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(generated from captions) highlights tomorrow morning of hopefully Australia winning that match against India. See how our George goes.Virginia's George, as well call him. Vanessa, good morning.Let's go to Queensland where swept through the south-east damaging roofs and bringing down powerlines yesterday afternoon. The same storm system that hit NSW, down pours continued throughout the night. More severe thunderstorms are likely for this area and the Capricornia this afternoon. Now the stormy weather is being trough.
generated by a slow-moving trough. This is slowly pushing the warmer air, showers and storms into Queensland's tropics. A low is also causing storms in northern WA into
got heat that's pushing down into the south-west. A high moving through the Bight clearing the showers across the south but another cold front across
will cause some showery winds across Tasmania, mainly for the west.

Our top story this morning - a national strike force against organised criminal bikie has just been announced. Federal Police are joining forces with their State counterparts to coordinate the crackdown.Customs and Border Protection will work with the Crime Commission to stop criminal bikie gangs coming into Australia. The Victorian Premier has welcomed the Commonwealth's acknowledgment that outlaw bikie gangs are a national problem.A generation of young people could be lost to poverty and disadvantage, that's according to the latest school education report. The COAG reform council has found high school literacy and numeracy rates are stagnating and that many students are not engaged in work or leaving school.There's also been little or no to indigenous school attendance rates or outcomes. The results mark the halfway point of a 10-year study. Now Labor is under pressure to support Tony Abbott's plans to ditch the carbon tax.And reports this week have suggested the party leadership is preparing to do just that. The Opposition spokesman on climate change and the environment, Mark Butler, is in our Adelaide news room. He joins us now. Mr Butler, good morning to you.Morning, Michael.What will the Labor Party decide to do on this? Well, Shadow Cabinet hasn't yet met to we'll do in relation to the 8 different pieces of legislation that Tony Abbott is bringing before the House, presumably the week after next. But what I've tried to say very clearly to the community is that our decisions will be framed by the positions we argued strongly in campaign, positions that were canvassed very extensively during the leadership ballot between Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten and positions which Bill and Tanya Plibersek and I and others have rearticulated in the last couple of weeks. We support carbon tax. As it happens on the same day that Tony Abbott is proposing to do it but we say there must be a system put that
in its place that is robust, that is meaningful, that has a legal limit on carbon pollution that will reduce over time and a mechanism that allows business to operate in the cheapest, most effective way possible rather than having a dollars dolled
slush fund of billions of dollars dolled out from Canberra.So based on that you'd maintain your support for the emissions trading scheme which is going to replace carbon pricing from July next year. On that basis it's safe to assume the Labor Party would vote against the bill cancelling the emissions is
trading scheme? The difficulty is that Tony Abbott has pulled together a whole range of things. So there is not a single bill that simply deals with the carbon tax per se. The bill has within it, for example, a provision to abolish the legal limit on carbon pollution, the cap on carbon pollution that would reduce over time. So his policy really becomes a mere aspiration to reduce our carbon pollution rather than something that is legally enforcible and disciplined. And I've said a number of times that we won't support a position that removes the legal limit on carbon pollution.OK, is that the 5% target by 2020 you're talking about? Well, it's a yearly limit that gets us to that 5% target by 2020. I mean without a legal limit that is clear in black and white letter law that businesses can operate to, the 5% reduction target by 2020, as I said, becomes simply an aspiration.The Government says it's committed, as the Labor Party is, to achieving that 5% target? Tony Abbott also said over the election campaign when expert after expert said that direct action, their policy on climate change, simply would not achieve the reduction in carbon pollution that's needed to get to that 5% target, he said well, they've they're not
got a certain budget and they're not going to spend a we've
dollar more on that budget. Now literally dozens
we've seen dozens of reports, that
literally dozens of reports that said that direct action simply won't get to the 5% reduction target and if it does it won't do it at anywhere near budgeted.
the price that tabt has going
budgeted. So either we're not going to get the reductions or the budget's going to be smacked by billions and billions of dollars more.Getting back to that legislation, if there isn't a separate bill say dealing with the emissions trading scheme, would the Labor Party, would it you both
help the Greens in the Senate, you both have the numbers until the
July next year, seek to amend the legislation to preserve the emissions trading scheme?Well, these are the discussions we need to have as cabinet -You've only got a couple of weeks, this vote is looming? We've got 13 days until the House of Representatives bill, the debate presumably starts. It will then move to the Senate. So we're going to have those discussions over the next couple of weeks and then take it to the caucus. It's appropriate that we have those discussions there rather than canvas them publicly. But I've tried to say a number of times very clearly that those discussions will be framed the positions we argued very campaign. Labor Party
strongly at the election campaign. Labor Party MPs will
be voting according to the positions that we argued during according
the election campaign, not according to Tony Abbott's positions.OK, on another front the climate change authority, a body which the Abbott Government has pledged to abolish soon is expected to come out today and call for an increase in the reduction target to as high as 15%. Is that something the support?
Labor Opposition would support? Look, I'm really looking forward to reading this report. I think a very was
important part of the scheme was to put in place strong, independent voices that could provide recommendations to government about how to act in this really complex area of policy but also provide some good, independent advice to the community about what we need to do to deal with climate change and a really disturbing theme for this Government is the shutting down of independent voices. The Climate Commission has already been abolished, the Tim Flannery-led Commission. This commission is led by Bernie Fraser, it's got Heather Ridout, also an RBA board member, Ian Chubb, the country's chief scientist and yet Tony Abbott, one of the pieces of legislation that will be considered in a couple of weeks will abolish this about
authority. I'm very concerned about the theme emerging about voices with
shutting down independent voices with the possible exception, of course, of the commission of audit, an by
independent voice led largely by the BCA and bureaucrats that will provide a report on to do with government services. So we're looking forward to the report. We think it will be very well informed and we'll spur the sort of debate we need to have about the sort of targets
carbon pollution reduction targets Australia needs. For example, the US is working to a reduction target of 17% by 2020. The European countries, Germany, the UK and others have very significant targets. So have and
this is a debate we have to have and I'd like to see independent voices maintained in that debate rather than shut down.OK, just before we go, secretary
the Labor Party's national secretary George Wright gave pres
his post election speech to the pres Club. He likened the last 6 years of the Labor Government to a gothic horror story, is that your assessment? It felt a bit like that inside, I have to say, a number of us said the community
last 3 or 4 years we've let the community down with our infighting and the sense of disunity and the sense the focused
community had that we were than
focused on ourselves rather than the things that matter to the country. I think we had a very good record in policy terms but that was masked by the fact that there seemed to disunity.
be this ongoing infighting and disunity. George has a way with did feel
words, perhaps I don't, but it did feel a inside, I have to say and we need to move on from