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(generated from captions) over the loss of her mother

Marion and her life long

friend. Better take to you a

news conference just in now, dep yes premier Wayne Swan

has been in Mackay to open a

new sports stadium, he also

spoke to reporters about the

top picks. Day including the

trough seal surrounding Craig Thomson, Labor MP

Allegationv been made and

they have been denied by Mr

Thompson. I think it too

early for people to be

jumping to conclusions, we

ought to let the processes

that are in place reach their

conclusion. For my part, I'm

concentrating on the economy,

there's a bit of turn lens

around in the economy,

Australia is strong compared

to many other parts of the

world, that's what I

concentrate on. Is it, I

guess taking away from things

like that, these allegations

I think what people want to

see is a discussion about the

policy issues, I think people

are really interested in what

is going on around the world,

where does Australia fit in

to the global economy.

Thankfully we have one of the strongest developed

economies, we are in a part

of the world which is growing

more sfrongly, there are

challenges in Europe and the

United States. People are

really interested in what's

going on economically, around

the globe, what's going on

here, that's what I spend my

time on If the allegations are substantiated will the

ALP or the unions take

action They're denied,

people shouldn't be reaching

conclusions, there are

processes in place. I guess

another 71 asylum seekers,

stance on this, I believe, I what's the Government's

guess, you're waiting to find

out what to do with these

people? The Government has

made it really clear, we are

determined to break the

people smuggling model, so

those a rivals, will be

processed for pre-transfer

and they will end up in

another country. The message

to the people smugglers and

to all of those considering

coming is they come here they

will be processed in another country, te they will end up

at the back of a very long

queue I guess that leads us

to Manus Island, Sarah Hanson

young has called for a

inquiry, what's is your

thoughts on that? This is

the first step in steak a

processing centre on Manus

Island, part and parcel of

our plan to break the

smuggling modelling. The

Government wants to break it,

we are determined to do

that Is there any way we

could nip it in the bud at

the source? We work very

hard on that as well. We work

very hard on nipping it in

the bud at the source, we do

stop many boats from coming.

Sadly when those boats come

there with be tragic consequences, we have to

break their model and send

the message that if people

come by boats they'll end up

going back to the end of a

very long queue in

Malaysia If Manus Island -

Manus Island is a solution

how long are you looking at

that We have officials

the local authorities, we engaged in discussions with

will be in a position to make

announcements about that in

the future. Can we contain

this issue, or are we going

to be over run? I think

it's very important to send a

very clear message to the