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table and I certainly hope

that that is still the case. And meanwhile, the opposition

has maintained its attack on

the Government over the issue

and says it's now waiting for

a bill to be introduced in

Parliament next week. Shadow

Immigration Minister Scott

Morrison addressed media in

Sydney calling for Malaysia

to be scraped as an offshore processing option.

Yesterday, Julia Gillard

welcomed her 100th illegal

boat to Australia under her

Prime Ministership and this

boat came in to a policy-free

zone in terms of border

protection. This is a

Government that is desperate,

directionless, and divided

when it comes to asylum

policy and border protection.

The Coalition is basically

waiting for this Government

to introduce a bill to the house of represent

activities. And we will wait

on them to do that this week.

What we have with this

Government is a Government

that has flipped and flopped

on this issue for many, many

years and we are just seeing

further flips and flops as we

go forward. This is a

Government that is seeking to distract attention from the

very serious policy failures

of the measures it's put

forward. The failed asylum

freeze, the failed East Timor solution and now the Malaysian solution. What the

Government is trying to do is

seek illegal excuse to put in

place a bad policy. The

Coalition was opposed to the

Malaysia solution before the

High Court decisions for very

sound reasons and we continue

those very, very strong

reservations today. Those reservations we highlighted

with the Government officials

we met with last week. This

is a policy that continues to

have inadequate protections

for people who would be sent

to Malaysia. This is a

policy that has inadequate

measures to ensure that it

would provide an ongoing deterrent, even if it were in

place. This is a policy with

a used by date of just 800

people who may be

transferred. Now, 400 people

have turned up since that

agreement was signed. Almost

1,000 people have turned up

since the arrangement was

announced and so for the

Government to think that

somehow only 400 people will

turn up over the next four

years under their policies,

they are truly, truly

delusional. In addition,

this is a policy which leaves

itself exposed to being

undermined by the need to

provide exempts. Every time

this Government would have to

provide an exemption of not sending someone to Malaysia t

would be undermining the deterrent value they claim it

has. And so this is a policy

that has deep policy flaws.

When the Coalition has put

these policy flaws to the

Government, they have been

unable to address them. So

instead of addressing those

policy flaws, this is a

desperate minister looking

for a legal excuse to put in

policy from this Government. place yet another failed

My message to the Labor

members in the caucus room,

particularly those in the left of the Labor Party is

this, how can they stand by

and have their minister put

upon them a policy that they know does not provide

protections to people who he

wants to send to Malaysia?

And to support him in seeking

a legal excuse for that, is