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Live. Tonight, heartbreaking farewells for those lost in the Christmas Island disasters. Taxpayers pick up

the tab for flying in grieving relatives Coalition rift. From my

perspective, I would never seek

to deny a parent or a child

from saying goodbye to their

relative. Revolution in the air - pro-democracy fervour spreads

to Iran. And Premier Bligh

honours Queensland's disaster

victims. The summer of

2010-2011 will be remembered as

our summer of sorrow.

Good evening. And welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia Haussegger. There's been an

outpouring of grief at Muslim

and Christian funerals in

Sydney as survivors of the

loved once. Families made an commild disaster farewell their

emotional appeal to Government

to free the aslyum seekers who

survived the tragedy but in detention on the island. But

as we report, the way the

survivors are being treated has

become a political issue and it's dividing the Coalition. Grief for the lives

that could not be saved. is the first time survivors and

relatives of those killed in

the commild ship wreck have

been allowed out of detention

since the tragedy two months

again. They've been bussed in

for a brief reunion with

relatives at the funerals . It

is very heartless and very

rough that the Government

should show some humanity here,

some of these people have lost

all of their entire

family. 8-year-old Sinan from

Iran is among the He's burying his father, the bodies of his mother and

brother have not been found.

Today there were calls for him to be released from

deattention. I pray for him. I

feel very hard They will be

moved into the community but

sensitively and at a time which is appropriate. Sinan's aunty

who lost her sister was today inconsoluble. She was not

alone. Australian people had

them, don't return them to

Christmas Island. Because the

reason jail. The operators of the detention centre did not want detainees like Madian el Ibrahimy to talk to the

media. Madian el Ibrahimy was

today burying his baby daughter

Speaking through an died in the ship wreck. Zara. His wife and son also

interpreter, he says he just

wants to be with his

Sydney-based brother. Tran I

have nobody left and only I

have my brother here. If the

Opposition immigration

spokesman had his way, these funerals would have been held

on Christmas Island. If those

in Sydney want to attend that funeral they could have met

their own expenses by

travelling to where the

ceremony was to be held But

that stance is one that's not necessarily shared by all those

in the Coalition. From my

perspective, I would never seek

to deny a parent or a child

from saying goodbye to their relative. It's a appropriate to

allow people to bury their dead and to grieve and to show them

some respect as they do it. But

few could truly understand few could truly understand the

scale of this grief, a family

of five swept to their death

including two children including two children under

10. Around 30 people have been

detained and interviewed for

work illegally at a Canberra

construction site. Department

of Immigration and police

officers raided the Barton site

this morning, a South Korean man and 29 chedz nationals were

will taken to Villawood

Detention Centre. Their

employers could face heavy fine up to two years imprisonment. up to two years imprisonment. A

number of subcontractors have

been working at the tiet and a

Doma Group says the head spokesman for the developer

builder has been cooperating

fully with the immigration department. ACT Liberal Senator

Gary Humphries has defend his

decision to table in parliament

a petition calling for a

moratorium on Muslim immigration. The petition is

signed by three people from

Sydney and asks for a review of Sydney and asks for

immigration policy to ensure

priority is given to Christians. Other snaurs backed away from the document but

Senator Humphries says while

it's a hot issue he tabled it in the interests of free speech..

The reason for tabling the petition is not to indicate

support for its point of view,

but to indicate support for the

right of Australians to be

heard in the national

parliament. One would question his thought process, his really his willingness to put something like this

forward. Muslim leaders say the

Senator will probably have to explain himself to Canberra's Muslim community. Ribbian

demonstrators are heading back

on to the street of the capital

protests that began in Tunisia

and Egypt has spread to Tehran.

Police used tear gas to

disperse the anti-Government

mass overnight. At least one

demonstrator was killed. The rally was called

solidarity with the people of Egypt m of whom are still protesting on the streets. Three days after Hosni

Mubarak stepped down as

President, many Egyptians are

still protesting on the streets

of Cairo. They may have

achieved their main aim but now

they're trying to secure better

pay and conditions from the

country's military junta. The success of the Egyptian

protests has spurred on

Opposition groups in other

countries, particularly Iran.

Thousands of anti-Government protesters there took to the streets overnight. Here they

can be heard chanting Mubarak,

Bern Ali now it's your turn

supreme leader Ayotallah Sayyid Ali, the name of Iran's

Khamenei. This is a rather show

of dissent against the country's entrenched ruler and

it's been met with a firm hand by the security forces who

responded with tear gas, paint balls and dozens of arrests. The difference is the

Iranian security forces have

down very hard on the been told to crack and crack

Opposition. I'm sure they will

do that. Iran's two key

Opposition Leader are reportedly under house arrest

and access to many Internet

Secretary of State Hillary sites has been blocked. The US

Clinton has criticised the Iranian Government response.

the demonstrators. They deserve While praising the courage of

to have the same rights that

they saw being played out in

Egypt and that are part of their own protests are the first major

show of public dissent in Iran

since 2009. When hundreds of

thousands of people took to thousands of people took to the streets in the wake of the country's disputed Presidential

election. Those protests were crushed mercilessly. It's too

early to say if these latest protest will develop into a

similar mass movement but it's

clear that events in Tunisia and particularly Egypt have

stirred Iran's Opposition back

to life. It's been a sombre

start to the Queensland

parliamentary year with MPs

reflecting on the floods and cyclones that ravaged large trablingts of that State. Politicians recalled the horror

of the disasters and shed tears

for the families and towns torn

apart. But they also celebrated

the outpouring of support and generosity that followed. Political swipes took

a back seat in Queensland parliament today, as acknowledged the heartbreak of

recent times. The summer of

2010-2011 will be remembered as

our summer of sorrow. The

terror may be gone but the

grief is real. 36 people died

in the disasters, 22 of them in

Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley,. The family who lost beautiful 2-year-old

Jessica. Some are still

missing. MPs recounted the

terror of the twin disasters..

The relentless howling of those

terrifying intimidating gusts

of wind. I was scared. There were

were also frustrations aimed at

the insurance companies some of

which are still sending out

renewal notices in the flood devastated south-east. How insensitive of

there is nothing left to insure. But they also gave thank tors if efforts of the

thousands of volunteers. From

the hell of the lost liveses and lost possession, have

emerged tales of great heroism,

tales of tales of self-lessness, tales of the Queensland heart and spirit. In far North Queensland

spirits are waning as the

cyclone Yasi clean-up

continues. 12,000 homes are

still without power and the

defence force has pulled out..

The drop in morale. People like

to see those soldiers around. Leaving on the SES

crews to help. My mother always

said the lord hopes those that

help themselves. Well I sure

need help now. And health authorities are worried about an outbreak of dengue fever. We

need to make sure there's no recepticals, palm fronds

upturned full of water. In the

last fortnight there's been 17

confirmed cases in the Tully region. Telstra has announced a

major upgrade to its wireless

Internet service. The 4G will deliver deliver faster data speeds as

well as better video

conferencing and smart phone connections. But the

announcement has sparked more

redat about the viability redat about the viability of

the Government's new broadband

network. Telstra is tapping

into an insatiable appetite for

Internet on the go. And it says the 4G network will make it

even faster. 4G is going to

make it far more effective and far more far more efficient for all

these applications to become

available over the mobile phone. So people will be using their phones increasingly as screens. The new technology

will be available in capital cities and some regional areas

by the end of the year, if you

have the right type of

phone. The 3G phone that you

have now will not be working on

the new 4G network, so you will have to buy a new smart phone. The announcement

coincides with the release of a

report which says wireless

services could draw customers

away from the Federal

Government's National Broadband

Network. Being fixated as the

Government is on finer to the

home, is putting all of your

money on one technology that is just one way of accessing the Internet. Some analysts Internet. Some analysts agree

the viability of the National

Broadband Network is at

stake. Wireless technology of

course competes and if you look at the growth of broadband in

the last three years, it's all

been about wireless

broadband. But others insist a

wireless network will never

take over completely. I applaud it and I don't see it

as a threat to the National

Broadband Network. Some 15% of

people in Australia have

dropped the fixed line but the

majority are still using the

fixed line and at the same time using the mobile

phone. Wireless and fixed line

are complimentary, people will want want both. But many won't get

both until the National Broadband Network is fully

rolled out in 2020. The ACT public service could be

streamlined into a sick single department if

department if the Government

accepts recommendation of the Hawke review. It uraniums a

restructuring that would put

all dups under one umbrella.

The Government says the report

is bold and offers solutions

but it's set up a task force to review the new blueprint for the public

service and the Chief Ministers flagging changes. The Government accepts the wisdom

of the report in its totality and it's itself recommendations

in the broad. Dr Allan Hawke led the review at the the Government's request. The ACT public service is

certainly not broken. But he

sees room for improvement and

has made 76 recommendations.

His central recommendation is that

that the public service be restructured into one agency

run by a chief executive. The

Government's existing 10

departments would be replaced by directorate.

The review has sought to

rereduce fragmentation and dispersal of effort and to

eradicate duplication of roles and responsibilities. The

workings of some existing agencies are scut nooi Current arrangements

in relation to relation to land and planning are at best

hindering if not actively obstructing

obstructing achievement of the Government's objectives. The

Opposition says the report

delivers a fail grade for the Government. Despite claims that

they'd reforpd things in 2006, the direction of the Government, the structure of

the Government, is all wrong and it needs a fundamental

reworking. The public sector

union is trawling through the

detail and has welcomed the Government's undertaking that

no jobs will be lost. We do

welcome the assurances from the

Government that this report is

not about delivering even

further efficiencies than

they've already clawed out of

the local service over recent

disglaers the ACT Government

says it's yet to absorb the

detail of report and decide

accept. Lit set up a task force to oversee process. Australia's

navy fleet has been hit by

another wave of seaworthiness problems. The heavy landing

ship boat Bott can't go back to sea because of faults

gear. It makes it the third navy ship in as many weeks to

be ruled unfit for service. HMAS 'Manoora' will be retired and the 'Kanimbla' is in dock for repairs until next year. The Defence Minister has condemned

condemned the navy's make-do culture

culture and installed a team of

experts to sort out the bungle. The current state of

our amphibious lift capability

is a sobering reminder of our

challenges and the risks we run

if defence and defence industry don't get it right. The

Opposition says the Minister's

been am burned by his department which needs more than a new layer of

to fix it. Twin 4-year-old boys

who were trapped in a burning garage in Melbourne last night are

are fighting for their lives in

hospital. The brothers were

playing when there was an

explosion and their clothes

caught fire. Today, distressed

neighbours spoke of their efforts to

efforts to save the boys. Streets away, Hampton

Park residents saw the flames.

But across the road, neighbours

could hear the little boys

screaming. Just didn't know how

many people were in there, what

we could do, but got to about

20m and couldn't go any closer

because the flames were just

too - way too strong, too

hot. Like a big bang. And then

like flames raising up and

smoke in the air The

4-year-olds were playing in the

garage of their house on Fordholm Street at about 7 o'clock. Witnesses heard a

series of explosions, many

watched on as the boys' father frantically tried to rescue knowing that people are in

there and you can't do

anything When the man finally

managed to free his sons neighbours took the brothers

and poured cool water over

them. Someone came with a

little boy to hold, so I was holding him until

and everyone arrived. You could

see the family were in a lot of

distress. The twins were air

lifted to the Royal Children's Hospital, their conditions

critical. One suffered burns to

80% of his body, the other to

50%. Their father was treated

for burns to his hands and feet

in the Dandenong Hospital. The

cause of the blaze is still

being investigated, but it's not believed to be

suspicious. A woman accused of

murdering a man in Canberra in

2008 has she had an interest in fives

from an early age. The 20-year-old who was 17 at the

time of the incident stabbed

Cameron Anderson to death in

Telopea Park in Kingston. The

defence says it was self-defence, today she told the court she was carrying a

knife on the night of the

stabbing because she felt threatened in an incident with

a man the night before. She

also described her troubled

past including sexual abuse by

her former step-father when she

was a child. She'll continue to

give evidence tomorrow. With the United States facing a record deficit, Barack Obama

has unveiled a $3.7 trillion

Budget with spending cuts and

tax hikes at its core. The

President has warned Americans

they'll have to live within

their means even if mike make tough choices. Barack

Obama got a rock star welcome

from students as he unveiled

his Budget and a big boost in spending for education. You

guys see that? That's

massive But he's slashing

spending elsewhere in a bid to

rein in America's spiralling

deficit, set to be more than $1.6 trillion this year. If

we're going to walk the walk

when it comes to fiscal

discipline, these kinds of cuts will be necessary. President Obama confessing to tough

choices as he tried to find a

trillion dollars in savings

over the next decade. There's a

five year freeze on

discretionary spending, cuts to environmental programs and

heating subsidies for the

And $7 # billion will be sliced

from defence. That level of

spending is lower than it was

under the last three

Administrations and it will be

lower than it was under Ronald

Reagan. He might want to shed a

reputation as a big spender but

Republicans like House member Paul Ryan aren't buying Paul Ryan aren't buying it. It would be better doing nothing

than if we were to actually

pass in Budget. Republicans

want even deeper cuts and point

to voter anger at the mid-term

elections to prove most

Americans do too. It's not too

late for America to get things

fixed. It is not too let the right our ship The President's

budget is considered budget is considered the

opening bid in this process,

there'll be months of political

and policy battles ahead as

each side tries to prove it's

more capable of bringing the

down the debt. To finance and

both the local share market and

the Australian dollar were steady today. And Reserve minutes confirmed that interest

rates are on hold for the foreseeable future. Here's Alan

Kohler. First, here's a graph

of the US fiscal balance in the

light of the new Budget request

from President Obama. In

Australia, we've been arguing about when the Budget will go

back into surplus, in America,

there's no argument about that,

because it's never going back

into surplus or at least not as

far as anyone can predict. The dotted line shows what would

happen if nothing changed. The

solid line shows what President

Obama is now proposing to

Congress ch it's better than

dollar line I guess. Meanwhile

on the other side of the

Pacific China's GDP has just

overtaken Japans. Next stop -

America. China's GDP is now 5.8

trillion US dollars compared to j pan's 5.4, thanks to 10.3% growth last year compared to

3.9% which was pretty good for

Japan. The question is how long

can China keep growing like

that. Inflation has just ticked

up to 5% in January thanks to

rising food prices so there's a growing sense among observers

that the authority also have to slow things down there with higher interest rates. Meanwhile

Meanwhile the trade surplus has

halved to 6.5 billion in January because of sharply

rising imports. It was a quiet

day on share markets today. US

and European markets edged up a

bi. Chinese shares are trading

nearly 1% highary t Greek share

market is having a huge run at

the moment up 16% so far this

year in Australia, the All

Ordinaries was basically flat,

Westpac shares eased after the

bank reported slightly lower

earnings, there was a bit of a

switch on between Rio and BHP

Billiton today while News Corp fell more Australian dollar was steady as well, Tate itself fell to

exactly one to one with the US

dollar at India night and then

gradually climbed to be be a

dollar and half a cent. And

that's finance. Country towns

and regional communities were once the well strange of the

edevout but ageing and disarrange congregations are prompting some church groups to

cut masses. Others are offering

new services as we report. They

can be a place of refuge, prayer and transformation. Feeling of

feet, relaxing your toes. And at this Anglican church

meditation is becoming a

popular part of community outreach. Sompbilities much

tension, so much fire that gets

us going Churches are being

forced to change to better serve their

have been declining probably in

line with community

decline. Across the board down on the 'Manoora' and the coast

and out west, what we're seeing

is the vanishing villages. Perhaps par DOCSically the Australian census showing the number census showing the number of

proclaimed true believers has

increased but the church says the number of practising

Catholics has fallen by a third

in the last two decades. The

decline assisted by the drought

and a more mobile society. I

think we have not been as

attentive as we might have

been. Masses have been cut and

for are expected. We have too

many masses and I think that's

true. We are going to true. We are going to ask

people at times to go further

for mass. But the Anglican

church says it's not ready to

slash services just yet. We're

looking to continue our

ministry in those places both

through ordained people, through priests and through lay people The Catholic church is

with fewer priests serving

larger parishes . More of a

team model, that doesn't

compromise the place of the

priest but in fact I think

supports the priest. And while

there's no donkey these days, they are reviving the

missionary model. Could one small step in a sandpit be one

giant leap in the race to Mars?

Two European astronauts have

made their first tentative

foray on this sandy simulation

of the red planet. They're part

of a 6-man crew who have spent

the past 8 months locked insad

spaceship sized pod on earth. Russian scientists hope the

experiment will help them

understand how humans will cope

on a really expe kition to

Mars. Distances, huge risk and

then constant threat to life

all the way through, so

psychologically and physically, I I just unimaginably hard The

exorbitant cost of a mission to

Mars means this virtual

expedition is as close as

anyone will get in the fear future. Mat Giteau has confirmed that he'll leave

Australian rugby after the

World Cup, the Braymaker said today he'd

signed an 18 month deal with the French club Toulon, he'll head there in November. Just a

few days out from the start of

the World Cup, some of the

leading nations are talking

their chances of finally

dethroning Australia. The

three-time defending champions complete their preparation

tonight with a warm-up game

against South Africa. The air of domination is now longer

there for the number one ranked

side. Australia's inconsistency

form and apparent frustratity

on the spin friendly

subcontinent has other teams fancying their chances. We have some tremendous talent in our

team, just a matter of making

sure that under pressure we

believe we are good enough to take on the world's best Even

after a humbling f-1 series

loss in Australia, England still high on confidence publicly at least. The England

team I know has set out its

goals, obviously one was to win

the a, the other one was to win the World

the World Cup. We've achieved one of them. India only

enhanced its favouritism with

its strong win over Australia

on Monday, but the pressure of

expectation might be the host

nation 's downfall. They've got

to stay in the present moment,

not any about winning. Australia playing its

opening match against Zimbabwe

on Monday night. At his best

Ronaldo was the golden boy of

Brazilian football, a superstar

of the world stage. But injury ended the 34-year-old's glittering career.

TRANSLATION: It's very hard to

leave something that made me so

happy, something I put my dedication

dedication in, something I love

so much. Butty of admit some defeats and defeats and I lost to my body. Ronaldo inspired his

country to success in the 2002

World Cup, the striker still

holds the World Cup goal

scoring record with 15. From

one of the world's greats to an

Australian legend, Mark Viduka

has finally confirmed his

career is over. Viduka ended the speculation after becoming

just the fourth person the to

receive the players union top

award the Alec Tobin

medal. Whinge when you get an I

ward it's special because those

people know exactly what it

takes and what act office you

this sport During a 17-year need to to achieve things

career Viduka scored more than

250 goals and captained the

Socceroos at the 2006 World

Cup. And now with a a look at

today's weather here is Mark

Carmody. Thank you Virginia.

And good evening. I've never

seen so many people LBG as there was this morning, seen so many people around lake

walkingers, joggers, cyclists,

rowers even a couple of balloons but

balloons but then again it

wasn't a bad morning, after a pretty good sunrise. Around Australia today -

And Darwin is copping heaps

because there's a monsoonal low

off the coast resulting in a

potential cyclone watch being

issued and if it forms it will

be called Carlos. The cloud over the south-east is associated with a trough, that's already generated rain

if Broken Hill and Wilcannia

today. And that trough will tomorrow, after linking up with

a series of cold fronts in the Bight. In the State capitals tomorrow -snm?

risers again with the showers It should be OK for early

not really expected here until

lunch time but there could

to 20mm in it. Again, the winds will be moderate east south-easterlies. If you're south-easterlies. If

using the sunrise as an alarm, it will rise at 6:37.

Sunday, it will really help

the late summer show at the Old

Parliament House rose gardens.

You know the name of this one,

Double Delight, probably the

most popular rose there is. Of

course I knew that! Thanks

Mark. Before we go a brief

recap of our top story tonight

- victims of the Christmas

Island ship wreck have been farewelled at a funeral service

in Sydney. Taxpayer funding for

funeral arrangments has led a rift in Coalition funeral arrangments has led to

that's ABC News. Stay with us

now for the '7:30 Report'. And

row can keep up with the latest

news at ABC online and I'll be

back with a news update at back with a news update at

8:30. Until then, good night. Captions by CSI.

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you're the one who's gonna

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