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(generated from captions) Second World War. Wasn't Hungary.

1938 Munich agreement. And then

they marched into another country,

which started World War II. The

1938 Munich agreement it was about

check vaka. That was the air

piecement. The Nazis moved into

Poland and then World War II was on.

You were that close to $100,000.

Matthew, the good news is you can

keep your cardigan, mate. Thanks

for being part of the show. Not

$100,000. But $1,000. I'll catch

you next time in the Millionaire

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the teenager victim of a

police shooting in Sydney's west,

speaks out.

Kickbacks and corruption. Shocking

evidence of what is going on.

Interest rates on hold as petrol prices go up.

The doctor who says that all the

mothers are selfish.

What is next for a Manly golden boy.

Good evening. A teenager shot by

police at their home in Colyton has

described to Nine News the moment

the bullet tore through his body. A

special strike force has been set

up to investigate the shooting as

injuries. the 19-year-old recovers from his

From his hospital bed in Westmead,

commenting teenager Justin McMaster

shows us where he took the bullet

that tore his insides apart. My bow

got split into four pieces. My

bladder into two because a bullet

exploded inside. He is still weak,

but Justin's family wanted us to

talk to their brave son. They say

he was trying to protect his sister

during a violent home invasion when

police shot him. A warm feeling. At

first I cannot feel it. I felt

really warm in a certain spot then

it started to get cold. Police say

they only reacted after Justin

charged at them with a metal rod.

But his lawyer argues the tending

of the cell was too quick to pull

the trigger. The mother was yelling

out, he is my son. For some

inexplicable reason, the male

officer discharged his weapon and

then said, Oadby eight -- au

(BLEEP), I shot him. What happened

has left his family deeply

traumatised. The children have

trouble sleeping, afraid those who

attacked them might come back. The

police, she says, have not been

much help. They had given her

family no counselling and no

support. The family is now

considering legal action against

movie. NSW police. It felt like a horror

Some very serious allegations from

Justin McMaster's lawyer. What are

police saying? Police certainly had

their own version of what happened

last week. Because there is an

investigation into the shooting,

they are extremely limited in what

they can say. They maintain they

had been working very closely with

the family. They even set up a

strike force to examine the

circumstances surrounding that alleged Home invasion.

It is shaping up as the corruption

watchdog's biggest cat. 88 Local

Councils and 22 government agencies

are accused of taking kickbacks

from supply companies. An inquiry

has been told it could be just the

tip of the iceberg.

Question - what do iPhones, Harvey

Norman and Liquorland gift vouchers

have in common? They were all gifts

council workers. given as kickbacks to corrupt

This has been one of the biggest

investigations by the commission in

his 20-year history. Several of

Sydney's largest councils are

involved. Officials are accused of

accepting kickbacks from suppliers.

Some of the highest amount involved

Burwood, Botany Bay, Liverpool,

Sydney City Council and Waverley.

Lesser amounts were given to

officers at Blackdown, Parramatta,

Penrith, Hunters Hill, Canada Bay

and Holroyd. A staggering 88

councils all up from Ballina to

Bathurst. This is how it worked.

Council officers responsible for

ordering all manners of goods from

safety equipment to road barriers

were offered gifts, which they

pocketed from suppliers. Giving

evidence, Martin Slade, a salesman

for R&R Tape in West Gosford, which

supplied gloves. He said his

company kept a freebie book, it

tracked the gift vouchers, mostly

in $50 increments. It is set in a

sliding scale. The bigger the order,

the better of the gift. Government

authorities are always -- also

involved. Some officials received

its of iPhones, football tickets

and beach holidays. There are many

more then identified. It is the tip

of the iceberg. One former Bathurst

council worker offered -- ordered

enough safety mesh to line the

highway to see me twice over, it

was never even delivered. It costs $750,000.

A truck crash caused massive delays

on the Hume Highway this afternoon,

one southbound lane was blocked,

just before Narellan Road. Crews

worked to clear the accident. The

truck was leaking fuel but all

lanes have now been reopened.

The Reserve Bank today let interest

rates unchanged at 4.75 %. But the

board has given the strongest

indication yet that a rate cut

could be on the cards.

Home owners got the news they

expected, interest rates on hold

for another month. But many

economists did not expect this from the Reserve Bank.

In other words, the next move in

rates is likely to be down. The

chances of it happening in November

improved -- I improved

significantly. For those who do not

want to wait, a fixed rate mortgage

is now increasingly popular. They

can get a great deal without having

to wait about the global

uncertainty. We are going to save

$200 a month. If you on a variable

rate, it is around 7.8%. You could

be saving 1.5%. For retail sector,

interest rates than a hold is not

the worst outcome, but it is not

great news either. They are

desperate for a big few months. A

rate cut would be the perfect

Christmas present bought shop

owners. People will feel they have

got spending money. But before you

start celebrating, fuel prices shot

up as much as 20 cents per litre,

the highest was at Frenchs Forest.

Never underestimate the petrol

moment. company's ability to spoil the

A young father who survived a

shooting in Sydney's south-west has

told Nine News he believes it was a

revenge attack. He was fired at was

standing in the garage of his home

in Ambarvale. A 20-year-old man has

been charged with attempted murder.

Kyall Brown believes that these

bowlers were meant for him. The

young father was working in his

garage last night when he was

confronted. Someone put a gun in my

face. I wrestled with him. I am

petrified. It was horrible. Police

allege the man behind the attack

was Ricky Lefoe. He is the brother

of a man who was killed at Ruse in

January during a dispute that

police believe was over a car. Last

night, police allege Ricky Lefoe

opened fire before fleeing. The

alleged victim says he then chased

down his attacker in this car, ran

into him. Kyall Brown claims he was

the victim of a revenge attack. The

father of the man now facing

attempted murder charges says his

son Ricky Lefoe has not coped with

the death of his brother. I do not

think he has come to grips with

what has happened. Death threats,

we have had people drive up and

down the street. We just live in

fear every day. This grief-stricken

father has lost a son, and tonight,

he has another behind bars. I have

to come back. lost two sons. One is never going

The accused gunman faced court

today. He sure did. It was a very

brief appearance, Ricky Lefoe did

not apply for bail. It was formerly

at -- refused. The case is due back

tomorrow. It is believed to the 20-

year-old may enter a plea to his

charge of attempted murder.

More than 100 people gathered at a

church in Emerton in Sydney's west

to farewell six-year-old Kiesha

Weippeart. The public memorial was

held for the alleged murder victim with butterflies and balloons

released in her memory. Her mother

and stepfather remain in custody,

charged with her murder.

It has been a day of talking and

talking at the tax forum in

Canberra, with general agreement

that reforms are needed. But it is

not about quick fixes and the

biggest reform, the carbon tax, is untouchable.

Two days, 200 guests, 17 hours of

talking, air fares, accommodation

and catering. It will be less than

$1 million. Money well spent. They

are spending almost $1 million to

stage what I think is going to be

in the end a pretty pointless PR

stunt. Mr Abbott should be here

today. He is missing in action. We

were never invited. He was welcome

to come if he left his wrecking

ball at home. Rob Oakeshott is

likely responsible for this, a pay-

off for giving Labor power. I'm not

confident it will be more than just

a talk fest. There is no attempt to

constrain the destruct -- the

discussions. Taxes can be discussed

but some are non-negotiable. We

will be talking about tax. Business,

industry, unions, the states, each

with a wish list. I could have

written the script for this before

I came here. The ideas here are

just that. Nothing is binding. But

we agreed that reforms are needed.

The key from here is outcomes. He

may, like others, be dreaming.

Robotic legs and growing bones are

something that you see in a

science-fiction movie, but a doctor

and his team from Macquarie

University Hospital are making it a

reality. It is the latest

innovation in prosthetic lens. They

are pushing medical boundaries even

further, combining two procedures in a world first.

They are three strangers with one

thing in common, the dream of being

back on two feet. Brendan Burkett

is a professor of sport and a

former Paralympian. He is also the

first Australian to successfully go

through this amazing procedure. He

now has a robotic prosthetic leg.

It does not have the pelvic tilt

and they walk with a better gait.

This is how it works. A metal what

is inserted into the femur bone,

the bone will slowly grow on to the

metal. And no doubt that connects

the rod to the prosthetic leg,

which uses hydraulic cylinders to

control the flexing of the knee. It

is tightened by a simple allen key.

The lake is powered by batteries

and charged overnight. It is a real

life-changing technology. 23-year-

old Mitch Grant lost his leg in a

hit-and-run accident. He was

bedridden for nine months. I took

it on the chin and got on with it.

He opened a gym with his father

where he is hoping to do much more.

The thing is unlimited. But the

procedure is not that simple for

Nurse Marny Cringle. For 15 years,

she has never been able to find a

prosthetic leg that fits. But Dr Al

Muderis is determined to help her.

Lizards grow their tails, I thought

maybe 10-15 years I would have stem

cells. Her femur bone is 10

centimetres long, and needs to grow

another fight. This device would

extend her bone by a millimetre a

day. Lengthening the bone and

attaching a robotic limb has never

been done before. As you can see,

Dr Al Muderis and his team are

right in the middle of this world

first procedure, a delicate and an

intense 1.5 hours in the theatre.

It is the first step to getting her

back on her two feet. When I buy a

pair of shoes, I will be able to

use both of them now.

In the news ahead - a final

dramatic twist in the murder case

that has made headlines around the


Peter Harvey tells us why the stock

dark is criticising older mothers.

The bear

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It's the quality of the houses. It's affordability. It's about nice homes. VOICEOVER: It's a fact - it's the life at a Lend Lease community. Display village now open at Springbank Rise, Canberra.

Amanda Knox has been dubbed a devil

woman, beautiful but deadly,

accused of killing her British

room-mate at an Italian university.

Today, she was free, an appeals

court overturning her conviction.

She is now heading home to America.

She wants $1 million to tell her story.

Amanda Knox must have felt the

weight of the world when the judge

read out the verdict. Not guilty,

and the bottled up emotion came

flooding out. The 24-year-old

collapsed in tears, her family who

never lost hope cried and hugged

each other. We are grateful that

Amanda's nightmare is over. She

suffered for four years for a crime

she did not commit. In her home

town of Seattle, the extended

family watched and wept as the

verdicts came through. In 2007,

British girl made it -- Meredith

Kercher's body was found. Her

throat was cut. These are the

pictures of Amanda Knox kissing her

boyfriend in public, making many

believe that she was treating the

murder too lightly. Two years later,

she was found guilty of murder and

sentenced to 26 years in prison,

her former boyfriend given a 25

here term. But on appeal, the jury

found the evidence unreliable. A

third person was found guilty for

Meredith Kercher's nerdy. -- murder.

Late in the Italian evening, a

black out car drove away from a

Perugian prison, in the back seat,

a young woman who has a life back, and a one-way ticket home.

How old is too old to have

children? An Australian doctor has

ignited fierce debate, saying that

any woman who waits until her late

30s to give birth is selfish and self-centred.

Dr Barry Walters' remarks did not

go down too well. I think he is

wrong. Samantha MacNally should

know. The first baby at 44, second

at 46, and third at 47. Parenting

in your 40s is no different than in

your 20s. You are more emotionally

mature, more stable. This is what started the argument.

If you were 45 years-old and

getting pregnant, by the time you

are 65, you have a young child.

They are 25 years-old, starting

their life, looking after a

geriatric parent. Social factors

are the reality. I met my husband

at the age of 33, we married at 35,

and we had children in my late 30s.

Many women do not have that choice.

The statistics certainly back that

up. The number of women to it --

choosing to have babies later is

increasing, just under 5% in 1980,

now over 21%. There is a very

strong male factor. Men

deliberately avoiding family ties.

It is the men who are holding women

back because they do not want to

commit. We have to take some responsibility.

Sometimes pizza is too hot,

sometimes they are too cold, but

the pizza at this cafe in Whistler

was just right. It was too tasty to

resist for a back -- a black bear

which invaded the eatery. The big

furry fellow sent customers and

staff scampering for cover when he

wanted in for a snack. The bear ate

four family sized pieces before

heading back to the forest.

Tonight - we will reveal the

staggering amount of money the Eels

will fork out for Will Hopoate.

The Australian cricket captain reveals all.

The Wallabies forced indoors to prepare for the Springboks.

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News on Will Hopoate's future.

Joining me now from Parramatta is

our reporter. We know that he is

going to go on a Mormon mission,

but what is the latest?

It has been a fantastic year for

him. He proved himself at State of

Origin level, and in the grand

final just a couple of days ago he

was fantastic. This was one of the

moments of the grand final.

Unfortunately for Manly fans, it is

the last they will see of him

because he is going to Parramatta

on a 2-year deal, worth

approximately $1.7 million. That is

a staggering amount of money for a

young player. That is what Manly

insiders are telling me. They want

their fans to know why it Will

Hopoate is coming to Parramatta. It

is going to be disputed in a big

way by Parramatta, but do not

forget the Eels are going to throw

that sort of money at Quade Cooper.

Manly fans can say their goodbyes

to Will Hopoate and the other

players at a street parade on

Thursday. They will be leading from

the Oval at 11 o'clock and ending

up at the Manly concourse.

That is amazing amount of money.

Poor weather at the World Cup has

forced the Wallabies indoors as

they continue for their build up

for the clash with South Africa.

Officials decided not to take any

risks on the slippery ground. The

Aussies are expecting a host of players back from injury.

Next week, the Australian cricket

team flies out for a tour of South

Africa, a challenge that Michael

Clarke rates as one of the toughest

in world cricket.

All was revealed, the Australian

uniforms for all three forms of the

game. But being a fashion hanger is

not nearly as appealing these days for the Australian cricket captain.

I would take the cut shots and

cover drives any day of the week.

The series win over Sri Lanka was

good for the new captain, but

issues remain. Mitchell Johnson is

out of sorts but not out of favour.

Anybody who can win a game on their

own his shoe -- should be part of

the team. Settling on a Test

spinner remains unsold. We have

Nathan Lyon and Michael Beer. We

hope that we can stick with those

two. I am only one of five

selectors. As for the man whose

retirement caused the spinning

dilemma, Shane Warne. He has not

looked like himself. He looks very

happy. I spoke to him a few times.

He seems very happy. That is what

is important. He could fade away to

nothing. We should send in a carton

of pies. I think he is still eating

the baked beans. Obviously, that is

something that Liz Hurley does not know about.

London's Olympics athletics track

has been unveiled. Sebastian Coe,

an Olympic running champion himself,

joined athletes to unveil the

centrepiece for next year's games.

Just 297 days to go.

The weather is next.

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A little cloud around with moderate

south-easterly winds keeping the

maximum temperatures quite cool. south-easterly winds keeping the maximum temperatures quite cool. A

low pressure system will mood east

tomorrow. It would trigger showers

in Sydney later in the week. The

heaviest rain will be over the

interior of the country.

Temperatures ranging from 10

degrees and 20 degrees. Taking a

look at the extended forecast:

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I hope you have a good

at Tonight ... The ICAC inquiry

begins into more than one hundred New South Wales government

authorities. Calls to cut tax - but

State Treasurers say no. And, A

local health groups offers to run a needle and syringe program in Canberra' s jail. Good evening, I'

Danielle Post. Five of the region'

s councils have been identified in

list of 110 local government authorities being investigated by

the New South Wales Independent

Commission Against Corruption.The

public inquiry started today,

focussing on personal kickbacks

received by officials, being

groomed, by just three suppliers.