Chris, was one of those who helped

get her out.

When I was in there, I was thinking,

"I'm meant to be getting married in

three days." They said, "You still

are." I just assumed we wouldn't be

getting married. Everyone was

determined we would be. I was like,

"OK, then."

Simon, so many buildings still very

unsafe there. What is the latest on

the recovery effort?

Well, I can tell you just in the

last hour we've had two aftershocks.

One of the rescuers said the last

one was quite sweefrplt it was only

about a kilometre be-- quite severe.

It was only about a kilometre

beneath the surface. Buildings

could still collapse. Still,

they're beginning work to try and

recover the bodies of those who

died when the Christchurch

Cathedral collapsed. They believe

there's between 16 and 22 people buried there.

Now to Peter Stefanovic in Libya.

And the Gaddafi regime may have

only a few days left, as the rebel

tide rolls across the country. First, Peter's report.

The window has swung wide open on

Libya's revolt, and it is breath

taking to witness. A vast rebel mob

is rejoicing in the captured city

of Benghazi. And in Tripoli, the

population is rising up. On the

phone, a resident there says it is

all but over.

He is using the last resort. He is falling fast.

But the rebels have to fight for

every kilometre. This place is

about 15km to the east of Tripoli.

Now the rebels are trading machetes

for true weapons. At a fallen army

base, they have taken charge of

tanks and heavy guns and then

making for Tripoli. Over the last

three days, the opposition has

secured the east of Libya, and the

people have reached many towns

around Tripoli. Benghazi was a

crucial prize. I report from Tobruk,

the city that fell first. Crowds

greeted us warmly.

People are still afraid. At the

same time, still afraid.

He took us through the burnt-out

shell of what used to be a police

station. The officers, cells,

gutted. They're still basking in

the glory of forcing out God God's followers.

We are very happy. He will fall down.

This is the main square, and all

around the square are spray painted

signs. "Gaddafi is a killer." This

celebration has been going on for

four days, ever since the square

has been liberated. Back in Tripoli,

Colonel Gaddafi phoned in to a

state TV program to criticise his enemies.

Your sons have been drugged. They

have been sent to their own deaths.

It could be one of Gaddafi's last

rambling lectures, but the so-

called mad dog of the Arab world

has always been dangerous, and no-

one would dare underestimate a

cornered mad dog. To Peter now,

live via satellite. And you have

met plenty of Libyans. Do they

really believe Gaddafi is finished,

they can topple him?

Yeah. They really do. I mean, this

anti-government movement at the

moment has so much momentum. The

people are telling us that over on

the east we have nothing to worry

about. We haven't seen anything too

suggest we might be in danger.

However, over on the other side of

the country, of course it is still

very violent, a completely

different story. While it is calm

over here, people do know that

while Colonel Gaddafi is still in

charge, things can change in an

instant. But people really do

believe he's on the way out.

Let's hope they're right. Thank you

very much. Well, the twilight

concerts at Taronga Zoo are in full

swing, with another month to go.

Jaynie Seal is there. What's happening?

Yeah, a bit of a change of pace. Up

to 2,000 people are expected here

at Taronga Zoo. The concert has

been playing since January. We have

another month to go. A wide variety

of performances, ranging from rock

to opera to pop. A great way to

take advantage of these long nights

before daylight savings ends in

early April.

Thank you. In the news ahead -

another blow to the family budget.

Plus - how Charlie Sheen offended

the wrong people.

And a perfect performance from

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Families will have to fork out more

for private health cover from April,

after the Health Minister announced

a 5.5% hike in premiums. The

increase translates to an extra

$1.61 a week for individuals, and

an extra $3.21 for families.

Production on Charlie Sheen's show,

'Two and a Half Men', has been

cancelled for the rest of the

season, after he delivered another

bizarre rant attacking his bosses.

You know, in front of their loser

wives, their loser children. Just

sit back and enjoy the show.

Sheen also insulted the show's

creator, Chuck Lorre. They might be

mundane, but royal duties can be

harder than they look. Faced with

launching a lifeboat and singing in

Welsh, Kate Middleton has pulled

off her first official engagement

without a hitch. Flowers for a

soon-to-be princess, smiling and

confident. And her Prince could

heartedly wait to introduce her to the crowd.

It gives me huge pleasure to be

introducing, here and now, someone

who's not only about to join the

family, but is also about to become

an angle sownian.

Hair tied back against the windy

weather, Kate Middleton looked

elegant, relaxed and confident.

Even joining in the Welsh national

anthem. They were launching a new

lifeboat, and so much more - their

first official outing since their

engagement. Guided by William, Kate played her part perfectly. (CHEERING)

Two months from now, they will be

married, their royal life full of

tradition shaped by a complex past.

But William and Kate are making

their own history, a prince and

princess for the people.

Sport is next with Cam. And Tim

Sheens is no fan of the referees?

Not at all. He says they will

destroy the game. He claims the

refs are turning rugby league into

something more like rugby union.

Brett Stewart is back on the road

for Manly. Our pace attack on fire

- the Kiwis in strife at the World

Cup. And

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Cricket first. And Australia's fast

bowlers are proving their doubters

wrong in India. Shaun Tait and

Mitchell Johnson are doing most of

the damage in the World Cup match

against New Zealand. The Aussies

should have a fairly modest total

to chase. The Kiwis currently 8/188.

Tragedy put sport into perspective.

The Kiwis have plenty to play for.

That's where Shaun Tait brought him undone.

Shane Watson made an immediate impact.

Comerpt commentator oh, that's

bowled. Straight throw.

The Black Caps found the boundary

fairly regularly. Mitchell Johnson

copped a bit, but he quickly

brought an end to that. A couple of

wickets in the same over and the

paceman was pumped. And with

Australia in control, so too is

Tait. Gone!

West Tiges coach Tim Sheens has

taken a swipe as referees. He says

they are training our players to --

turning rugby league into union.

There is no better side than the

Wests Tigers. But an edict from the

NRL to control the ruck area has

Tim Sheens fuming.

It's too hard an area to police

that area. There's gonna be plenty

of phone calls in the earl part of

the season. 20 penalties last week.

Sheens says that common sense is

being coached out of the referees.

There's an vdge we play in this

game. You have -- there's an

advantage we ply in this game.

Otherwise, we're playing rugby.

Two players itching to play the

game, both returning for the Eagles.

There's still doubt over stut.

He didn't train yesterday. He has a

fitness test today. Great to have

him back. Hopefully back on the park soon.

And a tribute to the fans of the

NRL. An exhibition will open

tonight. Panther Frank the driving force.

It was meant to be one of the best

nights of his life. Kelly Slater

officially presented with his 10th

world title. Instead, it became a

tearful tribute to the late Andy Irons.

I love that competitive -- my

competitive desire died when Andy

died. know, I dedicate

this to Andy.

So he admits he's now seriously

considering retirement. He will

compete in the Quiksilver Pro,

beginning tomorrow. Matt Banting, a

16-year-old, says Kelly is going

down. Thank you very much. Well,

Jaynie joins us again. How is our

last weekend of summer looking?

Georgie, very warm.

Coming up on WIN News... A Coming up on WIN News... A teenage

drowns at Tuggeranong. AFP drowns at Tuggeranong. AFP officer

leave Canberra to assist in

Christchurch. And professor Ian

Chubb says goodbye to the ANU. Join

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High cloud but no rain planned for

our Friday night. We did hit a hop

of 28 degrees here. The low in the

north-west of the country may form

into a cyclone this weekend,

bringing more heavy rain and wet weather.

Here in Sydney, very much like

today, with partly cloudy skies.

Free of rain tomorrow. Humid nights

coming once again.

We are on track to be having our

driest February since 1978. Only 17mm so far.

Well, grab a copy of the magazine

in tomorrow's paper. Now, there is

a fum family day out starting

tomorrow morning, -- a fun family

day out tomorrow morning at Sydney

Olympic Park. Or meet some of our

leading rugby league players as

clubs hold their fan days. For

tonight, it is a beautiful night

here to be having a picnic with

family and friends. A mostly fine

weekend, pretty hot. Look out for

those showers on Sunday afternoon.

Have a good night.

You too, Jaynie. Thanks for being

us for all the details next. Tonigh

... A teenager drowns - while

swimming with friends at

Tuggeranong. A new hospital for the

north. The Government' s five

expansion options. And: AFP expansion options. And: AFP officer

leave to help their New Zealand

colleagues. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, welcome to our

special 40 minute edition. An

afternoon swim at Tuggeranong -

turned to tragedy for a group of

teens last night. A 16 year old,

drowned in the Murrumbidgee River,

after being trapped in debris. after being trapped in debris. Th

emergency call came at dusk. A

group of teens was swimming at Pine

Island. Their friend went under. Island. Their friend went under. An