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(generated from captions) There's been a blow-out and getting disability pensions. in the number of people seeking there are 800,000 inactive people A national report shows for injuries and ailments claiming a pension that prevent them from working. than are claiming the dole. That's 200,000 more David Richardson examines the report really stack up. to see if the numbers The cheats busted - insurance cons - welfare, workers comp, in a nation wide crackdown. all targeted is in the government's crosshairs Now the disability support pension because of rip-offs like this. with a chronic bad back This man pretended to be disabled As you can see, he's pretty fit. of dancing when you look at it. In fact, he's almost capable revealed the con Centrelink's Hank Jongen on welfare cheats. during a massive blitz obviously ripping off the system. And as you can see from this, he was is supposed to be for people The disability support pension who can't work even 15 hours a day who can't work even 15 hours a week intellectual or psychiatric problems due to permanent physical, have simply exploded, but the numbers spent last year alone, adding to the $11.9 billion in the 11th annual report pointed out on the disability support pension. It's a real worry for the government are really becoming very large. because these numbers was introduced in 1972 When the disability support pension just 138,800 received it. that number had grown to 229,200. By 1980, 10 years later, 316,700 by the year 2000 to 602,280. then it almost doubled As of last year, 792,580. Around 800,000. on the disability support pension We've actually got more people on the unemployment benefit, than we have so clearly is a disturbing trend. Former productivity commissioner, Former productivity commissioner from Melbourne University Professor Judith Sloan pensioner numbers have grown. can't believe how much disability to clamp down on this It really is hard you can do this and I think the only way as well as stick is more of having carrot some benefit. and maybe that will produce disabled pensioners - 256,000. New South Wales has the most Victoria has 192,000. Queensland - 153,000. disabled pensioners. SA recorded 75,000 WA - 63,000. There are 27,000 in Tasmania. 9,600 in the Northern Territory. 7,750 in the ACT. on the disability support pension The proportion of people in Australia than other countries in the OECD, is actually significantly lower statistics that worry us. so there's nothing in those People with Disability Australia, The Executive Director of Michael Bleasdale, the system has been rorted refuses to believe mental conditions like depression. and blames a jump in the numbers on of people with disabilities From the point of view they're very keen to get into work throughout the community and there is a sense of frustration being done and there's not enough work for people with disability. to make workplaces job-ready The latest figures we have, from the disability support pension around 2,000 people were removed that were done. as a result of reviews Jenny Macklin, has warned The minister in charge, next January. a crackdown is on its way Tougher rules who is disabled and who is not. with a new system to assess to work to get into the workforce, We want to see people who are able we want to support them doing that. We also want to make sure that the disability support pension before you get onto you've tried to get a job. you have to demonstrate tighter surveillance against cheats, both through tougher assessments and it will achieve anything, experts don't believe especially in the short term. the figures next year. I won't be holding my breath about probably be where they are now. I think at the minimum they'll David Richardson reporting.