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(generated from captions) prejudice still in this country. There is a lot of ingrained I'm angry, bitter I'm as a second-grade citizen. and I feel like as if when it comes to securing a job, Australian-born Miroslaw Mirski says is to sound like an Englishman. the name of the game My Christian name I changed to John is still being looked at. and my surname 22 months unemployed, with Polish heritage the qualified engineer Anglo-Saxon sounding candidates. is convinced Aussie employers prefer Professor Andrew Leigh agrees. come for Anglo-Australians. The most call backs for Chinese job seekers. The fewest come Professor Leigh the Australian National University and researchers from put employers to the test. Sending out 4,000 identical resumes to different ethnic names. to measure reactions that names were more important Discovering listed by the so-called candidates. than the details and experience were called back 35% of the time Finding, Anglo-Saxons the Indigenous, followed by Italians, and Chinese job hunters. then the Middle Eastern They're all fake CVs differences in call back rates so we can be sure that if we see and John Smith, between Ahmed Harrari rather than anything else. that's actually racism for more then 1,000 jobs, After applying unsuccessfully Sudanese job seeker Agnok Lueth Daniel McClean. actually resorted to using the alias submitted, Of the six fake-name applications he received five call backs. that we are not being accepted?" We ask ourselves, "Why is it is Secretary General Saturnino Onyala Sudanese Community Association. of Australia's being graduated here in Australia But now we're being trained and that we can't get a job. and yet we find to understand this situation. We find it extremely difficult to get the best person for the job The aim is

from a particular background, and the best person doesn't come is not a particular gender. that is most qualified It's the person and most able to do the job. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CEO of the Victorian Employers Mark Stone, believes is almost non-existent. employment racism who were not born here in Australia We've got 25% of Australians other than English at home and 40% speak a language at almost zero, so, with employment running a very strong diversity we've already got across our employment population. Yet, Taiwanese-born Ya-Hui Yang looking for work in Australia, spent more than 10 years according to husband Dirk Biddle. on the resume, When they see her name they see an Asian name, she doesn't understand" they think, "Well, perhaps into her resume. and maybe not read further Australian standards, And despite meeting Moataz Shagi experienced anaesthetist health care positions with no luck. applied for more than 85 in medical workforce, Everyone talk about shortage we are ready for work. but we are sitting here, No-one give us the opportunity. Where's the justice? it's quite difficult to prove I mean, as you can see, have got the upper hand. and the employers, at the moment, Keep looking. So you keep looking? That was Jackie Quist reporting. Here's what's coming up. The granny goes Grand Prix. Next - Her fast track to internet stardom. Plus, sugar, sugar everywhere. The hidden sugar in everyday food.