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(generated from captions) late her the year. Thank you

very much for joining us. Thank you.

Meanwhile the Opposition

Leader Tony Abbott has been

reflecting on the reform proposal that Julia Gillard

is putting to the states

today. He is -- has already

described this as the biggest

sured render since the fall

of Singapore so he is

painting this as a massive

Labor backdown, Julia Gillard

walking away from elements of

the original proposal put by

Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott and

his health spokesman has been

talking to the media in

Sydney. Here is what he had

to say a short time ago.

Thanks very much for coming

out on a Sunday afternoon. I appreciate you being here. It

is good to have Peter Dutton,

the shadow minister for

health with me. Obviously the

COAG meeting is still continuing and Peter and I

will have more to say in

coming days about anything

that comes out of it. I think

it's pretty clear from what

the Premiers have said on the

way in about this deal being

very difficult to come by

that they're trying to

carefully stage manage this

to look like it is some kind

of a victory for the Prime

Minister. The point that I

want to make is that anyone

can get a deal by backing

down on all her key demands

and that is essentially what

the Prime Minister has been

doing over the last few days.

If you go back to Prime

Minister Rudd's statement of

April last year he said

correctly that public

hospitals should be locally

run and nationally funded.

That is what he said. Health

reform was all about. Kevin

Rudd was dead right when he

said health reform and

hospital reform buzz all

about public hospitals which

were nationally funded and

locally run. There will be

neither national funding or

true local control coming out

of this deal - at least on

the basis of what weave seen

so far. By contrast, the

policy which the Coalition

took to the last election did

provide for genuine local

control and it did offer the

possibility of genuine

national funding. Our policy

involved more beds, it

involved real boards, it

involved a much better deal

for mental health. It was a

good policy and if the Prime

Minister at the 11th hour

wants to do a deal that will

make a real difference for

patients she should reach up

to the shelf and take our

policy down from the shelf

and adopt it. Obviously if

she were to do that she would

have the full support of the

Opposition. As things stand I

can fully understand why

Kevin Rudd stormed out of the

Cabinet meeting on Thursday

night. I can fully understand

why Nicola Roxon did not

stand at the Prime Minister's

side on Friday and appears to

have had no part whatsoever

in these discussions today

because the policy that they

were committed to has

essentially been abandoned.

On what we have seen so far

it looks like this is a big

win for the Premiers and a

humiliating backdown for the

Prime Minister. The Prime

Minister said that this was

going to be the year of

decision and delivery,

instead it is going to be the

year of backflips and broken

promises. It's hard to see

anything in what's been

announced or flagged so far

that is going to make a real

difference to patients and in

the ent what we want is a fix

for patients, we don't want

just a fix for politicians. Peter, over to you.

Thanks Tony. The only thing

I would add is that for mums

and dads who are sitting in emergency departments

tonight, those parents who

are sitting in an emergency

department in two or throw or

four years time will be

asking themselves what was

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard all of this about because

have been promising since

2007 to fix public hospitals

or take them over by

mid-2009, miss Gillard now is

promising 50/50 funding

somewhere around 2020 for 13

days after they first made the announcement they would

fix public hospitals so the

more that Julia Gillard talks

the less gets done. That is a

bad outcome for patients and

as Tony says it is abundantly

clear that the Labor premiers

today have tried to establish a belief that this is going

to be a hard deal to strike

when in actual fact it is very likely Julia Gillard

will do a deal and it will be

on the basis of her having

backed down from every

principle and it just shows that I don't think Julia

Gillard is up to the job. Any questions.

So you think Gillard should

have stuck to the Rudd deal?

I think his principle that

public hospitals should be

locally run and nationally

funded is a good principle. I

think that the details were

full of all sorts of bad

outcomes. I never thought

that it should involve the

confiscation of the GST. So

the Opposition's critique of

the Rudd deal from last year

has been entirely vindicated.

The point that I make is that

first this is a huge and

humiliating backdown by the

Prime Minister. It is a

complete broken promise and I

think people who supported

the original Rudd plan and

who voted for the Labor Party

on its basis taught feel very

ripped off. So it is a

complete backdown by the

Prime Minister and, as I

said, there is very little in

what's been announced or

flagged so far that is going

to make any difference for

patients. In the end,

hospital reform has got to be

politics. about patients, not about

Do you think she has backed

down just for the sake of a deal?

I think she has realised

that in this respect, as in

so many others, she has

inherited a dud but at least

you knew what Kevin Rudd wanted. It might have often

been, in many respects,

flawed but at least you knew

what he stood for. You don't

know what this Prime Minister

stands for other than

promises. backflips and broken

So just on another matter

this morning in the paper

there was an article Andrew

Robb issued a statement about

Joe Hockey, is there any leadership tensions on your front?

Nope. I think that Andrew Robb's statement completely

deals with the matter.

No rumblings and no conflict? Andrew's statement completely deals with the

matter. Pretend a deal has been

struck with the states, so

you think that is simply a

deal that she has backed

down. It is quite an easy

deal to make?

As I said, anyone can get a

deal by backing down on all

their key demands. That is no