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(generated from captions) to discuss their strategy. AFL clubs will meet today joins me now from Hobart. Independent Andrew Wilkie Good morning to you. group against Julia Gillard. This has become a powerful lobby you'll get the reforms you want? How confident are you that Mel, I remain very confident. Not only are these well thought out reforms but at every turn, the Federal government has done the right thing by me. For Julia

Gillard, for Jenny Macklin, this right thing by me. For Julia isn't just about honouring an agreement with me, it's about introducing harm ministerisation measures. It's not just about requiring gamblers to set a limit. The other part of the reform, which has been written out of the industry's narrative is that machines on which you bet $ machines on which you bet $1 or less won't be part of mandatory pre commitment. The 88% of Australians who currently gamble $ who currently gamble $1 or less per spin, they won't require a card. You won't hear that from an industry that has been so dishonest, to scare members and staff. Who do we believe in this? I've got to admit, as a non-gam letter, as a voter. We hear from you one side,

hear from clubs Australia another side. We hear that 15% of people are regular gamblers? Look, I think it's worthwhile to go back to the original productivity mission report which came out mid last year. The productivity commission is hardly a bleeding hearts commission. Two of its recommendations were that people

want to play high intensity poker recommendations were that people who

machines should be required to identify how much they are prepared to lose before they start gambling and that the system should lock them out when they reach that system. No one goes to the pub or the club or casino, they go there with the intention ever acting sensibly. They start to chase their losses, they get into that zone and they end up losing everything. That's where pre commitment,

commitment, that's why we see it as such a important tool. So too special provision for recreational gamblers, it's a recommendation. They are not Andrew gamblers, it's a productivity Wilkie's ideas, they are not the government's ideas. You've just to be very careful about listening government's ideas. You've just have to a industry for whom this is all about profit and the bottom line and not about the welfare

not about the welfare of Australia 95,000 problem gamblers. You referred there to the Salvation Army not being onboard with this, that's another area in which the industry is misleading people. The fact is, the Salvation Army is in two zones in Australia. One zone is fully behind mandatory pre commitment, the other zone has not rejected it, it has simply said it would like to see more trials before it endorses it. Weigh all up that against

Weigh all up that against the it will have on the sporting Weigh all up that against the impact industry. Eddy Maguire is calling it attack Os footy. Eddy I am sure is a good man. He knows that is misleading. It's out of order for him to be using such inflammatory language. It's also out of order for Jeff Kennett, for a man who has done so much good work for people with mental illness, he should know that problem gam

knowledge is a major source of should know that problem gam mental illness. I think the prubl interest if these representatives of a multi billion industry started focussing more on the people who are affected. We are talking, mums, dads, brothers and sisters, work colleagues, friends, 95,000 people out there who are problem letters on poker machines and the out there who are problem gam industry should work with

bring in some harm ministerisation industry should work with me to

measures. Reports that Tony Abbott has told his MPs to prepare for a snap pole with Kevin Rudd as Labor leader and without a carbon tax. If you walk without a carbon tax

out on the Gillard government, is that what we will see at the next election? Look, I've said repeatedly that I will be very hard pressed to support a replacement of Julia

a replacement of Julia Gillard. My assessment is the most likely outcome from here is that this Parliament will run three years. It's in the government's interest that it runs three years, it's in my interest that it runs three years. All the four cross benches have made it clear our support is with Julia Gillard. I have made it clear that I would be hard pressed to support a successor. Who knows what will Give me two hypothetically, the happen.


pokie reform doesn't get up, and two credit, is leader before the end of the year. What do you do? Everybody knows the bottom line about the poker machine reform. Government has shown a good amount of goodwill. There are more than 20 people working on this. I think they will get up, I think the numbers are on the cross bench. I think the overwhelming majority of Australians want the reforms to succeed cease. As far as Julia Gillard being toppled or her toppled or her resigning, I can't comment on that. It comment on that. It depends on numerous circumstances Hang on, I want you to because you are kind of holding the power in your hands. We want to know. Yeah, but I can't answer that question, Mel. I understand why you would like an answer, I would to be able to answer it. I need to would like an answer, I would like know the circumstances in Julia Gillard might resign or be know the circumstances in which toppled. I need to know who leader of the opposition is at the toppled. I need to know who the time, there time, there would presumably be another period of negotiations. It depends on those negotiations but I do think at the moment that media is beating this up. I think the majority - the clear majority in

majority - the clear majority in the ALP is what they need is re bed these down, let us live with them. Andrew, thank you for your time this Thank you, Mel.. Thank you, Mel. morning.