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(generated from captions) something, mate. Ah, Alan, I'd like to show you That's you stealing money off Jim. Oh. this is stupid, irrational. Part of them is saying to this man for stealing money. I'd like you to say sorry hence the difficulty in talking. Jim has also developed mouth cancer, in the name of WorkCover, Enter Alan Simpson in assisting Jim to recover. engaged for the past 12 months went outside But whenever trusting Jim Simpson's scheduled visits, during one of to go to another room of the house the crafty councillor was quick Jim saves in a biscuit tin. and pocket the gold coins And over a year, it all adds up. How much do you think he's taken? when you see that? How do you really feel Say it. While Jim was outside, returned to the loot three times the brazen bandit to plunder more cash. With gold coins? But was it just a oncer? in there again. OK, Jim, put your hard-earned Oh, well. in shiny $2 coins. This time, the bait was another $130 went gold prospecting again, The shameless Simpson sitting in the adjoining room. even with Jim with his hand in the cookie jar Jim almost sprung him didn't miss a beat. but the cunning counsellor and just said, He would have picked the phone up This is where I'm going. Look, Jim, I'm moving on. put Alan Simpson on the spot. With video proof, Jim can finally Truly. I've only got a few dollars here. I've got enough money of my own. I haven't taken any of your money. of my own, Jim. Look, I've got enough money I don't need your money. I've got enough money. But, of course, that's a lie. We've got you on camera. stealing money, You've been caught on camera last time and this time where's the coins this time? so, your pocket, What about the other pocket? I've only got a few coins. No, what about that pocket? And a couple in there. a lot more than a couple. That seems like that's a simple question. Please tell us why you did it, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jim. Sorry, mate. what's wrong with you. Alan, I just don't understand Hmm. You're here representing WorkCover. this man, his interests You're supposed to be looking after and yet, you're stealing from him. I...yeah, I'm so sorry. I know, and I'm... Can I ask you why? Why did you do it? Why, Alan? Do you need the money? that's all. I'm just strapped for cash, Hey? Just strapped for cash. Is it a poker machine situation?

Yes. It is a poker machine addiction? from all walks of life - Pokies hit people doctors, lawyers, professionals. It really is a case to these things where anyone can get addicted can drive people and the consequences to feed their addiction. to commit criminal acts Senator Nick Xenaphon says 'No-Pokies' that poker machines destroy lives it's a sad reality and this is another classic case. careers ruined You end up having lives ruined, so-called entertainment product. because of addiction to a Today it's $135. Last time it was around about $130. I take it, that's in the pocket. May I? because they're not yours. Can you please take those out They're his. Yes, I know. or give them back to Jim. Please give me those I'm so sorry, Jim. I just don't understand why. So sorry. I'm sorry. It's not bad pocket money, is it? you will pay that money back to him? Can I get a guarantee I'll pay it back to him. If he wants it back, The ripple effect here is massive. The consequences are very deep. employer, WorkCover South Australia, Alan Simpson has confessed to his and has been suspended. to each of his clients. New counsellors have been assigned check the label on your cooking oil. Still ahead - why it's worthwhile to Helen Wellings investigates to be healthy could be anything but. how oils that are supposed flu season, We're just halfway through the worst in decades. and already it's being called